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Excitement (Henmi) [RATED]

Title: Excitement
Pairing: Henmi (Literally Henmi)
Rating: M
Warnings: Cross dressing Zhou Mi, topping Henry, Voyeurism, Humiliation, Public Sex, Dirty Talk
A/N: Joint work with cupcakemini5 , hunni23 and for both of them and blue_starzz33

“Mi ge~” Henry whines as he walks towards Zhou Mi, who was currently reading some Chinese novel.


“I’m bored~entertain me~” Henry whines cutely as he cuddles beside the elder. “Ge~” he whines again, kissing Zhou Mi’s neck, lightly biting on a patch of skin, making the elder jerk slightly. “Ge...” he whispers into his ear, breath tickling his neck, teeth grazing over the pulse point, sweeping his tongue over the flesh. “Let’s do something more exciting today...” he said, licking the shell of his ear.

Zhou Mi groans slightly, catching the pair of soft lips, resulting a passionate lip lock, somehow flipping their position, making the elder tower above Henry. He tilts his head slightly, deepening the kiss, brushing his tongue over the lower lip, begging for entrance from Henry.

“So...what exciting things you want to do today?” Zhou Mi asks breathlessly, thrusting his tongue into Henry’s hot cavern. Henry climbed into his lap, rolling his hips against Zhou Mi’s, rubbing his erection against the elder’s growing one. “Ngh...H-Henli...” Zhou Mi mewls into the kiss.

After a good two minutes of making out, Henry broke the kiss, panting heavily for air, licking up his neck, kissing his jaw. “Fuck you in a skirt in the cinema, hearing you moan my name again and again.” Henry whispers huskily, punctuating at ‘again and again’, grinding his hips, his ass rubbing over Zhou Mi’s large erection.

“Hnn...H-Henli...” Zhou Mi protests, helplessly trying to shove Henry off his lap. “S-Stop...”

Henry looked at him with sad eyes, jutting his lips out slightly, forming a small pout as he got off Zhou Mi’s lap. “Can’t I top for once gege?”

“Of course you can! I just d-don’t want to have sex in a movie theater or in a skirt...” Zhou Mi says softly.

The magnae sighed dejectedly, picking up his violin which was placed on the long wooden table before heading into their shared room. Zhou Mi watched his lover walked into their shared room before hearing a sad piece being played on the violin scrunching his eyes to not give in. “I’m not going to give in. I’m not going to give in. I’m not going to give in.” Zhou Mi chanted, nibbling on his lower lip, feeling bad for his lover.

He stood up from his position, slowly walking to their shared room, groaning slightly as he felt his thighs rub against his aching erection. He knocked on Henry’s door, calling out Henry’s name. “Henli ah...umm...uhh...I’llcrossdressforyouandletyoufuckmeinthemovietheater...” Zhou Mi mumbles, flushing red with embarrassment.

“What?” Henry asked as he opened the door.

“Umm...I-I’ll c-crossdress for you and l-let you fuck me in the movie theater...” Zhou Mi stutters shyly, fiddling with the hem of his shirt, his eyes averting to the ground. Henry instantly beams, throwing his body weight at Zhou Mi.

“Thank you ge! I love you!” Henry smiles, kissing his lover passionately.


Henry tapped his shoes impatiently, arms folded as he waited for Zhou Mi. His lover has been out practically half the day doing God knows what and now he was in their shared room for almost an hour and a half after kicking Henry out of the room. He stood up from his seat, immediately heading towards their shared room before knocking on the wooden door.

“Are you done? You’ve been in there for ages.” Henry says.

“Yea...I’m done...” Zhou Mi whispers shyly, opening the door to reveal himself. He was wearing a blue denim,flared mini skirt, about two to three inches below his private and a long black tube top, the hem covering the top of the skirt, making it look even shorter. His black jet hair styled neatly, light make up covering up any blemishes or scars on his face and on his feet were black stilettos, making him at least 3-inches taller.

The magnae marveled his lover’s feminine look, loving the way the top compliments his shapely body or how the skirt makes his ass look more tempting than ever and how those heels make his lower half look sexier. It was such a turn on and such a cocktease.

