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Date (2/2) (Kyumi) [RATED]

Title: Date
Chapters: 2/2
Pairing: Kyumi
Rating: R (Or Maybe M)
A/N: For Jenee (I'm sorry I took so long! DX)

Kyuhyun stood up from his position, extending an arm, offering the elder some help. The Chinese smiled brightly at him as he took his lover’s hand, standing up from his spot. He led them to his bedroom, both of them falling on to the soft bed.


"Mimi~!" Kyuhyun whined, trying to reach high enough to get the notebook from his lover. He reached higher, fingers almost touching the book, brushing them against the ring bindings. Zhou Mi laughed at his lover's attempts, raising his hands higher above Kyuhyun's head. "Mimi! Please I wanna see!" Kyuhyun shouts, unconsciously crawling into Zhou Mi's lap, a hand on the elder's shoulder, the other hand still stretching to reach.

All of a sudden, Zhou Mi found his lover on top of him, Kyuhyun's legs straddling his waist, chest against chest. The notebook which was once in his hand now on the floor, abandoned. Kyuhyun opened his eyes, immediately flushing bright red at their position.

Zhou Mi smiled at his lover's reactions, tilting his head up to kiss Kyuhyun on the lips. Hands cupping Kyuhyun's cheeks, raising his head to deepen the kiss. Kyuhyun body relaxed into the kiss, returning it with the same amount of passion, lips lightly nipping at Zhou Mi's lower lip. Zhou Mi sucking his upper lip.

The elder moved a hand from Kyuhyun's face, down his chest, resting his hand on Kyuhyun's waist, pulling him down for more contact. Zhou Mi mewled softly, feeling Kyuhyun's tongue flicking over his lower lip. The magnae broke the kiss, left breathless, face flushed red.

Zhou Mi giggled, nuzzling at the crook of his neck. "I love you Kui Xian." Zhou Mi whispered, brushing Kyuhyun's fringe away from his eyes, then his hand slipped to the side of his head, touching his ear. Kyuhyun pouted cutely.

"If you love me, you would let me see that book."

"Fine..." Zhou Mi huffed. "But can you get off of me first Kui Xian, before I do something I shouldn't be doing."

Kyuhyun blushed red at the statement, getting off his lover's body, allowing the elder to reach for the book. He scooted closer to his lover's side, leaning his head on top of his shoulder. Zhou Mi handed the book willingly to Kyuhyun, sighing in defeat.

The magnae opened the book, as if on cue he squealed at the pictures, making Zhou Mi blush with embarrassment. "You were so cute as a baby!" Kyuhyun squealed, giggling like a high schooler as he eyed the pictures.

"And now I'm not?" Zhou Mi asked, puffing his cheeks. Kyuhyun turned to his side, finding a blushing and fuming Zhou Mi, he grinned, bringing his hands to Zhou Mi's face.

Zhou Mi yelp in pain when Kyuhyun pinched his cheeks playfully. "Of course you are! It's just that your more handsome now." Kyuhyun voice faded to the end, making Zhou Mi tinge pink. The elder leaned in, pressing a kiss on his lover's kissable lips. Eyes seeped shut, bodies relaxed into the kiss, breaking the kiss before reclaiming them.

"Mmn Mi..." Kyuhyun breathed, hands resting at Zhou Mi's face, shifting his body closer to his boyfriend, hips snuggling into Zhou Mi's like a perfect fit. The elder's right hand found his way to Kyuhyun's waist, pulling the younger closer to him.

Zhou Mi swept his tongue across Kyuhyun's lower lip making him shudder with delight. Kyuhyun's tongue poked against Zhou Mi's lips, begging for entrance, which was granted. The elder parted his lips, making the younger's tongue to slide into his cavern. "Nm..." Zhou Mi mewled, deepening the kiss more, tasting a light hint of chocolate in Kyuhyun's mouth from before.

His right hand sneakily travalled under Kyuhyun's shirt, finger pads brushing against the soft,milky skin, rewarding a low purr from Kyuhyun. His free hand travelled to Kyuhyun's face, stroking his cheeks, fingers tangling into his brown locks, brushing against his ear. The magnae purred at the gentle ministrations, flushing red as blood rushed to his groin, making him go hard under the touches.

Zhou Mi's hiked the shirt up slightly, revealing Kyuhyun's flat tummy, thumb softly caressing it before tracing his fingers at Kyuhyun's ribs. The latter gasped when Zhou Mi's nails accidentally grazed past his nipple, breaking the kiss, body trembling at the contact, his legs immediately clamped shut after feeling his cock give the slightest twitch.

"You liked that?" Zhou Mi asked teasingly, his fingers lazily brushing at his nipple, causing Kyuhyun to moan, nodding his head shyly. Zhou Mi did it again for a few times, making Kyuhyun's cock twitch every single time. He nudged Kyuhyun's legs apart, allowing him to settle his leg in between Kyuhyun's.

Teasingly, Zhou Mi rocked his body, causing his knee to rub against Kyuhyun's fairly large bulge. "Ahh Z-Zhou...d-don't..." Kyuhyun protested weakly, feeling his erection painfully pressing against his boxers. The Chinese gave the magnae a wolfish grin when he felt Kyuhyun's cock twitch. He pinched Kyuhyun's nipple, making it erect.

His left hand lightly rubbed his thighs, moving to his hip. "Wait..." Kyuhyun breathed, sitting up from his position, groaning when his bulge rubbed against Zhou Mi's knee. The elder slipped his hand out of Kyuhyun's shirt, helping his lover to peel the shirt away, dumping the shirt at a random pile.

Kyuhyun fell back on to the bed, letting Zhou Mi nip him by the neck, tongue swirling over the patch of skin. "Mn Zhou..." Kyuhyun mewled, arms ringing Zhou Mi's waist, fingers played with the hem of his shirt. He moaned huskily while Zhou Mi grind their hips together, lips skillfully sucking on the skin, leaving a small hickey.

His knees buckled as Zhou Mi licked his jaw, trailing down to his collar bone, kissing the dents and curves while his hands busied themselves under Zhou Mi's shirt. "Mi! Haa!" Kyuhyun breathed sharply while Zhou Mi lowered his head more to kiss the nipple, tongue curling round the nub. His back arched gracefully off the bed as the elder sucked on the pert nipple, using his fingers to play with the other nipple.

Kyuhyun panted heavily at the ministrations while his lover repeated his actions on the other nipple, then moving down to his belly. Zhou Mi dropped a kiss at his belly button, tongue pressing at it, fingers lazily drawing circles at his thighs. "Ahh...M-Mi don't...ngh...t-tease..."

"May I?" Zhou Mi questions, rewarding furious nods from the younger. Hesitantly he groped the impressive bulge, massaging it gently, fingers pressing at the right spots, making Kyuhyun writhe uncontrollably.

"Ahh!M-Mi...nhn..." Kyuhyun whimpered. Zhou Mi fiddled with the drawstring before pulling the sweat pants down, revealing the throbbing bulge. The younger gasped loudly, body trembling with pleasure as his lover stroked the cloth bulge, drawing precum for the tip, which stained his underwear.

"Ahh!M-Mi...hnn..." he moaned when Zhou Mi's fingers played with his dripping slit, licking his lips unconsciously. With an angonisingly slow pace, Zhou Mi freed the erection from it's confines, making Kyuhyun shiver at the sudden cold air. Kyuhyun's breath hitched when Zhou Mi started stroke his stiff member.

"Hah!Z-Zhou..." Kyuhyun whimpers, cupping Zhou Mi's face to have a long lip lock. "Ahn...Mhn..." he moans into the kiss, heads moving in sync, parting his mouth willingly to allow Zhou Mi's tongue to slide in. The elder swallowed all the small grunts and moans that were escaping Kyuhyun's mouth. He sweeps his tongue across Kyuhyun's lower lip, gently nibbling and sucking on it.

"Mhn...Kui Xian...mnn..." Zhou Mi mewls, his tongue stroking his lover's, his slick muscle massaging Kyuhyun's, his hands continued to stroke the younger's erection slowly. Kyuhyun arched his back slightly, catching Zhou Mi's upper lip, his teeth worrying the swollen lips.

"Ahh...Mimi..." Kyuhyun groans, cradling Zhou Mi's broad shoulders, fingers clutching tight on the fabric. His hips bucked at the contact when Zhou Mi teased the head on his cock, thumb pressing against the dripping slit, drawing circles at the tip.

The younger broke the kiss, latching his soft lips against Zhou Mi's pale neck, sucking lightly at his pulse point. "Hn...Kui Xian..."he grunts softly, shifting his head slightly to give his lover more access to his neck.

"Z-Zhou...hah...ah...p-please don't t-tease..." Kyuhyun half begged,half whimpered, while Zhou Mi continued to rub his tip, his free hand fondling with Kyuhyun's balls. "Hah!Ahh!Hn!" Kyuhyun squirms uncontrollably as Zhou Mi pumped his arousal faster and harder. The magnae moaned loudly into the crook of Zhou Mi's neck, panting heavily for air, mind hazed with lust.

"Zhou Mi..." he mewls into Zhou Mi's ear, turning his lover on even more. "F-Faster...ngh..." The elder easily obligates, stroking the weeping hard-on faster and a little bit harder than before. "Aaa...hah..." Using his free hand, Zhou Mi fondled with his balls, fingers moving up and down the shaft faster, making the slit spill more precum.

Zhou Mi continued to pump his lover's cock hard and fast, bringing Kyuhyun closer to his orgasm. "Z-Zhou...I-I'm g-gonna c-come...nhn..." Kyuhyun stutters as Zhou Mi gives the cock a teasing squeeze, driving Kyuhyun over the edge. Not long, Kyuhyun came long and hard, messily into Zhou Mi's large hands, crying out the Chinese's name.

The elder felt his cock gave the slightest twitch as he watched Kyuhyun's facial expression as he spilled his semen into the large hand. The younger panted heavily, chest rising and falling, as he came down from his high. He felt a warm feeling making way to his cheeks, making his blush as he watched Zhou Mi licked his stained hands.

"You taste sweet." Zhou Mi said as he continued to lick his finger pads clean. Kyuhyun blush at the statement, averting his eyes to some corner of the room, his limp member slowly stiffening again.

Zhou Mi leaned over to the night stand beside his bed, pulling the drawer out to grab the bottle of lube. "You're sure you want to do it now? I don't mind if you want to do it some other time and-mpf." his sentence was cut off by his lover's quick kiss.

"I want to, Mimi." Kyuhyun assured, pecking him on the lips again before spreading his legs apart, revealing the puckered entrance, causing Zhou Mi’s mouth to go dry.

The Chinese poured a generous amount of lube on his fingers before rubbing at the puckered entrance, making Kyuhyun’s breath hitch. Carefully, he slid a lube-coated finger into Kyuhyun virginal hole, ring muscle clenching round the slender finger. “Ngh...hnn...Z-Zhou...”The magnae squirms at the intrusion, nails digging painfully into Zhou Mi’s shoulders.

“’s okay...relax...” Zhou Mi comforted, lightly caressing his cheek, kissing his jaw. In a deadly slow manner, he pulled out his finger about half way before pushing back in. Kyuhyun screwed his eyes shut at the intrusion, trying to relax his body, lips latching on to Zhou Mi’s neck again, teeth digging into the patch of skin, rewarding a low hiss from Zhou Mi.

“Z-Zhou...hah...”Kyuhyun panted heavily into the crook of Zhou Mi’s neck, feeling the finger moving in and out of him slowly. His breath hitches as a second finger entered into him, lightly scissoring the entrance. “Ahh...M-Mi...”he stutters and moans when his lover thrust his fingers into him.

The elder continued to thrust his lubed digits into Kyuhyun, wiggling his fingers a bit to find a certain spot. He entered a third finger into his lover, plunging his finger deeper to find his sweet spot. “G-Ge...ah...”he moans with pleasure as Zhou Mi thrust his fingers a little faster.

