Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mistletoe (Kyumin)

Title : Mistletoe
Pairings : Kyumin
Rating : PG13?PG?
Warnings : Failed fluff story T.T
A/N: For my umma (Silver Dreams On Golden Wings) ^-^ merry christmas everybody~

Written: 25th December 2008

“Hyung! I already said I’m sorry!” Kyuhyun said in a mixture of frustrated, pissed off and angry tone. Sungmin’s eyes widen slightly at the tone of voice his lover used on him. His lower lip quivered a little, tears glazed over his eyes, threatening to spill any second.

“CHO KYUHYUN YOU’RE SUCH AN IDIOT!!I HATE YOU!” Sungmin shouted at him, tears trickling down his face, throwing his ripped up bunny at his lover.

“Ah hyung wa--” the door slammed shut right in front of him, he heard the lock click as well. Kyuhyun sighs heavily, he hung low, his hands on the door. He listened to his lover through the door, all the loud sobs and Sungmin calling him a jerk or an idiot. Sighing again, he walked towards the living room, sitting on one of the couches.

“Cho Kyuhyun! You have one minute to explain this!” Leeteuk shouted both hands on his hips. Kyuhyun just showed Sungmin’s ripped up bunny, the stomach ripped open, the stuffing inside now falling out. “How did this happen?!”

“Wait, Teukie umma don’t scold Kyuhyunnie because of this.” Donghae said as he entered the living room.


“Well...me and Hyukkie were throwing it around the room. Kyuhyun asked us to stop but then I ripped it. Then Sungmin hyung came in and Kyu said he did it.” he said guiltily. “...and now Sungmin hates him...mianhae Kyu.” he apologized.

“It’s okay hyung. I’ll just try to fix this, if I can’t I’ll just spend Christmas by myself this year.” he sighs.


That night Kyuhyun slept on the couch in the living room after stitching up the bunny. In the morning...

“Hyung...open up please...” Kyuhyun says as he twist the doorknob, only finding it locked. He sighed dejectedly, placing the fixed bunny on the floor before leaving the household to visit his sister.


Finally in the evening, Sungmin opens the door, wanting to apologize to his lover about his reactions yesterday. He felt something prod at his foot, looking down, he found his use to be ripped up bunny sitting on the ground. Once he picked it up, he went back into their room.

He sat on his bed, he looked at his bunny. The plush was now stitched back, meaning no more sliced stomach, now finding a heart saying ‘I love you’ on the stomach. Furthermore, the bunny was holding a rose stalk, a glass bottle filled with tiny paper cranes, which he knew Kyuhyun made over the year and placed the bottle in the living room so he could fold it will watching ‘Jumong’. He looked at the cute card his lover made, turning it over...

Merry Christmas hyung, i dunno if you’ll ever forgive me for ripping your favorite soft toy but i really am sorry for ripping it. um...what else can i say in here *chuckles* minnie hyung should stop crying so much now a days...you won’t look cute the next day T^T if hyung is looking for me even though,i doubt you will, i’ll be in my sister’s house... Minnie hyung....bogoshipda...aishiteru...wo ai ni...saranghaeyo yongwonhi.

Sungmin cried quietly, touched by his lover’s last few words. He dashed out of the household, not caring much he’s still in his pajamas, well...if he was out he would have change but, his sister just live 3 floors above theirs.

Once he was in front of Ahra’s house, he rang the door bell a couple of times before she answered the door. “Ah, hi Sungmin. Come in, come in.” she allowed Sungmin in, already knowing that he was looking for her little brother.

“Nuna who was t-” he looked up, finding his lover in front of him, in his cute pajamas. “Hyung.”

“Well...I’ll leave both of you alone to talk.” she said before leaving to the kitchen.

“Hyung what are you doing here?”

“Looking for you of course.” Sungmin smiled cheerfully. “About yesterday...I’m really sorry, it was an accident right? Would you forgive me? Even though I’m such a lousy lover towards you.” he asks. The magnae smiled at him warmly, hugging his lover as if he hasn’t seen him for months.

“I forgive you.”he replies as he pulls away slightly to caress Sungmin’s cheeks, leaning in to give him a peck on the cheek.

Sungmin looked at his lover’s hands, his fingers all taped over with plasters. “What happen to your hand?” he asks, his voice filled with concern.

Kyuhyun blushes in embarrassment. “Uh...yesterday when I was sewing back Mr.Fluffy, I pricked myself many times...” The elder brought the magnae’s hand to his mouth, placing a kiss on his knuckles.

“So please tell me. When are you guys actually going to kiss?” Ahra said, suddenly appearing before them, putting something over their heads. Both of them smiled happily at her, finding a mistletoe above their heads. Kyuhyun pulled Sungmin by the waist pulling them closer, leaning in slightly he placed a chaste kiss at Sungmin’s lips, causing the latter to blush.

“Merry Christmas hyung.”

“Mm...Merry Christmas.” Sungmin replied, giving his lover a deep and passionate kiss.


Comments are appreciated! ^-^ Merry Christmas~!

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