“Um...Henli?” Zhou Mi spoke softly, breaking Henry’s trance. “Do I look okay?” he questioned.

“Hell look so hot and tempting...” Henry whispered huskily into his ear, licking the shell of it, causing Zhou Mi to shiver.


Zhou Mi hated the whole time he walked to the cinema, every perverted man on the streets had their eyes on him, trying to catch a glimpse of his underwear or trying to get him into bed. At last they arrived at the cinema, they walked up to the ticket counter to buy the movie tickets, after deciding they should watch ‘Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince.’

Henry waited patiently for the tickets, watching from his side view, an old geezer sending a flirtatious wink to Zhou Mi, making the elder feel uncomfortable. He smirked devilishly, wrapping an arm around his slender waist, fingers running down his side, feeling Zhou Mi relax under his touches. He slid his hand down slightly to his hip before giving a squeeze at one of his lover’s ass cheeks, making him release a high pitch squeak.

“Henli ah...” Zhou Mi protested, flushing a bright red.

“Just telling them that you are mine.” Henry whispered, squeezing the round globe again, massaging it softly.

“H-Henli...s-stop...we’ll do it inside...” Zhou Mi whimpers, feeling his knees buckled, his whole body trembling slightly.


Henry placed his hand on Zhou Mi's milky thigh, lazily drawing imaginary circles before trailing his hand upwards, making his lover shiver under the touches. He ran his knuckles at his inner thighs, caressing the smooth skin, slowly hiking the skirt up, groping Zhou Mi's growing arousal, rewarding a quiet gasp.

"Henli...mfhm!" Zhou Mi muffled a moan through his hand as Henry massaged his through his underwear, his free hand pulling the top of his tube top downwards to reveal his nipples. "Ngh! Mhn!" Zhou Mi muffled, feeling Henry's fingers pinching his nipple, tweaking it, rolling it as the other hand cupped his balls, lightly fondling with them.

"You like this don't you? Knowing that you can be caught anytime excites you doesn't it?" Henry whispered into his ear, pressing his fingers at the right places, causing Zhou Mi to release a muffled squeal, nodding his head furiously. Henry lowered his head, pressing his lips against a pert nipple, flicking his tongue over it, teeth scraping it as he tugged it with his teeth, making Zhou Mi thrash his head to the side.

The elder used his idle hand, tugging the ends of Henry's short hair, tilting the younger's head to claim his lips. He breathed deeply, parting his lips to allow the slick muscle to slip in, licking his lower lip. His eyes fluttered shut, face flushed red, legs squirming uncontrolably, choking a few silent moans.

Henry turned his body slightly, making Zhou Mi's back press against the arm rest, facing him, knuckles nudging the elder's legs apart, revealing the lacy underwear. Zhou Mi breathlessly slide his tongue against Henry's, teeth clashing almost painfully. He felt his mind going hazy due the lack of air and pleasure, his hips burying themselves into Henry's, bucking into the talented hands.

He broke the kiss, panting for air, feeling his erection all heavy with cum. He bite on his finger, resisting a loud squeal as he felt Henry's head go underneath his skirt, his nose bumping against his thighs and his balls. The mochi darted his tongue out, pressing up against his shaft, tasting bit of his precum, licking his lips seductively before pushing his lips against the bulge.

Zhou Mi gasped loudly, biting his lower lip, trying to resist a moan, feeling the tongue flick once in a while before pulling them down and dropping them on the ground then kissing up his thighs. "H-Henli...don't tease..." Zhou Mi pleaded quietly, tugging the ends of his hair. His eyes rolled back, head thrashing slightly as Henry licked his overly sensitive tip, teeth grazing at the flesh, tongue dipping into the leaking slit.

"Nhn...mhn!" Zhou Mi muffled into his hand, the warm mouth sudden engulf his whole length, gagging on it slightly before bobbing his head up and down, his hands fondling with his balls, feeling his hard member twitch as he saw the twitching entrance. He absolutely can't wait till he's in him, fucking him in a skirt.

"Ahh...m-mhn!" Zhou Mi moaned, Henry licking the underside before reengulfing the thick shaft, bobbing his head up and down faster than before, moaning around the erection, sending vibrations up Zhou Mi's spine. "Henli...haa!" he choked out when Henry stroked the base, blowing the top.