The magnae thrashes his head to the side, back arching of the bed gracefully, moaning loudly when his lover pressed against his prostate. “Ahh! Z-Zhou Mi...g-ge...hah!T-There...”he moans, making Zhou Mi grin as he repeated his actions, hitting that spot every time, making Kyuhyun see white.

“Z-Zhou...I-I want y-you n-now...hah...” Kyuhyun whimpers softly into Zhou Mi’s ear, gently nibbling his earlobe, tongue curling round the stud earring, rewarding a low moan from Zhou Mi.

“Are you sure?I don’t want you to regret it later.” Zhou Mi whispers, stroking his face, rubbing his flush and damp cheeks.

“I won’t regret it Zhou Mi ah...I wouldn’t regret anything you do to me, I love you.” Kyuhyun replies in the same tone, tilting his head up, grunting as Zhou Mi pulled out his digits out. He kissed Zhou Mi again, reassuring him for the second time.

The elder shifted in his position, fiddling on the drawstring, pulling down his sweatpants and boxers in one fluid motion, then pulled his tank top over his head. Kyuhyun awed at his lover’s body, hands almost immediately touching the lean muscles.

Hastily, Zhou Mi coated his thick erection with a generous amount of lube, Kyuhyun’s legs wound tightly round his waist. The younger intertwined their fingers together, squeezing the hand almost painfully as Zhou Mi slowly entered him, the ring muscle stretching mercilessly.

Kyuhyun nearly screamed at the intrusion, tears welding up at the corner of his eyes, trying to withstand the pain. “Z-Zhou M-Mi...i-it hurts...” he choked out as a sob, tears running down his cheeks.

“It’ll be better soon, I promise...just relax...” Zhou Mi panted out, stroking Kyuhyun’s wavy locks of hair, dropping a kiss at his temple then licking the salty tears away. “I love you Kui Xian.”he smiled warmly, kissing his lover passionately. He nips Kyuhyun’s lower lip lightly, receiving a low purr from the younger. The kiss ended short but was filled with mounts of passion and pleasure.

The younger’s chest rise and fall with every breath he took, relaxing his body to adapt to the size in him. Once he was used to Zhou Mi’s size,he rolls his hips sensually, getting more contact, urging his lover to move. Zhou Mi slowly pulled out by half an inch before thrusting back in carefully,repeating his actions again, causing Kyuhyun to hiss at the slight pain. “You okay?” the elder asked when he saw Kyuhyun’s flinch at the actions, rewarding small nods from Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun presses his lips against the elder’s shoulders, nibbling at a spot, moving to his neck to kiss the bruise he left on Zhou Mi. The Chinese grind his hips slightly, causing Kyuhyun’s fully erect cock to rub against his flat stomach, moving a bit deeper into Kyuhyun to find his prostate again. “Ngh...Zhou...”

He altered his position before he slip back in, causing Kyuhyun to moan loudly,bucking his hips, when he brush at the sweet spot. He pulled out about halfway before pushing in, a bit harder than before, hitting that right spot each time.

The actions were repeated as Kyuhyun thrashes his head to the side, panting and moaning for more. Zhou Mi’s free hand started to stroke the weeping erection fast and rough, making Kyuhyun gasp at the sudden contact, body trembling with pleasure. “Z-Zhou...I-I’m c-close...”he warns in between pants and moans.

“I too...”Zhou Mi pants heavily, pushing in and out of his lover, loving the addictive heat. He moans softly when he felt the walls tightened slightly. After several more thrusts, Kyuhyun came with a loud moan, his orgasm spilling in between their bodies. Zhou Mi followed several seconds later when the walls clenched around his cock, moaning his lover’s name as he spilled his milk into Kyuhyun.

The taller collapsed on top of Kyuhyun, the cum sticking their bodies like glue, panting for air. “That felt amazing.” Zhou Mi panted out once he rolled off Kyuhyun’s body, grabbing tissue paper to wipe themselves clean.

“Yeah...”Kyuhyun replies, resting his head on Zhou Mi’s shoulder, arms wrapping around Zhou Mi’s slender waist. He tilts his head upwards to give a peck on his lips. “Thanks for going gentle on me.” he whispers, pressing a kiss on his cheek.

“Anything for you Kui Xian.”Zhou Mi giggles, nuzzling at Kyuhyun’s hair. “Kui Xian ah.”


“Wo ai ni.”

“Wo ye ai ni, Mimi gege.” Kyuhyun giggles.


Both men stumbled into the Super Junior dorm, Zhou Mi’s arm around Kyuhyun’s waist, helping him walk. “Does it hurt?” Zhou Mi questions, eyes filled with concern.

“It’s okay, so stop asking.” Kyuhyun replies, shutting his lover up with a kiss.

“So~ how was yesterday??” Sungmin asks immediately.

“We had fun.” Zhou Mi replies with a wide grin.

Heechul rushed forward to the couple, prying Zhou Mi and Kyuhyun apart. “I need to check something!”he shouts as he check Kyuhyun’s neck, then tip toed to check Zhou Mi’s. Leeteuk then came running, panting heavily to catch his breath. “Haa! I won! I told you they would do it!” Heechul exclaims, pointing an accusing a finger at Leeteuk, who sighed in defeat and made the couple blush furiously. “Hand it over!”

Leeteuk groans, pulling out a fifty dollar bill out and slap it into Heechul’s hand, sending a glare at the couple.

“Oh!Oh! Kyunnie! You must give us info now!” Ryeowook demands, pulling the limping Kyuhyun into Yesung and Ryeowook’s shared room, with the help of Sungmin, slamming the door shut behind them.


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Date (1/2) (Kyumi)

Title : Date
Pairing : Kyumi
Rating : PG15?
Chapters : 1/2

A/N: Sequel to Confession To The Birthday Boy And Shy. For my Mimi (mysticxblu) <3 Happy birthday (at your local time) sweetheart! X) I Love U! ^-^

Kyuhyun was siting in the living room, reading some random book he found in his room. Suddenly someone covered his eyes, only allowing him to see black. “Guess who?” he said in accented korean, a small smile graced Kyuhyun’s lips.

“Zhou Mi?” he asked, placing his hand on the intruder’s hands, pulling them down from his face. He turned around slightly, smiling when he saw his lover.

“Yup.” Zhou Mi grinned, lowering his head to peck his lover on the lips. He walked over, sitting next to Kyuhyun, slinging an arm over his shoulders, pulling him closer. “I missed you.” he said as he snuggled against the magnae, who blushed at the statement.

“I missed you too.” Kyuhyun whispered, blushing furiously, lacing his fingers with Zhou Mi’s, his thumb brushing over Zhou Mi’s knuckles.

“Are you blushing?” Zhou Mi teased, pinching Kyuhyun’s cheeks. “Aww! My Kui Xian’s shy!” Zhou Mi teased some more, causing Kyuhyun to flush bright red. Kyuhyun made an incoherent sound, playfully pushing Zhou Mi away from him, fuming. “Aw...don’t be like that...Kui Xian ah...I’m sorry...” Zhou Mi said in a whiny tone.

“It’s okay...just don’t tease me again.” Kyuhyun giggled, pouting slightly, tangling their long legs in a bunch, laying his head on Zhou Mi’s chest.

“Oh, are you free tomorrow?” Zhou Mi questioned, fidgeting in his seat slightly.

“I got schedules till about two in the” the magnae stammered, he could feel his cheeks burning up again.

“ we started going out, we haven’t went out together a date, so I was wondering do you want to? Go on a dat--” Kyuhyun presses his lips against Zhou Mi’s, cutting off his sentence.

“I would love to.” Kyuhyun said, looking away from his lover’s eyes, blushing again.

“Really?!” Zhou Mi’s eyes widened, watching Kyuhyun nod his head a couple of times. He held Kyuhyun’s chin with a gently grip, forcing him to look at Zhou Mi. The Chinese leaned in, kissing him gently and passionately.


Once Zhou Mi left the dorm, Kyuhyun continued to smile as he continued the book he was reading. Sungmin smiled widely at the magnae, making him look towards Sungmin with a confused face. “I heard it!” Sungmin beamed.

“Heard what?”

“About your date with ‘your’ Mimi tomorrow.” Sungmin sing songed, causing Kyuhyun to blush at the memory.

“AWW!!! Our Kyunnie’s growing up!” Ryeowook faked a couple of sniffles.

Leeteuk suddenly gripped both his hands, looking at Kyuhyun with big, innocent eyes. “Please prove us wrong.” Leeteuk begged, receiving a couple of muffled giggles from Ryeowook and Sungmin and a confused look from Kyuhyun. “Prove us that not all Super Junior+M couples end up having sex on their first date!” Leeteuk said, causing Ryeowook and Sungmin to burst into fits of laughter.


“No! You should wear this shirt with that pair of pants!” Sungmin said demandingly.

“B-But hyung...” Kyuhyun tried to protest weakly, evidence of fear in his eyes.

“No buts! Go change!” Ryeowook intrude, pushing Kyuhyun into the bathroom. After several minutes, Kyuhyun finally exited the bathroom. 

“I look so formal!” Kyuhyun whined as he looked at the mirror. Sungmin and Ryeowook had dressed him up in a white button-up collared shirt, which hung at the right places, underneath a black vest, similar to the kinds waiter wears. Long dark grey pants which complimented his long legs with a pair of leather shoes on his feet. “I feel like I’m gonna break into some ballad performance.”

“Stop complaining, you look good!” Sungmin said as he walked around Kyuhyun. “And Zhou Mi hyung will agree with me and Wookie too!” he beamed.

“But it’s just a date! Why do I have to wear so formal?!”

“First date with Zhou Mi! That’s the difference!” Ryeowook emphasized. “Teukie umma said our magnae must look good for his future husband!”

Kyuhyun flamed red at the statement about ‘future husband’.

Suddenly the door barged open, Leeteuk entering the room. “What’s taking you guys so long? Zhou Mi will be here soon!” he said as he closed the door. “Oh my God! Why does he look so formal?!” Leeteuk screamed as he rushed toward Kyuhyun’s closet, pulling out articles of clothing.

“Thank you! The only person who agrees with me!” Kyuhyun groaned as he dropped his hands by his sides. 

“Go change!” Leeteuk shoved Kyuhyun into the toilet.

Minutes later Kyuhyun emerged from the bathroom, wearing a simple cotton,blue T-shirt with a grey zip up jacket over it,which had random drawings on it. He was wearing pair of dark blue jeans, only this time with a pair of his black converse shoes.

“See? Don’t you think he looks good? And it’s casual!” Leeteuk asked, rewarding low groans from Ryeowook and Sungmin.

“Okay! Talk later! I need to do his hair!” Heechul said, holding a hairdryer in one hand and a large brush in the other.


“Oh, wow. Heechul you really out did yourself.” Leeteuk praised as he walked around in a full circle, eyeing Kyuhyun. The magnae’s hair was all messed up stylishly, as if he just had sex with someone minutes ago. 

“OH MY GOD!! WHAT DID YOU DO TO KYU?! HE LOOKS SO GOOD!!!!” Sungmin screamed as he re-entered the room.

“LIKE A HUNDRED TIMES BETTER!!” Ryeowook continued.

“I know, I’m amazing.” Heechul praised himself.

Ding Dong...

Leeteuk gasped, running to the door, peeping through the tiny peep hole. “It’s Zhou Mi!” he beamed. He gasped again. “He got flowers!” he squealed as Sungmin, Ryeowook and Heechul ‘aww’-ed while Kyuhyun blushed furiously.

“Hi Mimi!” Leeteuk greeted, with the help of Sungmin and Ryeowook, the protesting and squirming Kyuhyun was pushed through the door, falling into Zhou Mi’s arms. “I’ll take that, you two have fun!” Leeteuk said, immediately shutting the door after he got the bouquet of flowers.


“Are you okay?” Zhou Mi asked in Chinese, Kyuhyun simply nodded, trying his best not to blush at the contact of his lover’s chest, feeling Zhou Mi’s protective arms around him. He got out of Zhou Mi’s grasp, blushing as usual. The magnae’s mouth parted slightly in awe as he looked at Zhou Mi from head to toe.

