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Untitled (Kyumin) [RATED]

Title: Untitled

Pairing: Kyumin

Rating: R

A/N: Random fic i wrote in the car

"Ooh...Kyunnie...your so big already..." Sungmin purrs, rocking his hips against the large clothed bulge, making his ass rub against it. "I love it..." he whispers. "You wanna fuck me baby?"

"Mm..." Kyuhyun licks his lower lip. "Definitely wanna fuck you so hard till you can't walk for a week..." he continues, fingers pinching Sungmin's nipples, his free hand groping Sungmin's soft ass. Sungmin squeals with delight, his cock twitching animatedly. The magnae moved his hand from Sungmin's ass to little Minnie, squeezing it harshly. "Naughty're dripping...I wonder how about over here..." Kyuhyun says huskily, nibbling on Sungmin's ear as his hand went back to his puckered entrance.

"Tell me how you want it baby..." Kyuhyun whispers, swatting Sungmin's ass, causing the elder to whimper and squeal.

"I want them raw..." he replies, sending a flirtatious wink, swaying his hips sensually. "Ahh...Kyu...deeper...ooh...ahn...that feels so good..." Sungmin moans, pushing his ass back against the two raw digits.

"You're so naughty today's so tight and wet..." he says as he pulls the digits out fully, rewarding a low growl from the elder. "Touch you yourself...I wanna watch." he said as he squeezed an ass cheek, fingers rubbing against the entrance.

"Ahhn...Kyu...ooh...Kyu...myah..." Sungmin moans as he strokes his erection hard and fast, thumb teasing the head, making the slit spill more precum, which trickle down his erect shaft. "Haa!K-Kyu...ahn..." Sungmin's back arches as he slides 3 digits into his hole, thrusting them in n out.

Kyuhyun pulled his boxers down, revealing the large erection. The elder felt the blunt tip pressed against his knuckles. Almost immediately he pulled his fingers out, getting hold of Kyuhyun's thick erection. He pressed the thick erection in between his ass cheeks, making it rub against the surface of his entrance.

"H-Hyung...don't tease..." Kyuhyun moans, as he watched Sungmin stroked himself faster and harder, enjoying the light suction of the ass cheeks. The magnae smirks devilishly, cupping Sungmin's balls, squeezing them gently.

"Ahh!Kyu...Haa!" Sungmin writhes uncontrollably. "Kyu I want you in me." Sungmin says softly as he got up from his position, getting all fours beside Kyuhyun's body. The magnae grind wolfishly, getting up from his position before moving behind his lover.

"Come on Kyu baby...give me all you got..." Sungmin says, spreading his ass cheeks apart, revealing the twitching entrance. Kyuhyun carefully pushed in, making sure he doesn't hurt his lover. "Ah!Haa!So big..." Sungmin cried with pleasure, enjoying the pleasurable pain.

"You okay baby?"

"Yeah...just move...give it to me rough and fast." Sungmin moans, pushing back against the cock to urge his lover to move. Kyuhyun pulled out about half way before pushing in hard and fast, wrapping his hand around the weeping arousal to distract his lover from the pain.

"Ahh!Hnn!Ooh! Kyu!Feels so good!"Sungmin moans uncontrollably at the powerful thrusts. Kyuhyun continued to thrust into the tight heat, occasionally using his free hand to squeeze an ass cheek.

"Haa!H-Harder...Han!" Sungmin moaned, as the hand at his cock continued to stroke him harder as the thrust got harder. His cock twitch at the feeling of Kyuhyun's balls slapping against his ass.

Sungmin's mouth hung open when Kyuhyun found his sweet spot, and started to abuse his prostate. His back arched gracefully when Kyuhyun pulled his whole length out and thrust back in with full force. "Oh Kyu!Just like that...Haa!Ahhn!"

The elder felt his climax nearing, after feeling his balls tightened. He gripped the sheets tightly holding back his orgasm for his lover. He clenched his ring muscle slightly, teasing the cock in him, rewarding a low growl from Kyuhyun.

"Naughty boy." Kyuhyun said huskily, slapping the lover's ass. Sungmin moaned at the slap, enjoying the stinging sensation, his rough lover turning him on even more. He continued to clenched around the cock once in a while, rewarding slaps at his bottom.

"Ahh...Hyung...I'm gonna c-"before Kyuhyun finished his statement, he came long and hard into Sungmin, cum shooting directly at Sungmin's sweet spot, making the elder come as well, messily on to the sheets and the magnae's hand. The elder collapsed on to the sheets and so did his lover.

They panted heavily, trying to calm down from their high. "That was hot!" Sungmin said, cuddling beside his lover. Kyuhyun just nodded in reply, kissing the elder at his temple. "Are we gonna do that again the next time?" Sungmin asks hyperly.

"If you want to baby." Kyuhyun said, snuggling closer to his lover.

