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Kinks And Skirts (Kyumin) [RATED]

Title: Kinks and Skirts
Pairings: Kyumin slight Yewook
Written: 14th September 2008

“Yesung hyung are you sure this looks good on me?” Kyuhyun asked the elder as he looked at the long mirror in front of him.

He was wearing a white crisp collar shirt with buttons down the front and the long sleeves rolled up till his elbow, a black skinny tie, long grey pants with black stripes and a pair of his favorite black converse shoes.

“Of course! Don’t you trust your own hyung??” he asked while pretend to over-react. Suddenly he was out of the room coming back in with Ryeowook. “Wookie ah what do you think?” he asks while pointing at Kyuhyun.

“Wow. Kyu you look hot.” Ryeowook commented with wide eyes. “Good job hyung!” he said as he patted his lover’s shoulders.

“You think so?” Kyuhyun asked with a slight worrisome voice. The couple nodded their heads furiously. “Thanks hyung I owe you one.” he said as he took his wallet, hand phone and a few for personal items from the table.

“You owe me a lot of things.” Yesung teased slightly. Kyuhyun chuckled slightly as he left the room then out of the house.

Once the door was shut, Yesung turned around to Ryeowook to find him on the bed with a book in his hand, a knee up and the other leg flat on the bed. The elder smirked mischievously before walking towards the bed. He straddled the younger, who didn’t seem to notice his actions, then teasingly pulled the book out of Ryeowook’s grasp. The latter blinked twice then looks up at Yesung curiously with his cute doe eyes, this turned Yesung on even more.

“Read later.” he said with lust filled eyes as he pinned both of Ryeowook’s hands above his head. Using his free hand, he gripped Ryeowook’s chin gently, tilting it slightly he kissed his lips. The kiss started getting more heated as Yesung licks the bottom and Ryeowook sucks of Yesung’s upper lip. The elder bit on the lip causing the younger to moan and open his mouth, using the advantage Yesung slips his tongue into Ryeowook’s mouth, exploring every corner of the warm cavern.Yesung moves his lips to the younger’s chin, kissing every part of his face. He move his lips to Ryeowook’s neck and starts sucking on it. “Hyung ah...” he moans out.


Kyuhyun waited patiently at the entrance of the shopping centre. After a couple minutes of waiting finally Sungmin arrives, wearing a pink sun dress which ended at his knees. Kyuhyun looked at his lover from head to toe, slowly taking in the sight, he gulped slightly feeling his member getting harder than before.

“Hi Kyu!”he greeted cheerfully as he kissed the younger on his cheeks.

“Hi hyung.”he said as calm as possible.He smiled at Sungmin as he intertwined his fingers with his lover’s.

Sungmin shone a bright smile,which Kyuhyun swear it was brighter than the Sun. “So where are we going?”

“Anywhere is fine.” he said as they walked into the shopping centre. His hyung dragged into some clothes shop,which sells women clothes? “Hyung?” he questions curiously after watching Sungmin taking a couple of skirts,blouses and even dresses. Unknowingly,he was pulled into the fitting area,he watches his hyung walk into one of the fitting rooms then after a couple of minutes pulled the curtains.

“What do you think Hyunnie?”he asked his lover,who was leaning on the opposite pillar. Kyuhyun immediately looked at him once he heard Sungmin’s voice. Sungmin was wearing a pink knee-length skirt which contrasted with his pale skin and a black silk camisole. Kyuhyun gulped heavily taking the sight of his hyung in a skirt.Suddenly his pants felt uncomfortably tight and constricted.

“It’s looks good on you.”he tried to smile.Sungmin shone another smile before shutting the curtains then opening again revealing him with a different outfit but all included skirts or dresses. He repeats the same actions again and again causing Kyuhyun’s member to get harder and harder by the second.

Sungmin pulled the curtains once again this time revealing him in a white blouse and a red checkered mini skirt,which was only a quarter way down his milky thighs, and made him look like a japanese school girl.

“So what do you think?”Sungmin asked as he did a 360 degrees turn with a bubbly giggle. Kyuhyun wanted to compliment him but his voice left him and only to release a soft moan. The elder tilted his head to the left,slightly confused about the sound. His eyes looks at the magnae from his head slowly downwards,then abruptly stops when he saw the large bulge. His eyes widen. “Kyuhyun ah...”he called out as he moved closer towards him.