“You look good.” Kyuhyun complimented awkwardly. Zhou Mi was wearing a plain black tank top,a black button-up collared over shirt, which had most of the buttons undone except the last three, revealing the tank top underneath. A dark leather belt with a shiny buckle around his hips, holding the jeans up properly. He wore a pair of blue fitting jeans, not exactly tight, shaping his mile long legs, and a pair of converse shoes.

Zhou Mi felt a faint blush on his cheeks. “You look really good, Kui Xian.” Zhou Mi smiled, watching his lover blush shyly at the statement. “Like a hundred times better than I do.”

“ look way better than me.” Kyuhyun whispered bashfully, nuzzling his head against Zhou Mi’s torso, as the elder slung an arm around his slender waist. The magnae cleared his throat before speaking. “So where are we going?”

“Wherever you want to go.” Zhou Mi smiles, intertwining their fingers. Kyuhyun returned the smile, tip toeing slightly to kiss his lover’s soft lips. The magnae looked away after breaking the kiss, making Zhou Mi grin like an idiot.


“How about we watch that movie?” Zhou Mi said, pointing at the billboard, which had a large advertisement of a horror movie, causing his lover to gulp at the sight.

“O-Okay.” Kyuhyun stammered, trying to cover up his fear.

“Don’t worry I’ll protect you.” Zhou Mi whispered into his ear, causing him to shudder and turn red, as they walked towards the ticket counter to buy their tickets.


Zhou Mi trailed his hands up Kyuhyun’s side in a soothing manner, tucking his lover’s head beneath his chin. He found it adorable when Kyuhyun watched the movie attentively before whimpering softly into his chest, burying his head to hide.

“You wanna get out of here?” Zhou Mi asked softly, caressing Kyuhyun’s cheeks, rewarding a couple of nods from the younger. He gently squeezed Kyuhyun’s hand comfortingly as they stood up from their positions to leave.

“Mianhae Mi...” Kyuhyun apologizes, hanging his head dejectedly.

“It’s okay, don’t worry ‘bout it.” Zhou Mi says, squeezing Kyuhyun by the side. “We’re still going to have a wonderful time by ourselves, so don’t worry about yourself, alright?” the Chinese smiles, making Kyuhyun feel a bit better. “Come on smile for me Kui Xian.” Zhou Mi pouted, cupping his lover’s face. Kyuhyun giggles happily as he nodded in reply, pinching the elder’s cheeks. Zhou Mi pouts even more, pointing at his lips, indicating his want for a kiss.

The magnae giggles, cupping Zhou Mi’s face, tip toeing as he titled his head to the side, claiming the feather-like lips, Zhou Mi’s arms wrapping around his slender waist, eyes seeping shut. Zhou Mi lowered his head more, allowing Kyuhyun’s heels to rest on the ground. Kyuhyun’s hands slowly moved to the back of his lover’s head, deepening the kiss even more.

“Mhn...” Kyuhyun moaned softly, parting his lips to allow the slick muscle into his mouth, shuddering at the contact. Zhou Mi pulled the younger closer to him, bodies flush against each other. The younger darted his tongue out into his lover’s mouth, tongues dancing about in their mouths.

Kyuhyun nibbled on Zhou Mi’s lower lip, smiling into the kiss, while Zhou Mi sucked on his upper lip. The taller disengaged his lips from the younger, thin thread of saliva in between them, leaving them breathless. The younger nuzzled his head into the crook of Zhou Mi’s neck. “Mimi I love you.” Kyuhyun whispered.

“I love you too Kui Xian ah.” Zhou Mi replied in the same manner, stroking Kyuhyun’s hair.


“Say ‘ah’.” Zhou Mi said, putting a spoon filled with fried rice in front of Kyuhyun’s mouth. The magnae shyly opened his mouth, blushing slightly, allowing his lover to feed him. His eyes shot opened as the flavors burst in his mouth.

“That’s good!” Kyuhyun commented.

“This is good too. Open up.” Zhou Mi said, picking up some steam fish from the plate with his chopsticks, carefully bringing it to his lover’s mouth. Easily obligating, Kyuhyun opened his mouth.

“Why didn’t we come here sooner?! This is such good Chinese food!”

“How about we come here on the next date?” Zhou Mi asks, causing Kyuhyun to tinge pink at the thought.

“Okay.” Kyuhyun grins, picking up one of the dishes, his free hand under the food. “Say ‘ah’.” he giggles, placing the chopsticks in front of Zhou Mi, causing the Chinese to chuckle before doing as ordered.

“Yummy.” Zhou Mi said, licking his lips.

Kyuhyun giggles softly, bringing his hand to clean the of the corner of the elder’s lips, causing the elder to blush. “You had something on your face.”

“You have some too.” Zhou Mi said huskily, sending shivers up Kyuhyun’s spine, as he got closer to the shorter. “Right there.” Zhou Mi said, lowering his head to Kyuhyun’s lips, breaking the kiss almost immediately.

“Cheater...that was just an excuse to kiss me wasn’t it?” Kyuhyun pouts cutely.

“You know me too well Kui Xian.” Zhou Mi says, patting his head, pressing a light kiss on Kyuhyun’s ear.


After dinner, Kyuhyun followed Zhou Mi back to his house in his car. As they entered the apartment, a cute dog came running to both of them. The dog barked at them, tail wagging furiously, first two paws on Zhou Mi’s legs.

“Hi Loach.” Zhou Mi greeted, bending down to pet his dog before picking the dog up into his arms, receiving sloppy licks from his pet as they walked to the leather couch. “Kui Xian’s here today, you missed him as much as I did right?” Zhou Mi says, ruffling the dog’s fur as both of them sat on the furniture, rewarding a small bark from Loach.

Loach caught Kyuhyun by surprise, pouncing on to Kyuhyun, making the human yelp. The magnae giggled happily, accepting the rain of wet kisses from the dog. Zhou Mi smirked devilishly, hands reaching to Kyuhyun’s body.

Kyuhyun burst into fits of laughter as he got tortured by his lover and the dog. “That tickles! Zhou Mi! S-Stop!” Kyuhyun shouted in between laughs, limbs flying all over the place.

“No way Kui Xian ah.” Zhou Mi replied, tickling Kyuhyun’s sides mercilessly. Kyuhyun hastily captured his lips, immediately stopping the vicious tickles. He separated their lips, sending Zhou Mi an adorable smile. “No fair...” the Chinese pouted.


Kyuhyun emerged from the bathroom, wearing Zhou Mi’s clothes which wear too big for him, the large clothes shuffled noisily. The elder looked up from his books, muffling a giggle as he watch his lover frown at him. He patted the spot in front of him, inviting Kyuhyun to sit.

The latter smiles as he advanced to his lover, sitting in front of his lover, his back facing Zhou Mi. The Chinese tugged on the towel which was on Kyuhyun’s head before rubbing the towel on the damp hair, drying the locks of hair. He chuckled softly as Kyuhyun purred with contentment at the touch when his fingers brushing at the back of his neck.

“Feels good?” Zhou Mi asked in accented Korean, rewarding a few slow nods from his lover. They remained like that for several minutes, he dried Kyuhyun’s hair while he listened to the low hums from Kyuhyun.

Once Kyuhyun’s hair was almost dry, he slung an arm around Kyuhyun’s slender waist, his free hand flinging the towel on to the couch. The elder tilted his head to the side, leaning in ever so slowly. The younger’s eyes widened slightly at the sudden proximity, before he knew it his lover pressed his lips on to his own. Eyes seeped shut, just to flutter open again when the kiss ended short. “I love you, do you know that?” Zhou Mi said, making Kyuhyun blush at the statement.

“I know...” Kyuhyun whispered. “And I love you too.” he continued shyly, raising his head a little to make their lips collide, moving his hand to the back of Zhou Mi’s neck to deepen the kiss. Zhou Mi let out a low moan, tightening his hold on the younger male as he broke the kiss.

Kyuhyun stood up from his position, extending an arm, offering the elder some help. The Chinese smiled brightly at him as he took his lover’s hand, standing up from his spot. He led them to his bedroom, both of them falling on to the soft bed.

--End Of Part 1--

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Getting Caught (Yehyun) [RATED]

Title: Getting Caught
Pairing: Yehyun (Kyusung)
Rating: R (Or M)
Warnings: Semi-public sex. There's no beginning sorry!!!i was real lazy!!!
A/N: For sandx who wrote a yehyun story for me so im giving her back. thx unnie~!
Written: 24th May 2009

"H-Hyung...ahh..." Kyuhyun groaned as Yesung kneaded his arousal, teasingly rubbing his thumb over the slit, fingers lapping the precum. "Ngh...hyung...oh god..." he breathed as he felt a finger brush his inner thigh, the talented hands jerking him off faster and just a little bit harder.

"Do you like it?" Yesung asked, rolling his hips sensually, grinding his hard on into Kyuhyun's well-shaped butt, receiving a low groan and a few nods from Kyuhyun. He chuckled huskily, his hand reaching to the front, sliding his hand under the shirt. His hands roamed around the torso, stopping for at his right nipple, tugging at it teasingly.

Kyuhyun gasped at the touch, legs buckling and his body trembled with pleasure. "Y-Yesung hyung...f-faster please." he mewled.

"Whatever you say babe." Yesung said in a husky tone, flicking his tongue over the shell of Kyuhyun's ear. Kyuhyun moaned under his breath, feeling the small hand stroke him faster and a slight tug on his fully erect nipples.

"Ngh...ahn..." he hissed as Yesung rolled his nipples, squeezing the cock teasingly. The elder slung an arm around Kyuhyun's slender waist, holding him in position. He leaned in slightly, kissing the back of Kyuhyun's neck, gently nipping the flesh, tracing his tongue over the mark.

Kyuhyun released a strangled cry when the hand on his shaft traveled to his balls, cupping and playfully fondling with them. "H-Hyung...n-not there...agh..."he whimpered as the elder continue to massage his balls, rubbing them against each other.

" like it there right?" Yesung said, squeezing his balls before trailing his fingers at the underside. The magnae nodded, moaning wantonly.

The elder smirked, pumping the arousal again, only much faster and harder. "Aah...Yesungie...faster...oh god more..." he moaned, trying to hold the urge of thrusting into his lover's talented hands. He squirmed in discomfort, feeling the familiar heat pooled at his lower region. "I'm c-close..." he said breathily.

Yesung placed his hand over Kyuhyun's mouth, making Kyuhyun's eyes widened. "Shh...somebody's coming." he said, pulling both of them into a cubicle. Kyuhyun sitting on the toilet lid while the elder stood in front of him. As Yesung said, their photographer entered the washroom. Kyuhyun felt like crying, his release was so close...

The magnae let out a quiet groan when Yesung held his cock in a way that he couldn't release his semen. "Sorry...hold on a little..." Yesung whispered, pressing a kiss on his lips. Kyuhyun's body relaxed under the kiss, sighing softly with pleasure.

The elder swept his tongue across his lower lip, gently sucking on the soft lip. Kyuhyun shivered with delight as Yesung pushed his tongue pass his lips. Yesung hummed into the kiss, tasting the sweet cavern, their tongues dancing about, savoring each other's taste. Their tongues entwined, both men shuddering at the feeling.

Kyuhyun broke the kiss to release a loud gasp, when Yesung jerked him hard and fast. "Don't worry he left already." Yesung said. The magnae clutched tight on the front of his lover's shirt, body trembling at the mounts of pleasure.

"" Kyuhyun purred, as Yesung continued to pump his weeping cock, lips latching onto his neck, lightly sucking at his lover's pulse point, leaving a purplish bruise. "Haa!Yesung!" he moaned loudly, trashing his head to the side when Yesung engulfed his member without a warning. The magnae panted heavily, scrunching his

eyes as Yesung gave him a amazing blowjob.

"Strip..." Yesung said as he traced his tongue up and down his shaft, then swirling his slick muscle at the tip. Kyuhyun obediently obligates, hastily removing his shirt. He grunted at the lost of heat as he striped out of his pants and boxers while Yesung watches with lustful eyes.

