Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fun Of The Couch (RATED)

Title: Fun On The Couch
Pairing: Yewook
Rating: R Or M
A/N: Side Story To My Secret Place

Ryeowook covered his flushed face in embarrassment after hearing the shout from Kyuhyun. Yesung just shrugged it off as he brought his attention back to his lover. He smiles warmly, his hand on top of Ryeowook's, trying to pry the hands away.

"Why are you so shy suddenly?" he asks as he successfully pulled the hands away.

"Kyuhyun just caught us..."Ryeowook mumbled, his face still bright red.

"So?" Yesung asks simply, leaning closer to Ryeowook till their bodies pressed against each other. He tilt his head to the side, lips brushing at Ryeowook's neck as he continues to he reaches the back of his ear, biting before sucking on it, causing him to shiver visibly. "Let him catch us then he'll know what to to do Sungmin." he said as he place butterfly kisses on his jaw line, slowly advancing to his neck.

Ryeowook gasped softly, feeling his lover's lips sucking and licking at his pulse point. Yesung slipped his left hand under the button down shirt, caressing the soft and unblemished skin. "Ahh...S-Sung hnn..." he moans out quietly when his lover's fingers tweaked his nipple while the pair of lips nipped his collar bone.

"You like that right?" Yesung asks, as he continued his ministrations while his right hand unbuttoning the top before pushing it off his shoulders, thus falling to the wooden floor. He laid feather-like kisses on the younger's chest, stopping at the right nipple.

"Ahn...S-Sungie hnn...yes..." Ryeowook replied it a frustrated tone, feeling his lower region all heated and bothered, much need for release. The elder licked his nipple, sucking on it, feeling the nipple harden in his mouth. "Ahh! Yesung ahn...d-don't t-tease..." he moaned, hips bucking for more contact when Yesung grope him through his jeans,while he flickered the nub back and forth.

The left hand pinched the left nipple, rubbing the nub in between his index and middle finger. Ryeowook grabbed the front of Yesung's shirt, the smaller hands trailing to the button of his pants in a teasingly slow pace, brushing at the curve of the growing bulge causing Ryeowook to gasp.

He unzips the jeans before dipping his hand in it then into the boxer shorts. "Haa...agh!" Ryeowook moans louder when warm heat wrapped around his half erected shaft. Stroking him in a deadly slow pace. He circles the tip, teasingly placing his thumb over the slit, softly massaging, causing the slit to stretch a bit, precum dripping. "Ahh...Sung...d-don't tease...I'm already leaking...ahn...."

"Ahh...Haa..." Ryeowook panted, squirming at the teasing touches, shifting slightly for more contact, head buried into Yesung's chest. The elder gently nips the collar bones, his tongue dipping into the dents and curves. He gasps softly as Ryeowook suddenly cups his bulge, massaging it lightly.

The magnae smirks, unfastening the jeans, stroking his lover's erection. "Hnn...Wook ah..." Yesung whimpers. Both of them pumped each other's hard member, moaning and whimpering as they moved in sync.

Yesung rubs his thumb over the thick vein on the underside, making Ryeowook squeal. "Sungie...Ahhn..." the younger moans, rocking his hips to thrust into Yesung's hand. "Hngh..."

Ryeowook's nails dig into Yesung's slit, causing more precum to leak out. He tugs on the arousal gently, flicking his wrist. "Hah! Shit...Wook..." he moans, hips bucking for more.

"F-Faster...harder..." Ryeowook moans, as he strokes his lover faster, feeling his orgasm nearing. Yesung fondled with his balls, stroking the cock faster and harder gently squeezing it once in a while. "Yesung...hah...I'm gonna come soon..."

"Ahh me too..." Yesung replies.

Both of them came with a soft scream, their semens spilling into each other's hands. They panted heavily, coming down from their high. "I want you Sungie..." Ryeowook purrs, as he crawls closer to Yesung, leveling his head with the half erect cock.