"Yay! I love you Kyunnie!" Sungmin beams, pecking his lover on the lips.

"I love you too Minnie ah." he replies, eyelids suddenly felt heavy, yawning sleepily.

Before they drifted to dreamland Sungmin whispered something into his ear. "You're really hot when you do it rough and it's such a turn on."


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Punishment (Kyuwook) [RATED]

Title: Punishment
Pairing: Kyuwook
Rating: R Maybe M
A/N: For shaniskara! Sequel To
Warnings: Orgasm Denial, Use Of Toys, Master/Slave Roleplay, Spanking

"Ahhn!Kyuhyun!" Ryeowook moaned when Kyuhyun smacked his ass cheeks harshly, making them glow red. "More...punish me..." he begged, back arching slightly.

"Such a naughty boy I have here. You even forgot to call me master." Kyuhyun said huskily, spanking Ryeowook's ass again and again, causing the elder's cock to bounce at the impact.

Ryeowook grabbed his hard on, squeezing it, rubbing it hard and fast. "Oh god...m-master...ahh..." he moaned as he strokes his erection faster. Kyuhyun reached for Ryeowook's arousal, swatting the hand away, rewarding a low groan from the elder due to the lack of warmth.

"Does my Wookie want to be punished so badly?" Kyuhyun asked, squeezing his balls tightly, making Ryeowook moan even more.

"Yes...m-master..." he replied shakily, choking for air when he felt the hand whacking his behind again. "M-More...punish me more..." he moaned. "You know you want to...fuck me till I can't walk for a whole month." he said wantonly.

"My...such a naughty word you just said." Kyuhyun whispered into his ear, licking the shell of his ear, rewarding a silent whimper from the elder, spanking his lover's ass again till they were red.

"Ahn!Ngh!" Ryeowook bit his lower lip, muffling all his moans as Kyuhyun continued his actions, making his knees go weak. "M-Master..." he called out softly, catching Kyuhyun's attention.

"Yes baby?"

"Can master please touch Wookie?" Ryeowook begged, releasing an enticing gasp from his parted lips when Kyuhyun grabbed his cock, stroking it hard and fast, the way Ryeowook likes it.

"You like it sweetheart?" the magnae asked, the talented hands kneading Ryeowook's cock, applying a certain amount of pressure at the sensitive spots. Fingers teasingly lapping all the precum which was trickling down his cock, as he slung his free arm around Ryeowook's waist, keeping him up.

" it...oh god...master..." Ryeowook moaned, trashing his head to the side. "Haa!Ahn!" he moaned loudly when he felt his ring muscle being stretched again, the rigid areas brushing against the walls of his passage. " big...mhn..." he groaned, back

arching as he moved his hips back, thrusting at the toy.

"You like it in you baby?" Kyuhyun asked as he squeezed his ass cheek. Ryeowook gasped when he felt Kyuhyun's hand cup his balls, fondling with them, the other hand pulling the toy out roughly then plunging back in.

"Oh fuck...yea...f-feels good...give me more!" Ryeowook's breath hitched, hands trembling when he felt small vibrations shot up his spine. He brought a trembling hand to his chest, with his fingers, lightly touching his hard nipples, releasing more silent grunts of pleasure.

"Another naughty word from that mouth of yours? Tsk tsk. As punishment you can't come when you want to." Kyuhyun said, slipping the vibrating cock ring on to his trembling cock.

"Then shouldn't m-master p-punish me harder?" Ryeowook half asked, half groan as he felt his cock twitch with anticipation and also at the constriction around his hard on.

"Maybe..." he replied teasingly, slapping the firm ass harder than before, tugging on to his cock harshly. Using his thumb, he pressed at Ryeowook's slit, drawing out more precum, gently pinching the tip.

"Ahh!! M-Master..." his breath hitched, twisting his nipples almost painfully in frustration when he felt his climax being denied by the cock ring.

"Suck me off with that dirty mouth of yours." Kyuhyun commanded, slapping his butt for the last time. Pulling the toy fully before slamming it back into Ryeowook with full force, making Ryeowook release a loud cry.

Shakily, he advanced to Kyuhyun, who sprawled out on the bed, Ryeowook's lips quivered slightly. He parted his lips, darting his tongue out, flicking it experimentally at the tip of his master's cock, swirling his slick muscle at the head. He gazed up lustfully at Kyuhyun as he licked a stripe down the thick,throbbing shaft, kissing the tip before shifting his head to lick the underside, catching the bit of the precum.

Ryeowook moaned uncontroably, sending vibrations along Kyuhyun's member then up his spine, when he felt the vibrator in him come to life. "Ahh! M-Master..." Ryeowook moaned louder as the vibrator was suddenly set on to the highest speed. Lips covered the head of

Kyuhyun's thick,delicious cock, prodding it in his mouth. Talently, he circled his tongue round the head, sucking at the right places, making his lover groan.