"Hyung please..." he begged once he got on the seat again, rewarding a wolfish grin from Yesung.

"Whatever you say baby." Yesung whispers huskily, crouching in front of his lover, slowly taking the hard on into his mouth. Teasingly, he swiped his tongue over the slit, tasting the precum that was drawing out from it. Tilting his head slightly, trailing his tongue all over

the cock. He lowered his head a little bit more, licking the underside skillfully, sucking on the thick vein. Kyuhyun shot up from his position as he felt a sudden rush of pleasure ran up his spine. Yesung chuckled, brushing his tongue over Kyuhyun's balls, latching his lips on one of them, sucking on it gently.

"Ahh!Yesung!Hn...Sungie..." Kyuhyun moaned loudly. He gasped as Yesung took his whole length into his mouth, bobbing his head rhythmically. "Hyung please...f-faster...deeper..." he pleaded. Yesung easily complies, taking the cock deeper into his mouth, sucking on the cock with a bit more strength. He pulled his head back before pushing his head back in. Kyuhyun moaned like a wanton slut when he felt the tip of his cock touched the back of Yesung's throat.

Yesung deepthroat him faster and harder, just the way Kyuhyun liked it. "H-Hyung! I'm-Ahh..." Even before he finished his sentence, he came long and hard, unloading his seeds into Yesung's mouth. The elder swallowed the large load, licking his lips to make sure he doesn't leave a single drop of his lover's semen.

"Sweet..." he said, causing Kyuhyun to flush redder than before. "Turn around baby." he commanded into his lover's ear, groping the magnae's ass, making him squeal with delight. Kyuhyun complies, turning around to show off his shapely butt. He felt his member stiffened as Yesung massaged his butt, the elder brought his idle hand to his torso, touching all the delectable skin.

"Ahh...haa..." Kyuhyun sighs at the ministrations, his limp cock now fully erect.

Yesung licked his back, pressing kisses on his shoulder blades. He let out a low laugh. "Already hard?" he teases, lightly pinching the pert nipple, making Kyuhyun gasp. Kyuhyun shivered at Yesung's kisses as they traveled lower down his back. He flushed red when he felt his arousal twitch with anticipation when Yesung pressed a kiss at his tailbone.

Kyuhyun's eyes shot up, mouth hanging open, saliva dripping on the tile floor. "Oh fuck!Yesung...ngh!" Kyuhyun moaned when the elder spread his ass cheeks apart, flicking his tongue over the puckered entrance. He bit on his lower lip, muffling all his moans and groans. His body tensed as he felt the slick muscle slide into his hole, brushing the walls of the passage.

The elder tilted his head to the side, angling his tongue at a certain way, lips nipping at the ring muscle. Hearing his lover gasped he chuckled lowly, using his tongue to rub at the same spot which made Kyuhyun saw white and his cock twitch. He rolled his tongue out,

flicking at the end, thrusting his tongue against Kyuhyun's prostate.

"Oh god...hyung...feels so good...Ahh!" Kyuhyun grunted as his puckered entrance twitch, vibrations running up his spine when Yesung let out a low laugh. He opened his mouth willingly, allowing Yesung to push his fingers into his warm cavern. Obediently, he licked the digits, tongue swirling over the finger pads, releasing muffled moans.

Yesung felt himself go harder if it was even possible when Kyuhyun licked his fingers, the talented tongue sliding at his finger pads, occasionally sucking on it. The magnae whimpered softly, feeling the tongue thrust in and out of him, always hitting that right spot, making him see stars. "Ngh...h-hyung..." he groaned as the tongue went deeper into him before pulling it out.

"Hah!" Kyuhyun's breath hitched when Yesung entered two lubricated fingers into him.

" tight and wet...I can't wait to be in you..."Yesung whispered, kissing the back off his neck, pushing the wet digits further till they were buried to the hilt, causing Kyuhyun to squirm in discomfort.

"Hyung move..." Kyuhyun begged. Yesung pulls the digits out to half way before carefully thrusting into the tight hole again, making sure he doesn't hurt his lover. After a few slow thrusts, he speeds it up a bit, and scissoring the entrance. "Ahn hyung..." he trembled with

pleasure, pushing back against the digits.

"Impatient much?" Yesung chuckles, entering a third finger into him, pulling out his fingers fully before plunging back into the hole, causing Kyuhyun's cock to bounce at the impact.

"Mhn h-hyung..." Kyuhyun whimpered when Yesung curled his fingers, finger pads brushing over a knot of nerves, sending mounts of pleasure through his body. "Hah! Hyung...t-there..."

Yesung continued to thrust his fingers into him, occasionally spreading his fingers to stretch the hole. "I-I'm ready..." Kyuhyun breathed.

"You sure?" Yesung asked, voice filled with concern.

"Yeah...please..." Kyuhyun begged, whimpering softly at the loss of the digits in him. Yesung unbutton and unzipped his jeans, peeling them to his thighs before asking Kyuhyun to turn around to face him, cock position in front of the magnae's puckered hole.

"It's gonna hurt a lot so bear with it for a while." Yesung whispered, kissing Kyuhyun's neck. "If it hurts bite on my shoulder." he said, slowly entering into his lover. The latter to bite his shoulder hard at the pleasurable pain, tears welding at the corner of his eyes, making the elder hiss at the sudden pain and the delicious heat around his aching cock.

Kyuhyun released a strangle sniffle, tears rolling down his cheeks. His lover lowered his head, whispering comforting word into his ear, licking the tears away before claiming the pair of soft lips. Yesung swept his tongue across Kyuhyun's lower lip, gently prying the lips

apart allowing his tongue to slide in.

The magnae moaned into the kiss, sliding his slick muscle into Yesung's mouth. Breathing deeply for air, trying to relax his body, reducing the pain. Tongues danced around in their mouths, tasting each other thoroughly. Kyuhyun broke the kiss for air, kissing the bite

mark softly, as he got use to his lover's size.

The elder bite his lower lip, trying to hold the urge to fuck his lover senseless. "Hyung...move..."Kyuhyun said into his ear as he moved his hips erotically, urging his lover to move. Yesung slowly and carefully pulled his cock out a little, making Kyuhyun flinch in pain, pushing back in.

"Okay?" Yesung questions, repeating his actions, moving nice and slow allowing Kyuhyun to get use to the raw penetration.

"Haa...y-yeah...f-feels good...ahn..." Kyuhyun moaned, arms wounding round Yesung's neck. "Hn!Haa..." Kyuhyun breathes heavily, scrunching his eyes as Yesung moved in and out of him, kissing his lover's jaw line.

He pulled out half way through, plunging back into his lover in a leisurely pace. Layer of sweat glisten against their skin, air smelled like sweat and sex, sounds of skin slapping against one another,moans,pants easily heard. "H-Hyung...faster please..." Kyuhyun

said shakily. Yesung easily obligates thrusting into Kyuhyun faster than before. "Yesung...ngh...ahh..." he released a hoarse moan.

The elder continued to pound into his lover, speeding it up ever so slightly driving Kyuhyun over the edge. Soon, Yesung was thrusting into him fast and rough, just the way both of them liked. Yesung pulled his cock out fully"Haa! Sungie...there...ahn..." Kyuhyun moaned, head thrashing to the side with pleasure when Yesung found his sweet spot, making his eyes roll to the back of his head.

Yesung pulled his cock out fully, changing the angle, plunging in, accurately hitting his prostate, causing Kyuhyun's cock to bounce, smearing the precum all over his shirt. "Ah!Hah!Yesung!" Kyuhyun screamed, gripping on the front of his shirt. "Harder...faster please hyung...I'm so close."

Yesung thrust in and out, faster and harder with every thrust. He groaned lowly, the ring muscle clenched around him tightly. He brought a shaky hand closer to Kyuhyun weeping arousal, jerking it off hard and fast, bringing his lover closer to his climax.

Kyuhyun writhe uncontrollably at the strong thrusts and the fast strokes on his cock. Without a warning Kyuhyun came long and hard into Yesung's hand, the ring muscle tightened its hold on the elder's cock. Yesung moaned loudly, unloading his large load into Kyuhyun, causing the elder to mewl with pleasure.

He slowly pulled out of his lover before collapsing beside Kyuhyun. He pecked Kyuhyun on the forehead then his cheek. "Been way too long." Kyuhyun said, hovering closer to his lover.

"Yeah...does it hurt?" Yesung questions, lacing their fingers together.

"A little but it felt good." Kyuhyun smiled. "I love you." he said, tilting his head to press a kiss on Yesung's lips.

"I love you too sweetheart." Yesung whispered, nuzzling his head into the younger's neck.

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It Started With A Cake (Kyumin)

Title: It All Started With A Cake
Pairing: Kyumin, Minor Yewook, Friendship Kyuwook
Prompt: Cake
Rating: PG15?
A/N: for my unnie, sallysync. HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNNIE!!! kinda failed random story ^-^;;

Written: 19th May 2009


 "Are you sure this is right hyung?" Kyuhyun asked, poking the deflated cake.

"Well of course it's wrong. You must have put something extra inside or did something wrong." Ryeowook stated the obvious. "Kyu just give up, you're a complete fail at baking."

"I'M NOT! And it's today is Minnie's birthday. I wanna bake a cake for him!" Kyuhyun said.

"Oh fine! Just because Yesung isn't here..." Ryeowook pout.


"OH MY GOD KYU! How many times can you possibly fail at baking?! First you accidentally put salt instead of sugar, then you burned it and then you made it too much flour then too much sugar!" Ryeowook said, obviously paranoid and frustrated at the magnae.

"Mianhae more time please! If I mess it up again then you can just don't bother helping me." Kyuhyun pleaded.

Ryeowook huffed, blowing his fringe away. "Fine..."


"Please turn out okay...please turn out okay..." Kyuhyun chanted, carefully taking the cake from the oven.

He set it on the table before taking the oven mitts off his hands. Ryeowook eyed the magnae intensely, watching the younger flip the cake over, slowly removing the pan.

"Is it okay hyung?" Kyuhyun asked, half afraid of Ryeowook scolding him again. The elder glared at the cake, before looking up at Kyuhyun with a big smile.

"Yup! Good job Kyu! Now for decorations." Ryeowook smiled.

Kyuhyun took out the ingredients Ryeowook told him, placing them on the table. Obediently he listened to the elder, mixing the ingredients together till his hyung asked him to stop.


"OH MY GOD! Hyung! Thank you so much!" Kyuhyun hugged Ryeowook tightly, squeezing his small frame.

"Can't breathe!" Ryeowook said breathless, whacking him repeatedly.

"Get your hands off him dongsaeng..." A familiar voice rung in their ears. Yesung was glaring at the two men, especially at Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun squeaked, releasing Ryeowook from his embrace. "Mianhae hyung!" he apologized hastily, pushing Ryeowook into Yesung's arms.

"I'm home~!" Sungmin sing song, chucking his bag on the kitchen counter.

"We should leave now don't you think Wookie? So they can be alone and so I can punish you for just now...wouldn't you like that?" Yesung whispered huskily into Ryeowook's ear, flicking his tongue over his earlobe, swatting his shapely ass, then groping it.

"Ngh...S-Sung..." Ryeowook whimpered.

"I'll take that as a yes." Yesung says, carrying hid lover bridal style to their room.

"Umm...Okay first thing I come back someone already talked dirty..." Sungmin said. He turn around, face facing the kitchen, eyes wide with shock. "AHDKEICMALGJDT WHAT HAPPEN TO THE KITCHEN?!"

Suddenly his vision was covered by a pair of large hands. "Kyunnie?" Sungmin guessed, pulling the hands down from his eyes before turning around, finding his lover in front of him.

"Welcome home." Kyuhyun said, lowering his head to capture his lover's lips. Sungmin giggled into the kiss, ringing his arms around Kyuhyun's neck, tilting his head to deepen the kiss.

"So mind telling me what happened to the kitchen?" Sungmin asked after breaking the kiss.

"Close your eyes first before I tell you." Kyuhyun said, making Sungmin frowned with confusion before complying. "Now open your eyes."

