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What Actually Happened

Title: What Actually Happened
Rating: PG to NC17
Pairings: Lots (Crossover Fic)
Fandom: Suju,DBSK,Big Bang
A/N: hopefully this will make up for my hiatus.kinda joint? work with colourful_love (Umma) ^-^
Written: 28th February 2009

What actually happened during the shooting of Taegoon's Call Me MV

*the scene where Jaejoong was in the car and having a phone to his ear*

Jaejoong pressed the call button, placing the phone to his ear. After the third ring, somebody answered the call. "Hello?Who is this?"the person replied. "Hello? Hello?" the caller didn't reply.

"CUT Ok!" the director shouted. So who did Jaejoong call?

"Hello Yunnie ah!" Jaejoong said. "Mianhae I was shooting the MV just now. Anyways...where are you?"

What actually happened during the recording of Anyband's Daydream

"Junsu ah. You have to get that bit right."One of the staff said.

"Mianhae..."he apologized dejectedly. "I don't know how to moan at my own will..."he fumed.

"I know how!" Boa beams as she flips 'her phone open before dialing a number. "Yoochun ah, your sunbaenim needs your help. Can you come the recording studio?"


"Here you go. Just make him moan like crazy that's all." she winked as she place a bottle of lube into his hands before asking one of the staffs to switch the mic on, then exiting the room.


"Mn...Chun...Ohh..."he mewled, giving Yoochun an opening for his tongue to slide in, the slick muscle dancing around his warm cavern. Teeth clashing painfully against each other. Yoochun bit his lower lip, sweeping his tongue over it,pressing his tongue against Junsu's.

The dolphin boy squeals and moans loudly as Yoochun pressed a lubricated finger at his entrance, wiggling his digit inside."Ahn...Chun...god...oh..."he moaned, hands clutching his lover's dress shirt.

What actually happened during MKMF 2007, which made Yesung and Kyuhyun breathless during their speech

"W-Wait hyung ah hold on..."Kyuhyun protested half heartedly.. "We're going on stage soon..."he said with a breathless voice as Sungmin face leveled with his crotch.

Sungmin unbuttons the button, dragging the zipper with his teeth. He licks his pink lips seductively as he eyes the obvious bulge with hungry eyes, pulling the boxers down, revealing a fully erected cock. "Magnae's so big already." he said lustfully as he leans in a little, his breath tickling the magnae's heated region. Giggling happily as he watched his lover screw his eyes shut, he flicked his tongue at the tip before curling it around the head.

The magnae squirms slightly in embarrassment as he watch his lover take his cock into the petite mouth, warm,delicious heat around his erection. "Hyung...ahn...mn..."he moans quietly as the slick muscle dipped into his slit, soft lips gently sucking the tip.


"Wait Ye--" Ryeowook's sentence was cut off as Yesung hungrily claimed the younger's lips,teeth clashing painfully against each other. His body relaxed, shyly returning the kiss, parting his lips just a bit to allow his lover's tongue to slip into his warm cavern. The tongue danced around in his mouth, exploring Ryeowook's mouth thoroughly, trailing over the perfect sets of teeth. He tilted his head to side a bit more to get more excess. The magnae wrapped his tongue around 

Yesung's sucking it gently as his hands trail down his lover's torso to the edge of his pants.

Ryeowook unbuttoned the pants, pulling the zipper down,revealing the elder's fairly large bulge. He dipped his hand into the pants, groping Yesung's clothed bulge,hard, causing Yesung to gasp. "Ngh...W-Wookie ah..."he groaned as the younger slip his hands into his boxers, the hand got hold of the erection.

Yesung moaned softly as Ryeowook's fingers rub at his slit,finger pads brushing at his sensitive spot. "Ahh...wookie..." The magnae started to jerk him off in a deadly slow pace. The elder bucked his hips,trying to get more contact as his lover continue to jack him off harder and faster than before, drawing more precum for the slit.

"Ahn!W-Wookie haa..."he leaned his head as he attached his mouth on to Ryeowook's neck, biting it harshly, mufflling his moans, causing the younger to whimper slightly. "F-Faster ahn..."he stammered, breath shaking slightly, he looked at his lover through half lidded eyes before bringing his hand to the back of Ryeowook's neck, crashing their lips together.

What actually happened during the shooting of Super Junior Mini Drama (Prince Team)

*the scene where Kyuhyun falls on top Sungmin*

Their faces were less than an inch a part,noses nearly touching, lips almost brushing against each others. Cheeks brushing against each other. Kyuhyun's hand slid beneath the comferter, travelling underneath Sungmin's T-shirt, roaming around the smooth skin. He pinched a nipple, worrying the nub between the fingers, causing Sungmin to yelp loudly.