The magnae detached his lips from the trembling erection, recieving a soft whine. "I want you to touch yourself and look at me while you do it. Imagine that I'm the one touching you. Turn me on even more." Henry punctuated huskily, rocking his hips into the obvious tent. The elder whimpered at the dirty comment, peeling the stained lacy panties with shaky hands, freeing his erection and letting the undergarment hang at his left knee.

He stroked his aching cock slowly, increasing the pace with every stroke, biting his hand, giving occasional squeezes, bringing him nearer to release. He rubbed the head teasingly, fingers collecting all the precum, placing them on Henry's pouty lips. Mochi licked the wet substance for a taste, sweeping his tongue over the pads, nibbling at some spots, coating the fingers with his saliva.

Zhou Mi panted heavily, stroking his erection with a hasty pace with his wet digits, fondling with his balls, imagining it was Henry. He pressed his head against the rough seats, jerking his cock as he rocked his hips against the seats to get for friction. "Henli...Henli...Henli..." Zhou Mi chanted as he grind against the seat. He felt a familiar heat settling at his stomach, sitting back up as he felt his balls tightened, cum spurting on the seats, skirt, tube top and at his neck as he sighed in contentment.

"Such a slut." Henry smirked, collecting the orgasm at his fingertips, placing his digits in front of Zhou Mi's face. "Lick." he commanded, making Zhou Mi flush redder, averting his eyes, biting his lower lip. "I said lick." Zhou Mi whimpered, he didn't want to be submissive. He screwed his eyes shut, flicking his tongue over, tasting his own seeds, licking the digits till they were all clean. "Good boy. Now I will give you your reward."

He unbutton his slacks, unzipping them, revealing the impressive bulge, causing Zhou Mi to moan. The elder sweeps his tongue at the sensitive tip, teeth grazing pass his slit, slick muscle curling around the tip. "Mnh..." Zhou Mi groans, feeling his cock stiffened, thrusting his hips into the seats again.

"Take it real good." Henry grunts as he tugged the ends of Zhou Mi's jet black hair, forcing him to take it into his mouth. Zhou Mi's breath hitched, parting his lips a little wider, engulf the dripping erection. He slowly bobbed his head, licking at the underside.

"Hn...mmn..." Zhou Mi moaned as he gagged on it, loving the way the arousal filled his mouth. He sent vibrations up Henry's spine, bobbing his head rhythmically, slowly speeding up. The magnae fished out the bottle of lube from his back pocket, coating his fingers with the thick liquid before placing his fingers at the rim entrance, worrying it a little before sliding the digit in.

"Haa!" Zhou Mi choked, parting his lips, squirming at the intrusion.

"It's okay. It'll get better soon." Henry comforted, stroking his jet black hair. He groaned sexily as he felt the delicious heat around his cock. He wiggled his finger inside him before thrusting it in and out. Soon he slid a second finger in, scissoring the whole slightly, thrusting in and out to find that one spot.

Zhou Mi's vision blurred, mind drunk with pleasure, loving the way Henry's arousal filled his mouth and fingers in him. He gasped loudly, when he felt a third digit in him, the finger tips bumping against his sweet spot. Shocks shot up his spine, causing his knees to go weak, trembling uncontrollably.

Mochi rubbed on his prostate again, watching Zhou Mi's expression just simply made his cock twitch. "Want you..." Zhou Mi pleaded, wriggling upwards, kissing and nipping his Adam's apple.

"Ride me..." Henry whispered as he rubbed his prostate one last time before slipping his fingers out. Zhou Mi groaned at the lack of fingers, crawling into his lap, lifting the slutty skirt up, positioning himself over the saliva coated cock.

"Ahh...-hnn..." Zhou Mi moaned as he bit on his tube top, feeling Henry's erection stretch his ring muscle. He whimpered and trembled visibly at the size, tears weld up at the corners of his eyes.

Henry kissed his cheeks to soothe the pain, loving the way the delicious heat engulfed his erection. "'ll be better." he cooed, kissing at his neck. Zhou Mi whined softly, biting Henry's shoulders, panting heavily as he got use to the size.

