Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First Time (Kyumin) [RATED]

Title: First Time
Pairing: Kyumin
Rating: R (Or M)
A/N: first time writing vanilla sex...so...IT'S COMPLETE FAIL!!!joint work with colourful_love and for blue_starzz33


"WHAT?!They lost our luggage?!"Kyuhyun shouted,obviously pissed and angry.



Leeteuk nodded,sighing heavily. "They said that a group of fans stole both your luggage...they said they are looking for them now, well...for the night both of you can just wear...I don't know one of our clothes." he replied,massaging his temple.



"Alright,night umma." he wished, giving a peck on Leeteuk's cheek before entering the elevator.



The rest of the group were watching the scene. "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU MADE ME DO THAT!!"turning on his heel,he shouted at Heechul.



"What?I'm just helping with their relationship."Heechul replied simply.



"How is that helping?!"



"They've never done it before.So why not now.""Heechul replied as they got in the elevator with Kyuhyun and Sungmin's luggage.






"So what happened to our luggage?" Sungmin asked as Kyuhyun entered the room.



"It went missing."he replied dejectedly.



Sungmin's eyes widened at the statement. "So what did Teukie umma say?"



"For tonight either we wear back these clothes or we ask the others to lend us clothes."he replied as he plopped on to the bed, his strong arms slinging around Sungmin's slender waist.



"O-Oh..i...see..."he stutters,blushing slightly,shifting around in his position. "Umm...I'll go bathe first." he says as he stood up from his position, walking over to the closet to get a bathrobe.



After 20 minutes, Sungmin finally exit the bathroom, wearing the bath robe,which exposed the skin underneath the material,the slit at the side of it erotically showing off his milky and smooth thighs,and a towel on his head. Kyuhyun gulped heavily at the sight, feeling his lower region all hot and bothered. He smiled warmly, or at lest tried to, as he patted the 
seat in front him.



Sungmin walked over to his side slowly,sitting in front of his lover. The magnae took the towel off his head before he started drying Sungmin's hair. "Hyung smells nice..."he whispered huskily as he sniffed his hair causing Sungmin to shiver visibly.



"Kyu aren't you going to bathe?" Sungmin asked.



"Later."Kyuhyun replies,placing a kiss on Sungmin's temple. His lips traveled lower, kissing his ear, tugging the shell with his teeth.



"Kyu...mhn..."he mewled when the magnae place a kiss at his jaw line before attacking his neck. "Kyu ahn..."he moaned quietly as his lover suck on his pulse point, giving a few licks on that spot.



Before they knew it, Kyuhyun was on top of him. He lowered his head, placing a hungry kiss on his lips. Soon Kyuhyun found himself nipping at Sungmin's lower lip, begging for permission, which of course was granted. Pushing the top off Sungmin's shoulders, revealing his milky. 



Slipping his hand into the top of the bathrobe, moving his hand all through his torso, all the while using his tongue to roam around Sungmin's mouth, exploring the warm cavern. Sungmin, on the other hand, began to use his own tongue to massage Kyuhyun's slick muscle in his mouth.



Moaning, Sungmin used his own body to press against Kyuhyun's own, all the while with Kyuhyun's hand roaming around, pinching and rubbing at every bit of delectable skin he could find. "Ahh...K-Kyu...hnn..."he moaned softly,his hips grinding into his lover's, when Kyuhyun tweaked his left nipple while his lips latch themselves on Sungmin's neck. 



"Hyung are you sure you want to do it?" he asked as he nips on the patch of skin before taking a nipple into his mouth, flicking his tongue over the nub,causing Sungmin's breath to hitch.



Sungmin looked at him with lustful eyes, taking the magnae's right hand. He guide the hand under the bathrobe, moving up his thighs, lacing both hands on his wet erection, causing the magnae gasped softly. "Yes..."he replied lustfully, moving their hands up and down, stroking his erection. "Haa...Kyu...nn..."he squirmed slightly, his hand being slowed down by Kyuhyun's when he was trying to stroke his cock faster.



"Please...f-faster...It hurts a lot...I wanna come so badly..."Sungmin panted. Kyuhyun nuzzled at the junction of his neck,smiling slightly,placing his lips on the sensitive spot below the ear as he moved his hands faster,giving a couple of occasional squeezes,receiving a delicious and enticing moans from the elder. "More...please..." with that Kyuhyun jerked his erection faster and harder than before, causing Sungmin to writhe uncontrollably. "Haa!" he jerked when Kyuhyun used his other hand to cup his balls,massaging it lightly.



