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Of Chair Dances And Sex (Kyumi) [RATED]

Title: Of Chair Dances And Sex
Pairing: Kyumi (KyuyoungxZhoumi)
Rating: NC17 or M
Warnings: Gender switch, use of toy (kinda), semi public, strip tease?

“How do I look?” Kyuyoung asked, she wore a black hoodie, zipped up teasingly to show off her deep clevage. The hood covered her hair, revealing her freshly curled hair, the black tight -in Zhou Mi’s opinion, illegally short- shorts which clung at the right placed, emphasizing her shapely and curvaceous ass. Her eyes lined with eye liner and her long eyelashes coated with mascara.

“Very sexy as usual.” Zhou Mi whispered, into her ear, kissing it then nibbling at it. Kyuyoung giggled, lightly pushing Zhou Mi off.

“Not now, later baby. It’ll be worth the wait.” Kyuyoung teased, swaying her hips more as she walked out of the changing room.


Zhou Mi's jaw flung open as he watch Kyuyoung's hips swayed sharply to the sides, tossing her head, sending a seductive wink towards him as she kicked her legs up on to the wooden chair. The illegally short shorts hiked up further, teasing Zhou Mi. Her back arched as she rest her elbows on her knee, pushing her hair to the side.

Zhou Mi gulped visibly, feeling his pants tigthened when he saw her sit on the chair with her legs spread out, her hands tugging on the hoodie then her fingers trailed up her legs. He shifts uncomfortable in his seat, wanting to taste her in between her legs.

Quickly she held the back rest of the chair, standing up just to toss her hips to the side before sitting back down. The dance continued, most of the moves were shaking their hips, doing sexy body rolls, groping their ass or any kind of moves that gave men boners.

During their solo bits, Kyuyoung held on to the back rest again, sexily going down to touch her toes before coming back up slow and seductive. She got down, hands in between her legs, pumping her chest, making her ass move as well. She did a body roll as she came back up, swaying her hips again as she got back to her position.

As their performance came to an end, they got off the stage, struting as they went to pick a guy. Kyuyoung smirked as she walked towards her lover. Zhou Mi's eyes widened when Kyuyoung sat in his lap. "Just enjoy it baby."she whispered, licking the shell of his ear.

She took her tie off, ringing it around Zhou Mi's neck as she got off his lap, tugging him closer to her. His eyes widened as she swayed her hips, going down to crouch before spreading her legs, quickly coming back up. She straddled at his thighs, winking at him, she chuckled when she felt the poking erection. "I can't wait later. So fucking horny." she punctuated, bringing his hand in between her legs, making him gasp. "All wet for you." she licked up at his neck. Kyuyoung reached for the zipper of her hoodie, slowly dragging it down, teasingly showing off her deep clevage.

She moaned softly, feeling Zhou Mi's cock twitch at the scene. She continued to pull it, pushing the hoodie off her shoulders, revealing her black,laced push-up bra, making the other guys cheer. Zhou Mi groaned at the sight, feeling her soft ass rubbing against him.

Kyuyoung got off his lap, swaying her hips more as she struts away, zipping up her hoodie again as she made her way to the stage.


Zhou Mi pinned Kyuyoung to the wall, immediately latching his lips on to hers. He pried her lips apart with his tongue, exploring the warm cavern. Kyuyoung thread her fingers into Zhou Mi's dark raven hair, her legs spread apart on either side of Zhou Mi's body, kissing him back passionately. She groaned softly, grinding her hips against his.

His lips trailed to her neck, biting it and sucking it to leave a mark, fingers playing with the zipper before pulling it down, revealing the sexy bra. She whimpered softly, feeling the large hands on her small,soft breast, she shifts slightly the heat between her legs becoming more unbearable.

He massaged her breast, the textured laces rubbing teasingly at her nipples. "Ahh...Z-Zhou..."she gasped as he pinched her nipple. "Touch me more..." she pleads, bringing her hand in between her legs, rubbing at the front. "So horny for you..." she whispered, eyes hazed with lust, rubbing herself, working on her wetness.

Zhou Mi smirked, swatting the hand away, causing his lover to whine. "I got something even better." he said, licking at her lobe. He carefully carried her to the table, gently placing her down. With expert fingers he unclasped her bra quickly with one hand, fishing something out of his back pocket with his other hand while Kyuyoung removed her shorts.

Kyuyoung gasped as Zhou Mi massages her breast again, squishing them together, playing with her nipples. He dipped his head, flicking his tongue over her erect nipples. "M-Mi...Hn..." she groans, tossing her head back, fingers tangled in his hair, lightly pushing his head down into her chest. "More...Love your hot tong-- Ahh!" she breathed sharply, suddenly feeling sinful vibrations in between her legs. She looked out, finding a bullet vibrator in between her legs, making her shift uncontrollably.

"Haa...Zhou Mi...ahhn..." she moans, more aroused than ever, enjoying the sensation. Her knees buckled, as the vibrator rubbed at her cunt.

Zhou Mi moaned around her nub, the vibrator rubbing against his erection as well. He watched his lover writhe wantonly against the toy, with his free hand he increased the intensity.

"Oh fuck!Ahh!Nhh! I want more Zhou..." she trembles with pleasure. "Oh god...there..." she moans, when Zhou Mi rubbed at her clit. "So good..."

Zhou Mi smirks, unlatching his lips from her breast, looking at her. His cock gave the slightest twitch as he looked at her panties which practically soaked, her precome trickling down her thighs, on to the table. "Zhou Mi...I wanna hump against your thighs..." she said seductively in between moans, making his breath hitch.

She shakily got off the table, sliding the bullet vibrator away before slipping it into her lacy panties. She sat on Zhou Mi's right thigh, legs on either side. Zhou Mi's breath hitched when he felt how wet she was, moaning softly as she started dry humping his thigh. She ground her hips, as if she was thrusting, rubbing her heat against his thigh. Her back arched slightly, wanting to come so badly, the tingling sensation from the vibrator sending her to the edge.

Zhou Mi eyed her hungrily, watching her hump his thigh, making circles with her body so she could get more contact. "Aren't you horny today?" Zhou Mi teased, groping her ass, increasing the intensity and speed, setting it to the highest.

"Ahh!!Hah! So good!" she moaned, continue her actions. "I-It's s...ahh! S-sliding in me...Ohh!Ahh!Zhou!" she almost screamed, her wetness twitching at the vibrations.

Zhou Mi groaned at the sight, wanting his cock in her so badly. "W- What else?"

"Rubbing everywhere...Ahhn!!N-Now it's rubbing at my sweet spot..." Kyuyoung moaned like a wanton whore, rubbing her wetness on his thigh, the laces creating more friction. She panted heavily, pinching her nipples. "I'm...ahhn...I'm--Ahhhh~" she half sighed and half moaned, she spilled her milk messily into her panties, some splashed on to Zhou Mi's pants.

The elder stroked her hair as she came down from her high. He lifted her back on to the table, slipping the panties off, revealing her heated wetness. "Felt good?" he asked, grinning devilishly, she simply nodded in reply. His cock twitch at the sight of the vibrating toy. Gently he tugged at the wire, slowly pulling the toy out. She grunt lowly as the toy slipped out.

He latched his lips on to her wetness, his nose bumping against her inner thigh, his tongue lapping up her orgasm. She trembled with pleasure, tossing her head back, releasing a shaky moan. "Sensitive...ahh..." He buried his head further, tilting his head sliding his tongue into her, tasting her milk. "Ahh Zhou..." her knees buckled, fingers tugging at his hair.

His fingers caressed her thigh, licking her entrance then her clit, before sliding back in. "Ahh haa...Nhh..." she sighed as she tangled her fingers in his hair. Her knees buckled uncontrolably as Zhou Mi's fingers rub over her overly sensitive clit. "Z-Zhou...s- sensitive...ahh!" she moaned, head trashing back when her lover curled his tongue inside her, nudging at her g-spot, making her see white.

"Zhou Mi ahh...f-fuck me please..." Kyuyoung begged. She released a loud gasp as the slick muscle was replaced with 2 digits. Zhou Mi kissed her neck, lightly nibbling at a patch of skin, pumping in and out of her, stretching her entrance. "Faster...ahh...I wanna feel you in me...nghahh..."

Once Zhou Mi thought she was ready, he unzipped his pants, fishing out the bottle of lube. She coated his erection with lubricant, wrapping her arms around his neck as he lifted her off the table, pushing her up against the wall.

Kyuyoung half sighed, half gasped feeling his thick erection entering her, making her strecth mercilessly. "Oh fuck...move..." Kyuyoung said, hooking her legs at his waist.

"Someone's impatient..." Zhou Mi chuckled airily, loving the delicious heat around him. He thrusts into her roughly, making her moan with delight. Kyuyoung grind against him, wanting more contact.

Zhou Mi pumped in and out of her fast and hard, ramming hard against her g-spot. "Oh fuck!Z-Zhou!" she cried in pleasure, her knees buckling, bringing her hand to the back of his neck, crashing their lips together.

She moaned into the kiss, feeling her lover's aggressive tongue thrust into her mouth. She nibbled on his lower lip lightly, worrying them in between her teeth. "Haa!Z-Zhou Mi!" she cried breathlessly as Zhou Mi continued to pound into her, his hands busied themselves, teasing her erect nipples. Her hands clenched tightly at his shirt, panting heavily at the crook of his neck. "Z-Zhou...fuck me over the table ahh!" she begged.

Zhou Mi easily complied, lifting her towards the small table, removing his erection, allowing her to bend over. She screamed at the strong thrust, gripping on to the table tightly. "S-So...fucking good..." Kyuyoung said incoherently. "Harder...ahh Zhou Mi...please...harder..." Kyuyoung begged, thrusting back against his strong thrust.

He brought his hand in between her legs, finger pads teasing her clit. "So wet..." Zhou Mi whispered huskily, making Kyuyoung twitch. She moaned loudly, loving her lover's rough thrusts and the wonderful friction as her breast rub against the table due to the force. "Ahh! haa! Zhou I'm co--Ngh~! Ohh~" Kyuyoung moaned and whimpered as she came, spilling into Zhou Mi's hand.

Zhou Mi followed soon after, pulling out before he came long and hard, spilling his seeds all over her back. Kyuyoung collapsed on to Zhou Mi, cuddling up against him, enjoying the aftermath.

"I think that was the hottest sex ever." Kyuyoung said in between pants.

Zhou Mi simply nodded in reply. "Don't think I have ever orgasmed that hard." he chuckles, wrapping his arm around her slender waist.

"I love you Mimi." she whispered, giving him a chaste kiss.

"I love you too Baby." he replied.


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Intoxicating (KyuhyunxMinho) [FEMSLASH,R]

Title: Intoxicating
Pairing: KyuhyunxMinho (KyuyoungxMinjung)
Rating: R or M
Warning: Femslash, 69, Semi-public
A/N: My first attempt writing gender switch or femslash. Really failed piece. Hopefully this will make it up for my hiatus!
Minjung mewled softly into the kiss, shuddering with delight as she felt the skillful tongue thrust into her mouth, feeling Kyuyoung’s fingers trail down the side of her body. She teasingly nibbled on the other’s lower lip, sweeping her tongue over it, rewarding a low groan from Kyuyoung.

“Mhn...Unnie...”Minjung breathed, feeling her legs go weak as Kyuyoung did something with her tongue which sent shivers down her spine. The elder chuckled softly into the kiss, repeating her actions, causing Minjung to moan. Her legs twitched uncontrollably as she felt a familiar heat pooled between her legs.

“So sexy...”Kyuyoung whispered into her ear after breaking the kiss, licking the lobe of her ear, making her shudder again. She traced her tongue over her jaw line then to her lips, reclaiming those pair of kissable lips.

"Mmn Kyu...u-unnie..."Minjung panted, wrapping her arms around Kyuyoung’s neck as the elder pushed her gently on to the leather couch of the semi-private area. Her eyes drunk with lust, the heat between her legs became harder to ignore, the loud music in the background blurring out her moans, the stench of smoke and alcohol hazing her mind.

