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My Secret Place (Kyumin And Yewook)

Title : My Secret Place
Pairings : Kyumin and minor Yewook
Rating : PG-13?15?
A/N : Sorry if the story is a bit rushed ehehe ^-^" i wrote this when i was year 6. lost the paper. found it, now finally completed!!! XD
Written: 11th December 2008


The sounds of motorbikes raced through the tracks. A quiet and peaceful morning, he thought to himself. “Annyong!” a voice rang in his ears which snapped him out of trance.

“Ah, Ryeowookie!”he was surprised to see his good friend here. Ryeowook walked towards him, standing beside him.

“So...what are you doing here, Sungmin hyung?” Ryeowook asked curiously.

“Sleepwalked here maybe?” They both giggled at the response.

“Oh, I see. If I’m right, the two of them should be here.”


“The two best racers.”he smiled. At that moment the sounds of the motorbikes stopped. The riders pushed their viles up, making them reveal their eyes. Then carefully taking of their helmets. Now, their faces were fully exposed. Both were very good looking and charming. One was slightly tanner than the other, younger but slightly taller and equally muscular as the other. The other man was fairer,older and had more of a pretty face than handsome.

The elder looked towards them, waving his hand to Ryeowook, sending him a wink, causing Ryeowook to blush and smiled shyly at him. The two racers walked over to the audience box. Almost immediately the elder wrapped his arms around Ryeowook’s slender waist, giving him a chaste kiss on the lips.

“Hi Wookie.”he greeted with a low and husky voice.

“Hi Sungie.”he replied, giving a light peck on the cheek as he placed his larger hands on Yesung’s. “I missed you.” he whispered into Yesung’s ear, planting a kiss at his jaw line, fingers tangled in his lover’s hair.

“I missed you too.” he replied back in the same manner. “I couldn’t focus just now because I was thinking about you.” he gave a light peck on the tip of Ryeowook’s nose before placing a kiss on the lips, sweeping his tongue across the younger’s lower lip. “When I do that, I just want to do it again.” giving a brief kiss.

The other two blinked their eyes rapidly, obviously blur about the couple, watching the public display of affection in front of them. The younger of the two, coughed, causing the couple to break the kiss they were sharing.

“Obviously you guys have forgotten about us.” Sungmin said, giggling slightly. The cute and cuddly couple blushed embarrassingly. “Oh, Sungie this is Sungmin hyung.”

“Nice to meet you.” Yesung smiled at Sungmin,who just smiled back.

“And...this is my little brother,Kyuhyun.” Yesung introduced them to the rider, who was standing next to Sungmin.

“Annyong.”he said softly, almost inaudible.

They chatted as they brought Yesung and Kyuhyun’s bike into the garage, Sungmin and Ryeowook waited for the two of them to change out of their jump suits to casual clothes. After they left the racing track, they walked to the nearby shopping center.

“ and Wookie are gonna go on our date. And I’m sure you guys don’t want to see us PDA-ing am I right?” Yesung asked, causing Ryeowook’s cheeks stain pink.

“Yup.So you guys enjoy yourself...I’ll send Kyuhyun home later.” Sungmin said. The couple thanked him then left them, Yesung are slung around Ryeowook’s waist. Suddenly Kyuhyun’s stomach grumbled noisily in hunger, hoping Sungmin didn’t hear it.

Sungmin giggled at the sound. “Are you hungry?” Kyuhyun blushed in embarrassment, nodding his head bashfully. They headed to a small,pleasant cafe. After entering, they sat at a corner of the cafe, beside the window. Soon the waitress came and took their order.

“Thank you for treating me to lunch.” he mumbled and blushed pink, fingers fiddling with the hem of his shirt.

“It’s no problem.” he smiled warmly at him, causing Kyuhyun’s stomach to flop slightly and his heart skipping a beat. “You don’t like to talk much do you?”

“I-I only talk to the people who are close to me.” he stuttered out, pushing his specs up slightly.

“Oh! I can be your friend!”he beamed with a cheerful smile.

As soon as Kyuhyun open his mouth to speak, the food had arrived. They ate their food in a comfortable silence. Kyuhyun reached his hand to reach for the salt shaker, brushing his fingers against Sungmin’s soft skin. His heart started thumping hard against his chest as his stomach flopped again.

Their cheeks stained a faint shade of red, trying to avoid any eye contact, both of them stared hard at their food. “M-Mianhae...”Sungmin apologized with a shaky voice.