Obediently, Sungmin obligated, gasping at the sight of the cake in front of him. "Did you make this?" Sungmin asked in awe, admiring the perfect strawberry shortcake, in the middle wrote 'Happy Birthday Sungmin' with icing in illegible handwriting.

"Um...yeah Ryeowook hyung helped me with it, failed many times and I messed the kitchen up." Kyuhyun said, almost inaudibly. "Does hyung want to try a slice?" he asks, rewarding furious nods from Sungmin.

The magnae placed the cake on the table before heading to the drawers to get a sharp knife. Carefully, he sliced the cake through the middle, cutting another side then placing it on a plate. "Say ah." Kyuhyun said, causing Sungmin to giggle, opening his mouth, allowing Kyuhyun to feed the cake into his mouth.

"So yummy!" Sungmin beamed, making Kyuhyun sigh in relief. "It's really good Kyunnie!" he squealed before feeding more cake to himself, unconsciously icing smeared at the corner of his lips.

Sungmin smiled shyly back at the latter, taking the last bite of the cake. He scrunched his face in discomfort, feeling something hard on his tongue. Parting his lips, he brought his hand to his petite mouth, slowly drawing a silver band from his mouth.

The elder started to tear up, looking at the simple ring in his hand. 'Will you marry me?' engraved on the ring. He pulled his lover into a deep embrace. "Of course I will." Sungmin said in between sobs, Kyuhyun smiled, separating their bodies slightly. "I love you Kyunnie."

Kyuhyun got hold of Sungmin's right hand, sliding the ring on the fourth finger, bringing the hand to his lips, pressing them against the hand. "I love you too." Kyuhyun leaned closer to his lover, lowering his head, darting his tongue out to lick the icing away. "You had icing on your face." Kyuhyun smiled, watching his lover turn pink.

The elder kisses the younger passionately, the kiss slowly became a heated one. Tongues danced around in there mouth, lips sucking on each other, hips grinding into one another, leaving them wanting for more. "Ahem." Somebody disrupted the heated scene, both men breaking the kiss. "Sorry to interrupt but Kyu can I use the icing you have left?" Yesung asked.

"Um yeah, go ahead hyung." Kyuhyun replies, causing Yesung to smirk as he went over to get the bowl of icing, then immediately leaving to the bedroom. "So what do you think they're gonna do with it?" Kyuhyun asks.

"I think I know." Sungmin says suggestively, rolling his hips sensually, purposely rubbing the clothed bulge against each other, making the magnae groan.

"Ahh! Y-Yesung ahn!" they heard Ryeowook's high pitched moans.

"You wanna do what they're doing now?" Sungmin asks seductively, bringing his hand to Kyuhyun's guiding one of them to his perfectly shaped ass. "Only much hotter and sexier..." Sungmin whispers huskily, nipping the shell of his ear, turning the latter on even more.

"Definitely..." Kyuhyun replied in the same manner, leading both of them to their shared room.


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Confession To The Birthday Boy (Kyumi)

Title: Confession To The Birthday Boy
Pairing: Kyumi
Rating: PG?
A/N: Prequel to the Kyumi fic: Shy, written in the car so its very fail...TT^TT
Summary: It's Kyuhyun's birthday and 3 members are trying to get them together

"NO!" Zhou Mi said sternly, making Ryeowook and Sungmin pout.

"Please~~~~~!!!! Gege!" Ryeowook whines. "It'll make Kyu real happy!" he said as he clung on Zhou Mi's arm.

"Come on Mimi please!! Just put the necklace you gave on Kyu then whisper into his ears 'happy birthday'!" Sungmin pleaded. "That would be the best present he gotten from all of us."

"But..." Zhou Mi protested.

"Please!!!" Sungmin and Ryeowook pleaded, giving Zhou Mi the irresistible puppy dog pout.

"Aish! Fine!" Zhou Mi threw his hands in the air.

"Thank you Mimi ge!" they cheered.


Zhou Mi opened the box which had the necklace inside, hesitantly pulling out the gift. "Um..." he muttered under his breath, gulping heavily, flushing red. He fiddled with the clasp, unhooking it. Hesitantly, with each end in his hands, bringing one end around the
front of Kyuhyun's neck.
Kyuhyun blushed bright red when he felt a finger at his neck and the chain pressed near his neck. The ring dangled in the middle of the necklace. Shivers ran up his spine when he felt Zhou Mi's breath against his nape.

"Happy birthday Kui Xian." Zhou Mi whispered huskily into his ears, trying not to stutter with embarrassment. Kyuhyun swore he could have died when he heard his crush's sexy voice.

The two men blush in embarrassment while the other members started throwing cat calls at them.


Everybody cheered as Kyuhyun cut the cake after he blew out the candles. "Okay! If Kyunnie's knife is dirty he's gotta kiss the closest guy!" Heechul claimed.

"B-But hyung! The cake's a fudge cake! It can't be clean!" Kyuhyun

"That's the point." Heechul winked at the magnae, making the younger groan. Almost immediately, Zhou Mi stood up, making an excuse to leave Kyuhyun's side.

"You're not going any where Mimi." Sungmin said, holding onto his shoulders with the help of Ryeowook.

Kyuhyun scrunched his eyes, praying that the knife would be magically clean. Unfortunately, it came out dirty, coated with the chocolate icing and cream.

"Kyunnie's gotta kiss Mimi~!" Heechul chorused as he pushed Zhou Mi closer to the birthday boy. Kyuhyun gave Heechul a pleading look, begging for mercy, which failed of course.

"Dui Bu Qu (I’m sorry) Kui Xian ah." Zhou Mi apologized. He tilted his head, pressing his lips at the corner of Kyuhyun's lips. Kyuhyun stiffen at the kiss before relaxing, hearing all the cat calls and cheers from the other members. The kiss ended as soon as it started. Both men looked away immediately, none of them dared to look at each other.


"I can never see him the same way again..." Kyuhyun groaned, slouching against the cold metal railing of the balcony. He chewed on his lower lip, thoughts of the party replaying in his head, fingers fiddling with the ring which dangled around his neck.

"Hey..." a voice called out, startling the magnae.

Kyuhyun turned around quickly, finding the person he didn't want to see right now. "Oh Zhou Mi startled me.

" I join you?" Zhou Mi asked in accented Korean. Kyuhyun nodded dumbly, moving a little to make space for the elder. Zhou Mi advanced towards the magnae. His back pressed against the metal railing, elbows propped on the railing.

They stayed like that for several minutes in awkward silence, which felt like years. " m-must be angry about j-just now huh?" Zhou Mi stuttered in broken Korean as he turned around to face the scenery.


"Were you angry about just now?"

"N-No, why do you say that?"

"Um...just wanted to know..." They stayed in awkward silence again. Kyuhyun looked to his side, feeling his heart skip a beat as he watched the elder quietly. The elder sensed someone looking him, turning to the side he caught Kyuhyun staring at him. Kyuhyun blushed
pink, looking away from the elder. "Kui Xian..." Zhou Mi called out softly, catching Kyuhyun's attention. "If I told you a secret would you listen?"

"Yea...I listen to you every time." Kyuhyun smiled warmly, making Zhou Mi's stomach flutter.

"You promise you won't push me away?" Kyuhyun simply nodded, even if he was half confused. "I-I really like you Kui Xian..." He muttered loud enough for Kyuhyun to hear. Kyuhyun's eyes widened at the statement, blood rushing to his face rapidly. "I shouldn't have told you think I'm a fr--"

His statement was cut off by the sudden weight on his body, finding the younger boy hugging him tightly. "Kui Xian?"

"I would never think of you that way..." Kyuhyun separate himself from Zhou Mi, looking at the elder's eyes. "I really like you too..." Kyuhyun said, tinging a faint shade of red.

"R-Really?" Zhou Mi asked in disbelief, eyes widened. Kyuhyun nodded shyly in reply. "Oh my god, you don't know how happy you make me." Zhou Mi said, embracing his new-found lover.

Kyuhyun sighed, inhaling the cologne Zhou Mi wore, returning the hug. Zhou Mi lowered his head, wanting to claim Kyuhyun's lips. Suddenly... "Guys! Teukie is...Oh shit sorry...go ahead and continue." Heechul said, sending them a wink, making the new couple blush.

“Oh, I forgot something, turn around.”
The magnae complied easily, revealing his back to Zhou Mi. The elder unfasten the clasp of the necklace, quickly removing the ring out of the chain before re-fastening it. He took Kyuhyun’s right hand, sliding the ring on to his fourth finger, making the latter turn red.

Zhou Mi lowered his head, pressing his lips at the end of Kyuhyun's lips, causing Kyuhyun to smile sweetly at him. “Happy birthday Kui Xian.”


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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Zhou Mi (Kyumimin) [RATED]

Title: Happy Birthday Zhou Mi
OT3: Kyumimin
Rating: R (Maybe M)
Warnings: Might not be suitable for minors
A/N: For vainballerina ^-^ sorry i took so long to write this! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZHOU MI~~!!! XD (in local area) first attempt at writing threesome smut

“Those pair of jeans can do many wonderful things.” Kyuhyun said in Chinese as he watch his hyung washing the dishes.

“Mm...” Zhou Mi hummed, placing his chin on Kyuhyun’s shoulders, looking at Sungmin with a hungry look, eyes lowering to Sungmin’s perky little ass in those skin tight jeans. He swiped a tongue over his lower lip seductively.

Suddenly, the magnae stood up walking towards Sungmin, Zhou Mi following behind him. He wrapped both arms around Sungmin’s slender waist, lowering his head to leave butterfly kisses on the back of the elder’s neck. “Hyung...”he whispers into Sungmin’s ear, causing the elder to shudder slightly. 

“...looks really sexy today...” Zhou Mi continues, blowing air into Sungmin’s ear, causing Sungmin to shiver visibly, as he slung his left hand around the waist, the other hand disappearing underneath the shirt.

“G-Guys...s-stop it...”Sungmin stutters, feeling his knees going weak when Kyuhyun bites him on his sensitive spot behind the ear, and Zhou Mi’s hand roaming at his torso. “Ahh!” his breath hitched when Zhou Mi found his nipple, pinching and twisting it teasingly.

The magnae nudge Sungmin’s legs apart with his knee, fitting his knee nicely in between the legs, moving his knee teasingly to rub against Sungmin’s growing bulge. “Ahn...ngh...n-not t-there...ahh!”he moaned involuntarily, feeling the magnae’s hand grope his private while Zhou Mi bit on the crook of his neck as the fingers tweaked the nipple left and right.

“Should we continue this in our room?” Kyuhyun asks, tracing over the bulge, rubbing it at the sensitive places. Sungmin groans, nodding his head furiously. Both of them abruptly stopped their actions, Zhou Mi picked Sungmin up in a bridal style carrying him into their shared room while Kyuhyun was not far behind.


Sungmin squirmed visibly as he watched his lovers claimed each other’s lips hungrily. The eldest smirked into the kiss, feeling a horny Sungmin squirmed at the sight, as he tilt his head just a little to deepen the kiss, tongue prying Kyuhyun’s mouth apart. Kyuhyun’s hand went to the back of Zhou Mi’s neck, parting his lips to allow the slick muscle in. The free hand, locking the door behind them.

Tongues danced around the warm caverns, exploring each other’s mouth thoroughly. Sungmin’s eyes continued to watch, he swore he was so horny right now he could have come at the sight of his lovers. Unconsciously his idle hand slipped under his shirt, finger pads brushed against a nipple, causing his breath hitched.

They broke the kiss, panting for air, as soon as they heard the silent sound. “My...someone’s impatient today...” Zhou Mi chuckles, swatting Sungmin’s hands away from his body, making Sungmin whimper at the lost of contact. Gently, he placed Sungmin on the bed, before straddling him by the thighs, Kyuhyun beside Sungmin.

Kyuhyun whispered a dirty comment huskily, teeth nibbling on the earlobe, causing an enticing moan to escape from Sungmin’s lips. Sungmin’s breath hitched when Zhou Mi’s long,slender fingers curled at his private, pressing at all the right areas. “Hyung’s so horny today?” The magnae questioned again, breath tickling at his neck, receiving a soft whimper from Sungmin. Teasingly, sweeping a tongue over his Adam’s Apple.