Kyuyoung shifted her body closer to her, fitting perfectly in between Minjung’s mile long legs. The younger gasped when Kyuyoung grabbed her right breast, massaging it softly as they continued to make out. “Ahh...U-Unnie...ahn...”Minjung moaned, feeling her nipple hardened under Kyuyoung’s touches. She whimpered into her mouth, breaking the kiss for air, panting heavily as Kyuyoung ground against her.

The elder kissed her neck, sucking at her pulse point hard enough to leave a mark, her hands kneading the younger’s breast, rocking her body against Minjung, her knee rubbing against her private. “U-Unnie...” she cried out softly, gripping Kyuyoung’s hoodie.

“Such a cute ass you have.”Kyuyoung commented, groping one of her ass cheeks, making Minjung squeal in surpise. “Swaying left and right, left and right. Giving men boners with this sexy body of yours.”she continued as she unbuttoned Minjung’s white top, making her whimper.

Kyuyoung licked her lower lip when she saw the black frilly push-up bra, leaving less imagination to the elder. Minjung flushed red, sensing Kyuyoung’s heated gaze. “Ahh!U-Unnie...”Minjung’s breath hitched when the elder pinched her erect nipples, her knees buckling.

“I love your underwear. Looks so hot on you.”Kyuyoung punctuated, licking her defined collarbones. She rubbed the lacy material on the magnae’s nipples, rewarding a low moan.

“U-Unnie...d-don’t t-tease...”Minjung choked out, trying to ignore Kyuyoung’s knee that was rubbing against her through her panties. Kyuyoung chuckled huskily in her ear, causing her to quiver at the roughness of her voice.

She brought her hands to the Minjung’s neck, unfastening the clasp of her bra, allowing it to call on to the floor. “So beautiful...”Kyuyoung said, marveling the younger’s body as she placed butterfly kisses on her collarbone to her chest area.

“Ahhn...Kyu...unnie...ahh”Minjung moaned as the other pinched her nipple and massage her breast, breathing sharply when she felt the elder’s skillful tongue on her nipple. She cried with pleasure, feeling the other’s teeth grazed against the nipple, swirling her tongue playfully around it, then sucking it. “Ngh!Unnie!”she panted heavily, fingers tangled in Kyuyoung’s long brown locks of hair, feeling her private throb every time she felt a swipe of a tongue.

Kyuyoung grinned, watching Minjung’s expression, her idle hand trailing up Minjung’s long, thin legs, hiking up the tight,black skirt which complimented her curvaceous ass. Fingertips brushing at her inner thigh, lightly caressing them. Her knuckles brush against Minjung’s sensitive flesh, teasingly rubbing it through her lacy underwear, which was completely soaked. “H-Haa...unnie...fuck...”she swore, her knees buckling and twitching uncontrollably.

“So wet already...”she said teasingly, running her finger up and down the soaked panties. Minjung breathed heavily, enjoying the sensation, lowering her head slightly, claiming Kyuyoung’s lips. Kyuyoung swept her tongue across Minjung lower lip, Minjung’s tongue poked against her lips, begging for entrance, which was granted. The elder parted his lips, making the younger's tongue to slide into his cavern. "Nm..."Kyuyoung mewled, deepening the kiss more, tasting a light hint of alcohol in Kyuyoung’s mouth from before.

The elder pressed her finger pads against Minjung’s panties, rubbing it with more pressure, causing the latter to release a muffled moan. Minjung gasped, breaking the kiss, when Kyuyoung slid her hand underneath the panties, feeling the warm heat. Kyuyoung groped the heated flesh, fingers pressing against her clit. “Oh f-fuck...haa...more...”

She gave a cheshire smile, digits rubbing against the clit, the sticky substance coating her fingers. “Unnie...please -ahh!haa!”Minjung cried out into Kyuyoung’s shoulder when she slid in a finger. “Ahh...s-so g-good...”she muttered incoherently, her mind hazed with lust and pleasure.

“So hot...”Kyuyoung said, swirling, flexing her finger, thrusting them in and out, driving Minjung insane. Soon, she added a second finger, scissoring her delicious wet heat, plunging them at a faster pace.

“Kyu unnie...f-faster...ahhh...m-more...”Minjung ranted, back arching with pleasure. Kyuyoung simply obliged, squeezing her breast, inserting a third finger into Minjung. Before they knew it, Minjung switched her position, her ass in the air, one hand on her breast, moving her body to thrust back against the digits, moaning like a wanton slut.

“What a slut you are.” Kyuyoung chuckled lowly, using her free hand to work on Minjung’s clit. Minjung’s moaned Kyuyoung’s name, seeing white when the elder found her G-spot.

“Ahh!T-There...unnie...m-more...” she cried out, feeling her orgasm coming, her body trembling at the stimulation. Without a warning, she came messily in her underwear, moaning Kyuyoung’s name, her orgasm trickling down her thighs. Kyuyoung slid her fingers out, her digits coated with cum.

Minjung collapsed on to the seat, coming down from her high. “So good...” she mumbled. She watched Kyuyoung licked her orgasm off her fingers, making her flush red, and her sensitive flesh throb again.

Kyuyoung smirked devilishly, pushing Minjung’s skirt up so that she could remove her wet underwear. “I’ll pleasure you’ve been thinking about my tongue haven’t you?” she said seductively.

“Y-Yes...”Minjung replied breathlessly, feeling the heat pool again. She gasped sharply, when Kyuyoung licked her wet heat, swiping her tongue at her sensitive clit. Her heated flesh twitched with anticipation. “Ahh K-Kyu...”she moaned, tangling her fingers in Kyuyoung’s hair. She licks her up with long,languid strokes, probing at the entrance.

Minjung trashed her head back, back arching off the couch, hips bucking as Kyuyoung thrust her tongue into the overly abused flesh. She worried her nipple in between of her index finger and thumb as Kyuyoung continued her assault while sliding her free hand into her own panties. “U-Unnie...sensitive...ahh!” she moaned, breathing heavily, enjoying the slick muscle in her.

The elder moaned softly, sending vibrations up her spine, driving her to the edge. Kyuyoung sighed softly, swirling her tongue around the tight heat, trying to find the spot, while plunging a finger deep into herself, abusing her G-spot. She humped the leather couch, trying to find any other kind of friction on her cunt.

The latter watched Kyuyoung humping the couch through half-lidded eyes, making her hornier as fuck. “U-Unnie...let me pleasure you...”Minjung said. Kyuyoung crawled on top of her, positioning them in a 69 position, with a flushed face. Minjung pulled the offensive material off after hiking the short skirt, watching how a thread of her precum stuck onto the underwear. Almost immediately, she latched her lips onto Kyuyoung’s heat, making her moan wantonly.

“Minjung...”she cried softly, absolutely loving the expert tongue on her cunt. Her eyes blurred with lust, cheeks flushing, her body trembling with pleasure. She did that same trick with her tongue, rewarding a loud moan from Minjung.

Minjung used either one of her free hands to plunge a finger inside, along with her tongue. “Ahh...Minjung...haa! S-So...good...” Kyuyoung moaned, causing Minjung to throb again. Kyuyoung pressed her tongue against Minjung’s G-spot repeatedly, making her orgasm for the second time that day. She licked up all of Minjung’s milk while the other continued her assault.

The latter added a second finger in, pumping her at a fast rate, hitting Kyuyoung’s G-spot accurately. Her idle hand squeezing Kyuyoung’s clothed breast, massaging with the right amount of pressure, causing Kyuyoung to become a writhing mess. Her tongue flicked at a certain way, fingers curling, making Kyuyoung come messily, moaning her name loudly.

They panted heavily for air, enjoying the aftermath, Kyuyoung turning around so that she could cuddle against Minjung. “That was amazing.” Kyuyoung said. “Don’t think I’ve came so hard in my life.” she said breathlessly.

“Same...” Minjung replied, kissing Kyuyoung’s temple. “We should clean up.” she said, stroking Kyuyoung’s hair.

“Yeah alright. Then...we can head over to my place and have a more awesome time.” Kyuyoung punctuated, winking seductively at Minjung as she put her underwear back on. Minjung smirked in reply, smacking Kyuyoung’s ass playfully, making her yelp in surprise. “What was that for?”

“You just have a sexy ass.” Minjung said innocently.


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Let's Talk About Love (2Min)

Title: Let's Talk About Love
Pairing: 2Min and dash of Hanchul
Rating: PG
A/N: Failed fluff TT^TT

Taemin's eyes sparkled with delight as he saw the new model entering the photo shoot. The male was absolutely gorgeous, even if he was just in a plain t-shirt and long trousers. His expressive eyes were dark pools of sinful chocolate, high perched nose which refined his features, luscious pouty pink lips which were screaming to be kissed. Delectable,defined collarbones which led to his long,well-built torso, complimenting his mile long legs.

Taemin marveled at the model's beauty. "He's new to the industry so he's rough around the edges but has lots of potential." Heechul said. "Taemin ah! Please get his make up done."

He snapped out of his trance, quickly taking out his equipment. "Annyong, my name's Minho." the model introduced himself, his voice came out husky and deep, startling Taemin slightly.

"A-annyong, my name's T-Taemin...n-nice to m-meet you M-Minho shii..." Taemin stuttered, bowing respectfully.

Minho chuckled softly as he sat down in the chair. "Don't need to be so formal, just call me hyung." he said, making Taemin blush in embarrassment. Shakily, Taemin started applying his makeup.


"Whoa...You did a good job Taemin ah." Minho smiled, thanking the younger before he started changing into his outfit.

"Thank you." Taemin muttered shyly, tinging pink at the compliment. All of a sudden Heechul pushed Minho towards the clothes rack, pulling out several jackets, jeans and shirts.

"Go change!" Heechul commanded, practically shoving him into the fitting room.

After several minutes, Minho came out of the changing room dressed in black fitting jeans which complimented his sexy legs, dark musk colored jacket with a few dangling chains and a white tank top inside, hinting his toned muscles. To top the look of, a pair of dark laced up boots.

Heechul smirked at Taemin's expression. His jaw hung open slightly, staring at the model. "YAH! Taeminnie! Stop staring and get to work." Heechul teased, making the younger blush furiously and leaving Minho clueless. The model walked up to the front of the camera, started to pose at the photographer's mark.

Taemin just awed at the model, who was posing confidently, teasingly pulling his jacket to the side to show a bite of his toned arms. Almost any kind of poses he did, any way he stood just made him look perfect and simply gorgeous. Minho saw Taemin at the corner of his eye, sending his makeup artist a seductive wink, causing Taemin to flush red as he averted his attention to his equipment.

The magnae exhaled, feeling his heart thump rapidly against his chest. "My Taeminnie's in love~" Heechul sing songed.

"No I'm not!" he protested.

"Yes you are~do you imagine his lips on yours? Or how about his body towering over your's like how Hannie does it to me? How about this warm feeling inside like when I see Hannie look my in the eyes with this lustful look? Oh My God! I need Hannie right now! -HANNIE!!!" Heechul called out.

"That was weird." Taemin tilted his head, his finger on his chin.


As the days passed, every symptom Heechul mentioned appeared. His heart raced whenever Minho spoke to him, blood rushing to his face whenever the elder brush his hair whenever he tells Taemin that he shouldn't hide behind his bangs. Or whenever he pinched his cheeks and say he's cute. Recently he had a wet dream about the model towering above him, half naked with his pants unbuttoned but still on him, kissing him passionately, touching him everywhere.


He rested his sleepy head on his arm, shutting his eyes so he could
catch up on sleep while another model was modelling.

"You okay? Loosing sleep?" somebody asked but Taemin didn't bother looking at the person, nodding his head slightly.

"I can't sleep well nowadays cause I keep thinking about Minho hyung and his lips..." Taemin mumbled sleepily.

"So you like him?"