Sungmin latched his lips on to Kyuhyun's neck,muffling the loud moan as he came long and hard into Kyuhyun's hand,dirtying the bathrobe and a part of the magnae's shirt with his orgasm. The magnae kissed Sungmin's bruised neck,nibbling on the bruise. He brought his semen coated hand,eyeing his hyung as he licked his hand clean,making Sungmin flush in embarrassment.



"You taste sweet."Kyuhyun said huskily into his ear,turning him on,his limp cock stiffening again,tenting the bathrobe. Kyuhyun chuckled as he slip his hand under the robe,pushing it up slightly to reveal the already hard cock.



"So gorgeous..."Kyuhyun said lustful as his eyes bore over his hyung, enjoying the sight of his lover with his hair all disheveled, panting harshly, those milky thighs covered with some of his orgasm. He lowered his head till his mouth leveled with the erection, teasingly 
he licked the tip of it,cleaning off the orgasm which was left there. 



"Ahh!K-Kyu don't...haa!n-not there..." he squirmed an writhe when Kyuhyun encircled the tip with his tongue,softly sucking it,teeth accidentally digging into the slit. It was so new to 
Kyuhyun,especially giving his hyung a blow job under the folds of the bathrobe. He tilted his head to the left,placing butterfly kisses up the shaft,tongue darting out to catch the drop of precum which dripped from the slit.



"Kyuhyunnie...hnn...aah..."he moaned as he felt the magnae's hair tickle his balls,he bucked his hips involuntarily when Kyuhyun engulfed his member without warning. Somehow his fingers found their way to Kyuhyun's dark locks,tangling them, tugging at them once in a while. His breath hitched when Kyuhyun cupped his balls with his free hand,gently rubbing them as he started to deep throat his hyung hard and fast.



"W-Wait...Kyuhyun ahh...s-stop I'm going to..."before he could finish his sentence,his eyes rolled back with pleasure, gasping loudly as he spilled his seeds into Kyuhyun's mouth. He watched Kyuhyun swallow up his milk as he panted heavily,coming down from his high. "Kyuhyunnie ah..take it off..."he said as he tugged Kyuhyun's sleeve and the belt loops of his jeans.



He chuckled as he pulled his top over his head,chucking it to a random corner of the room, before straddling Sungmin. Sungmin eyed the delicate scars that flawed his lover's chest. He sat up from his position, ringing his arms around the magnae's waist, burring his face into his dongsaeng's torso, pressing wet kisses on the scars. "Does it hurt?"he asked,voice filled with worry, receiving a silent 'no'.



He looked into Kyuhyun's dark,sexy eyes, tilting his head slightly to claim the pair of soft lips. His tongue darted at Kyuhyun's lips,prying the lips apart for access,which was granted. The lips parted,allowing the slick muscle to slip through,tongues dancing 
around, brushing the inner cheek. Their tongues entwined, sucking on one another, exchanging saliva. Kyuhyun gently pushed him by the shoulder on to the bed, they moved in sync, heads turning at the same time to deepen the kiss.



"Ahh K-Kyu..."the quiet noise escaping his lips, arms slinging around Kyuhyun's neck, pulling the magnae closer, legs either side of Kyuhyun's hips.



Sungmin broke the kiss, both panting heavily. Using the free lotion from the toilet, Kyuhyun coated his fingers as he pushed the bathrobe more to reveal more of the skin underneath. He felt his cock twitch as his fingers brush pass Sungmin's thighs, going round to the shaped ass, stroking it a little, sending shivers up his spine.



Sungmin scrunched his eyes, his grip on Kyuhyun's neck tighten when Kyuhyun pressed his finger against his entrance,carefully sliding it into his lover. "Oh fuck."he swore under his breath as the pain shot up his spine. "Ngh...K-Kyuhyun ah..."he squirmed uncomfortably,feeling the finger in him pulled out slowly,pushing back in the same pace.



Kyuhyun groaned as the warm heat consumed his finger. Sungmin panted heavily, watching the magnae's finger entering him. The magnae wiggled a second finger into his lover, gently scissoring the ring muscle, his thumb rubbing the ring, causing Sungmin to gasp in pleasure. 