Soon, Zhou Mi rolled his hips, groaning quietly, slowly lifting his ass off Henry's cock by an inch before pushing back down. He hissed, eyes screwed shut as he felt the cock slide out then slide back in. The magnae breathed heavily, watching his lover fuck himself, loving the heat.

Once Zhou Mi got use to the thick erection he rode faster, breath hitching when the blunt tip bump into a sweet bundle making him see white, body shivering with delight. "Ahh Henli...There..." he said raspy, gasping when Henry thrust his hips at the sweet spot.

The elder rode him faster and harder, trashing his head when Henry thrust his repeatedly, hitting the right spot. "H-Henli...ahhn...I c-can't...hnn!" Zhou Mi chants. Mochi pushed Zhou Mi down on to the seat, plunging in and out of him rapidly, making Zhou Mi writhe uncontrollably.

"F-Faster...h-harder..." Zhou Mi moans, pushing back against the strong thrust. He brought his hand to his weeping cock only to be swatted away by his lover.

"I wanna make you come raw. I want you to scream my name so that everyone can hear. You love dirty talks don't you, I bet you can just come from me whispering all this flith in your ears."

"Yes...I love it...fuck me harder..." Zhou Mi cries in pleasure, the irritating heat pooling at his stomach. "Make me come all over again..." Henry's ears twitch at the statement, thrusting deeper and faster. "Oh that...more..." he moans, sensitive cock twitching animatedly.

Without a warning, Zhou Mi came long and hard, crying Henry's name, setting off a chain reaction. The magnae groans softly, spilling his seeds into Zhou Mi, sliding out before collapsing onto his lover, panting heavily.

"That was the best sex ever..." Zhou Mi said breathlessly, making Henry chuckled.

"Told you it would be fun." Henry said, rewarding a few nods. "I love you..." He whispered, pecking him on the lips.

"Love you too baby." Zhou Mi smiled tiredly.


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Friday, September 4, 2009

Title: Soulmates
Pairing: KibumXHenry
Rating: PG13?
Prompt: Soulmates
A/N: For everkitsune for the fic exchange at sjrarepairings. Hope you like it!!!

“I’m gonna miss you lots.” Henry whispers, clutching on to Kibum’s jacket, burying his head into his lover’s chest.

“I’m gonna miss you too.” Kibum replies in the same tone, running his hand up and down Henry’s back, nuzzling his nose into the soft, brown locks. “You’re gonna call me everyday right?” he questioned, arms around Henry’s waist, pulling the shorter closer.

Henry nods quietly, tilting his head a little to press a kiss on Kibum’s lips. The elder sighs in content, deepening the kiss slowly, bringing one of his hands to the back of Henry’s neck. The younger sucks on his lower lip gently, whereas Kibum sucks on the upper lip, a light force pulled him closer to his lover. He parts his lips slightly, allowing the tongue into his cavern, exploring it thoroughly.

The hamster breathed silently, smiling into the kiss, darting his tongue out to brush against Kibum’s, making him shiver. After a good 2 minutes of making out, they disengaged their mouths. With their fingers laced, they walked towards the seats, sitting on the hard and uncomfortable cushions.

The younger cuddled closer, smelling the light,soothing cologne that Kibum wore. Kibum ran his thumb over Henry’s chubby cheeks then down to his neck, brushing against the cool metal surface of the chain then the engraved pendant that he gave Henry as a gift when they got together. “I love you.” Kibum says huskily, making Henry blush.

“I love you too.” Henry replies, pecking him on the cheek. “You won’t go around flirting with girls when I’m in Canada for two weeks right?” Henry pouts, rewarding a low chuckle from the elder.

“Of course not. They aren’t as cute or as lovable as you.” Kibum murmurs, kissing his hair, causing Henry to tinge pink.

“Flight 19820 heading for Toronto, Canada is now boarding.”

“Ah shit...” Henry swore under his breath. “Time for me to go.” he sighs as he got up from his position. Kibum tugged him by the wrist, pulling back down for a searing and passionate kiss.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” Henry replies. “Call me every night.”