Taemin just nodded in reply, humming a 'mmm' in reply.

"Well...I like you very much Taeminnie ah." Minho whispered into his ear, making the younger shot up from his position.

"M-Minho hyung! I-I uh...uhh...I-I..." Taemin blushed furiously, feeling like he was dying of embarrassment. His eyes widened as he felt a pair of soft,warm lips press against his, kissing his chastely, making his flush red.

"You're so cute ah Taeminnie." Minho smiled, kissing his cheek.

"D-Does that mean we're going out now?" Taemin stuttered hopefully.

"Yes. I love you." Minho smiled, nibbling his ear.

"I-I love you too..." Taemin mumbles, allowing Minho to tip his chin,
kissing him softly.

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Excitement (Henmi) [RATED]

Title: Excitement
Pairing: Henmi (Literally Henmi)
Rating: M
Warnings: Cross dressing Zhou Mi, topping Henry, Voyeurism, Humiliation, Public Sex, Dirty Talk
A/N: Joint work with cupcakemini5 , hunni23 and for both of them and blue_starzz33

“Mi ge~” Henry whines as he walks towards Zhou Mi, who was currently reading some Chinese novel.


“I’m bored~entertain me~” Henry whines cutely as he cuddles beside the elder. “Ge~” he whines again, kissing Zhou Mi’s neck, lightly biting on a patch of skin, making the elder jerk slightly. “Ge...” he whispers into his ear, breath tickling his neck, teeth grazing over the pulse point, sweeping his tongue over the flesh. “Let’s do something more exciting today...” he said, licking the shell of his ear.

Zhou Mi groans slightly, catching the pair of soft lips, resulting a passionate lip lock, somehow flipping their position, making the elder tower above Henry. He tilts his head slightly, deepening the kiss, brushing his tongue over the lower lip, begging for entrance from Henry.

“So...what exciting things you want to do today?” Zhou Mi asks breathlessly, thrusting his tongue into Henry’s hot cavern. Henry climbed into his lap, rolling his hips against Zhou Mi’s, rubbing his erection against the elder’s growing one. “Ngh...H-Henli...” Zhou Mi mewls into the kiss.

After a good two minutes of making out, Henry broke the kiss, panting heavily for air, licking up his neck, kissing his jaw. “Fuck you in a skirt in the cinema, hearing you moan my name again and again.” Henry whispers huskily, punctuating at ‘again and again’, grinding his hips, his ass rubbing over Zhou Mi’s large erection.

“Hnn...H-Henli...” Zhou Mi protests, helplessly trying to shove Henry off his lap. “S-Stop...”

Henry looked at him with sad eyes, jutting his lips out slightly, forming a small pout as he got off Zhou Mi’s lap. “Can’t I top for once gege?”

“Of course you can! I just d-don’t want to have sex in a movie theater or in a skirt...” Zhou Mi says softly.

The magnae sighed dejectedly, picking up his violin which was placed on the long wooden table before heading into their shared room. Zhou Mi watched his lover walked into their shared room before hearing a sad piece being played on the violin scrunching his eyes to not give in. “I’m not going to give in. I’m not going to give in. I’m not going to give in.” Zhou Mi chanted, nibbling on his lower lip, feeling bad for his lover.

He stood up from his position, slowly walking to their shared room, groaning slightly as he felt his thighs rub against his aching erection. He knocked on Henry’s door, calling out Henry’s name. “Henli ah...umm...uhh...I’llcrossdressforyouandletyoufuckmeinthemovietheater...” Zhou Mi mumbles, flushing red with embarrassment.

“What?” Henry asked as he opened the door.

“Umm...I-I’ll c-crossdress for you and l-let you fuck me in the movie theater...” Zhou Mi stutters shyly, fiddling with the hem of his shirt, his eyes averting to the ground. Henry instantly beams, throwing his body weight at Zhou Mi.

“Thank you ge! I love you!” Henry smiles, kissing his lover passionately.


Henry tapped his shoes impatiently, arms folded as he waited for Zhou Mi. His lover has been out practically half the day doing God knows what and now he was in their shared room for almost an hour and a half after kicking Henry out of the room. He stood up from his seat, immediately heading towards their shared room before knocking on the wooden door.

“Are you done? You’ve been in there for ages.” Henry says.

“Yea...I’m done...” Zhou Mi whispers shyly, opening the door to reveal himself. He was wearing a blue denim,flared mini skirt, about two to three inches below his private and a long black tube top, the hem covering the top of the skirt, making it look even shorter. His black jet hair styled neatly, light make up covering up any blemishes or scars on his face and on his feet were black stilettos, making him at least 3-inches taller.

The magnae marveled his lover’s feminine look, loving the way the top compliments his shapely body or how the skirt makes his ass look more tempting than ever and how those heels make his lower half look sexier. It was such a turn on and such a cocktease.

“Um...Henli?” Zhou Mi spoke softly, breaking Henry’s trance. “Do I look okay?” he questioned.

“Hell look so hot and tempting...” Henry whispered huskily into his ear, licking the shell of it, causing Zhou Mi to shiver.


Zhou Mi hated the whole time he walked to the cinema, every perverted man on the streets had their eyes on him, trying to catch a glimpse of his underwear or trying to get him into bed. At last they arrived at the cinema, they walked up to the ticket counter to buy the movie tickets, after deciding they should watch ‘Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince.’

Henry waited patiently for the tickets, watching from his side view, an old geezer sending a flirtatious wink to Zhou Mi, making the elder feel uncomfortable. He smirked devilishly, wrapping an arm around his slender waist, fingers running down his side, feeling Zhou Mi relax under his touches. He slid his hand down slightly to his hip before giving a squeeze at one of his lover’s ass cheeks, making him release a high pitch squeak.

“Henli ah...” Zhou Mi protested, flushing a bright red.

“Just telling them that you are mine.” Henry whispered, squeezing the round globe again, massaging it softly.

“H-Henli...s-stop...we’ll do it inside...” Zhou Mi whimpers, feeling his knees buckled, his whole body trembling slightly.


Henry placed his hand on Zhou Mi's milky thigh, lazily drawing imaginary circles before trailing his hand upwards, making his lover shiver under the touches. He ran his knuckles at his inner thighs, caressing the smooth skin, slowly hiking the skirt up, groping Zhou Mi's growing arousal, rewarding a quiet gasp.

"Henli...mfhm!" Zhou Mi muffled a moan through his hand as Henry massaged his through his underwear, his free hand pulling the top of his tube top downwards to reveal his nipples. "Ngh! Mhn!" Zhou Mi muffled, feeling Henry's fingers pinching his nipple, tweaking it, rolling it as the other hand cupped his balls, lightly fondling with them.

"You like this don't you? Knowing that you can be caught anytime excites you doesn't it?" Henry whispered into his ear, pressing his fingers at the right places, causing Zhou Mi to release a muffled squeal, nodding his head furiously. Henry lowered his head, pressing his lips against a pert nipple, flicking his tongue over it, teeth scraping it as he tugged it with his teeth, making Zhou Mi thrash his head to the side.

The elder used his idle hand, tugging the ends of Henry's short hair, tilting the younger's head to claim his lips. He breathed deeply, parting his lips to allow the slick muscle to slip in, licking his lower lip. His eyes fluttered shut, face flushed red, legs squirming uncontrolably, choking a few silent moans.

Henry turned his body slightly, making Zhou Mi's back press against the arm rest, facing him, knuckles nudging the elder's legs apart, revealing the lacy underwear. Zhou Mi breathlessly slide his tongue against Henry's, teeth clashing almost painfully. He felt his mind going hazy due the lack of air and pleasure, his hips burying themselves into Henry's, bucking into the talented hands.

He broke the kiss, panting for air, feeling his erection all heavy with cum. He bite on his finger, resisting a loud squeal as he felt Henry's head go underneath his skirt, his nose bumping against his thighs and his balls. The mochi darted his tongue out, pressing up against his shaft, tasting bit of his precum, licking his lips seductively before pushing his lips against the bulge.

Zhou Mi gasped loudly, biting his lower lip, trying to resist a moan, feeling the tongue flick once in a while before pulling them down and dropping them on the ground then kissing up his thighs. "H-Henli...don't tease..." Zhou Mi pleaded quietly, tugging the ends of his hair. His eyes rolled back, head thrashing slightly as Henry licked his overly sensitive tip, teeth grazing at the flesh, tongue dipping into the leaking slit.

"Nhn...mhn!" Zhou Mi muffled into his hand, the warm mouth sudden engulf his whole length, gagging on it slightly before bobbing his head up and down, his hands fondling with his balls, feeling his hard member twitch as he saw the twitching entrance. He absolutely can't wait till he's in him, fucking him in a skirt.

"Ahh...m-mhn!" Zhou Mi moaned, Henry licking the underside before reengulfing the thick shaft, bobbing his head up and down faster than before, moaning around the erection, sending vibrations up Zhou Mi's spine. "Henli...haa!" he choked out when Henry stroked the base, blowing the top.

The magnae detached his lips from the trembling erection, recieving a soft whine. "I want you to touch yourself and look at me while you do it. Imagine that I'm the one touching you. Turn me on even more." Henry punctuated huskily, rocking his hips into the obvious tent. The elder whimpered at the dirty comment, peeling the stained lacy panties with shaky hands, freeing his erection and letting the undergarment hang at his left knee.

He stroked his aching cock slowly, increasing the pace with every stroke, biting his hand, giving occasional squeezes, bringing him nearer to release. He rubbed the head teasingly, fingers collecting all the precum, placing them on Henry's pouty lips. Mochi licked the wet substance for a taste, sweeping his tongue over the pads, nibbling at some spots, coating the fingers with his saliva.

Zhou Mi panted heavily, stroking his erection with a hasty pace with his wet digits, fondling with his balls, imagining it was Henry. He pressed his head against the rough seats, jerking his cock as he rocked his hips against the seats to get for friction. "Henli...Henli...Henli..." Zhou Mi chanted as he grind against the seat. He felt a familiar heat settling at his stomach, sitting back up as he felt his balls tightened, cum spurting on the seats, skirt, tube top and at his neck as he sighed in contentment.

"Such a slut." Henry smirked, collecting the orgasm at his fingertips, placing his digits in front of Zhou Mi's face. "Lick." he commanded, making Zhou Mi flush redder, averting his eyes, biting his lower lip. "I said lick." Zhou Mi whimpered, he didn't want to be submissive. He screwed his eyes shut, flicking his tongue over, tasting his own seeds, licking the digits till they were all clean. "Good boy. Now I will give you your reward."

He unbutton his slacks, unzipping them, revealing the impressive bulge, causing Zhou Mi to moan. The elder sweeps his tongue at the sensitive tip, teeth grazing pass his slit, slick muscle curling around the tip. "Mnh..." Zhou Mi groans, feeling his cock stiffened, thrusting his hips into the seats again.

"Take it real good." Henry grunts as he tugged the ends of Zhou Mi's jet black hair, forcing him to take it into his mouth. Zhou Mi's breath hitched, parting his lips a little wider, engulf the dripping erection. He slowly bobbed his head, licking at the underside.

"Hn...mmn..." Zhou Mi moaned as he gagged on it, loving the way the arousal filled his mouth. He sent vibrations up Henry's spine, bobbing his head rhythmically, slowly speeding up. The magnae fished out the bottle of lube from his back pocket, coating his fingers with the thick liquid before placing his fingers at the rim entrance, worrying it a little before sliding the digit in.

"Haa!" Zhou Mi choked, parting his lips, squirming at the intrusion.

"It's okay. It'll get better soon." Henry comforted, stroking his jet black hair. He groaned sexily as he felt the delicious heat around his cock. He wiggled his finger inside him before thrusting it in and out. Soon he slid a second finger in, scissoring the whole slightly, thrusting in and out to find that one spot.