Kyuhyun was beyond embarrassed,he didn’t dare to look at his hyung at all.Suddenly he found himself in the changing room and Sungmin was poking his head outside the curtains calling a staff,rolling out a hundred into his hands asking him to shoo all the customers in the dressing room away. His attention was then back to Kyu,he bit on to his lips as he saw the large bulge. “Is it that bad?” he asked and the magnae nodded embarrassingly.

Sungmin ducked down to level his face with Kyuhyun’s bulge. After taking quite some time to unbuckle the belt, Sungmin went back up and kissed Kyuhyun hungrily. He bit on to his lover’s bottom lip causing him to part his lips slightly.Sliding his tongue into the younger’s hot mouth, he explored every inch of the warm cavern.

Regretfully he pulled away so they could breathe. Kyuhyun could feel his hyung nipping,biting and sucking at the sensitive part of his neck. He couldn’t help but moan into Sungmin’s ears when Sungmin grind against his hips and unconsciously brushing against the erection. Sungmin’s right hand cupped the clothed erection then massaging it in a deadly slow speed. “H-Hyung...ah...please...ah...”

Using his middle finger,he traced an imaginary line at the middle from the under side to the front. Once he unbuttoned the button, almost immediately he slips his hand into Kyuhyun’s boxer then slowly stroking the erected cock. Kyuhyun held on to Sungmin since he felt his legs weaken suddenly, he dips his head into one of his shoulders and moan loudly. Sungmin smiled at his expression, he pressed his body closer to Kyuhyun while his right hand continued pumping and stroking a bit faster than before. “Ah....oh god....hyung...faster!Ah please hyung....ah...faster!”he pleaded as he gripped tighter onto Sungmin’s shirt.

Sungmin smiled even more, he licked the outer shell of Kyuhyun’s ear then bit and tug on it causing the magnae to whimper. “’re so impatient today.” he chuckled softly as he obligated and stroked even faster and pumped his cock even harder.

“S-Sungmin ah...oh god....faster...!harder...!” he pleaded louder as he threw his head back. He started to roll his hips trying to get as much delicious friction as possible. His climax was close. “I’m close ah....” Sungmin abruptly stops. “Hyung I need to come!”he pleads. He didn’t realize his pants was pooling around his ankles.

Sungmin was already crouching on the floor, his tongue swirling and swiping across the tip of the magnae’s member.He shut his eyes tight,obviously totally embarrassed at their current situation.They were at a mall,in a famous boutique and in a small changing room which anyone could enter at anytime plus his hyung giving the best blow job in the world. “Ah....Hyung don’t tease please...ah...”he panted out loudly when his member was engulfed by Sungmin. His skillful tongue licking at the slit as his left hand squeezed his balls. “AH SUNGMIN AH...!FASTER HARDER!”he moans out hoarsely.

He obligated, sucking harder and faster every passing second then starting to deep throat him. “HYUNG!I’M COMING AHHHH!!!”he shouted out loudly. His climax reached the peak and his seeds shot out into Sungmin’s mouth. He managed to swallow every drop of it, he sucked Kyuhyun’s member dry. Kyuhyun completely exhausted,he almost fell to the ground luckily Sungmin managed to catch his fall.

They sat on the ground, Kyuhyun’s head on Sungmin’s shoulder. “How was that?” he asked innocently.

“Amazing.Hyung gives the best blow job.”Kyuhyun replies in an exhausted manner.

Sungmin smiles brightly. “Come on let’s go pay!” he says in a hyper manner as he took the white collar shirt and the checkered mini skirt along. They walked out of the changing room to pay for the clothes,not before thanking the guy who shooed all the customers.

Once they left the boutique and out the mall as soon as they got to Kyuhyun’s car “Where are we going?” Sungmin asked,still smiling brightly.

“Secret.”Kyuhyun replied putting his pointer at his lips. They drove for about 15 minutes till they reached a 5 star hotel by the name ‘Soi (some Japanese hotel I went to)’.


They entered the room, Sungmin awed at amazement. The room had a queen-sized bed, two night stand with a lamp on each table beside the bed and a big screen television in front of the bed. The walls were painted beige plus there was a great view.

Kyuhyun on the other hand, was looking at Sungmin...well more of his ass thinking how it would feel to grope him in a skirt. Sungmin had a sudden smirk finally realizing why they were here, he took the paper bag and entered the bathroom. After a while, he came out wearing the white collar shirt with the red and black checkered mini skirt.

He found Kyuhyun sitting on the bed flipping through a magazine, Sungmin slowly crawled on to the bed as seductive as possible. “Kyuhyun ah...” he whispered...more like moaned. The younger put the magazine down on the night stand before seeing his hyung in such a fuckable position.The mini skin hung at the right places as it hiked up.

