Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Untitled (Kyuwook) [RATED]

Title: Untitled
Pairing: Kyuwook
Rating: R (Maybe M)
Warnings: Use of cock ring, slight voyuerism, suggestive ending
A/N: For shaniskara! Hope you like it~!

Ryeowook's jaw flung open, saliva almost dripping out of his lips. Without a warning Kyuhyun engulfed his arousal, flicking his tongue over the tip. "Ngh...don't...s-stop..." Kyuhyun ignored his lover's words, tongue curling around the tip.

A familar warm heat pooled at his lower region, making his cock stiffen as his eyes skimmed over the words. "Hnn..." his breath hitched as he dipped his hand into his pants, teasingly rubbing his erection through his boxers.

He licked a wide stripe down the middle, catching all the precum on his tongue, tasting the salty substance. Ryeowook's body jerked involuntarily when Kyuhyun cupped his balls, gently massaging it.

He slip his hand underneath his shirt, caressing the soft skin, pinching either one of his nipples, worrying them between his fingers till they were fully erect. "Ngh..." he groaned, lacing his fingers to grope his bulge, moaning when he brushed over a sensitive patch of skin.

"Aah...haa..." he moaned as he hips bucked for more when Kyuhyun started to deep throat hard and fast. "I c-can't..." he gasped loudly, feeling the tip his cock touch the back of his throat.

He panted heavily, imagining his lover's mouth over his hard member. "Haa..."he breathed, sliding his hand into his already soaked boxers. Ryeowook began to stroke his erection, slowly speeding the pace with every stroke.

He gasped for air, squeezing his arousal, causing more precum to leak from his slit. "Argh!" he breathed sharply as he cupped his balls, massaging it a teasing manner, his left hand pinched his other nipple.

Ryeowook pressed his thumb over his wet slit, nails digging into it, causing him to whimper. "K-Kyuhyun...ahh..." he moaned as he pumped his cock faster and harder than before, nearing him to his climax.

Kyuhyun's mouth clamped over the arousal, tongue flicking experimentally around the tip. Ryeowook gasped loudly, as he released his load into the magnae's warm cavern. 

"Haa!" his body jerked involuntarily when he felt a familiar hand wrap around his erection, moving his hand at the same pace as him. His hips bucked for more of the intruder's contact. "Ngh...Kyuhyun..."

"Beautiful..." the intruder whispered into his ear huskily, the voice awfully familiar to his ears. Ryeowook moaned wantonly when the intruder bit his sensitive spot under his ear, the slick muscle brushing against his stud earring.

"Ahh!Kyuhyun!More...f-faster!" he writhe under the sensitive touches, breath hitching when the intruder harshly cradled his ass cheek. Ryeowook muffled out a low moan as he spilled his seeds all over the intruder's hand.

The intruder kissed his cheeks lovingly, fingers ghosting over the chubby cheeks. "Wookie hyung...you should have locked the door before jerking off about me." he whispered, causing Ryeowook to jolt, flushing in embarrassment.

Carefully, he moved the laptop off their bed, before climbing back on. He tilted Ryeowook's chin slightly, closing the gap between them as he captured his lips. The kiss was filled with passion and hunger, tongues dancing sloppily, trying to gain dominance. Ryeowook panted for air, his mind still clouded from his high.

Kyuhyun caught his lower lip, gently nibbling it, his tongue sliding in gracefully, tasting every part of Ryeowook's mouth. "Ngh...Kyu..." he gasped when Kyuhyun curled his fingers on his ass cheek.

He pushed Ryeowook gently on to the bed, pulling Ryeowook's top over his head. His body shivered when the material off his shirt brush passed his nipples. The magnae kissed his nape, tongue brushing over the pulse point.

Kyuhyun's hand roamed all over his torso, stopping at the sensitive nipples to pinch them, making Ryeowook's back arch for more. "Ahn..." he panted as Kyuhyun latched his lips at his throat, teasingly sucking the Adam's Apple, fingers flicked the nubs. "Oh...fuck..." Ryeowook swore, eyes clenching tight as he felt the slick muscle envelop a nub, swirling around it till it was erect.

The magnae smirked devilishly, feeling Ryeowook's stiffening cock pressed against his thigh. "Ngh...Hyunnie...touch me..." he moans in desperation. Kyuhyun obligates, palm pressed on the elder's aching crotch, moving his hand up and down to get some friction happening.

He lowered his head, placing butterfly kisses as he went down Ryeowook's body, gently sucking the patch of skin at his stomach. In one fluid motion, Kyuhyun tugged his jeans with the boxers, chucking the clothes in a random corner of the room.

Ryeowook groaned when the cool air swept passed his heated cock. With shaky hands, he reached for arousal, trying to jerk it off. The younger swatted the pair of hands away, without a warning he flickered his tongue over the head. "Haa!" Ryeowook's breath hitched.

Ryeowook gripped the silky bed sheets, knuckles turning visibly pale as Kyuhyun's talented tongue continued to tease his erection. The tongue trailed up his shaft, cleaning Ryeowook's cock from his semen. "K- Kyuhyun...p-please don't t-tease me..." the elder moaned wantonly, trashing his head to the side, fingers tangling into Kyuhyun's long locks.