"Haa...hn..."he writhed as Kyuhyun thrust both his fingers back into him. The uncomfortable feeling shot up his spine again when Kyuhyun insert a third finger into him. He clutched on Kyuhyun's shoulders,nail digging painfully into his back, moaning, back arching off the bed again, bucking his hips grind into his lover's when Kyuhyun found his sweet spot.



"Ahh...shit..."he moaned,grip on the magnae's shoulder tighten as Kyuhyun continued to thrust his prostate. His cock twitched animatedly with anticipation, precum trickling down the thick vein at the underside. "Haa...ngh...K-Kyu...I n-need...you..."he pleads, his orgasm nearing by the second.



"Are you sure?"Kyuhyun asked as he pulled out his now wet digits. "Once it starts I can't stop. So-"his strings of babble was cut of by Sungmin's searing kiss.



"I'm sure." Sungmin smiles a reassuring smile.



Kyuhyun groaned as he fist his erection, coating it with the lotion, while Sungmin latched his legs around Kyuhyun's waist. The tip pressed at Sungmin's entrance, pushing himself with a small amount of force, making sure he doesn't hurt Sungmin. "Ngyah...it h- 
hurts..."Sungmin hissed, feeling his passage stretch limitlessly, tears forming at the corner of his eyes.



"Relax...i-it's only for a while.."he comforted in a shaky voice as he felt the rind muscle clench around him. Leaning in, he placed butterfly kisses all over his face,whispering 'I love you’ to soothe the pain.



The elder's chest rise and fall with every breath he took, relaxing his body to adapt to the size in him. Once he was used to magnae's size,he rolls his hips sensually, getting more contact. Kyuhyun slowly pulled out by a few centimeters before thrusting back in 
carefully,repeating his actions again. 



He grind his hips slightly,pushing his cock just a little more. "Haa...kyu...aah...faster a little please..." he moaned as Kyuhyun started to thrust a bit faster and harder into him, making him moan uncontrollably.



"Haa!Aah!No..."a loud moan escaped his lips, eyes scrunching tightly when Kyuhyun's erection brushed his prostate. He slapped a hand over his mouth, muffling his loud moans.



Kyuhyun brought his hand to the hand over Sungmin's mouth, trying to peel the hand away. "Don't cover your mouth...I wanna hear you." Kyuhyun said, placing a kiss on his forehead. He shifted slightly, changing the angle before ramming his cock into Sungmin again, accurately hitting the sweet spot which made the elder's back arch and his hips to buck in desperation for more.



"K-Kyu...I-I can't...I'm gonna c-come soon..."Sungmin panted as the pleasure course through his body, making his own cock tremble as the drops of precum continue to spill.



"I know...me too..."he breathe, wrapping a large hand around the weeping cock,finger lacing. Kyuhyun stroked his member at a medium speed, before speeding it up with every stroke.



Wrapping his arms around Kyuhyun's neck, Sungmin closed the gap between them, pressing his lips against the latter's. The magnae kisses him back passionately, nipping and sucking the lower lip, breaking the kiss after mere seconds. "Mhn...haa...faster...harder..." he pleaded, moving his body weight on to his lover, causing him to groan as he felt the cock buried deeper in him.



Kyuhyun rammed into him, faster and harder as he pumped his lover's member at the same rhythm, paying special attention to the tip. Without a warning, Sungmin came, screaming Kyuhyun's name,following by the latter,who came with a groan when he felt the muscle clench tighter around his cock, filling Sungmin with his semen.



The magnae collasped beside him after pulling out his limp member out of his lover. "That was amazing..."Sungmin whispered, slinging his arm around Kyuhyun, nuzzling his head into the latter's chest, receiving a quiet hum from the younger. He tilted his head slightly, giving the latter a peck on the lips. "I was so happy you were gentle with me." he continued, biting his lower lip.



"Of course I would...I wouldn't want to hurt my precious baby."he replied, kissing the top of Sungmin's head. "I love you Minnie ah."



Sungmin giggled slightly. "I love you too Kyuhyunnie ah..."he smiled.






Next morning...



Heechul came down for breakfast, looking as if he hasn't slept in days. Hankyung and Siwon looked at him worriedly, before pulling him to sit down in between them. "You okay Rella?" Siwon asked.



"So noisy..."he groaned.









Leeteuk snorted, rewarding at least five pairs of eyes looking at him with the 'what the hell' face. "Karma." he winked.




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