Sungmin slowly crawled on top of him, grinding and rolling his hips at certain times when he moved causing their groins to brush against each other. “Hyung...”he breathed out quietly. He gently gripped on to his hyung’s wrist, pinning it above his head and now Kyuhyun was on top straddling his waist,Sungmin at the bottom.

Kyuhyun lowered his head as he captured Sungmin’s warm soft lips. The kiss was teasingly slow and passionate. His tongue slipped into Sungmin’s parted ones as the tongue started to explore every inch of his mouth, tongues then started to fight for dominance,one sucking on the other. Slowly Kyu started to grind his hips against Sungmin’s and purposely causing their groins to touch. “Ah...Kyu ah!” he moaned softly as he shut his eyes tight.

Sungmin tried to break free from his hold but unfortunately failed. He arched his back off the bed slightly trying to get more touches and friction. “Kyu more!”he shouted in frustration. Kyuhyun obligated and continue to rub their clothed member against each other. The magnae’s right started to move lower, purposely cupping the clothed erection while massaging it before heading to his ass and slowly stroking it. “Kyu...ah...”he panted out.

Moans and short breathy pants escaped his lips. Kyuhyun whispered sexily asking him to spread his legs,he licked the shell and bit on it causing Sungmin to moan in pleasure. Sungmin blushed embarrassingly as he slowly almost shakily spread his legs apart causing the skirt to hike up even more,ending up only at the starting of his thighs. Kyuhyun slipped in between his legs,seductively. He crawled up to him,until their chest pressed against each other.

Sungmin was distracted by listening to Kyu whispering dirty lines into his ear, his hands suddenly groped his clothed erection. Sungmin gasped loudly at the sudden contact. Kyuhyun smirked as he moved his hand up and down, feeling Sungmin with his hands. “Ah!Kyu stroke it!!”he whined loudly as he bucked his hips to feel more of Kyu. “Ah...”

Kyuhyun gave him another smirk before moving his hands to the top of the underwear. He felt a lacy feeling at the top and he looked at Sungmin. “Hyung ah...panty?” he whispered huskily into his ear, Sungmin moaned quietly as he nodded furiously. “How naughty...”he grins. His hands slowly slips into the panty, grabbing the erection and stroke it a deadly slow pace.

“Kyuhyun ah...Faster!” he breathed out as his fingers tangled into the latter’s dark hair. His hands wiggled and twisted trying to break free from the grasp only to find it tightened even more. Using his thumb,he pressed against the tip then slowly ghosting over the slit. “AH!KYU!Don’t tease!”he panted out as his hips arched of the bed,making Kyu sit on his lap temporarily.

The skillful hands moved the underside of the cock stroking it slowly but harder than before,causing Sungmin to writhe under his touch. Moving even lower, his hands started to fondle with his balls, squeezing it at certain times. “AH!OH GOD!”he threw his head back as he shut his eyes tighter. His lips attacked Sungmin’s sensitive neck, he sucked it,bit it,licked it until it left a bluish mark there. The moans became louder and pants became shorter.

The hands moved back up then stroking it hard and fast. Seeing his hyung at this state made him grin.His hyung’s face all hot and bothered,he loved it. He licked his lips before dipping his head under the skirt, his hands pulled the underwear down slightly. He kissed the tip of the hard-on. Sungmin moaned wantonly. His pink tongue curled out then flicked up, causing his lover to shout his name loudly. “OH GOD!KYU!DO IT AGAIN!” he begged loudly as his hips arched again.

His climax was close and Kyuhyun continued his actions making Sungmin moaned louder. “Oh...ah...K-Kyu ah...I’m c-coming...”short,hard breathes escaped his lips. Kyuhyun abruptly stops his actions after a couple of tongue strokes,pulling the panty back up. He slips his hands back in slowly stroking, moving his head towards Sungmin he hungrily claimed Sungmin’s lips.

The kiss was all hot and heated but full of passion. He swallowed every moan,every pant,every grunt, every word.Precum starting leaking out of the tip of the hard-on. He broke the kiss as he tugged hard on the member. “AHHH!!!KYU AH!!!”he moaned out loudly. He panted harshly as he calmed down from his high.

Kyuhyun smiled at the sight. His hyung’s hair all disheveled, faced flushed red, the skirt hiked up till the starting of his milky thigh, his legs spread apart giving a nice view to him and his panty all wet with cum. He looked at Sungmin as he licked off all the white,milky substance off his fingers,causing Sungmin to blush in embarrassment. “Hyung’s so gorgeous like this.”he whispered huskily into his ear.