“Like it?” Zhou Mi asked, shifting his palm slightly, massaging Sungmin through the tight,constricting jeans. Sungmin squirmed with irritant, the uncomfortable heat at his lower region clouding his thoughts.

“Y-Yes...mhn...” Sungmin breathed erratically. “Hnn...ngh...m-more” he writhe as he felt Kyuhyun’s hand slide under the top, caressing the smooth skin, stopping to pinch the a nipple, and Zhou Mi’s hand continued to knead his arousal.

“As you wish baby...” Kyuhyun replied, towering above him, capturing Sungmin’s lips. His tongue easily slipped into Sungmin’s mouth, tasting his lover’s cavern thoroughly. All the small pants and moans swallowed up by the kiss, as Sungmin gently sucking on Kyuhyun’s upper lip. Sungmin stuck out his tongue, sucking on Kyuhyun’s tongue, saliva trickling down his chin.

Both of them muffled out a few small grunts and moans as Zhou Mi massaged Sungmin through the materials with his right hand, left hand had disappeared under Kyuhyun’s shirt, lightly caressing the nubs. “Mi ge...” Kyuhyun groaned at the contact, breaking the kiss, leaving Sungmin desperate for more. Hot breaths tickling Sungmin’s neck again.

Zhou Mi’s breath hitched as well when Kyuhyun’s free hand swiftly slipped into his boxers after he unbuttons his pants, pulling the zipper down. “K-Kui Xian...aah...”he moaned, unconsciously pumping the cock in his grasp faster and harder.

“G-Guys...I-I’m g-gonna come if you keep doing that...” Sungmin panted heavily as Zhou Mi continued to stroke his member faster and harder, moaning when the elder gently squeezes it.

“K-Kui Xian...” Zhou Mi hissed at the lost when Kyuhyun took his hand out, in order to do something else.

The magnae pulled off Sungmin's shirt, tossing it to a corner of the room as he latched his lip on the right nipple while the eldest suck on the left one. "Ahn...Kyu mhn...mimi haa..."Sungmin moaned, his erection twitching lively under the rough strokes. "T-Touch...haa...ahn...m-me..."he moaned desperately, trying to grind his hips into Zhou Mi's.

"Me or Kyu baby?"Zhou Mi asked teasingly, his fingers lacing, tapping on the underside.

"Ahh!Anh...b-both of you..."he moaned when the magnae bit his nipple, and the elder tug on his nipple with his teeth. Zhou Mi unbuckles the belt, undoing the buttons before unzipping the the pants in an agonizingly slow pace. Sungmin squirmed in desperation trying to remove those tight jeans. With much help from his two lovers, the tight jeans were finally removed along with his boxers and abandoned in some corner of the room. "Ngh..." he whimpers slightly, feeling the cold air hit against his heated member. He bucked his hips involuntarily when Zhou Mi's big hand wrapped around his cock again, squeezing it gently. "Ahh...Z-Zhou Mi hyung ahn..." his back arching off the bed.

"Ahh...haa!!Kyu ahn!" he moaned as the magnae encircled his tip, playing with his precum, fingernail grazing over his slit. Kyuhyun stroked the head slowly as his left hand slipped in between Sungmin's body and the bed, moving his hand lower and lower,squeezing one of the cheeks causing the latter to squeal. “Oh fuck...Z-Zhou Mi...anh...” he moaned, as Zhou Mi cupped his balls, fondling with them playfully, fingers brushing at his milky inner thighs.

“Haa,,,ah...Hyun agh...Mi...f-faster...please...h-harder.
..” Sungmin begged, breath hitching when the hands on his cock moved faster, applying a bit more pressure. “Mhnah...oh god...” Sungmin writher under the touches. Using his thumb, Kyuhyun rubbed his hard on by the tip, pressing it roughly, drawing more precum from his cock. Zhou Mi lowered his head again, flicking his tongue over his sensitive nipples, taunting them.

“I-I’m close...” Sungmin whimpered. “Ah! N-No...n-not there...” he begged when Kyuhyun’s nails dipped at his slit again. Zhou Mi pumped his cock faster and harder with every stroke, and so did the magnae, giving him occasional squeezes. “Ha...m-more...” he said, feeling his climax nearing to the edge, nipples hardening again. With a small tug on his cock, Sungmin came long and hard with a cry of pleasure, soaking Kyuhyun’s hand with his orgasm, panting heavily.

Kyuhyun rubbed his fingers together playing with Sungmin’s thick semen, as Sungmin came down from his high. “You want a taste?” Kyuhyun asked innocently, placing his hand in front of Zhou Mi’s lip. The eldest tilt his head slightly, darting his tongue out for a taste. Kyuhyun did the same, lowering his head to his hand, licking of their lover’s juice.

Shivers ran up Kyuhyun’s spine, as he felt Zhou Mi’s talented tongue brushed against his finger pads. The magnae whimpered slightly when their tongues swept over each other, slowly turning into a make out session. “Ngh...Mimi...”

Sungmin watched the scene through glassy eyes, panting heavily as he felt his cock twitch with excitement. Almost immediately, his cock stiffened as he continued to watch, Kyuhyun’s hands slipping into Zhou Mi’s pants and the Chinese’s hands roaming around Kyuhyun’s torso. He flushed redder, catching a glimpse of their entwine tongues. “Don’t forget about me...” Sungmin said in a child like voice, catching their attentions, breaking the kiss. They panted harshly, as he advanced closer to them.

He latched his lips on to Zhou Mi’s neck, lightly sucking it, leaving a small hickey on his neck as his fingers worked on the buttons of Zhou Mi’s top, pushing the top off his shoulders. “Ngh! Minnie ahn...”Zhou Mi grunted when Sungmin placed butterfly kisses as he uncovered every delectable skin. Kyuhyun swooped his head down, tongue curling round the nub, causing Zhou Mi to release a quiet moan.

Zhou Mi squirmed under the ministrations, clutching tightly on to Kyuhyun’s shirt, moaning and panting, breath tickling the magnae’s neck. “K-Kui Xian...haa...” Zhou Mi moaned as Kyuhyun continued to jerk his erection off, nipples being sucked on by Sungmin. He whimpered loudly when Sungmin got on to his lap, and Kyuhyun removed his hands to unbuckle Zhou Mi’s belt before unbutton then unzipping the pants.

Sungmin crashed their lips together, teeth painfully clashing against one another. After a good 3 minutes of making out with the elder, he broke the kiss, panting for air. He advanced towards the magnae on all fours, swaying his hips sexily, revealing his puckered hole towards Zhou Mi. Both the other males gulped at the sight. Kyuhyun’s breath hitched as Sungmin got on to his lap, slipping both his hands under Kyuhyun’s top.

“’re wearing too much...” Sungmin whispered lustfully, fingers tracing over the magnae’s waistband. “I don’t think either Mimi ge or I wanna be fucked by a fully clothed magnae...” he continued, moving his hips erotically, making him do a small lap dance. “Wanna feel your hot skin on us...” he said, emphasizing on ‘hot’. 

Kyuhyun groaned under his breath, muttering something incoherently. “What did you say Kyu?” Sungmin asked, rocking those dancer hips of his faster. Kyuhyun just grunted in reply. “You like it baby? Tell me what you like and Minnie would do it for you.”

“Yeah...god...hyung...feels good...” Kyuhyun moaned as Sungmin continued his lap dance, pulling the magnae’s top over his head. Zhou Mi groaned huskily, pumping his member fast after removing his pants.

The magnae asked Zhou Mi to come closer, whispering something to him in Chinese. “Hyung...on all fours...hips up us that sexy ass of yours.” Kyuhyun said in a harsh manner, biting Sungmin’s earlobe, making the elder squeal in delight.

“Like this?” Sungmin asked innocently, after getting on all fours, hips raised, showing off his curvy ass. He whimpered when Kyuhyun asked him to spread his legs wider then with both his hands spread his ass cheeks apart. He flushed redder than before, suddenly feeling very shy as the two other males saw his entrance twitch slightly.

“Tell us, who do you want to suck you dry and who do you want to taste your little hole?” Kyuhyun asked, smacking his ass lightly, releasing a delightful squeal from the elder. 

“Zhou Mi ge to suck me dry and Kyunnie to taste me.” Sungmin said shakily. His breath hitched slightly, as Zhou Mi wiggled himself underneath Sungmin, his jet black hair, brushing against Sungmin’s balls then the underside. While Zhou Mi took his time to get into position, Kyuhyun stripped himself out of his last confines before advancing towards the other two.

“Ah! Oh god...ahh!!” Sungmin gasped as he felt both his lovers’ lips on his cock and hole respectively. Lips pressed against his skin, tongues gently darting at his pleasure spots. “” he moaned when Zhou Mi’s tongue swiped a thick stripe down his shaft while Kyuhyun pressed his tongue against the ring muscle before pushing it into him.

Kyuhyun slide his tongue into Sungmin, swiping the corners of the inside, swirling his tongue to stretch it slightly. “K-Kyu...d-don’t...” he whimpered, body shuddering with delight. The magnae retreated his tongue.

“Touch you nipples.” Kyuhyun commanded, then he returned back to his duty to pleasure Sungmin. Zhou Mi’s tongue flicked the tip, tasting the precum which was weeping from Sungmin’s cock.

“Ooh...ahh! Ngh! Haa! oh...” Sungmin moaned, pinching his nipples in a painfully tight way, enjoying the painful sensation at the nubs. He rolled his nipples, gently flicking them up and down then pinching them again, this time only with much more force. “Oh...ahh...Mimi...K-Kyu...” he moaned.

Zhou Mi removed his lips from the heated cock, feeling his cock twitch as he watched Sungmin’s fingers clamped around the pointed nipples. “Do your nipples feel good?” Zhou Mi asked huslily.

Sungmin nodded furiously. “They feel fantastic...” he shuddered. “Little Minnie, feels jealous...that they’re getting the attention and not him...shouldn’t you help...Mimi gege...” he says, trying his best not to moan in between.

The Chinese chuckles. “We can’t let that happen can we?” Without a warning, he placed his mouth over Sungmin’s hard on, rewarding a loud gasp from Sungmin. Sungmin writhe under the ministrations, Kyuhyun leaning in to push his tongue deeper into the tight cavern.

"Oh my god...more...ahn..." Sungmin pleaded as he rocked his hips sensually, thrusting his cock into Zhou Mi's mouth at the same time thrusting back on Kyuhyun's tongue.

The magnae pulled back his tongue, licking his bottom lip sexily before leaning in more thrusting the tongue deeper into the hole, exploring the tiny hole thoroughly. The slick muscle swirled around, pressing every corner to find his lover's prostate.

Sungmin gasped loudly, his back arching in pleasure, making him thrust into the Chinese's hot mouth. "AHH! There! More!" he moaned loudly. "Kyu...Mi...harder...faster."

Zhou Mi grinned, deep throating Sungmin faster and harder, his tongue poking out teasingly, giving long licks at the underside as he bobbed up and down. He whimpered slightly, making vibrations course through the latter, when he felt a cold hand wrapped around his neglected member. He felt his knees buckled when the magnae began to pump his cock fast and hard, giving him occasional hard squeezes as he teased the weeping slit, sending him over the edge. "Ahh Kui Xian..." he muffled a moan, trying to focus on pleasuring Sungmin, his moans sending shivers up the latter's spine.

"I-I'm going to come soon... "he warned. Kyuhyun abruptly stopped his action, retreating his tongue, a silver strand of saliva in between them. He pressed his own cock on top of Zhou Mi's, causing Zhou Mi to gasp loudly, disengaging his mouth from Sungmin's erection.

The Chinese slip out from underneath Sungmin, brushing his erection against Kyuhyun's talented hands. He wrapped his arms around the magnae's neck, bringing their bodies closer. He placed his hand over Kyuhyun's, moving the hands faster and harder by every stroke, sometimes giving little teasing squeezes, causing both of them to moan softly.