Zhou Mi's vision blurred, mind drunk with pleasure, loving the way Henry's arousal filled his mouth and fingers in him. He gasped loudly, when he felt a third digit in him, the finger tips bumping against his sweet spot. Shocks shot up his spine, causing his knees to go weak, trembling uncontrollably.

Mochi rubbed on his prostate again, watching Zhou Mi's expression just simply made his cock twitch. "Want you..." Zhou Mi pleaded, wriggling upwards, kissing and nipping his Adam's apple.

"Ride me..." Henry whispered as he rubbed his prostate one last time before slipping his fingers out. Zhou Mi groaned at the lack of fingers, crawling into his lap, lifting the slutty skirt up, positioning himself over the saliva coated cock.

"Ahh...-hnn..." Zhou Mi moaned as he bit on his tube top, feeling Henry's erection stretch his ring muscle. He whimpered and trembled visibly at the size, tears weld up at the corners of his eyes.

Henry kissed his cheeks to soothe the pain, loving the way the delicious heat engulfed his erection. "'ll be better." he cooed, kissing at his neck. Zhou Mi whined softly, biting Henry's shoulders, panting heavily as he got use to the size.

Soon, Zhou Mi rolled his hips, groaning quietly, slowly lifting his ass off Henry's cock by an inch before pushing back down. He hissed, eyes screwed shut as he felt the cock slide out then slide back in. The magnae breathed heavily, watching his lover fuck himself, loving the heat.

Once Zhou Mi got use to the thick erection he rode faster, breath hitching when the blunt tip bump into a sweet bundle making him see white, body shivering with delight. "Ahh Henli...There..." he said raspy, gasping when Henry thrust his hips at the sweet spot.

The elder rode him faster and harder, trashing his head when Henry thrust his repeatedly, hitting the right spot. "H-Henli...ahhn...I c-can't...hnn!" Zhou Mi chants. Mochi pushed Zhou Mi down on to the seat, plunging in and out of him rapidly, making Zhou Mi writhe uncontrollably.

"F-Faster...h-harder..." Zhou Mi moans, pushing back against the strong thrust. He brought his hand to his weeping cock only to be swatted away by his lover.

"I wanna make you come raw. I want you to scream my name so that everyone can hear. You love dirty talks don't you, I bet you can just come from me whispering all this flith in your ears."

"Yes...I love it...fuck me harder..." Zhou Mi cries in pleasure, the irritating heat pooling at his stomach. "Make me come all over again..." Henry's ears twitch at the statement, thrusting deeper and faster. "Oh that...more..." he moans, sensitive cock twitching animatedly.

Without a warning, Zhou Mi came long and hard, crying Henry's name, setting off a chain reaction. The magnae groans softly, spilling his seeds into Zhou Mi, sliding out before collapsing onto his lover, panting heavily.

"That was the best sex ever..." Zhou Mi said breathlessly, making Henry chuckled.

"Told you it would be fun." Henry said, rewarding a few nods. "I love you..." He whispered, pecking him on the lips.

"Love you too baby." Zhou Mi smiled tiredly.


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Friday, September 4, 2009

Title: Soulmates
Pairing: KibumXHenry
Rating: PG13?
Prompt: Soulmates
A/N: For everkitsune for the fic exchange at sjrarepairings. Hope you like it!!!

“I’m gonna miss you lots.” Henry whispers, clutching on to Kibum’s jacket, burying his head into his lover’s chest.

“I’m gonna miss you too.” Kibum replies in the same tone, running his hand up and down Henry’s back, nuzzling his nose into the soft, brown locks. “You’re gonna call me everyday right?” he questioned, arms around Henry’s waist, pulling the shorter closer.

Henry nods quietly, tilting his head a little to press a kiss on Kibum’s lips. The elder sighs in content, deepening the kiss slowly, bringing one of his hands to the back of Henry’s neck. The younger sucks on his lower lip gently, whereas Kibum sucks on the upper lip, a light force pulled him closer to his lover. He parts his lips slightly, allowing the tongue into his cavern, exploring it thoroughly.

The hamster breathed silently, smiling into the kiss, darting his tongue out to brush against Kibum’s, making him shiver. After a good 2 minutes of making out, they disengaged their mouths. With their fingers laced, they walked towards the seats, sitting on the hard and uncomfortable cushions.

The younger cuddled closer, smelling the light,soothing cologne that Kibum wore. Kibum ran his thumb over Henry’s chubby cheeks then down to his neck, brushing against the cool metal surface of the chain then the engraved pendant that he gave Henry as a gift when they got together. “I love you.” Kibum says huskily, making Henry blush.

“I love you too.” Henry replies, pecking him on the cheek. “You won’t go around flirting with girls when I’m in Canada for two weeks right?” Henry pouts, rewarding a low chuckle from the elder.

“Of course not. They aren’t as cute or as lovable as you.” Kibum murmurs, kissing his hair, causing Henry to tinge pink.

“Flight 19820 heading for Toronto, Canada is now boarding.”

“Ah shit...” Henry swore under his breath. “Time for me to go.” he sighs as he got up from his position. Kibum tugged him by the wrist, pulling back down for a searing and passionate kiss.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” Henry replies. “Call me every night.”

“Of course. Now get your pretty little butt on that plane before I loose it and take you home and ravish you in bed.” Kibum jokes, making Henry giggle.

“Bye, I will see you in two weeks and try to calm your hormones down when I’m there.” Henry smiles, kissing his forehead.

“Will try. Bye.”


Kibum lightly taps the end of his pen against the wooden table, not really paying attention to a thing the lecturer was saying. He sighs dejectedly as he doodled on the sheet of paper, only writing his lover’s name or drawing a picture of a hamster with chubby cheeks.

After school, he immediately headed back home, switching on his laptop. He typed in the url of the website, clicking a few times so that he could book the first flight to Canada which was about to leave in 6 hours.

Hurriedly, he packed his luggage with a week and a half worth of clothes, snatching the small box off the bedside table, grabbing a coat from the chair.


He fumbled with the buttons of his phone, pressing on the keypad.

Are you at home now?

Henry heard the familiar ring tone, hastily looking at his phone.

Yeah. Why did you ask?

Once the message was sent, Henry heard the door bell, eyes went wide. He ran down the stairs, banging his knee on the railing. “Shit...” His mother opened the door, smiling brightly at the guest.

“Hello Mrs. Lau. I’m sorry to bother you.”

“No it’s not a problem at all. Wow, you’ve grown taller from the last time I saw you.” Henry’s mother cooed.

“Thank you Mrs. Lau, you’ve gotten much prettier as well.”

Mrs. Lau blushed at the comment, hitting Kibum playfully at the shoulder. “Henry dear, you have a special guest.” she called out, both of them hearing the loud bang.

“Ow shit...” Henry groaned in pain, rubbing his knee. “Kibum...what are you doing here?” Henry asked.

“Well, I should leave both of you alone now. And Kibum sweetheart, stay over for your stay, and it’s not a bother at all.” Mrs. Lau said.

“Thank you Mrs. Lau.” Kibum gave a megawatt smile before Mrs. Lau left.

“Let me take your bag for you.” Henry said, as he got hold of the handle.


“So would you like to enlighten me?” Henry asked as he placed the luggage down.

“I missed you.” Kibum whispered, wrapping his arms around Henry’s waist. “Missed you a lot.” he said, kissing Henry’s neck.

“I missed you too.” Henry replied, turning in Kibum’s arms, tilting his head upwards, kissing him lightly on the lips.

Kibum pried Henry’s lips apart, sliding his tongue into Henry’s mouth, exploring the warm cavern, licking every bit of his mouth. “Mnn...Kibum...” Henry mewls, sucking his lower lip, nibbling it lightly. They stumbled on to the bed, Kibum’s fingers running along the hem of his shirt, slipping underneath the top. The younger tilted his head, deepening the kiss, knees buckled slightly, hands placed at the back of his neck.


The elder collapsed on top on Henry, both of them panting heavily, trying to calm down from their high. “Been way too long.” Kibum sighed.

Henry giggled at the comment. “But I’ve only been here for like 3 days.” he smiled, kissing him on the temple.

“Still.” Kibum said as he rolled to Henry’s side. “I can’t your adorable face and that cute little butt of yours.”

“You only love me for that?” Henry pouted.

“Of course not. That lovable smile and personality.” Kibum says, nuzzling his nose against Henry’s. “I love you.”

“I love you too Bummie.” he whispered, kissing him on the lips.

“Oh! I wanna give you something.” Kibum said, leaning to the floor, pulling his jeans closer, searching in the pockets, fishing out a velvet box.

“What’s this?”

“Something I wanted to give you for our anniversary, but I suppose now it’s a good time.” Kibum said, opening the box, revealing 2 simple silver bands, one saying ‘soul’, the other said ‘mate’.

Henry gasped at the rings, Kibum pulling his hand to slide the ring in, kissing his hand. He tears up slightly. “Thank you Kibummie. It’s lovely.”

“You’re welcome. Look inside the ring.”

Henry took it off, checking the insides of the ring. ‘Henry, I love you. -Kibum’ was engraved on it. “I love you too.” the younger’s replied, pressing his lips against Kibum’s, ringing his arms around Kibum’s waist.

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fun Of The Couch (RATED)

Title: Fun On The Couch
Pairing: Yewook
Rating: R Or M
A/N: Side Story To My Secret Place

Ryeowook covered his flushed face in embarrassment after hearing the shout from Kyuhyun. Yesung just shrugged it off as he brought his attention back to his lover. He smiles warmly, his hand on top of Ryeowook's, trying to pry the hands away.

"Why are you so shy suddenly?" he asks as he successfully pulled the hands away.

"Kyuhyun just caught us..."Ryeowook mumbled, his face still bright red.

"So?" Yesung asks simply, leaning closer to Ryeowook till their bodies pressed against each other. He tilt his head to the side, lips brushing at Ryeowook's neck as he continues to he reaches the back of his ear, biting before sucking on it, causing him to shiver visibly. "Let him catch us then he'll know what to to do Sungmin." he said as he place butterfly kisses on his jaw line, slowly advancing to his neck.

Ryeowook gasped softly, feeling his lover's lips sucking and licking at his pulse point. Yesung slipped his left hand under the button down shirt, caressing the soft and unblemished skin. "Ahh...S-Sung hnn..." he moans out quietly when his lover's fingers tweaked his nipple while the pair of lips nipped his collar bone.

"You like that right?" Yesung asks, as he continued his ministrations while his right hand unbuttoning the top before pushing it off his shoulders, thus falling to the wooden floor. He laid feather-like kisses on the younger's chest, stopping at the right nipple.

"Ahn...S-Sungie hnn...yes..." Ryeowook replied it a frustrated tone, feeling his lower region all heated and bothered, much need for release. The elder licked his nipple, sucking on it, feeling the nipple harden in his mouth. "Ahh! Yesung ahn...d-don't t-tease..." he moaned, hips bucking for more contact when Yesung grope him through his jeans,while he flickered the nub back and forth.

The left hand pinched the left nipple, rubbing the nub in between his index and middle finger. Ryeowook grabbed the front of Yesung's shirt, the smaller hands trailing to the button of his pants in a teasingly slow pace, brushing at the curve of the growing bulge causing Ryeowook to gasp.

He unzips the jeans before dipping his hand in it then into the boxer shorts. "Haa...agh!" Ryeowook moans louder when warm heat wrapped around his half erected shaft. Stroking him in a deadly slow pace. He circles the tip, teasingly placing his thumb over the slit, softly massaging, causing the slit to stretch a bit, precum dripping. "Ahh...Sung...d-don't tease...I'm already leaking...ahn...."

"Ahh...Haa..." Ryeowook panted, squirming at the teasing touches, shifting slightly for more contact, head buried into Yesung's chest. The elder gently nips the collar bones, his tongue dipping into the dents and curves. He gasps softly as Ryeowook suddenly cups his bulge, massaging it lightly.

The magnae smirks, unfastening the jeans, stroking his lover's erection. "Hnn...Wook ah..." Yesung whimpers. Both of them pumped each other's hard member, moaning and whimpering as they moved in sync.