"CUT!That's an NG!" the director shouted, instructing both of them to redo the scene.

Kyuhyun fell on top of his hyung, chest almost touching chest, limbs tangled in a bunch, again lips just missing each other's by a few millimeters. The magnae slipped his hand beneath the comforters, traveling upwards brushing over Sungmin's private. Sungmin gasped loudly when Kyuhyun cupped the bulge, moving his hands teasingly as he massaged him through the jeans.

"CUT!NG again!" the director shouted in a frustrated tone, since Kyumin kept messing up the scene or either one of them would burst out laughing. "Let's take 5."with that he walked away.Kyuhyun smirked devilishly as both of them watch the staff leave.


"Ah!K-Kyuhyun ahn!Haa..."Sungmin moaned loudly as his back arched off the wall with pleasure when the magnae thrust into him again in a fast and rough pace, hitting his prostate accurately every time. "F-Faster ahh...h-harder..."he begged as his lover continued to thrust into him, harder and faster with every thrust.

With trembling hands, Sungmin began to pump his neglected and 

twitching cock at the same pace as the strong thrusts. After a couple of dozens of thrust, Sungmin screamed his lover's name as he came hard,back arched and knees buckled with pleasure. The magnae spilled his seeds inside the elder when the ring muscles clenched around his cock, biting on Sungmin's shoulder, trying to muffle out his moans as he rode out his orgasm, causing the elder to gasp.

Sungmin collasped into his arms, panting heavily, while Kyuhyun slid his cock outof him. "I can't believe we just did it here! In the open!" Sungmin said as he flushed bright red with embarrassment.

"So?You know you like it."Kyuhyun replied teasingly as he wriggles his brows,receiving a hit from his lover.


*the scene where Ryeowook sat on tacks and Yesung was checking if he was okay*

"Oh my god,you scared me. Are you okay?" Yesung ranted out his line as he pat Ryeowook's clothes to get any tacks out. As he patted his lover's butt, trying to sweep the dirt off, he smack Ryeowook's ass,causing the magnae to squeak and blush furiously.

Ryeowook looked at his lover,who had a smug look on his face, as he stepped back till his body was sandwiched between Yesung and the wall.

"Cut okay!!" the director shouted.

Yesung pushed Ryeowook closer to the wall and claimed his lips. An idle hand cupping Ryeowook's butt,massaging it gently as the tongue entered his mouth. "Mhn...ahg..."he moans quietly.


"Ahh! Y-Yesung h-hyung! Oh...so good..." Ryeowook panted as he bounced on Yesung's cock as the elder bucked his hips,thrusting into Ryeowook harder and faster with every strong thrust, the tip hitting his pleasure spot every time.

What actually made Heechul kiss Sungmin during a performance

"I bet u a 100 bucks, that Kyuhyun won't touch Sungmin if one of us kissed him." Kangin said.

"You're on! I know Kyuhyun is loyal to Minnie dear." Heechul said.


*After the performance*

Heechul and Kangin pressed their ears against the door,trying to eavesdrop on Kyuhyun and Sungmin's conversation.

"Ahh! K-Kyuhyun ahn!More!"Sungmin moaned loudly, his moans accompanied by squeaks of bed springs and a few bangs against the wall.

"Ha!Told you so!" Heechul pointed an accusing finger at Kangin. "My 100 bucks please." Heechul said as he sticks him palm out. Kangin grumbled something under his breath as he rolled out a 100, slapping it into the elder's palm.

What actually happened during the shooting of DBSK's Banjun Drama 'Finding Lost Time'

*the scene where Yoochun asks Jaejoong for advice*

"Hyung,If you had to choose between love and friendship,which one?"

"There is no such choice,they're always together.You keep both or loose both."Jaejoong said as he continued to text as he left the room. Who was he actually texting?

Once the director said 'cut', Yoochun ran over to where Jaejoong was. He peered over his shoulders, squinting his eyes slightly to read the small letters on Jaejoong's handphone.

*handphone screen*

To: My Yunnie <3
I miss you so much!! XD

What actually happened during the shooting of Seungri's Strong Baby MV

*the scene where Seungri and the girl is on the bed*

He nuzzles at her neck, almost, ALMOST kissing her at her throat, slowly moving his head to place his lips on her chin. The arm around her waist pulling her body closer to him.

"CUT OK!" the director called out. 

The girl got off him,pulling the straps of the dress back up, before Seungri got off the bed. He shivered slightly, feeling a pair of eyes glaring daggers at him. Nervously,he turned around finding his lover,G-dragon, glaring at him.

"H-Hyung."he stammered.

"No touching,hugging or kissing me for a half a year!" Jiyong shouted before walking away angrily.

"B-But hyung!It's director's fault!!"the magnae cried as he ran after his lover.

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