"W-What about me...?"Sungmin asked, he was so close but yet so far.

"Finger yourself...ooh Kui your hands...haa..." Zhou Mi replied, half way through moaning in pleasure. Kyuhyun whispered something in his before biting his shell. "And y-you can't stroke yourself..."he relayed Kyuhyun's message.

Sungmin look at them with lustful eyes as he raised his hips higher, coating his fingers with his own orgasm, which had stained the sheets, before sliding his middle finger into the twitching hole. He sighed out in pleasure, imagining either one of his lover's long slender fingers inside his hole. "Mhn...Zhou Mi ge...Kyuhyunnie..." he moaned, adding a second finger, scissoring his entrance.

On the other hand, Kyuhyun pushed Zhou Mi up against the wall, spreading his mile long legs apart. He unconsciously brought his hands, trailing over the Chinese's newly waxed legs. "It's so smooth..." he whispered, his hands trailed upwards, stroking the milky inner thighs. "Who waxed them for you?" he continued, brushing his tongue over the elder's neck.

He mewled silently, wishing those talented hands would wrap around his cock. "Heechul hyung...waxed my legs, he tied me up too..." he whimpered as a slick muscle licked his nipples.

"How kinky...but I love it." he said huskily after retreating his tongue from the nubs before bringing his lips to the elder's long legs. He darted his tongue out, licking the waxed legs, slowly moving up his thighs.

"Kui Xian..." he panted. "Just blow me already..."

"So impatient today..."he said before placing his lips to the erection, leaving butterfly kisses on it. "Plunge three fingers into Minnie." he commanded, swiping a tongue over the tip, causing the elder to mewl in pleasure.

Zhou Mi obligated, plunging three fingers into Sungmin, making the latter scream. "Mi...more! I wanna come so badly!" he cried, clawing the bed sheets as he removed his digits. The elder curled his finger, removing his digits completely before thrusting them back into the entrance hard and fast, causing Sungmin's cock to bounce due to the force. "More...oh god..."

"Do you like it?" he asked, trying not to stutter as Kyuhyun's tongue dip into his slit.

"Oh yes! So much. Love it...I can't wait to feel your big cock in me." he said involuntarily, thrusting back on to the fingers.

The magnae smirked devilishly, feeling Zhou Mi's cock twitched in anticipation. His tongue curled around the head, tasting the precum which leaked out from the slit,causing Zhou Mi's breath to hitch. He engulfed the tip as he gave little licks at the underside of the shaft and a cupping Zhou Mi’s balls,another hand bringing it nearer to Zhou Mi's mouth, making his back arch with pleasure.

"Ngh...Kui...agh..." he muffled out as he coated the fingers with his saliva, when Kyuhyun massaged his balls and took his cock deeper into his own mouth. Zhou Mi shivers visibly, due to the fact Kyuhyun's hair keeps tickling his crotch. The magnae pulled his fingers out of Zhou Mi's mouth, placing them near his entrance. 

Gently, he pressed a finger on the puckered hole, receiving a delightful twitch, making Kyuhyun chuckle, sending the vibrations up his spine. He continues to deep throat him fast, sending the Chinese boy off the edge. "Hnn...I'm gonna come soon..." he warned, Kyuhyun released him with a pop, leaving Zhou Mi desperate for release.

Kyuhyun pulled Zhou Mi's fingers out off Sungmin, who was whimpering at the lost of digits. "Minnie hyung wanna lick Mimi ge?"he asked as he strokes Zhou Mi's entrance, causing the other to shiver with delight. Sungmin nodded furiously. "But only his upper half okay?"Kyuhyun continued, Sungmin just nodded in reply.

Sungmin advanced towards Zhou Mi,licking the shell of his ear,both hands worrying the erect nubs between his fingers. "Ahn...minnie agh..." he panted as Sungmin moved up and down,rubbing his erection against Zhou Mi's chest,smearing his precum all over it. "Haa!ah!X-Xian ah!" he bucked his hips when Kyuhyun entered all three digits in with one go, making him thrust into Sungmin by accident.

"Oh god...Mi...ahh..." Sungmin groan in pleasure and pain. Tears welled up at the side of his eyes from the impact, he whimpered in pain, lips quivering slightly. Kyuhyun immediately stopped his actions after seeing the tears.

"You okay?" Kyuhyun asks, his voice filled with concern and a hint of guilt. Sungmin simply replied with a few nods, nails digging into Zhou Mi's back. Zhou Mi apologizes quietly, kissing the tears away, fingers ghosting at Sungmin's cheeks, trying his hardest not to moan as he felt the muscles clamp around his cock.

Sungmin panted heavily, trying to get use to Zhou Mi's size. He groped his own butt, spreading them apart slightly, moving in a slow pace, only moving a couple inches off Zhou Mi's cock before coming back down. "Ngh...haa..." he moaned at the contact, Zhou Mi's lips plastered on his shoulder, gentle sucking at a random spot.

The magnae's mouth watered at the sight, Sungmin riding Zhou Mi slowly, lips pressed against each other, kissing each other sloppily. Unconsciously, his fingers stopped thrusting into Zhou Mi's puckered hole. "K-Kui Xian...w-why'd you stop..." Zhou Mi asked, eyes screwed shut as Sungmin rolled his hips, making him feel more of the thick cock inside him.

"Can I..." Kyuhyun's voice drifted off, curling his fingers which were in Zhou Mi, who released a silent cry.

"Just do it...ahh...oh god..." Zhou Mi replied shakily, trying to resist himself from bucking his hips into Sungmin. Sungmin sensed it easily, helping his lover out, riding him faster than before. He lifted himself of the elder before slamming back down on his cock. "Oh fuck...Min...haa...ahn..." he moaned, thursting his hips involuntarily, burying his cock to the hilt.

Kyuhyun stroked his member, groaning under his breath as he coated his cock with a generous amount of lube. "You ready?" Kyuhyun asked, all bothered at the erotic sight of his lovers.

Zhou Mi nodded furiously, moaning as Sungmin slammed back down again. Kyuhyun got hold off his long legs resting them on his shoulders. Slowly, he pushed in as carefully as possible, making sure he doesn't hurt him too much. "Fuck...s-so tight..." Kyuhyun swore under his breath, feeling the delicious heat around his hard on.

The Chinese panted, getting use to the intrusion, rolling his hips slightly, making all three men moan. Sungmin shivered at the slightest roll of hips from Zhou Mi, feeling the cock stretch his hole a bit more, while Kyuhyun groaned at the the heated contact. "Move..." 

Zhou Mi said shakily. Almost at que, Kyuhyun pulled out thrusting back into him slowly as Sungmin bounced on his cock fast and hard. "Ahh...hnn...ugh..." Zhou Mi writhed and moan.

After a few slow and gentle thrust, Kyuhyun started to plunge into him a little harder and faster than before while Sungmin continued to ride Zhou Mi, back arching gracefully when the tip of Zhou Mi's cock brushed against his prostate. His body shook with delight and pleasure, lifting his body of Zhou Mi, letting the elder push him back down, his arousal aiming perfectly at his pleasure spot. "Oh fuck...Z-Zhou Mi...give me more...oh...Kyuhyun..." Sungmin moaned like a wanton slut,as he slammed back on to Zhou Mi's cock. He almost screamed as Zhou Mi's cock, thrust into him even more due to the impact of Kyuhyun fast, hard and deep thrust.

"I'm close..." Zhou Mi groaned, nails digging into the skin of Sungmin's waist, Sungmin riding him fast and hard and Kyuhyun's powerful thrusts were driving him insane.

"Me too..." both Kyuhyun and Sungmin said, moving faster and harder.

With a shaky hand, Zhou Mi brought it to Sungmin's neglected cock, pumping at the same speed the latter was riding him. "Ahh...Kui Xian...ngh...harder..." he moaned.

Not long, Sungmin came long and hard into Zhou Mi's hand and chest, screaming his lovers names. Following after was Zhou Mi, moaning their names in ecstasy, spilling all of his seeds into Sungmin, making the elder gasp at the load. With a couple more thrust, Kyuhyun released his load into Zhou Mi, grunting in pleasure.

Sungmin got off of Zhou Mi, semen dripping down his thigh, as Kyuhyun pulled out off Zhou Mi. Sungmin and Kyuhyun collapsed on either side of the Chinese, all of them panting for air. Both the younger slung their arms around their lover's waist, shifting closer. "That felt amazing..." Sungmin said, breaking the silence, receiving nods from the other two. Kyuhyun pulled the sheets over their naked,sweaty bodies while Sungmin helped Zhou Mi to clean the cum which was left on the elder's chest.

Kyuhyun and Sungmin snuggled closer to Zhou Mi, all of them smiling and enjoying the after glow. "Happy birthday Mimi." Sungmin wished, kissing the elder on the cheek.

"Thank you." Zhou Mi replied, stroking Sungmin's hair, rewarding a purr from the latter.

"Happy birthday sweetheart." Kyuhyun said, kissing him on his cheek as well.

Zhou Mi giggled as Kyuhyun nuzzled his head at the crook of the elder's neck. "Thank you." he replied, ruffling his hair. "I love you guys." he said, kissing both of them on their lips.

"We love you too." Kyuhyun and Sungmin said in unison.

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Untitled (Kyuwook) [RATED]

Title: Untitled
Pairing: Kyuwook
Rating: R (Maybe M)
Warnings: Use of cock ring, slight voyuerism, suggestive ending
A/N: For shaniskara! Hope you like it~!

Ryeowook's jaw flung open, saliva almost dripping out of his lips. Without a warning Kyuhyun engulfed his arousal, flicking his tongue over the tip. "Ngh...don't...s-stop..." Kyuhyun ignored his lover's words, tongue curling around the tip.

A familar warm heat pooled at his lower region, making his cock stiffen as his eyes skimmed over the words. "Hnn..." his breath hitched as he dipped his hand into his pants, teasingly rubbing his erection through his boxers.

He licked a wide stripe down the middle, catching all the precum on his tongue, tasting the salty substance. Ryeowook's body jerked involuntarily when Kyuhyun cupped his balls, gently massaging it.

He slip his hand underneath his shirt, caressing the soft skin, pinching either one of his nipples, worrying them between his fingers till they were fully erect. "Ngh..." he groaned, lacing his fingers to grope his bulge, moaning when he brushed over a sensitive patch of skin.

"Aah...haa..." he moaned as he hips bucked for more when Kyuhyun started to deep throat hard and fast. "I c-can't..." he gasped loudly, feeling the tip his cock touch the back of his throat.

He panted heavily, imagining his lover's mouth over his hard member. "Haa..."he breathed, sliding his hand into his already soaked boxers. Ryeowook began to stroke his erection, slowly speeding the pace with every stroke.

He gasped for air, squeezing his arousal, causing more precum to leak from his slit. "Argh!" he breathed sharply as he cupped his balls, massaging it a teasing manner, his left hand pinched his other nipple.

Ryeowook pressed his thumb over his wet slit, nails digging into it, causing him to whimper. "K-Kyuhyun...ahh..." he moaned as he pumped his cock faster and harder than before, nearing him to his climax.

Kyuhyun's mouth clamped over the arousal, tongue flicking experimentally around the tip. Ryeowook gasped loudly, as he released his load into the magnae's warm cavern. 

"Haa!" his body jerked involuntarily when he felt a familiar hand wrap around his erection, moving his hand at the same pace as him. His hips bucked for more of the intruder's contact. "Ngh...Kyuhyun..."

"Beautiful..." the intruder whispered into his ear huskily, the voice awfully familiar to his ears. Ryeowook moaned wantonly when the intruder bit his sensitive spot under his ear, the slick muscle brushing against his stud earring.

"Ahh!Kyuhyun!More...f-faster!" he writhe under the sensitive touches, breath hitching when the intruder harshly cradled his ass cheek. Ryeowook muffled out a low moan as he spilled his seeds all over the intruder's hand.

The intruder kissed his cheeks lovingly, fingers ghosting over the chubby cheeks. "Wookie should have locked the door before jerking off about me." he whispered, causing Ryeowook to jolt, flushing in embarrassment.