Yesung rubs his thumb over the thick vein on the underside, making Ryeowook squeal. "Sungie...Ahhn..." the younger moans, rocking his hips to thrust into Yesung's hand. "Hngh..."

Ryeowook's nails dig into Yesung's slit, causing more precum to leak out. He tugs on the arousal gently, flicking his wrist. "Hah! Shit...Wook..." he moans, hips bucking for more.

"F-Faster...harder..." Ryeowook moans, as he strokes his lover faster, feeling his orgasm nearing. Yesung fondled with his balls, stroking the cock faster and harder gently squeezing it once in a while. "Yesung...hah...I'm gonna come soon..."

"Ahh me too..." Yesung replies.

Both of them came with a soft scream, their semens spilling into each other's hands. They panted heavily, coming down from their high. "I want you Sungie..." Ryeowook purrs, as he crawls closer to Yesung, leveling his head with the half erect cock.

Yesung's breath hitched as Ryeowook flicked his tongue over the orgasm coated tip, tasting the saltiness of his semen. "Ugh...Wook...that's good..." he moans. The magnae swipes his tongue up and down the stiffening shaft, curling his tongue experimentally over the head, giving it a light tug, drawing more orgasm from the slit. "Haa...aah..."

"Yesungie tastes really good today..." Ryeowook mutters, placing butterfly kisses on the thick shaft. He purposely moans around the cock, sending shivers up Yesung's spine.

"Wookie...don't tease..." Yesung groans, fingers curling into his lover's hair. The magnae nibbles on Yesung's balls, trailing his tongue on the underside, making Yesung thrash his head. He suddenly engulfs the erection, placing it in between his jaw and cheeks. "Shit...ah fuck..."

The elder fists Ryeowook's hair, tugging it painfully. Ryeowook parts his lips slightly, sweeping a tongue at the side of the cock, kissing the tip. He flicks the tongue over the slit, teeth grazing over the thick flesh, bobbing his head slightly. He gags on the shaft when he gasped loudly, feeling a wet digit press against his hole. When did his pants even get removed? Ryeowook thought in his head.

He muffled a moan when the finger entered him then moved inside him. "Yesung ahhn...." he moaned as he tried to give his lover a blow job.

"Go on..." Yesung grinned, pulling his finger before pushing back in. Ryeowook shakily started to deep throat his lover, hips rocking back and forth, rubbing his erection against the leather couch to get any sort of friction happening. "That's a good boy, take it deeper...just like that...ahn...that's good..." He bobbed his head rhythmically, moaning around the cock when Yesung slid in a second finger, scissoring his entrance.

He parts his mouth again, pushing the cock in between his cheek and jaw, making the gap even tighter. Yesung groans as he tugged Ryeowook's brown locks, plunging his fingers into the younger, adding a third digit while Ryeowook gave him an amazing blow job.

The magnae removed the thick shaft from his mouth, causing Yesung to grunt at the lack of warmth. "I want you now." Ryeowook whispered lustfully, licking his lower lip, tilting his head to bite Yesung's neck. "Want you so bad..." The elder hastily removes his pants and boxers, tossing them into some part of the room.

Almost immediately, Ryeowook wrapped his arms around Yesung's neck, spreading his cheeks slightly as he slowly sits on the throbbing erection. "A-Ahhh...Yesung hyung..." Ryeowook moans into the crook of his neck, getting use to his lover's size.

"You okay?" Yesung asks, voice filled with concern, pressing kisses up his jaw. Ryeowook nods his head, rolling his hips before he starts up and down the cock.

"Ugh...hyung...ngh..." Ryeowook groans, ignoring the slight pleasurable pain as he rides his cock slowly and steadily.

"Don't me me oppa..." Yesung rasps out huskily.

"Ahh...Sungie oppa...hnn..." The younger moans, riding him faster and faster, releasing a loud cry when the tip hit his sweet spot. Yesung bucks his hips, thrusting deeper into Ryeowook.

"Faster...ahh...oppa...hah!" Ryeowook moans, feeling his legs go weak. The elder simply pushes him down on to the couch, bringing Ryeowook's legs up to rest on his shoulders. He plunges back into Ryeowook, fast and forceful, making the latter's cock jump slightly.

"O-Oppa...Harder...faster...ahn!" he moans, grabbing his angry erection, stroking it at the same pace as the strong thrusts, bringing him closer to climax. He felt his balls tightened before he came, coming messily on to Yesung's body.

He gasps as Yesung came inside him, soaking his insides with cum. The latter collasped on top of him after sliding his cock out, both of them breathless. He kissed Ryeowook on the lips, the kiss ended as soon as it started.

"That felt awesome." Yesung whispers sleepily.

"Mm...come on we have to clean up and get to bed before Kyuhyun pours water over our heads again like this morning." Ryeowook mumbles, as he shifts his body weight.

"Can't we stay like this for a while? it's comfortable." Yesung pouts,

cuddling closer to Ryeowook.


"Love you Wookie ah." Yesung smiles, pecking him on the cheek.

"Love you too Sungie oppa." Ryeowook replies, wrapping his arms around his waist.


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Oppa Nomu Yeoppo

Title: Oppa Nomu Yeoppo
Pairing: Khunho
Rating: PG13?
A/N: Major Fail!

SHINee were simply ecstatic and hyper when their debut song came on, Minho's eyes sparkled with delight as he watched his crush dance to the song, remembering every bit of the choreography. Minho gulped

heavily as Nickhun walked towards his direction, feeling his expressive eyes on him. The elder bowed slightly, extending his arm out to invite one of the member's to dance with him. He sighed dejectedly when Jonghyun stepped up, thinking Nickhun was going to choose him.

The said member of 2PM continued to advanced towards him, bowing respectfully at him as he extended his hand out. He blushed shyly as Nickhun invited him to dance with him. He grinned gleefully, allowing his crush to drag him by the hand, to the centre of the stage. His heart thumped hard against his chest, stomach churning due to the excitement.

All of a sudden Love Like Oxygen came on and almost automatically their bodies started to dance in sync. He eyed his members, who knew about his major crush over Nickhun, they smiled widely at their dancing, feeling a wide grin plastered on his face. Once the dance was over, both of them bowed at each other, Nickhun taking his hand, sliding on the yellow rose, which had became a ring, on to his index finger. Minho felt tears weld up at the corners of his eyes, feeling touched.

"Minho shii is slightly tearing up." Boom said, rewarding a low chuckle from Minho. "They match so well. So how old are you Nickhun shii?"

"I'm born in the year '88" Nickhun replied as he flailed around.

"Oh so that means Nickhun shii's the oppa." that statement made everybody burst into fits of laughs. "He showed so much sense by dancing, facing him and not only giving him the flower, but..."

"I danced the opposite direction, like a mirror." Nickhun smiles.

"Oh on purpose." Minho felt his heart flutter with delight.

"I watched their music video and switched the dance around." Nickhun replies as he demonstrates the dance again only being cut off by Boom.

"Why can't you be bad in Korean in these kind of situations?!" Boom asks, trying to push Nickhun aside. The Thai prince chuckled. 'That's because I'm trying to win Minho's heart' he thought to himself.

"Let's give an applause to Nickhun shii for the very coordinated performance." Boom said, giving a loud applause to the Thai prince.

"As I heard Noona Nomu Yeppeo came on I was deeply moved, but since he also gave me his flower, I was even more moved." Minho said, immediately mentally slapping himself for saying that, hiding the pink stain at his cheeks with the back of his hand.

"He can't speak properly!" Nickhun grinned sheepishly at the younger's expression. 'He's so cute.'

"What kind of relationship do Minho and Nickhun usually have?"

"I'm curious!"

"You said he's close to your ideal type." Key claims, making Minho beet red, sending his umma a furious glare when the cameraman moved the camera. That statement made Nickhun grin like an idiot.

"Say something, in five syllables." Onew suggested.

"Boys over flowers." Minho said.

"He's saying he likes the boy over the flower." Jonghyun jokes, making Minho want to hit him. Well of course Minho liked the boy over the flower.

"Then what does Nickhun shii think of Minho shii?"

'The most amazing boy ever that I want as my boyfriend.' Nickhun thought in his head. Minho fiddled with the hem of his jacket, half nervous and half excited for his reply. "Okay!"

"Please reply."

"I'm sorry." Nickhun bowed, Minho felt his heart broke slightly at the comment. "Please call me 'oppa'." Nickhun continued, making everyone burst into fits of laughter, and Minho to flush with embarrassment. 2PM started to push Nickhun to a corner after the statement he just made.

"Nickhun shii and Minho shii please step forward."

"He's too obvious."

"Is he going to make them wink?"

"Prepare for mouth to mouth game!" Jaebum said, pointing an accusing finger at Minho, causing Minho to grin at the thought, wanting to touch Nickhun's lips.

"Without a tissue!"

"Please come closer. A little closer, wink exchange."

"What is this..." Nickhun mumbled under his breath a little too loud.

"But you both match so well." Boom said as he raised his cue cards in between of them."3!2!1!Cue!" he slowly drops the card, forcing them to look into each other's eyes.

For the both of them time seemed to have stopped as they gaze into each other's eyes. Feeling a light flutter in their stomachs and their hearts hitting hard against their chest. Nickhun build up the courage to send a seductive wink to Minho, who easily returned a confident wink. Everybody immediately erupted into fits of laughter, covering up Minho's and Nickhun's blushing faces.

"What are we doing?!" Wooyoung asked, feeling ashamed of his really weak charismatic stage.

"Go do your charismatic stage quickly!" Jaebum said, pushing Wooyoung to the middle, forcing him to perform his cute dance, trying to calm the mood down. Nickhun eyes sparkled with delight and happiness when Minho returned his winked. Smile from ear to ear.


Minho squeezed his hand due to nervousness as he watched Key and Taemin performances their charismatic stage. "You'll do good don't worry, act really confident." Jonghyun said, giving a reassuring squeeze at his shoulder as the rest of the group teasing Wooyoung for his dancing.

"Next is Minho shii!" Everybody applaud for him as he advanced forward. Nickhun held up a board, waving it around like a crazy fangirl, practically jumping around with excitement to see Minho's performance.

"Go Minho!" Nickhun cheered, supporting SHINee's rapper, causing Minho to tinge pink.

"Jonghyun shii is part of my performance." Minho said as Jonghyun went over to get a mic for himself.

"I'm already curious about to whom this performance is dedicated to." Boom teased. The music came on, as if on cue Jonghyun started singing and Minho started to rap. The younger of the two had to suppress his laughter as he walked towards Nickhun, who was making a fool of himself with the fanboard.

All of a sudden he didn't know what got over him, he got on his knees, pouring all of his emotions out. Nickhun places his arm on his shoulders, asking him to get up, smiling at him when he did. He wrapped his arms around Minho's shoulders, launching himself on Minho's body, bodies pressed up one another, arms automatically wound around Nickhun. The Thai prince lightly sniffed the cologne he was wearing.

Minho smiled widely, feeling their cheeks brush. They let go, allowing Minho to join back up with Jonghyun. He really didn't know who was controlling his body, he brought his hand to Nickhun's face, trailing along his face. Nickhun's jaw flew open, making a cute face to the camera, fingers tracing over Minho's bare neck.

"I love you baby." Minho whispered, coming a bit louder than intended, holding Nickhun's hand before giving a bow. The latter grinned from ear to ear at the performance, watching Minho smile with embarrassment at his actions. 'Love you too baby.' He thought in his head.


Jaebum held up Minho's cap, sniffing his scent. Minho's grip on his jacket tightened as he hopes that Jaebum would drop the cap and leave. When Nickhun came to the front to pick an item, he smiled confidently. 'I've seen him wear it a few times.' He simply picks it up, sniffing the cap. 'Smells like his cologne.' Almost immediately he drops the hat and walk towards his crush. Minho's heart raced as Nickhun advanced closer and closer to him.