“I-It’s okay.” Kyuhyun stuttered out. They continued to eat their food in an awkward silence.

Once they were done, Sungmin took the risk to look at the younger, smiling warmly when he saw a piece of food stuck at the corner of Kyuhyun’s lips. Sungmin lifted his hand, using his thumb to wipe it off. ‘How cute’ he thought. Kyuhyun immediately blushed bashfully, heart thumping fast and hard again. He muttered a silent thank you, fingers playing with the hem of his shirt again.

“You’re welcome.” Sungmin smiled brightly at him.


They walked around the shopping center, talking about anything that came to mind. Kyuhyun fell for Sungmin even more, he loved everything about him, his personality,his fits of giggles and laughs,his appearance, everything. Kyuhyun continued walking before noticing Sungmin stopped in front of the arcade, starring at something.

“Hyung?” he questions,looking at the same direction as Sungmin, finding the elder looking at the big rabbit plush on the top shelf. Kyuhyun grinned, grabbing Sungmin’s wrist, pulling him into the arcade.

“Kyu?What are we doing here?”Sungmin asks.

“Hyung wants that right? I’ll win it for you.” Kyuhyun said in a determined voice. The elder felt his face heat up slightly. The magnae walked towards the counter, exchanging money for tokens, then advancing to the game he was confident on winning.

Sungmin watched Kyuhyun played the game, completely amazed, how the magnae had a switch personalities when it came to video games and socializing with people. He continued to watch his dongsaeng play, his hands hitting the buttons quickly as the other controlled the joystick. In few minutes, Kyuhyun already won the game and had won enough coupons for the big rabbit plush.

“That felt good.” Kyuhyun said, stretching his back as they walked back to the counter. He handed the guy the coupons, pointing at the plush his hyung wanted. “Here you go hyung.” he said happily, handing him the big rabbit plush. Sungmin’s eyes sparkled brightly, looking at back at the bunny and his dongsaeng before giving Kyuhyun a big hug, thanking him.

“I love you Kyu! Thank you!” he hugged the soft toy, unconsciously giving Kyuhyun a peck on the cheek. He just realized what he did. He blushed bright red, hiding his face with the bunny.

Kyuhyun on the other hand, looked shock but he was really happy. “You’re welcome.” he replied, touching the place Sungmin just kissed, smiling like an idiot. “How about you choose a game?”

“ about that one!”he pointed towards one of the games which needed two players.

“Alright.” he popped in the coins. 

They played for a couple of rounds, at times the magnae let his hyung win purposely. “Yay! I win again!” Sungmin cheered happily, Kyuhyun just smiled. “Oh, it’s getting late, I should send you home now.”he said, standing up from his seat as he looked at his watch, Kyuhyun just nodded dumbly.


“So I guess...this is good bye?”Kyuhyun asked.

“Yeah...I guess so. Night!” he replied.

“Oh, hyung! Can I have your phone number?” The younger asked, Sungmin smiled as he walked back to Kyuhyun, keying in his number in the magnae’s phone. Kyuhyun doing the same. “Thank you.” he smiled warmly.

“No problem. So...good night.” Sungmin wished, slowly making his way home. Kyuhyun watched his hyung walk away before heading inside his house, finding Yesung right in front of him, accidentally squeaking loudly.

“Obviously you had a good time with Sungmin today.” he smirked devilishly, causing his brother to blush. “Oh! So you did have a good time today! Tell me what happen!”he said animatedly.

“Nothing happened.”

“Really? Then why are you grinning like an idiot now.”

“I told you nothing happened.”he replied before heading to his room. Yesung chuckled softly before walking back to where his lover was sitting. “Wookie baby~”he chirped out, tackling Ryeowook on to the living room couch.


“I missed you!” he said, giving Ryeowook a big hug, placing his head at the crook of Ryeowook’s neck.

“But you were just away a minute ago.”the latter said in between fits of giggles, pinching Yesung’s cheeks.

“I know, but still!” with that he pulled away from the hug slightly, claiming Ryeowook’s soft lips. Ryeowook opened his mouth slightly allowing the tongue to enter his mouth, Yesung smirked into the kiss as he explored every corner of his mouth then sucked on the tongue, Ryeowook doing the same. Somehow, they just manage to suck on each others lips. Yesung sucking on the upper lip, the latter sucking at his lower lip.

Yesung pushed Ryeowook down on to the couch, slowly unbuttoning the shirt, pushing it off his shoulders. Bringing his lips to Ryeowook’s neck, gently sucking at his pulse point, his small hands roaming all over his torso. “Mm...S-Sungie...”

