Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shy (Kyumi)

Title: Shy
Pairing: Kyumi
Rating: PG15?

A/N: Some random kyumi story i wrote when i was cutting my hair XP so it's like really random X)

"You were great out there." Zhou Mi said after the comeback performance, wrapping his arms around Kyuhyun's slender waist.

"Thanks." he replied, smiling warmly, nuzzling his head into Zhou Mi's chest, sighing with discontent. "I missed you so much." he whispered.

Zhou Mi smiled at the statement, tightening the grip around his waist, pulling Kyuhyun closer to his body.. "I missed you too."

"Aww! How cute!" Sungmin and Ryeowook squealed in unison, causing Kyuhyun and Zhou Mi to blush with embarrassment. "I'm so glad you guys are finally together! After like a year secretly admiring!" Ryeowook giggled.

Kyuhyun turned a shade brighter, burying his head deeper into his lover's chest. "A whole year?" Zhou Mi asked teasingly.

"Yeah! He kept talking about you, saying 'oh he's so good looking', 'he has such an amazing voice', 'he's so amazing' and 'I wish I could kiss him'." Sungmin mocked Kyuhyun 'fangirling' voice.

"And do you want to know how many pictures he has of you?? Like 10 million of your pictures in the computer, under the folder 'My --" Ryeowook was cut off by Kyuhyun, who slapped his hand over the elder's mouth.

"My future husband, Mimi!" Sungmin continued, giggling like a high school girl. Kyuhyun hid his face in his palms, completely red, hoping some big hole would just eat him up and not make him suffer from embarrassment. Zhou Mi's eyes widened.

"And at least a fraction of it are photos of you in you're sleep, and you know how you always see his handphone facing you when you come out of the shower half naked, and he always say he's texting someone. "Zhou Mi nodded in reply. "He was actually taking pictures of you half naked!" Ryeowook said.

"I think Heechul hyung told me he heard magnae moaning your name." Eunhyuk joined in, causing Zhou Mi's eyes widen even more, feeling his pants tightened as he felt his crotch stiffen when he thought about his lover jerking off about him.

Kyuhyun wanted to cry so badly, he finally got the man of his dreams and now all his hyungs are telling Zhou Mi all his secrets. "Now he's going to think I'm a freak." Kyuhyun said dejectedly as he sat at the corner of the room.

"Who said I'm going to think you're a freak." Zhou Mi said, blushing pink after hearing about his lover. "I think it's adorable." he continued, slinging both his arms around Kyuhyun's shoulders. The younger tensed slightly, before relaxing into the touch.

"It's so embarrassing..." Kyuhyun muttered. Zhou Mi turned the magnae around till he was facing him. Tilting Kyuhyun's head, leaning in to claim his lips for the first time ever since they became official. Fingers tangling into Kyuhyun's long and wavy hair.

Kyuhyun's eyes widened with shock, feeling the familiar heat at his cheeks again. Eyes seeped shut, hesitantly kissing back, using all his limited knowledge of kissing.

Zhou Mi broke the kiss, smiling with content. "Was that your first kiss?" he asked as he watched the younger tinge pink, nodding shyly. "I'm so happy."

"I'm so glad you stole my first kiss." Kyuhyun smiles, slinging an arm around Zhou Mi's neck, pulling him down till their lips met again.

The kiss was bolder than the previous one, mouth moving in sync, both men deepening the kiss by the second. Kyuhyun whimpered when Zhou Mi wiped his tongue over the younger's lower lip, prying the lips apart.

The magnae parted his lips, allowing the tongue to slide in. He shivered with delight as his tongue brushed over the Chinese's slick muscle. Once they broke the kiss for air, he rest his head on Zhou Mi's shoulder.

"Wo ai ni." Kyuhyun whispered.

Zhou Mi placed a kiss on his cheek. "Wo ye ai ni." he replied.

"Aww! So adorable!" Ryeowook and Sungmin said in unison, taking pictures of the couple with their handphones, making the couple blush.


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