'Is he going to kiss me or something?' Minho mentally panicked, excitement rushing through his veins. Nickhun smelled his hair, inhaling the familiar cologne, suddenly he felt something pressed up near his ear. Minho mentally squealed at the sudden action, Nickhun placed a quick kiss on his cheek!

"I'm right. This is the one." Nickhun claimed, snatching the cap from the table. Wooyoung immediately crouched down, covering his ears from Nickhun's words. 'Didn't have to be that detailed!' Wooyoung said in his mind.

"We'll play a round of the 'Of Course' game." Boom said.

"Um...should I start?"Minho asked, fingers twirling the stem of the flower.

"Yes you should start."

"Nickhun hyung, you like me, don't you?" he asked, mentally preparing himself for a big rejection.

"Of course!" Nickhun replied, completely confident, making Minho's heart skip a beat.

"You have a girlfriend, don't you?" Minho's eyes widened with shock at the question. The rest of the group's mouth flung open, Key and Jonghyun panicking slightly and worrying a bit about Minho's feelings.

"Of course, that's you hyung." Minho smiled.


Minho felt his heart thump hard against his chest, anxiety running through his veins as he watch Taecyeon suck the ping pong ball. He shifted in his seat hastily, immediately tilting his head to save the goal. Heads bumping into each other, cheeks brushing lightly.

Nickhun went tense after he felt their lips brush against one another, moving his head away when he felt the ping pong ball hit his head. He looked away, looking at Minho, who easily shrug it off, from the side view.

Before they knew it, they were ready at the finals, facing Jonghyun and Jaebum as their opponents. Minho tinge a faint shade of pink when their heads bumped into each other in the process of saving the ball, feeling Nickhun's breath against his lips.

All of a sudden both of them wished the ping pong ball wasn't in between their lips as their noses bumped into each other. Minho mentally squealed when he felt Nickhun's arm around his waist during the penalty shoot out.

Minho smiled as he slips one of the couple rings into Nickhun's finger, Nickhun doing the same only to Minho's finger.


After the shooting...

"Go tell him now!" Onkey shouted in unison.

"But appa, umma..."

"It's so obvious he likes you too!" Jonghyun said. "Jaebum hyung told me."

"But what if he's wrong."

"Even Junsu hyung told me!" Taemin says.

"Now go!" Key said, pushing Minho towards 2PM.


At the same time...

"Nickhun why don't you just tell him!" Jaebum and Taecyeon said unison.


"It's so obvious he likes you too!" Wooyoung and Junho said in unison.

"Taemin told me too!" Junsu said.

"Key told me too!" Chansung said.

"Oh look Minho's coming." Jaebum said as he drags Nickhun along with


"Okay we'll leave you two alone." Jaebum and Key says in unison as they walk away. The two guys stood in awkward silence for at least 5 minutes.

"Um...uh...d-did you mean it?" Minho asks.


"Um...about liking me..." Nickhun nods shyly, cheeks burning. Minho blushed furiously.

"You guys are taking so long to confess!" Key shouted as he walked back over with Jaebum.

"Look Nickhun hyung, Minho's been crushing over you like for ages. Ever since he watched your debut mv."

"And Minho, this guy has been in love with you since forever even before you guys debuted! He even have every single picture of you."

"So now can you guys kiss or make out, whatever so all of us don't have to keep pretending that we don't know." Key said.

"Is it true?" Minho asked.

"Y-Yeah..." and almost immediately he felt soft pair of lips against his. The kiss was chaste but filled with passion. "Would you be my boyfriend?" Nickhun asked, rewarding a few nods from Minho, lips latched on to one another.

"Finally everything pulled off." Jonghyun said.

"Yeah, we did this episode just so both of you would get together." Taecyeon continued.

Nickhun broke the kiss, a grin plastered on his face. "But at least you got 2 couples together."

"2 couples?" Key questions. Minho simply points at the Taemin and Junsu, who were currently making out at a corner. Key took out his bracelet, throwing it at Junsu's head. "Don't you dare rape my son!"


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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Untitled (Kyumin) [RATED]

Title: Untitled

Pairing: Kyumin

Rating: R

A/N: Random fic i wrote in the car

"Ooh...Kyunnie...your so big already..." Sungmin purrs, rocking his hips against the large clothed bulge, making his ass rub against it. "I love it..." he whispers. "You wanna fuck me baby?"

"Mm..." Kyuhyun licks his lower lip. "Definitely wanna fuck you so hard till you can't walk for a week..." he continues, fingers pinching Sungmin's nipples, his free hand groping Sungmin's soft ass. Sungmin squeals with delight, his cock twitching animatedly. The magnae moved his hand from Sungmin's ass to little Minnie, squeezing it harshly. "Naughty're dripping...I wonder how about over here..." Kyuhyun says huskily, nibbling on Sungmin's ear as his hand went back to his puckered entrance.

"Tell me how you want it baby..." Kyuhyun whispers, swatting Sungmin's ass, causing the elder to whimper and squeal.

"I want them raw..." he replies, sending a flirtatious wink, swaying his hips sensually. "Ahh...Kyu...deeper...ooh...ahn...that feels so good..." Sungmin moans, pushing his ass back against the two raw digits.

"You're so naughty today's so tight and wet..." he says as he pulls the digits out fully, rewarding a low growl from the elder. "Touch you yourself...I wanna watch." he said as he squeezed an ass cheek, fingers rubbing against the entrance.

"Ahhn...Kyu...ooh...Kyu...myah..." Sungmin moans as he strokes his erection hard and fast, thumb teasing the head, making the slit spill more precum, which trickle down his erect shaft. "Haa!K-Kyu...ahn..." Sungmin's back arches as he slides 3 digits into his hole, thrusting them in n out.

Kyuhyun pulled his boxers down, revealing the large erection. The elder felt the blunt tip pressed against his knuckles. Almost immediately he pulled his fingers out, getting hold of Kyuhyun's thick erection. He pressed the thick erection in between his ass cheeks, making it rub against the surface of his entrance.

"H-Hyung...don't tease..." Kyuhyun moans, as he watched Sungmin stroked himself faster and harder, enjoying the light suction of the ass cheeks. The magnae smirks devilishly, cupping Sungmin's balls, squeezing them gently.

"Ahh!Kyu...Haa!" Sungmin writhes uncontrollably. "Kyu I want you in me." Sungmin says softly as he got up from his position, getting all fours beside Kyuhyun's body. The magnae grind wolfishly, getting up from his position before moving behind his lover.

"Come on Kyu baby...give me all you got..." Sungmin says, spreading his ass cheeks apart, revealing the twitching entrance. Kyuhyun carefully pushed in, making sure he doesn't hurt his lover. "Ah!Haa!So big..." Sungmin cried with pleasure, enjoying the pleasurable pain.

"You okay baby?"

"Yeah...just move...give it to me rough and fast." Sungmin moans, pushing back against the cock to urge his lover to move. Kyuhyun pulled out about half way before pushing in hard and fast, wrapping his hand around the weeping arousal to distract his lover from the pain.

"Ahh!Hnn!Ooh! Kyu!Feels so good!"Sungmin moans uncontrollably at the powerful thrusts. Kyuhyun continued to thrust into the tight heat, occasionally using his free hand to squeeze an ass cheek.

"Haa!H-Harder...Han!" Sungmin moaned, as the hand at his cock continued to stroke him harder as the thrust got harder. His cock twitch at the feeling of Kyuhyun's balls slapping against his ass.

Sungmin's mouth hung open when Kyuhyun found his sweet spot, and started to abuse his prostate. His back arched gracefully when Kyuhyun pulled his whole length out and thrust back in with full force. "Oh Kyu!Just like that...Haa!Ahhn!"

The elder felt his climax nearing, after feeling his balls tightened. He gripped the sheets tightly holding back his orgasm for his lover. He clenched his ring muscle slightly, teasing the cock in him, rewarding a low growl from Kyuhyun.

"Naughty boy." Kyuhyun said huskily, slapping the lover's ass. Sungmin moaned at the slap, enjoying the stinging sensation, his rough lover turning him on even more. He continued to clenched around the cock once in a while, rewarding slaps at his bottom.

"Ahh...Hyung...I'm gonna c-"before Kyuhyun finished his statement, he came long and hard into Sungmin, cum shooting directly at Sungmin's sweet spot, making the elder come as well, messily on to the sheets and the magnae's hand. The elder collapsed on to the sheets and so did his lover.

They panted heavily, trying to calm down from their high. "That was hot!" Sungmin said, cuddling beside his lover. Kyuhyun just nodded in reply, kissing the elder at his temple. "Are we gonna do that again the next time?" Sungmin asks hyperly.

"If you want to baby." Kyuhyun said, snuggling closer to his lover.

"Yay! I love you Kyunnie!" Sungmin beams, pecking his lover on the lips.

"I love you too Minnie ah." he replies, eyelids suddenly felt heavy, yawning sleepily.

Before they drifted to dreamland Sungmin whispered something into his ear. "You're really hot when you do it rough and it's such a turn on."


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Punishment (Kyuwook) [RATED]

Title: Punishment
Pairing: Kyuwook
Rating: R Maybe M
A/N: For shaniskara! Sequel To
Warnings: Orgasm Denial, Use Of Toys, Master/Slave Roleplay, Spanking

"Ahhn!Kyuhyun!" Ryeowook moaned when Kyuhyun smacked his ass cheeks harshly, making them glow red. "More...punish me..." he begged, back arching slightly.

"Such a naughty boy I have here. You even forgot to call me master." Kyuhyun said huskily, spanking Ryeowook's ass again and again, causing the elder's cock to bounce at the impact.

Ryeowook grabbed his hard on, squeezing it, rubbing it hard and fast. "Oh god...m-master...ahh..." he moaned as he strokes his erection faster. Kyuhyun reached for Ryeowook's arousal, swatting the hand away, rewarding a low groan from the elder due to the lack of warmth.

"Does my Wookie want to be punished so badly?" Kyuhyun asked, squeezing his balls tightly, making Ryeowook moan even more.

"Yes...m-master..." he replied shakily, choking for air when he felt the hand whacking his behind again. "M-More...punish me more..." he moaned. "You know you want to...fuck me till I can't walk for a whole month." he said wantonly.

"My...such a naughty word you just said." Kyuhyun whispered into his ear, licking the shell of his ear, rewarding a silent whimper from the elder, spanking his lover's ass again till they were red.

"Ahn!Ngh!" Ryeowook bit his lower lip, muffling all his moans as Kyuhyun continued his actions, making his knees go weak. "M-Master..." he called out softly, catching Kyuhyun's attention.

"Yes baby?"

"Can master please touch Wookie?" Ryeowook begged, releasing an enticing gasp from his parted lips when Kyuhyun grabbed his cock, stroking it hard and fast, the way Ryeowook likes it.

"You like it sweetheart?" the magnae asked, the talented hands kneading Ryeowook's cock, applying a certain amount of pressure at the sensitive spots. Fingers teasingly lapping all the precum which was trickling down his cock, as he slung his free arm around Ryeowook's waist, keeping him up.

" it...oh god...master..." Ryeowook moaned, trashing his head to the side. "Haa!Ahn!" he moaned loudly when he felt his ring muscle being stretched again, the rigid areas brushing against the walls of his passage. " big...mhn..." he groaned, back

arching as he moved his hips back, thrusting at the toy.

"You like it in you baby?" Kyuhyun asked as he squeezed his ass cheek. Ryeowook gasped when he felt Kyuhyun's hand cup his balls, fondling with them, the other hand pulling the toy out roughly then plunging back in.

"Oh fuck...yea...f-feels good...give me more!" Ryeowook's breath hitched, hands trembling when he felt small vibrations shot up his spine. He brought a trembling hand to his chest, with his fingers, lightly touching his hard nipples, releasing more silent grunts of pleasure.