Suddenly... “You guys! Don’t be so loud okay? I need to study!” Kyuhyun shouted.


Days have past fairly quickly, Sungmin and Kyuhyun got to know each other better, occasionally meeting each other in the same cafe they ate in during their first encounter. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and the magnae had fallen for Sungmin even more.

Today was new year’s and Sungmin’s birthday, the four of them were at Yesung and Kyuhyun’s house. Yesung and Ryeowook were drunk from drinking too much, both ending up in their bedroom, having sex, leaving both of them in the living room watching ‘Time Between Dog And The Wolf’.

Sungmin placed his head on one of Kyuhyun’s shoulders, eyes staring at the television but not even paying attention to the drama. He shifts slightly in his seat, snuggling closer to the magnae, who looked as if he was concentrating on the drama, enjoying the warmth the magnae’s body radiated off.

Kyuhyun smiles warmly, snaking his arm around Sungmin’s slender waist, pulling him even closer. “Are you bored?”

“A little.” Sungmin replies, rubbing his eyes sleepily.

The magnae stood up from his seat, pulling Sungmin up on his feet, fingers lacing together, Kyuhyun led him out of the house. “Wait here.” he said as he walks away to his garage, getting out his motorcycle, walking closer to his hyung. He got on first before patting the seat behind him as he buckled his helmet.

Steadily, Sungmin got on the bike, buckling the helmet his dongsaeng had passed him. “Where are we going?” he asks.

“Somewhere special.” Kyuhyun replies, giving another smile to Sungmin. He blushes a little when Sungmin wrapped his arms around his waist, feeling the latter press his head on his back.


After a 30 minute ride, they finally arrive at a park. The magnae exhales and he sat on one of the two swings, Sungmin doing the same. “So this is your special place?” Sungmin asked carefully.

“Mmhmm.”he replied, nodding his head slightly. He rested his head on Sungmin’s shoulders, lacing their fingers together. “I use to come here, at least once a week, when I was a little kid. I stopped coming here ever since she left and Yesung hyung and Ryeowook hyung got together.”


“Mm. My ex-girlfriend, Ahra (A/N: I know it’s his sister’s name but...too lazy to think of one hehe)”

“Oh I see.” Sungmin muttered, he couldn’t help feeling jealous of the magnae’s previous girlfriend. “It’s ok. There is still many girls/woman out there.” he continued, gritting his teeth once he finished.

“Mm.I guess you’re right.” They remained in silence for a few minutes, enjoying each other’s company. Both of them were watching the stars. “Hyung.”


“I-I r-rea--” his confession was cut off when somebody shot fireworks into the sky, lighting the vast sky with bright colors. He cursed in his mind. His anger completely evaporated when his hyung jumped with shock and a cute,scared expression on his face.

“Omo! That scared me.” Sungmin said, his hand clenching on his shirt. Kyuhyun slowly leaned closer when Sungmin turn to face him, unknowingly he place an soft and innocent kiss on Sungmin’s lips. The elder stiffen slightly before relaxing into the kiss, his eyes seeping shut. This was one of the best presents he has ever received on his birthday.


The week after that, both of them felt awkward, all because of one kiss. All was good after another week, both acting as if the kiss never happened. They were siting at their usual spot in the cafe, chatting about the most random topics ever, telling each other weird stories, practically anything that popped up.

“Sungmin oppa?”a voice called out. Sungmin and Kyuhyun turned towards the voice, finding a girl, who similar to Sungmin. “I knew it was you!” she said, walking over to their table, giving a peck on Sungmin’s cheek when she passed him. Kyuhyun felt his heart shattered into pieces.

“Oh, hi Sunny.” he greeted, pulling a chair out for herself. “Oh, Kyu, this is Sunny. Sunny this is Kyuhyun.”

“Annyong oppa!” he greeted cheerfully, Kyuhyun just bowed his head slightly. Sungmin looked at Kyuhyun, noticing the shine in his eyes disappeared, his smile was gone as well.

“Kyu?” Sungmin questioned, waving his hand in front of the magnae’s face.

“Mianhae...I-I have to go now.” he stuttered out, tears threatening to spill. He stood up from his seat, grabbing his jacket.

“Wait. I’ll walk you home.” he offered.

“N-No it’s ok.” with that he ran out of the cafe, tears rolling down his cheeks.