Kyuhyun opened his mouth a little wider, enveloping his lips over the heated arousal. "Ahh!K-Kyuhyun!" he moaned as he felt the warm heat enveloped his cock. Ryeowook panted heavily, bucking his hips for more contact, thrusting into his mouth.

The magnae placed his hands on Ryeowook's hips, holding them down. "Ngh...K-Kyu please..." Ryeowook begged, trying to buck his hips for more of the heat. Kyuhyun smirked slightly, removing his hands to allow his lover to fuck his mouth.

He shift his head, taking the cock deeper making Ryeowook gasp when he felt the tip touch the back of Kyuhyun's throat. He wrapped his tongue around base of the cock, teasingly swiping across the underside. Ryeowook jerked, moaning wantonly when he felt the slick muscle accidently brush at the spot near his balls. "K-Kyu...I'm c-close..." Ryeowook hissed, feeling the irritating heat pooled at his lower region.

He groaned loudly when Kyuhyun released his cock with a silent 'pop', squirming. "As punishment for touching yourself just now." Kyuhyun whispered into his ear, licking then nibbling the shell as he slipped a cock ring on the weeping cock, causing Ryeowook to shiver.

"Can I get a kiss at least?" Ryeowook asks innocently, receiving a small smile from Kyuhyun. "Mm..." he mewls when the pair of soft lips claimed his own. He parted his lips shyly allowing Kyuhyun's tongue to slide in without a warning.

Kyuhyun grabbed the back of his head, deepening the kiss even more. "Mnh..." Ryeowook sighs as he slung his arm around Kyuhyun's waist while the younger grind his hips into Ryeowook's to create friction between them. He nibbled Kyuhyun's lower lip, sweeping his tongue sensuously over it, Kyuhyun doing the same to his upper lip.

The elder somehow managed to flip their positions, now towering over his lover. "My turn to pleasure you." Ryeowook says lustfully, pulling Kyuhyun's top over his head. He lowered his head on to Kyuhyun's toned chest, curling his tongue around the nub, making Kyuhyun moan under the ministrations.

Ryeowook groaned as Kyuhyun taped his fingers on his shapely butt, groping it. His hips move sensuously, grinding their hips together, his bare erection brushing over Kyuhyun's clothed one, making both of them moan at the contact.

He nipped every delectable patch of skin he could see, his tongue darting at Kyuhyun's bellybutton as his fingers tugged on the beltloops. He popped the button, dragging the zipper. In a teasingly slow manner, he pulled the jeans a little along with the boxers, revealing Kyuhyun's impressive erection. 

"Kyunnie's so big...Wookie loves it." Ryeowook whispers, licking his lips seductively, then swiped his slick muscle over Kyuhyun's shaft, rewarding a low growl from the younger.
"Hnn!H-Hyung don't...haa!n-not there..." he squirmed and writhe when Ryeowook encircled the tip with his tongue,softly sucking it,teeth accidentally digging into the slit. He tilted his head to the left,placing butterfly kisses up the shaft,tongue darting out to catch the drop of precum which dripped from the slit.

"W-Wookie...hnn...aah..."he moaned as he felt Ryeowook’s hair tickle his balls, he bucked his hips involuntarily when Ryeowook engulfed his member without warning. Somehow his fingers found the bottle of lube, squirting a dollop of it on his fingers. His breath hitched when Kyuhyun cupped his balls with his free hand,gently rubbing them as he started to deep throat his lover hard and fast.

"Hn..." Ryeowook released a muffled cried when Kyuhyun entered a lubricated digit into his passage, as he continued to deep throat his lover. The magnae moved his finger in a circular motion, stretching the hole slightly, occasionally pushing his digit further in.

"H-Hyung I'm close..." Kyuhyun panted out as he sneaked in another finger into Ryeowook, causing him to gasp, as he thrust his hips into his lover's mouth. The elder released his cock, body trembling with pleasure as Kyuhyun moved his fingers in a scissoring motion. "Ngh...hyung...why did you stop..." Kyuhyun groaned.

"Cause...I want Kyunnie to come in me." Ryeowook said, hips rolling sensuously for more. He moaned loudly as his back arched when Kyuhyun's fingers brushed at his prostate. "Mngh...there...more please..." Ryeowook moaned, his body trembled with pleasure, he felt his hands and legs weakened.

Kyuhyun complied, brushing his finger pads at the prostate, causing Ryeowook's body to jerk involuntarily. The elder whimpered when he felt his climax which was only denied by the tight cock ring around his aching member. He felt his cock twitch, more precum leaking from the slit, trickling down his shaft.

"Kyu...can I come please?" Ryeowook begged, wrapping his arms around Kyuhyun's neck, placing butterfly kisses on his lover's collar bone.

"Maybe...hold it a bit longer babe." Kyuhyun whispers, worrying Ryeowook's earlobe with his teeth, releasing a few whimpers from the latter's lips, his free hand drew imaginary circles on his thigh.