"Another naughty word from that mouth of yours? Tsk tsk. As punishment you can't come when you want to." Kyuhyun said, slipping the vibrating cock ring on to his trembling cock.

"Then shouldn't m-master p-punish me harder?" Ryeowook half asked, half groan as he felt his cock twitch with anticipation and also at the constriction around his hard on.

"Maybe..." he replied teasingly, slapping the firm ass harder than before, tugging on to his cock harshly. Using his thumb, he pressed at Ryeowook's slit, drawing out more precum, gently pinching the tip.

"Ahh!! M-Master..." his breath hitched, twisting his nipples almost painfully in frustration when he felt his climax being denied by the cock ring.

"Suck me off with that dirty mouth of yours." Kyuhyun commanded, slapping his butt for the last time. Pulling the toy fully before slamming it back into Ryeowook with full force, making Ryeowook release a loud cry.

Shakily, he advanced to Kyuhyun, who sprawled out on the bed, Ryeowook's lips quivered slightly. He parted his lips, darting his tongue out, flicking it experimentally at the tip of his master's cock, swirling his slick muscle at the head. He gazed up lustfully at Kyuhyun as he licked a stripe down the thick,throbbing shaft, kissing the tip before shifting his head to lick the underside, catching the bit of the precum.

Ryeowook moaned uncontroably, sending vibrations along Kyuhyun's member then up his spine, when he felt the vibrator in him come to life. "Ahh! M-Master..." Ryeowook moaned louder as the vibrator was suddenly set on to the highest speed. Lips covered the head of

Kyuhyun's thick,delicious cock, prodding it in his mouth. Talently, he circled his tongue round the head, sucking at the right places, making his lover groan.

"Ahn...Wookie...yeah just like that..." Kyuhyun moans, reaching his hand to Ryeowook's bottom, pulling the toy out fully before burying it in Ryeowook's tight whole again.

"Ah!! Master! Ahh!" Ryeowook moaned, feeling his balls tightened, wanting to come so badly only being denied by the constricting toy around his leaking cock. Kyuhyun slapped his ass again, making Ryeowook release a loud,high pitched squeal, hastily taking Kyuhyun back into his mouth.

"Good boy." Kyuhyun said, stroking Ryeowook's wet arousal. " wet...naughty little slave I have here." Kyuhyun said.

"M-Master...fuck my mouth..." Ryeowook pleaded, engulfing Kyuhyun's member fully, bobbing his head up and down rhythmically. Tongue swiping at the sensitive spots, causing Kyuhyun to moan. Kyuhyun's fingers tangled in Ryeowook's brown locks after flicking the switch from high to low then shot it back up to high, making Ryeowook's back arch and moan, saliva spilling from the corner of the lips.

The elder gagged on the thick erection, when Kyuhyun bucked his hips for more of the delicious heat, thrusting his cock in and out of the mouth. Ryeowook moaned some more around the cock, skillfully deepthroating the magnae fast and hard. "Ahn...master..." he moans as he rock his hips sensually, rubbing his weeping and angry cock against the sheets to get any kind of friction.

Kyuhyun tugged Ryeowook's head back, to release his cock from the petite mouth. The elder's eyes hazed with lust, silver string of saliva hanging out from his lips. "Good about I reward you for such a wonderful job." Kyuhyun allowed him to sit in his lap.

"Tell me, do you just want to be fucked senseless?" Kyuhyun asked, with a hint of concern in his voice.

"Yes master...I don't want any prep at all. I just want your big cock in my slutty hole right now. All rough and fast, makes me feel so much hotter and hornier.”

Kyuhyun felt his cock jump at the statement. He poured a generous amount of lube on his hand, smearing it all over his cock. Ryeowook whimpered at the lost of the toy when he felt the artificial replacement moved out of his rectum.

"Ride me, baby." Kyuhyun said huskily, catching the shell of his sex slave's ear, worrying the stud earring with his teeth.

Ryeowook whimpers at the command, getting into his lap, slowly sitting on the impressive erection, groaning at the pleasurable pain. "Ahh...master is so big...feels so good...your cock is stretching my hole...ooh..." Kyuhyun's arousal throb in him, making him squeal with


"Mhn...hyung...I love your's so tight and warm..." Kyuhyun breaths.

Ryeowook moans loudly as he moved off his lap a little before moving down, hips painfully clashing against Kyuhyun's hips. He just kept moving up and down, riding his lover hard and fast.

The magnae bucked his hips, thrusting deeper into Ryeowook, making his eyes roll back. "Ahn! Master! F-Fuck me..." Ryeowook pleads, getting off the arousal and getting on fours. Kyuhyun got behind him, thrusting into his lover hard and fast, making his jaw hung open,

precum staining the sheets.

He pulled out slightly, plunging back in with the same force, repeating the actions again and again. "Oh fuck! Master Kyuhyun...t-there...ahh!hah!" Ryeowook practically screams when the tip of Kyuhyun's member hit his prostate.

He pushes back against the strong thrusts, the erect member hitting his sweet spot every time. "Master....ahn!hah!T-Touch me...I'm already dripping wet..." he begs, body trembling with pleasure. His back arches as he felt a large hand squeezed his cock, massaging his balls harshly.

"Oh god...m-more!Hah!Harder...faster!" Ryeowook writhes, clutching the sheets with a death grip. He swore under his breath after felt the tight cock ring denied his orgasm again. "Master...p-please let me come...hah!" he moans, as the talented fingers playfully lap up all the precum.

Kyuhyun groans loudly, as he released his load into Ryeowook, pulling the vibrating cock ring away, allowing Ryeowook to spill his semen long and hard as he screams. He pants heavily, collapsing on to the bed as Kyuhyun topple over him.

"That was hot..." Ryeowook said tiredly.

"Yeah..." he breaths as he rolled off his lover's body. "Why did you suddenly get so horny and kinky?"

Ryeowook blushed at the question, shifting closer to Kyuhyun's sweaty body, the opaque substance oozing out of his hole. "Just now when I was reading the fanfic our fan send us. You were all rough and dominant, so I turned on and wanna see how it feels." Ryeowook mumbles shyly.

" how did it feel?" Kyuhyun teased.

"Really good. Like heaven." Ryeowook replies.

"Really? Want me to do it again?" he asks, receiving a few shy nods from his hyung.

"Thanks Kyunnie." He whispered, kissing Kyuhyun on the lips.

"Your welcome. Anything for you."

"I love you."

"I love you too." Kyuhyun replies, wrapping his arms around Ryeowook's waist, nuzzling his head in the crook of his neck.


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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Date (2/2) (Kyumi) [RATED]

Title: Date
Chapters: 2/2
Pairing: Kyumi
Rating: R (Or Maybe M)
A/N: For Jenee (I'm sorry I took so long! DX)

Kyuhyun stood up from his position, extending an arm, offering the elder some help. The Chinese smiled brightly at him as he took his lover’s hand, standing up from his spot. He led them to his bedroom, both of them falling on to the soft bed.


"Mimi~!" Kyuhyun whined, trying to reach high enough to get the notebook from his lover. He reached higher, fingers almost touching the book, brushing them against the ring bindings. Zhou Mi laughed at his lover's attempts, raising his hands higher above Kyuhyun's head. "Mimi! Please I wanna see!" Kyuhyun shouts, unconsciously crawling into Zhou Mi's lap, a hand on the elder's shoulder, the other hand still stretching to reach.

All of a sudden, Zhou Mi found his lover on top of him, Kyuhyun's legs straddling his waist, chest against chest. The notebook which was once in his hand now on the floor, abandoned. Kyuhyun opened his eyes, immediately flushing bright red at their position.

Zhou Mi smiled at his lover's reactions, tilting his head up to kiss Kyuhyun on the lips. Hands cupping Kyuhyun's cheeks, raising his head to deepen the kiss. Kyuhyun body relaxed into the kiss, returning it with the same amount of passion, lips lightly nipping at Zhou Mi's lower lip. Zhou Mi sucking his upper lip.

The elder moved a hand from Kyuhyun's face, down his chest, resting his hand on Kyuhyun's waist, pulling him down for more contact. Zhou Mi mewled softly, feeling Kyuhyun's tongue flicking over his lower lip. The magnae broke the kiss, left breathless, face flushed red.

Zhou Mi giggled, nuzzling at the crook of his neck. "I love you Kui Xian." Zhou Mi whispered, brushing Kyuhyun's fringe away from his eyes, then his hand slipped to the side of his head, touching his ear. Kyuhyun pouted cutely.

"If you love me, you would let me see that book."

"Fine..." Zhou Mi huffed. "But can you get off of me first Kui Xian, before I do something I shouldn't be doing."

Kyuhyun blushed red at the statement, getting off his lover's body, allowing the elder to reach for the book. He scooted closer to his lover's side, leaning his head on top of his shoulder. Zhou Mi handed the book willingly to Kyuhyun, sighing in defeat.

The magnae opened the book, as if on cue he squealed at the pictures, making Zhou Mi blush with embarrassment. "You were so cute as a baby!" Kyuhyun squealed, giggling like a high schooler as he eyed the pictures.

"And now I'm not?" Zhou Mi asked, puffing his cheeks. Kyuhyun turned to his side, finding a blushing and fuming Zhou Mi, he grinned, bringing his hands to Zhou Mi's face.

Zhou Mi yelp in pain when Kyuhyun pinched his cheeks playfully. "Of course you are! It's just that your more handsome now." Kyuhyun voice faded to the end, making Zhou Mi tinge pink. The elder leaned in, pressing a kiss on his lover's kissable lips. Eyes seeped shut, bodies relaxed into the kiss, breaking the kiss before reclaiming them.

"Mmn Mi..." Kyuhyun breathed, hands resting at Zhou Mi's face, shifting his body closer to his boyfriend, hips snuggling into Zhou Mi's like a perfect fit. The elder's right hand found his way to Kyuhyun's waist, pulling the younger closer to him.

Zhou Mi swept his tongue across Kyuhyun's lower lip making him shudder with delight. Kyuhyun's tongue poked against Zhou Mi's lips, begging for entrance, which was granted. The elder parted his lips, making the younger's tongue to slide into his cavern. "Nm..." Zhou Mi mewled, deepening the kiss more, tasting a light hint of chocolate in Kyuhyun's mouth from before.

His right hand sneakily travalled under Kyuhyun's shirt, finger pads brushing against the soft,milky skin, rewarding a low purr from Kyuhyun. His free hand travelled to Kyuhyun's face, stroking his cheeks, fingers tangling into his brown locks, brushing against his ear. The magnae purred at the gentle ministrations, flushing red as blood rushed to his groin, making him go hard under the touches.

Zhou Mi's hiked the shirt up slightly, revealing Kyuhyun's flat tummy, thumb softly caressing it before tracing his fingers at Kyuhyun's ribs. The latter gasped when Zhou Mi's nails accidentally grazed past his nipple, breaking the kiss, body trembling at the contact, his legs immediately clamped shut after feeling his cock give the slightest twitch.

"You liked that?" Zhou Mi asked teasingly, his fingers lazily brushing at his nipple, causing Kyuhyun to moan, nodding his head shyly. Zhou Mi did it again for a few times, making Kyuhyun's cock twitch every single time. He nudged Kyuhyun's legs apart, allowing him to settle his leg in between Kyuhyun's.

Teasingly, Zhou Mi rocked his body, causing his knee to rub against Kyuhyun's fairly large bulge. "Ahh Z-Zhou...d-don't..." Kyuhyun protested weakly, feeling his erection painfully pressing against his boxers. The Chinese gave the magnae a wolfish grin when he felt Kyuhyun's cock twitch. He pinched Kyuhyun's nipple, making it erect.

His left hand lightly rubbed his thighs, moving to his hip. "Wait..." Kyuhyun breathed, sitting up from his position, groaning when his bulge rubbed against Zhou Mi's knee. The elder slipped his hand out of Kyuhyun's shirt, helping his lover to peel the shirt away, dumping the shirt at a random pile.