“Of course. Now get your pretty little butt on that plane before I loose it and take you home and ravish you in bed.” Kibum jokes, making Henry giggle.

“Bye, I will see you in two weeks and try to calm your hormones down when I’m there.” Henry smiles, kissing his forehead.

“Will try. Bye.”


Kibum lightly taps the end of his pen against the wooden table, not really paying attention to a thing the lecturer was saying. He sighs dejectedly as he doodled on the sheet of paper, only writing his lover’s name or drawing a picture of a hamster with chubby cheeks.

After school, he immediately headed back home, switching on his laptop. He typed in the url of the website, clicking a few times so that he could book the first flight to Canada which was about to leave in 6 hours.

Hurriedly, he packed his luggage with a week and a half worth of clothes, snatching the small box off the bedside table, grabbing a coat from the chair.


He fumbled with the buttons of his phone, pressing on the keypad.

Are you at home now?

Henry heard the familiar ring tone, hastily looking at his phone.

Yeah. Why did you ask?

Once the message was sent, Henry heard the door bell, eyes went wide. He ran down the stairs, banging his knee on the railing. “Shit...” His mother opened the door, smiling brightly at the guest.

“Hello Mrs. Lau. I’m sorry to bother you.”

“No it’s not a problem at all. Wow, you’ve grown taller from the last time I saw you.” Henry’s mother cooed.

“Thank you Mrs. Lau, you’ve gotten much prettier as well.”

Mrs. Lau blushed at the comment, hitting Kibum playfully at the shoulder. “Henry dear, you have a special guest.” she called out, both of them hearing the loud bang.

“Ow shit...” Henry groaned in pain, rubbing his knee. “Kibum...what are you doing here?” Henry asked.

“Well, I should leave both of you alone now. And Kibum sweetheart, stay over for your stay, and it’s not a bother at all.” Mrs. Lau said.

“Thank you Mrs. Lau.” Kibum gave a megawatt smile before Mrs. Lau left.

“Let me take your bag for you.” Henry said, as he got hold of the handle.


“So would you like to enlighten me?” Henry asked as he placed the luggage down.

“I missed you.” Kibum whispered, wrapping his arms around Henry’s waist. “Missed you a lot.” he said, kissing Henry’s neck.

“I missed you too.” Henry replied, turning in Kibum’s arms, tilting his head upwards, kissing him lightly on the lips.

Kibum pried Henry’s lips apart, sliding his tongue into Henry’s mouth, exploring the warm cavern, licking every bit of his mouth. “Mnn...Kibum...” Henry mewls, sucking his lower lip, nibbling it lightly. They stumbled on to the bed, Kibum’s fingers running along the hem of his shirt, slipping underneath the top. The younger tilted his head, deepening the kiss, knees buckled slightly, hands placed at the back of his neck.


The elder collapsed on top on Henry, both of them panting heavily, trying to calm down from their high. “Been way too long.” Kibum sighed.

Henry giggled at the comment. “But I’ve only been here for like 3 days.” he smiled, kissing him on the temple.

“Still.” Kibum said as he rolled to Henry’s side. “I can’t your adorable face and that cute little butt of yours.”

“You only love me for that?” Henry pouted.

“Of course not. That lovable smile and personality.” Kibum says, nuzzling his nose against Henry’s. “I love you.”

“I love you too Bummie.” he whispered, kissing him on the lips.

“Oh! I wanna give you something.” Kibum said, leaning to the floor, pulling his jeans closer, searching in the pockets, fishing out a velvet box.

“What’s this?”

“Something I wanted to give you for our anniversary, but I suppose now it’s a good time.” Kibum said, opening the box, revealing 2 simple silver bands, one saying ‘soul’, the other said ‘mate’.

Henry gasped at the rings, Kibum pulling his hand to slide the ring in, kissing his hand. He tears up slightly. “Thank you Kibummie. It’s lovely.”

“You’re welcome. Look inside the ring.”

Henry took it off, checking the insides of the ring. ‘Henry, I love you. -Kibum’ was engraved on it. “I love you too.” the younger’s replied, pressing his lips against Kibum’s, ringing his arms around Kibum’s waist.

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