Yesung's breath hitched as Ryeowook flicked his tongue over the orgasm coated tip, tasting the saltiness of his semen. "Ugh...Wook...that's good..." he moans. The magnae swipes his tongue up and down the stiffening shaft, curling his tongue experimentally over the head, giving it a light tug, drawing more orgasm from the slit. "Haa...aah..."

"Yesungie tastes really good today..." Ryeowook mutters, placing butterfly kisses on the thick shaft. He purposely moans around the cock, sending shivers up Yesung's spine.

"Wookie...don't tease..." Yesung groans, fingers curling into his lover's hair. The magnae nibbles on Yesung's balls, trailing his tongue on the underside, making Yesung thrash his head. He suddenly engulfs the erection, placing it in between his jaw and cheeks. "Shit...ah fuck..."

The elder fists Ryeowook's hair, tugging it painfully. Ryeowook parts his lips slightly, sweeping a tongue at the side of the cock, kissing the tip. He flicks the tongue over the slit, teeth grazing over the thick flesh, bobbing his head slightly. He gags on the shaft when he gasped loudly, feeling a wet digit press against his hole. When did his pants even get removed? Ryeowook thought in his head.

He muffled a moan when the finger entered him then moved inside him. "Yesung ahhn...." he moaned as he tried to give his lover a blow job.

"Go on..." Yesung grinned, pulling his finger before pushing back in. Ryeowook shakily started to deep throat his lover, hips rocking back and forth, rubbing his erection against the leather couch to get any sort of friction happening. "That's a good boy, take it deeper...just like that...ahn...that's good..." He bobbed his head rhythmically, moaning around the cock when Yesung slid in a second finger, scissoring his entrance.

He parts his mouth again, pushing the cock in between his cheek and jaw, making the gap even tighter. Yesung groans as he tugged Ryeowook's brown locks, plunging his fingers into the younger, adding a third digit while Ryeowook gave him an amazing blow job.

The magnae removed the thick shaft from his mouth, causing Yesung to grunt at the lack of warmth. "I want you now." Ryeowook whispered lustfully, licking his lower lip, tilting his head to bite Yesung's neck. "Want you so bad..." The elder hastily removes his pants and boxers, tossing them into some part of the room.

Almost immediately, Ryeowook wrapped his arms around Yesung's neck, spreading his cheeks slightly as he slowly sits on the throbbing erection. "A-Ahhh...Yesung hyung..." Ryeowook moans into the crook of his neck, getting use to his lover's size.

"You okay?" Yesung asks, voice filled with concern, pressing kisses up his jaw. Ryeowook nods his head, rolling his hips before he starts up and down the cock.

"Ugh...hyung...ngh..." Ryeowook groans, ignoring the slight pleasurable pain as he rides his cock slowly and steadily.

"Don't me me oppa..." Yesung rasps out huskily.

"Ahh...Sungie oppa...hnn..." The younger moans, riding him faster and faster, releasing a loud cry when the tip hit his sweet spot. Yesung bucks his hips, thrusting deeper into Ryeowook.

"Faster...ahh...oppa...hah!" Ryeowook moans, feeling his legs go weak. The elder simply pushes him down on to the couch, bringing Ryeowook's legs up to rest on his shoulders. He plunges back into Ryeowook, fast and forceful, making the latter's cock jump slightly.

"O-Oppa...Harder...faster...ahn!" he moans, grabbing his angry erection, stroking it at the same pace as the strong thrusts, bringing him closer to climax. He felt his balls tightened before he came, coming messily on to Yesung's body.

He gasps as Yesung came inside him, soaking his insides with cum. The latter collasped on top of him after sliding his cock out, both of them breathless. He kissed Ryeowook on the lips, the kiss ended as soon as it started.

"That felt awesome." Yesung whispers sleepily.

"Mm...come on we have to clean up and get to bed before Kyuhyun pours water over our heads again like this morning." Ryeowook mumbles, as he shifts his body weight.

"Can't we stay like this for a while? it's comfortable." Yesung pouts,

cuddling closer to Ryeowook.


"Love you Wookie ah." Yesung smiles, pecking him on the cheek.

"Love you too Sungie oppa." Ryeowook replies, wrapping his arms around his waist.


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