"Haa!" Ryeowook gasped when Kyuhyun massaged his prostate with his fingers. "I-I'm r-ready..." he said shakily, his knees gave up on him.

"You sure?" Kyuhyun asked worriedly, rewarding furious nods from the latter. He cupped the elder's cheeks, leaning in to place a sloppy kiss on his lips. Carefully he lifted his body off Kyuhyun’s thighs, before lowering his body steadily, bit by bit on to Kyuhyun’s saliva coated erection, till he was completely filled to the hilt. He pulled away from the kiss to release a strangled moan, feeling his lover inside him completely. 

"Ngh...ahh...s-so big..." he panted out, feeling the ring muscle stretch mercilessly. Pain coursed through his body, causing his knees to weaken, now trembling more than before. 

“So tight...relax a bit...” Kyuhyun said in a raspy voice, feeling the wet and delicious heat tightly around his shaft, kissing his temple. “Move...ahn...when your ready...” he said. Ryeowook panted heavily, his chest raising then falling a couple of times as he got use to Kyuhyun’s size. The elder panted out as he tried to relax and get use to the size, nails digging into the magnae’s skin. Tears glazed over Ryeowook’s eyes, Kyuhyun kissed him passionately, trying to ease the pain.

After a while, Ryeowook started moving slowly, one hand at his ass, the other around Kyuhyun’s neck to hold him in position. “Ngh...” he released a low grunt as he lowered his body, making the younger’s cock to fill him again. Erotically he rolled his hips, accidentally brushing his member against Kyuhyun’s toned chest, causing the latter to moan.

“Ahnn...K-Kyu...ahn...mn...”he moaned when Kyuhyun placed both his hands on Ryeowook’s waist, slowly and carefully moving him up and down, riding him in a very slow pace. Soon, the pain was replaced with pleasure as he started to ride Kyuhyun faster than before.

Kyuhyun bucked his hips for more, thrusting back into Ryeowook, who gasped in sheer pleasure. Ryeowook continued riding him harder and faster every time, slamming down on to his cock. “Hnn...ngh...ah...ahn!” his back arched involuntarily when the younger’s cock brushed against his prostate.

The magnae flipped their positions, Ryeowook now under him, legs around his waist. After a few slow thrust, he thrust in deeper than before, filling the elder, making Ryeowook moan wantonly. “Faster...haa...nh...”

He obligated, thrusting faster than before, causing the bed to shift and creak. Putting more power in every thrust. “Ahh...haa! K-Kyu...more...” moans escaped from his parted lips. Kyuhyun rammed faster and harder than before, accidentally brushing against a patch of skin inside the elder, causing the latter to jerk a little. Hips bucked, trying to get more contact and friction happening.

Pulling it out for a moment, he repositioned himself in a certain angle, before pushing back into Ryeowook. “AHH! Kyu...ahn!” The air was filled with moans,screams,strings of korean curses and the scent of hot sex. Both of them not giving a damn about the others beyond the room. Kyuhyun’s thrust got faster and harder, maybe a bit rougher, just the way Ryeowook liked it, hitting the sweet spot every time, abusing it like crazy.

“Kyu ah...c-can I c-come p-please...”he begged, the grasp round the neck tightening a bit. The magnae removed the legs which were around his waist, repositioning them on his shoulders, heightening the excitement. “Ahh...hnn...haa...” Ryeowook let out a string of moans, feeling his lover thrust deeper as he wrapped his own hand on his own hard on, stroking it in the same rhythm.

Kyuhyun slipped a hand in between in them, slipping the cock ring of the aching member, tossing it away. Immediately, Ryeowook came screaming his lover’s name, spilling all over Kyuhyun’s stomach. Kyuhyun followed right after, filling Ryeowook with his semen, when he felt the ring muscle constricted tightly round him. 

Kyuhyun collapsed beside Ryeowook, after he slowly pulled his shaft out, due to exhaustion. The elder place an arm at his dongsaeng’s waist, enjoying the after glow. Ryeowook snuggled closer to Kyuhyun, giving a small kiss on his his lips.

“Don’t have fun all alone again, okay?” Kyuhyun question, stroking Ryeowook’s locks.

“Mm...” the elder hummed, rubbing his thumb over Kyuhyun’s ribs suggestively, burying his head into the crook of his neck, kissing his nape.

“By the way, what were you reading just now?” Kyuhyun asked.

“Just some Kyuwook smut fanfiction a fan gave to me, along with a few stuffs.” he whispered seductively. “A really thick vibrator, a video camera, pair of handcuffs...” Kyuhyun’s cock immediately hardened at the thought. “You wanna go again? Using all of those and more?” Ryeowook asked, licking his lips.

“Maybe...” Kyuhyun whispers huskily.

“You can spank me if you want too...for not telling you about it...” Ryeowook says, moving a hand up and down Kyuhyun’s thighs. “Even torture me for being such a naughty boy today.”

Ryeowook didn’t know when but Kyuhyun towered above him, eyes filled with hunger and lust. “You’re asking for it.” he growled, before attacking Ryeowook.

Comments are loved! Before any horny readers demands a sequel, I'm going to continue it but like a short one so dun worry!

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