Carefully, he moved the laptop off their bed, before climbing back on. He tilted Ryeowook's chin slightly, closing the gap between them as he captured his lips. The kiss was filled with passion and hunger, tongues dancing sloppily, trying to gain dominance. Ryeowook panted for air, his mind still clouded from his high.

Kyuhyun caught his lower lip, gently nibbling it, his tongue sliding in gracefully, tasting every part of Ryeowook's mouth. "Ngh...Kyu..." he gasped when Kyuhyun curled his fingers on his ass cheek.

He pushed Ryeowook gently on to the bed, pulling Ryeowook's top over his head. His body shivered when the material off his shirt brush passed his nipples. The magnae kissed his nape, tongue brushing over the pulse point.

Kyuhyun's hand roamed all over his torso, stopping at the sensitive nipples to pinch them, making Ryeowook's back arch for more. "Ahn..." he panted as Kyuhyun latched his lips at his throat, teasingly sucking the Adam's Apple, fingers flicked the nubs. "Oh...fuck..." Ryeowook swore, eyes clenching tight as he felt the slick muscle envelop a nub, swirling around it till it was erect.

The magnae smirked devilishly, feeling Ryeowook's stiffening cock pressed against his thigh. "Ngh...Hyunnie...touch me..." he moans in desperation. Kyuhyun obligates, palm pressed on the elder's aching crotch, moving his hand up and down to get some friction happening.

He lowered his head, placing butterfly kisses as he went down Ryeowook's body, gently sucking the patch of skin at his stomach. In one fluid motion, Kyuhyun tugged his jeans with the boxers, chucking the clothes in a random corner of the room.

Ryeowook groaned when the cool air swept passed his heated cock. With shaky hands, he reached for arousal, trying to jerk it off. The younger swatted the pair of hands away, without a warning he flickered his tongue over the head. "Haa!" Ryeowook's breath hitched.

Ryeowook gripped the silky bed sheets, knuckles turning visibly pale as Kyuhyun's talented tongue continued to tease his erection. The tongue trailed up his shaft, cleaning Ryeowook's cock from his semen. "K- Kyuhyun...p-please don't t-tease me..." the elder moaned wantonly, trashing his head to the side, fingers tangling into Kyuhyun's long locks.

Kyuhyun opened his mouth a little wider, enveloping his lips over the heated arousal. "Ahh!K-Kyuhyun!" he moaned as he felt the warm heat enveloped his cock. Ryeowook panted heavily, bucking his hips for more contact, thrusting into his mouth.

The magnae placed his hands on Ryeowook's hips, holding them down. "Ngh...K-Kyu please..." Ryeowook begged, trying to buck his hips for more of the heat. Kyuhyun smirked slightly, removing his hands to allow his lover to fuck his mouth.

He shift his head, taking the cock deeper making Ryeowook gasp when he felt the tip touch the back of Kyuhyun's throat. He wrapped his tongue around base of the cock, teasingly swiping across the underside. Ryeowook jerked, moaning wantonly when he felt the slick muscle accidently brush at the spot near his balls. "K-Kyu...I'm c-close..." Ryeowook hissed, feeling the irritating heat pooled at his lower region.

He groaned loudly when Kyuhyun released his cock with a silent 'pop', squirming. "As punishment for touching yourself just now." Kyuhyun whispered into his ear, licking then nibbling the shell as he slipped a cock ring on the weeping cock, causing Ryeowook to shiver.

"Can I get a kiss at least?" Ryeowook asks innocently, receiving a small smile from Kyuhyun. "Mm..." he mewls when the pair of soft lips claimed his own. He parted his lips shyly allowing Kyuhyun's tongue to slide in without a warning.

Kyuhyun grabbed the back of his head, deepening the kiss even more. "Mnh..." Ryeowook sighs as he slung his arm around Kyuhyun's waist while the younger grind his hips into Ryeowook's to create friction between them. He nibbled Kyuhyun's lower lip, sweeping his tongue sensuously over it, Kyuhyun doing the same to his upper lip.

The elder somehow managed to flip their positions, now towering over his lover. "My turn to pleasure you." Ryeowook says lustfully, pulling Kyuhyun's top over his head. He lowered his head on to Kyuhyun's toned chest, curling his tongue around the nub, making Kyuhyun moan under the ministrations.

Ryeowook groaned as Kyuhyun taped his fingers on his shapely butt, groping it. His hips move sensuously, grinding their hips together, his bare erection brushing over Kyuhyun's clothed one, making both of them moan at the contact.

He nipped every delectable patch of skin he could see, his tongue darting at Kyuhyun's bellybutton as his fingers tugged on the beltloops. He popped the button, dragging the zipper. In a teasingly slow manner, he pulled the jeans a little along with the boxers, revealing Kyuhyun's impressive erection. 

"Kyunnie's so big...Wookie loves it." Ryeowook whispers, licking his lips seductively, then swiped his slick muscle over Kyuhyun's shaft, rewarding a low growl from the younger.
"Hnn!H-Hyung don't...haa!n-not there..." he squirmed and writhe when Ryeowook encircled the tip with his tongue,softly sucking it,teeth accidentally digging into the slit. He tilted his head to the left,placing butterfly kisses up the shaft,tongue darting out to catch the drop of precum which dripped from the slit.

"W-Wookie...hnn...aah..."he moaned as he felt Ryeowook’s hair tickle his balls, he bucked his hips involuntarily when Ryeowook engulfed his member without warning. Somehow his fingers found the bottle of lube, squirting a dollop of it on his fingers. His breath hitched when Kyuhyun cupped his balls with his free hand,gently rubbing them as he started to deep throat his lover hard and fast.

"Hn..." Ryeowook released a muffled cried when Kyuhyun entered a lubricated digit into his passage, as he continued to deep throat his lover. The magnae moved his finger in a circular motion, stretching the hole slightly, occasionally pushing his digit further in.

"H-Hyung I'm close..." Kyuhyun panted out as he sneaked in another finger into Ryeowook, causing him to gasp, as he thrust his hips into his lover's mouth. The elder released his cock, body trembling with pleasure as Kyuhyun moved his fingers in a scissoring motion. "Ngh...hyung...why did you stop..." Kyuhyun groaned.

"Cause...I want Kyunnie to come in me." Ryeowook said, hips rolling sensuously for more. He moaned loudly as his back arched when Kyuhyun's fingers brushed at his prostate. "Mngh...there...more please..." Ryeowook moaned, his body trembled with pleasure, he felt his hands and legs weakened.

Kyuhyun complied, brushing his finger pads at the prostate, causing Ryeowook's body to jerk involuntarily. The elder whimpered when he felt his climax which was only denied by the tight cock ring around his aching member. He felt his cock twitch, more precum leaking from the slit, trickling down his shaft.

"Kyu...can I come please?" Ryeowook begged, wrapping his arms around Kyuhyun's neck, placing butterfly kisses on his lover's collar bone.

"Maybe...hold it a bit longer babe." Kyuhyun whispers, worrying Ryeowook's earlobe with his teeth, releasing a few whimpers from the latter's lips, his free hand drew imaginary circles on his thigh.

"Haa!" Ryeowook gasped when Kyuhyun massaged his prostate with his fingers. "I-I'm r-ready..." he said shakily, his knees gave up on him.

"You sure?" Kyuhyun asked worriedly, rewarding furious nods from the latter. He cupped the elder's cheeks, leaning in to place a sloppy kiss on his lips. Carefully he lifted his body off Kyuhyun’s thighs, before lowering his body steadily, bit by bit on to Kyuhyun’s saliva coated erection, till he was completely filled to the hilt. He pulled away from the kiss to release a strangled moan, feeling his lover inside him completely. 

"Ngh...ahh...s-so big..." he panted out, feeling the ring muscle stretch mercilessly. Pain coursed through his body, causing his knees to weaken, now trembling more than before. 

“So tight...relax a bit...” Kyuhyun said in a raspy voice, feeling the wet and delicious heat tightly around his shaft, kissing his temple. “Move...ahn...when your ready...” he said. Ryeowook panted heavily, his chest raising then falling a couple of times as he got use to Kyuhyun’s size. The elder panted out as he tried to relax and get use to the size, nails digging into the magnae’s skin. Tears glazed over Ryeowook’s eyes, Kyuhyun kissed him passionately, trying to ease the pain.

After a while, Ryeowook started moving slowly, one hand at his ass, the other around Kyuhyun’s neck to hold him in position. “Ngh...” he released a low grunt as he lowered his body, making the younger’s cock to fill him again. Erotically he rolled his hips, accidentally brushing his member against Kyuhyun’s toned chest, causing the latter to moan.

“”he moaned when Kyuhyun placed both his hands on Ryeowook’s waist, slowly and carefully moving him up and down, riding him in a very slow pace. Soon, the pain was replaced with pleasure as he started to ride Kyuhyun faster than before.

Kyuhyun bucked his hips for more, thrusting back into Ryeowook, who gasped in sheer pleasure. Ryeowook continued riding him harder and faster every time, slamming down on to his cock. “Hnn...ngh...ah...ahn!” his back arched involuntarily when the younger’s cock brushed against his prostate.

The magnae flipped their positions, Ryeowook now under him, legs around his waist. After a few slow thrust, he thrust in deeper than before, filling the elder, making Ryeowook moan wantonly. “Faster...haa...nh...”

He obligated, thrusting faster than before, causing the bed to shift and creak. Putting more power in every thrust. “Ahh...haa! K-Kyu...more...” moans escaped from his parted lips. Kyuhyun rammed faster and harder than before, accidentally brushing against a patch of skin inside the elder, causing the latter to jerk a little. Hips bucked, trying to get more contact and friction happening.

Pulling it out for a moment, he repositioned himself in a certain angle, before pushing back into Ryeowook. “AHH! Kyu...ahn!” The air was filled with moans,screams,strings of korean curses and the scent of hot sex. Both of them not giving a damn about the others beyond the room. Kyuhyun’s thrust got faster and harder, maybe a bit rougher, just the way Ryeowook liked it, hitting the sweet spot every time, abusing it like crazy.

“Kyu ah...c-can I c-come p-please...”he begged, the grasp round the neck tightening a bit. The magnae removed the legs which were around his waist, repositioning them on his shoulders, heightening the excitement. “Ahh...hnn...haa...” Ryeowook let out a string of moans, feeling his lover thrust deeper as he wrapped his own hand on his own hard on, stroking it in the same rhythm.

Kyuhyun slipped a hand in between in them, slipping the cock ring of the aching member, tossing it away. Immediately, Ryeowook came screaming his lover’s name, spilling all over Kyuhyun’s stomach. Kyuhyun followed right after, filling Ryeowook with his semen, when he felt the ring muscle constricted tightly round him. 

Kyuhyun collapsed beside Ryeowook, after he slowly pulled his shaft out, due to exhaustion. The elder place an arm at his dongsaeng’s waist, enjoying the after glow. Ryeowook snuggled closer to Kyuhyun, giving a small kiss on his his lips.

“Don’t have fun all alone again, okay?” Kyuhyun question, stroking Ryeowook’s locks.

“Mm...” the elder hummed, rubbing his thumb over Kyuhyun’s ribs suggestively, burying his head into the crook of his neck, kissing his nape.

“By the way, what were you reading just now?” Kyuhyun asked.

“Just some Kyuwook smut fanfiction a fan gave to me, along with a few stuffs.” he whispered seductively. “A really thick vibrator, a video camera, pair of handcuffs...” Kyuhyun’s cock immediately hardened at the thought. “You wanna go again? Using all of those and more?” Ryeowook asked, licking his lips.

“Maybe...” Kyuhyun whispers huskily.

“You can spank me if you want too...for not telling you about it...” Ryeowook says, moving a hand up and down Kyuhyun’s thighs. “Even torture me for being such a naughty boy today.”

Ryeowook didn’t know when but Kyuhyun towered above him, eyes filled with hunger and lust. “You’re asking for it.” he growled, before attacking Ryeowook.

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