"Ahn...Wookie...yeah just like that..." Kyuhyun moans, reaching his hand to Ryeowook's bottom, pulling the toy out fully before burying it in Ryeowook's tight whole again.

"Ah!! Master! Ahh!" Ryeowook moaned, feeling his balls tightened, wanting to come so badly only being denied by the constricting toy around his leaking cock. Kyuhyun slapped his ass again, making Ryeowook release a loud,high pitched squeal, hastily taking Kyuhyun back into his mouth.

"Good boy." Kyuhyun said, stroking Ryeowook's wet arousal. " wet...naughty little slave I have here." Kyuhyun said.

"M-Master...fuck my mouth..." Ryeowook pleaded, engulfing Kyuhyun's member fully, bobbing his head up and down rhythmically. Tongue swiping at the sensitive spots, causing Kyuhyun to moan. Kyuhyun's fingers tangled in Ryeowook's brown locks after flicking the switch from high to low then shot it back up to high, making Ryeowook's back arch and moan, saliva spilling from the corner of the lips.

The elder gagged on the thick erection, when Kyuhyun bucked his hips for more of the delicious heat, thrusting his cock in and out of the mouth. Ryeowook moaned some more around the cock, skillfully deepthroating the magnae fast and hard. "Ahn...master..." he moans as he rock his hips sensually, rubbing his weeping and angry cock against the sheets to get any kind of friction.

Kyuhyun tugged Ryeowook's head back, to release his cock from the petite mouth. The elder's eyes hazed with lust, silver string of saliva hanging out from his lips. "Good about I reward you for such a wonderful job." Kyuhyun allowed him to sit in his lap.

"Tell me, do you just want to be fucked senseless?" Kyuhyun asked, with a hint of concern in his voice.

"Yes master...I don't want any prep at all. I just want your big cock in my slutty hole right now. All rough and fast, makes me feel so much hotter and hornier.”

Kyuhyun felt his cock jump at the statement. He poured a generous amount of lube on his hand, smearing it all over his cock. Ryeowook whimpered at the lost of the toy when he felt the artificial replacement moved out of his rectum.

"Ride me, baby." Kyuhyun said huskily, catching the shell of his sex slave's ear, worrying the stud earring with his teeth.

Ryeowook whimpers at the command, getting into his lap, slowly sitting on the impressive erection, groaning at the pleasurable pain. "Ahh...master is so big...feels so good...your cock is stretching my hole...ooh..." Kyuhyun's arousal throb in him, making him squeal with


"Mhn...hyung...I love your's so tight and warm..." Kyuhyun breaths.

Ryeowook moans loudly as he moved off his lap a little before moving down, hips painfully clashing against Kyuhyun's hips. He just kept moving up and down, riding his lover hard and fast.

The magnae bucked his hips, thrusting deeper into Ryeowook, making his eyes roll back. "Ahn! Master! F-Fuck me..." Ryeowook pleads, getting off the arousal and getting on fours. Kyuhyun got behind him, thrusting into his lover hard and fast, making his jaw hung open,

precum staining the sheets.

He pulled out slightly, plunging back in with the same force, repeating the actions again and again. "Oh fuck! Master Kyuhyun...t-there...ahh!hah!" Ryeowook practically screams when the tip of Kyuhyun's member hit his prostate.

He pushes back against the strong thrusts, the erect member hitting his sweet spot every time. "Master....ahn!hah!T-Touch me...I'm already dripping wet..." he begs, body trembling with pleasure. His back arches as he felt a large hand squeezed his cock, massaging his balls harshly.

"Oh god...m-more!Hah!Harder...faster!" Ryeowook writhes, clutching the sheets with a death grip. He swore under his breath after felt the tight cock ring denied his orgasm again. "Master...p-please let me come...hah!" he moans, as the talented fingers playfully lap up all the precum.

Kyuhyun groans loudly, as he released his load into Ryeowook, pulling the vibrating cock ring away, allowing Ryeowook to spill his semen long and hard as he screams. He pants heavily, collapsing on to the bed as Kyuhyun topple over him.

"That was hot..." Ryeowook said tiredly.

"Yeah..." he breaths as he rolled off his lover's body. "Why did you suddenly get so horny and kinky?"

Ryeowook blushed at the question, shifting closer to Kyuhyun's sweaty body, the opaque substance oozing out of his hole. "Just now when I was reading the fanfic our fan send us. You were all rough and dominant, so I turned on and wanna see how it feels." Ryeowook mumbles shyly.

" how did it feel?" Kyuhyun teased.

"Really good. Like heaven." Ryeowook replies.

"Really? Want me to do it again?" he asks, receiving a few shy nods from his hyung.

"Thanks Kyunnie." He whispered, kissing Kyuhyun on the lips.

"Your welcome. Anything for you."

"I love you."

"I love you too." Kyuhyun replies, wrapping his arms around Ryeowook's waist, nuzzling his head in the crook of his neck.


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