“Wait!”Sungmin shouted out, chasing after him, leaving Sunny confused,


He just kept running, not bothering abut his direction, tears continued trickling down his cheeks. Running faster when he heard Sungmin called put his name and the loud footsteps. Somehow they ended up at the same park, both of them panting heavily, Kyuhyun choking back a sob.

Sungmin placed his hands on Kyuhyun’s shoulder, turning the magnae, so that he faces him. “Why are you crying?” he asked, bringing his hand up to wipe the tears away.

“It’s nothing, just leave me alone.” Kyuhyun replied in between sobs.

I know it’s not nothing. So tell me.”he said, trying to be as comforting as possible. Never in his life has he seen the magnae so weak and vulnerable.

“I-I can’t t-tell y-you.” he stuttered out. “If I do, y-you’ll just p-push m-me a-away.” he choked back a sob, breaking into more tears,

“I won’t! So tell me.” Kyuhyun looked at him, his hands shakily cupping the elder’s face. Nervously, he leaned in, crashing their lips together, Sungmin stood in shock but really happy, hesitantly Sungmin leaned in a bit more as his eyes flutter close. Slowly deepening the kiss.

They pulled apart, “I love you. I love everything about you. I love you so much.” je confessed softly. “And I know you will reject me, since I’m a guy and you’re going out with Sunny.”he rammed out, tears seeping out again.

Sungmin advanced towards him, smiling as he hugged the magnae. “Who said I would reject you?Even if you are a guy.” pressing his forehead against Kyuhyun’s. “Hmm?” he questions, as he planted a chaste kiss on Kyuhyun’s lips.

The magnae blushed. “’re going out with Sunny...”he mumbled shyly.

“Sunny?!” he burst out into fits of giggles and laugh. “She’s my little sister!” he said in between giggles. Kyuhyun pouted, still blushing madly. “Were you jealous?” he teased, watching the magnae flush even more.

“Maybe...”he whispered.

“So cute!” Sungmin squealed, giving Kyuhyun a long,passionate kiss. Kyuhyun reached for his nape, deepening the kiss bit by bit, feeling Sungmin’s tongue exploring his mouth thoroughly. Somehow their tongues intertwine, sucking on each other’s tongue.

“Mm...hyung...” he moaned out quietly. 

Regretfully they broke the kiss, due to the lack of oxygen in their lungs. “I love you too.”


They sat on the bench, Sungmin had his on Kyuhyun’s shoulders whereas the magnae had an arm around his newfound-lover’s waist.”I’m so sleepy.”the elder said as he rubbed his eyes sleepily.

“Really?” his eyes widen slightly, his hyung just nodded. Kyuhyun stood up from his seat, then crouching in front of his lover, his back facing Sungmin. “Come on, I’ll carry you.” Sungmin said.

“Huh?” he blinked furiously, shaking his head. “I’m heavy...” Sungmin mumbled.

“Fine. Since you’re so stubborn.” Kyuhyun stood up from his his position, in one fluid movement, carrying Sungmin in a bridal style, making him shriek slightly, clinging on Sungmin. “I’ll carry you this way then.” he shone off his pearly whites.

“Put me down!” he shouted and struggle, hitting Kyuhyun playfully. “I’ll get on your back...”he mumbled, blushing again.Kyuhyun obligated and placed him on his feet, then crouching down and standing back up when Kyuhyun got on his back. “Aren’t I heavy?” he asked.

“Nope~”he singsong.


“We’re here~” he chimed happily, still carrying Sungmin into his house.

“Can you put me down now?” he whines cutely.

“Fine...but kiss first.” Kyuhyun said, pointing at his lip, Sungmin giggled as he leaned forward, giving a feather-like kiss. After pulling apart, the magnae finally lets him down, starting to kiss each other again.

“Ahem.” Yesung smirked at the now blushing couple. “I see both of you are having a good time, finally together.”

“Ngh...” Ryeowook enters, rubbing his eyes sleepily. “Why are you guys so noisy?”

Yesung gave a wolfish grin, looking at his lover from head to toe. Ryeowook’s hair were sticking out at awkward places, his naked body only covered by their blankets, revealing a few reddish love bites. “Man...what a turn on...”he whispered to himself a bit too loudly for Kyuhyun to hear.

“I know how you feel. I would get turned on too if it was Sungmin.”he whispered to his brother. He leaned closer to Sungmin, giving him a hot and hungry kiss. Yesung smirked at his dongsaeng, who had Sungmin cornered, now having the dirtiest kiss with his newfound lover.

“Wookie ah~” he envelop Ryeowook at his waist. “Up for round 3?”


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