Kyuhyun fell back on to the bed, letting Zhou Mi nip him by the neck, tongue swirling over the patch of skin. "Mn Zhou..." Kyuhyun mewled, arms ringing Zhou Mi's waist, fingers played with the hem of his shirt. He moaned huskily while Zhou Mi grind their hips together, lips skillfully sucking on the skin, leaving a small hickey.

His knees buckled as Zhou Mi licked his jaw, trailing down to his collar bone, kissing the dents and curves while his hands busied themselves under Zhou Mi's shirt. "Mi! Haa!" Kyuhyun breathed sharply while Zhou Mi lowered his head more to kiss the nipple, tongue curling round the nub. His back arched gracefully off the bed as the elder sucked on the pert nipple, using his fingers to play with the other nipple.

Kyuhyun panted heavily at the ministrations while his lover repeated his actions on the other nipple, then moving down to his belly. Zhou Mi dropped a kiss at his belly button, tongue pressing at it, fingers lazily drawing circles at his thighs. "Ahh...M-Mi don't...ngh...t-tease..."

"May I?" Zhou Mi questions, rewarding furious nods from the younger. Hesitantly he groped the impressive bulge, massaging it gently, fingers pressing at the right spots, making Kyuhyun writhe uncontrollably.

"Ahh!M-Mi...nhn..." Kyuhyun whimpered. Zhou Mi fiddled with the drawstring before pulling the sweat pants down, revealing the throbbing bulge. The younger gasped loudly, body trembling with pleasure as his lover stroked the cloth bulge, drawing precum for the tip, which stained his underwear.

"Ahh!M-Mi...hnn..." he moaned when Zhou Mi's fingers played with his dripping slit, licking his lips unconsciously. With an angonisingly slow pace, Zhou Mi freed the erection from it's confines, making Kyuhyun shiver at the sudden cold air. Kyuhyun's breath hitched when Zhou Mi started stroke his stiff member.

"Hah!Z-Zhou..." Kyuhyun whimpers, cupping Zhou Mi's face to have a long lip lock. "Ahn...Mhn..." he moans into the kiss, heads moving in sync, parting his mouth willingly to allow Zhou Mi's tongue to slide in. The elder swallowed all the small grunts and moans that were escaping Kyuhyun's mouth. He sweeps his tongue across Kyuhyun's lower lip, gently nibbling and sucking on it.

"Mhn...Kui Xian...mnn..." Zhou Mi mewls, his tongue stroking his lover's, his slick muscle massaging Kyuhyun's, his hands continued to stroke the younger's erection slowly. Kyuhyun arched his back slightly, catching Zhou Mi's upper lip, his teeth worrying the swollen lips.

"Ahh...Mimi..." Kyuhyun groans, cradling Zhou Mi's broad shoulders, fingers clutching tight on the fabric. His hips bucked at the contact when Zhou Mi teased the head on his cock, thumb pressing against the dripping slit, drawing circles at the tip.

The younger broke the kiss, latching his soft lips against Zhou Mi's pale neck, sucking lightly at his pulse point. "Hn...Kui Xian..."he grunts softly, shifting his head slightly to give his lover more access to his neck.

"Z-Zhou...hah...ah...p-please don't t-tease..." Kyuhyun half begged,half whimpered, while Zhou Mi continued to rub his tip, his free hand fondling with Kyuhyun's balls. "Hah!Ahh!Hn!" Kyuhyun squirms uncontrollably as Zhou Mi pumped his arousal faster and harder. The magnae moaned loudly into the crook of Zhou Mi's neck, panting heavily for air, mind hazed with lust.

"Zhou Mi..." he mewls into Zhou Mi's ear, turning his lover on even more. "F-Faster...ngh..." The elder easily obligates, stroking the weeping hard-on faster and a little bit harder than before. "Aaa...hah..." Using his free hand, Zhou Mi fondled with his balls, fingers moving up and down the shaft faster, making the slit spill more precum.

Zhou Mi continued to pump his lover's cock hard and fast, bringing Kyuhyun closer to his orgasm. "Z-Zhou...I-I'm g-gonna c-come...nhn..." Kyuhyun stutters as Zhou Mi gives the cock a teasing squeeze, driving Kyuhyun over the edge. Not long, Kyuhyun came long and hard, messily into Zhou Mi's large hands, crying out the Chinese's name.

The elder felt his cock gave the slightest twitch as he watched Kyuhyun's facial expression as he spilled his semen into the large hand. The younger panted heavily, chest rising and falling, as he came down from his high. He felt a warm feeling making way to his cheeks, making his blush as he watched Zhou Mi licked his stained hands.

"You taste sweet." Zhou Mi said as he continued to lick his finger pads clean. Kyuhyun blush at the statement, averting his eyes to some corner of the room, his limp member slowly stiffening again.

Zhou Mi leaned over to the night stand beside his bed, pulling the drawer out to grab the bottle of lube. "You're sure you want to do it now? I don't mind if you want to do it some other time and-mpf." his sentence was cut off by his lover's quick kiss.

"I want to, Mimi." Kyuhyun assured, pecking him on the lips again before spreading his legs apart, revealing the puckered entrance, causing Zhou Mi’s mouth to go dry.

The Chinese poured a generous amount of lube on his fingers before rubbing at the puckered entrance, making Kyuhyun’s breath hitch. Carefully, he slid a lube-coated finger into Kyuhyun virginal hole, ring muscle clenching round the slender finger. “Ngh...hnn...Z-Zhou...”The magnae squirms at the intrusion, nails digging painfully into Zhou Mi’s shoulders.

“’s okay...relax...” Zhou Mi comforted, lightly caressing his cheek, kissing his jaw. In a deadly slow manner, he pulled out his finger about half way before pushing back in. Kyuhyun screwed his eyes shut at the intrusion, trying to relax his body, lips latching on to Zhou Mi’s neck again, teeth digging into the patch of skin, rewarding a low hiss from Zhou Mi.

“Z-Zhou...hah...”Kyuhyun panted heavily into the crook of Zhou Mi’s neck, feeling the finger moving in and out of him slowly. His breath hitches as a second finger entered into him, lightly scissoring the entrance. “Ahh...M-Mi...”he stutters and moans when his lover thrust his fingers into him.

The elder continued to thrust his lubed digits into Kyuhyun, wiggling his fingers a bit to find a certain spot. He entered a third finger into his lover, plunging his finger deeper to find his sweet spot. “G-Ge...ah...”he moans with pleasure as Zhou Mi thrust his fingers a little faster.

The magnae thrashes his head to the side, back arching of the bed gracefully, moaning loudly when his lover pressed against his prostate. “Ahh! Z-Zhou Mi...g-ge...hah!T-There...”he moans, making Zhou Mi grin as he repeated his actions, hitting that spot every time, making Kyuhyun see white.

“Z-Zhou...I-I want y-you n-now...hah...” Kyuhyun whimpers softly into Zhou Mi’s ear, gently nibbling his earlobe, tongue curling round the stud earring, rewarding a low moan from Zhou Mi.

“Are you sure?I don’t want you to regret it later.” Zhou Mi whispers, stroking his face, rubbing his flush and damp cheeks.

“I won’t regret it Zhou Mi ah...I wouldn’t regret anything you do to me, I love you.” Kyuhyun replies in the same tone, tilting his head up, grunting as Zhou Mi pulled out his digits out. He kissed Zhou Mi again, reassuring him for the second time.

The elder shifted in his position, fiddling on the drawstring, pulling down his sweatpants and boxers in one fluid motion, then pulled his tank top over his head. Kyuhyun awed at his lover’s body, hands almost immediately touching the lean muscles.

Hastily, Zhou Mi coated his thick erection with a generous amount of lube, Kyuhyun’s legs wound tightly round his waist. The younger intertwined their fingers together, squeezing the hand almost painfully as Zhou Mi slowly entered him, the ring muscle stretching mercilessly.

Kyuhyun nearly screamed at the intrusion, tears welding up at the corner of his eyes, trying to withstand the pain. “Z-Zhou M-Mi...i-it hurts...” he choked out as a sob, tears running down his cheeks.

“It’ll be better soon, I promise...just relax...” Zhou Mi panted out, stroking Kyuhyun’s wavy locks of hair, dropping a kiss at his temple then licking the salty tears away. “I love you Kui Xian.”he smiled warmly, kissing his lover passionately. He nips Kyuhyun’s lower lip lightly, receiving a low purr from the younger. The kiss ended short but was filled with mounts of passion and pleasure.

The younger’s chest rise and fall with every breath he took, relaxing his body to adapt to the size in him. Once he was used to Zhou Mi’s size,he rolls his hips sensually, getting more contact, urging his lover to move. Zhou Mi slowly pulled out by half an inch before thrusting back in carefully,repeating his actions again, causing Kyuhyun to hiss at the slight pain. “You okay?” the elder asked when he saw Kyuhyun’s flinch at the actions, rewarding small nods from Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun presses his lips against the elder’s shoulders, nibbling at a spot, moving to his neck to kiss the bruise he left on Zhou Mi. The Chinese grind his hips slightly, causing Kyuhyun’s fully erect cock to rub against his flat stomach, moving a bit deeper into Kyuhyun to find his prostate again. “Ngh...Zhou...”

He altered his position before he slip back in, causing Kyuhyun to moan loudly,bucking his hips, when he brush at the sweet spot. He pulled out about halfway before pushing in, a bit harder than before, hitting that right spot each time.

The actions were repeated as Kyuhyun thrashes his head to the side, panting and moaning for more. Zhou Mi’s free hand started to stroke the weeping erection fast and rough, making Kyuhyun gasp at the sudden contact, body trembling with pleasure. “Z-Zhou...I-I’m c-close...”he warns in between pants and moans.

“I too...”Zhou Mi pants heavily, pushing in and out of his lover, loving the addictive heat. He moans softly when he felt the walls tightened slightly. After several more thrusts, Kyuhyun came with a loud moan, his orgasm spilling in between their bodies. Zhou Mi followed several seconds later when the walls clenched around his cock, moaning his lover’s name as he spilled his milk into Kyuhyun.

The taller collapsed on top of Kyuhyun, the cum sticking their bodies like glue, panting for air. “That felt amazing.” Zhou Mi panted out once he rolled off Kyuhyun’s body, grabbing tissue paper to wipe themselves clean.

“Yeah...”Kyuhyun replies, resting his head on Zhou Mi’s shoulder, arms wrapping around Zhou Mi’s slender waist. He tilts his head upwards to give a peck on his lips. “Thanks for going gentle on me.” he whispers, pressing a kiss on his cheek.

“Anything for you Kui Xian.”Zhou Mi giggles, nuzzling at Kyuhyun’s hair. “Kui Xian ah.”


“Wo ai ni.”

“Wo ye ai ni, Mimi gege.” Kyuhyun giggles.


Both men stumbled into the Super Junior dorm, Zhou Mi’s arm around Kyuhyun’s waist, helping him walk. “Does it hurt?” Zhou Mi questions, eyes filled with concern.

“It’s okay, so stop asking.” Kyuhyun replies, shutting his lover up with a kiss.

“So~ how was yesterday??” Sungmin asks immediately.

“We had fun.” Zhou Mi replies with a wide grin.

Heechul rushed forward to the couple, prying Zhou Mi and Kyuhyun apart. “I need to check something!”he shouts as he check Kyuhyun’s neck, then tip toed to check Zhou Mi’s. Leeteuk then came running, panting heavily to catch his breath. “Haa! I won! I told you they would do it!” Heechul exclaims, pointing an accusing a finger at Leeteuk, who sighed in defeat and made the couple blush furiously. “Hand it over!”

Leeteuk groans, pulling out a fifty dollar bill out and slap it into Heechul’s hand, sending a glare at the couple.

“Oh!Oh! Kyunnie! You must give us info now!” Ryeowook demands, pulling the limping Kyuhyun into Yesung and Ryeowook’s shared room, with the help of Sungmin, slamming the door shut behind them.


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