Feeling the grip loosen, using his free hands and all his might to push Kyuhyun off him. Now the positions were switched. Sungmin was on top of him with his legs in between his lover’s and Kyuhyun was trapped there. After pinning the strong hands, Sungmin pulled the tie off and tied him to the bed.

Kyuhyun was surprised he didn’t expected his hyung to top him that fast. “My turn.” Sungmin suddenly whispered seductively into his ear then bit on the shell as he felt Kyuhyun with his knee, making Kyuhyun mewl in pleasure.

Sungmin got off the bed as Kyuhyun sat up slightly. Sungmin licked his fingers suggestively before unbuttoning his blouse ridiculously slow. Kyuhyun gulped heavily, feeling his body and his cock all heated up. His fingers undid two buttons then he bent down a bit, pulling at his collar revealing more skin as his ass sticked up behind. He winked cutely and blew him a kiss. Kyuhyun gulped even harder feeling his lower region a need of release.

He turned his back towards his lover,unbuttoning the next two buttons. He let the blouse fall at his forearm on one side,the other side cling on his shoulder. He looked at Kyuhyun without turning his body, he purposely blushed to act all shy like a virgin. “K-Kyuhyun ah...I’m h-hot...can y-you...”he purposely stuttered before turning his body slightly,showing the boy on the bed his side view. He placed a hand on his private area and groped it hard. “Ah...Kyu ah...c-can you h-help me?”A moan escaped his lips as he groped it again,then he blushed again like a virgin who never and didn’t know how to give himself a hand job.

Kyuhyun moaned loudly as he watched his hyung tease him madly. The magnae tried to rub his thighs against his crotch to get friction happening. Sungmin walked over with the horny virgin image, working on his hips a bit more. He crawled on to the bed while unbuttoning the last two buttons. He brought his right hand to his chest moving more to the left, he pinched his nipples. He pretends to moan loudly.Still pretending to be a virgin, he flushed red and looked at Kyuhyun with innocent eyes. Kyuhyun let out a loud moan as he continued to watch. Sungmin crawls up to Kyu purposely making their crotch brush.

The magnae threw his head back. “Kyu ah...”he tweaks his left nipple again. “ah...Kyu ah...”he pretends again. He reaches over Kyuhyun’s shoulder not before biting on the sensitive spot at the ear. Kyuhyun’s body heated up even more, he rubbed his thighs faster. Sungmin smirk secretly and pushed the legs apart causing Kyuhyun to grunt. Reaching over once again, he untied the bow only pulling one of his hands down then tying back the other hand.

“Kyu ah...”he brings Kyuhyun’s hand to his private. “Mm....Kyu that some more...I like that...”he moans (still acting as virgin) even though the hand was just brushing at his cock,he tried his best not to get hard. Kyuhyun moaned wantonly. His hand was then re-tied back to the bed.

He got off the bed again. He pulled off the hanging shirt in a deadly slow pace, at the same time doing a few of virgin poses which to Kyuhyun looked so sexy.This was like a private strip show. “Kyu ah...d-do you w-want it o-off?” he stutters purposely again while tugging on his skirt. Kyuhyun furiously shook his head.

“K-Keep it on.......”Kyuhyun moans.

“H-How a-about this?”virgin Sungmin asked as his hands were at the entrance of his baby pink panties, his skirt was already flipped up. Kyuhyun moaned louder, his member aching for touch. He mumbled something about tossing.

Virgin Sungmin took it as a yes. Slowly,shyly virgin Sungmin peeled of his panties, blushing hard. He picked up the abandoned panties which were on the ground and fling it at Kyuhyun face. Kyuhyun’s breath hitched slightly.

Virgin Sungmin crawled on to the bed shyly and still beating red. “W-What do you want me to do?”he asked as he untied the bow,but only releasing a hand then tying back the other. The hand was already motioning towards the bulge.

“Unbutton my pants and touch me.”he moaned.

He unbuttoned the pants and unbuckled the belt. His hands shakily slips into the boxers, gripping the rock hard member. “L-Like this?”he asked,his body started getting hard.

“Ah...Oh God yeah!...Oh....Ah...”he panted out harshly feeling the virgin act was over and now the normal Sungmin was stroking him confidently.

“Do you like that?”he asked as he pumps it hard.

“AHH YEAH!OH GOD!” he moaned wantonly. Sungmin untied the other hand,leaving the tie on the bed. He practically ripped Kyuhyun’s shirt, and in one fluid motion pulled the boxer and pants off. The awakening cock was still and straight up.

Sungmin smirked. He saw Kyuhyun’s hand on the cock stroking hard and fast and one pinching his nipples, using a hand he covers Kyuhyun’s hand forcing Kyuhyun to move in a deadly slow pace. Sungmin swatted the hand which was on his toned chest, he dipped his head as he licked one of the nipples and pinching the other nipple with his hands.

He sucked on the nipple and lastly bit on it, causing Kyuhyun to shout in pleasure. Doing the same to the next. “HYUNG AH!!!!”he moaned loudly tossing his head. Once Kyuhyun regain his conscious, he moved his free hand to cup Sungmin’s butt cheeks.

“KYUHYUN AH!”he gasped which turned to a whimper. He grabbed on to that hand and brought it to his lips. Then he sucked the finger and his tongue brushed over his finger pads. The hand which were stroking Kyuhyun’s cock moved under the skirt then stroking the erected member. Both of Sungmin’s hand hooked around Kyuhyun’s neck while he sat on Kyuhyun’s lap.

“AHH..Kyuhyun ah...”he moaned loudly, spitting lots of saliva on to Kyuhyun’s fingers. Releasing his hand, he tweaked,pinched and rub Sungmin’s nipples until they were hard nubs.

“AHH KYU AH!!!!DON’T TOUCH THEM AT THE SAME TIME!”he moaned out loudly. Sungmin took Kyuhyun by the wrist, leading the hand to his entrance.

Kyuhyun entered a finger into the warm cavern, he moaned out as the ring muscle constricted. Sungmin on the other hand, moaned into Kyuhyun’s shoulders in pain and pleasure. The younger whispered comforting words as he massaged the whole. After a while he added a second finger. The two fingers scissors the entrance teasingly, Sungmin moans loudly in pleasure. He added a third finger, after Sungmin had relaxed his moved the third finger in and out. He tried it at different angles trying to find that one spot within him.

“AHHHH~!!!KYU DO THAT AGAIN!!!”he muffled a loud moan in his shoulder. Kyuhyun repeated his actions always hitting his prostate every time. “Kyu ah...”he panted. “I want you in me!”he said. “No.I NEED YOU IN ME!”he said desperately.

“But hyung...I don’t have lube.”Kyuhyun said. He took out his three fingers then changed their positions. Now Kyuhyun was on top Sungmin at the bottom.

“I don’t care!”he argued. He wants Kyuhyun so badly.

Kyuhyun kissed him passionately as he enters his member slowly into him, Sungmin’s eyes started to tear in pain. The pain was indescribable it felt as if it tore his insides. Kyuhyun waited until Sungmin signals him to move. He slowly pulls out and pushes back in making sure he doesn’t hurt Sungmin.

As Kyuhyun continued to thrust in,the pain started fading and pleasure coursed through his body. “AH KYUHYUN AH!FASTER!HARDER!” Kyuhyun obligated ramming him faster and harder with every thrust. After a dozen of thrust,he brushed again his prostate. “KYUHYUN AH!!!MORE!” He thrust in harder and faster at that same spot,making sure Sungmin feels all of him.

Both of them felt their climax reaching. “I’m coming soon...”Kyuhyun said as he continue to thrust into him.

“Me too...ah...” Sungmin breathed out. Kyuhyun thrusts became harder and faster, he took Sungmin’s aching member and stroke it at the same pace. “HA....AH...KYU AH....”he panted out. Kyuhyun flipped them over, Sungmin on top of Kyuhyun’s member. His hands on Sungmin’s waist (well...almost near his ass :p) Sungmin rode his hard and fast,with the same timing as Kyuhyun’s hands and thrust. His skirt flew up every time he bounced on Kyuhyun’s cock.

The air was filled with moans,screams and the scent of hot sex. “AHHH KYUHYUN!!!!” he came, his orgasm spilled over Kyuhyun’s stomach. Kyuhyun came right after him when the ring muscles tighten around his groin, screaming Sungmin’s name. Sungmin collapsed into Kyuhyun’s arms due to exhaustion.

Kyuhyun pulled himself out as he hugged Sungmin tightly, he smiled warmly as he tucked the stray hair behind his ear. His hyung snuggled against him, both enjoying the after glow. “That was amazing.” Sungmin said.

“Mm...Let’s do that some other time.” he smiled when his lover nodded his head. He kissed his boyfriend’s temple before whispering, “I love you hyung.”

Sungmin smiled against Kyuhyun’s chest. “I love you too.”


LOL I had fun doing the Sungmin acting like a virgin scene ^ ^ :p |

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