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Who Does It Best?

Title : Who Does It Best?
Pairings : All
Rating : PG13?
Warnings : Failed random story.
Written: 19th December 2008

“DID YOU SEE THAT?! THAT’S MY HANNIE! WHOO!” Heechul shouted out as he jumped out of his seat, grabbing the remote to replay Hankyung’s part. Today was the ‘female role in the relationship’ had an off day, so they were stuck watching old performances, mostly ones which includes the pelvic thrust.

The rest of the members rolled their eyes, this was Heechul’s 45th cheer in the last 22 Don’t Don performances. Leeteuk went over changing the disc again, he looked through the pile of discs they haven’t watch yet. “Shall we watch the Dream Concert Don’t Don Performance?”

“OMG YES!!!” Heechul and Sungmin shouted in unison. Everyone turned their heads to face Sungmin with a big question mark on their faces. “What? Kyu finally does his pelvic thrust there.” Sungmin mumble shyly as he started to play with the hem of his shirt, blushing slightly.

“Yeah we should. So far all of us have been shouting about our lover’s pelvic thrusts except Sungmin hyung, since Kyu dongsaeng couldn’t do it for most of the performances. Well, Henry is a different situation.” Donghae said as he continued to text Eunhyuk, his eyes not leaving his tiny hand phone screen.

Leeteuk just popped the disc in. Once it started, they watched the performances quietly...that was until Heechul stood up again. “WHOO!!! THAT’S MY HANNIE!!!!!”

“Heechul hyung, why is it that you go ‘WHOO!! THAT’S MY SEXY HANNIE’ or something like that when Hangeng gege does the pelvic thrust but you don’t do it when Siwon does the pelvic thrust?” Henry, who was currently hugging the big hamster soft toy that Zhou Mi gave him on his birthday, asked innocently.

All eyes looked at Heechul, waiting for an answer. “Hey! It’s not that I don’t love Wonnie.” Ryeowook hurriedly place his hands over Henry’s ears. “It’s just that I don’t get fucked by Wonnie. Siwon fucks Hankyung, who fucks me.” he says simply.

“Okay...too much information. We didn’t need to know your sex life with Sihan.” Sungmin said, paying lots of attention to the screen. Once Kyuhyun’s part arrived... “OMG!! KYA~!! KYU~!!!! I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! XD XD” Sungmin shot up from his seat and squealed. (A/N: Hehe I always do that when Kyu does his sexy pelvic thrust! X3) All eyes were on him. Sungmin blushed embarrassingly, sitting back down, fingers playing with the hem of his shirt again.

“Oh. I never knew Teukie umma did the hips thing so well.” Ryeowook said randomly.

Leeteuk smiled brightly at Ryeowook. “So? Hannie does it really well too.” Heechul said as he rummaged through their pile of DVDs. “OW! WHAT THE FUCK!” he swore when Leeteuk threw a cushion at his head. “Oh yeah...Wookie hasn’t fangirled yet!” Leeteuk suddenly says.

“Well duh! Yesung barely gets shot during performances.” Heechul said giving Ryeowook his signature grin.

“So? I watch him every night.” Ryeowook says simply.

“Too much information.” Henry replied.

“Can we watch something else than Don’t Don performances?” Donghae asks obviously bored already.

Heechul popped in a Man In Love performance CD, forwarding to the part where Kyuhyun actually makes an appearance. “WHOO!! GO HYUKKIE!!!!” Donghae suddenly shouted. The rest of them stared at him. “What? You guys are having your fangirl moments and I can’t?”

“OMG~!!!!KYA~~!!!!!! LOVE YOU KYU~~!!!!!! DON’T YOU JUST LOVE THOSE HIPS????!!!!!” Sungmin shot up again. “Ah...uh...um...mianhae.” he mumbled when he felt the sets of eyes on him, flushing in embarrassment again.

“Watcha doing?” somebody said in a familiar tone.

“HOLY SHIT! WHEN DID YOU COME HERE?!” Heechul asked/shouted, almost falling off the couch when he found Changmin looking down at him.

“The door was unlock so we just let ourselves in.”

“ ‘We’?” Heechul questioned. Changmin just nodded.

“Sorry to intrude.” Jaejoong said politely, trying to kick off his shoes with Yunho clinging onto him. Immediately they sat next to Leeteuk and started to chat.

Junsu ran in, hoping to find his best friend in the house hold. He sighed heavily as he walked over to Donghae and sat next to him on the floor. “Hi Hae!” he smiled happily.

“Hi Su Su!”

“NOBODY CALLS JUNSU ‘SU SU’ EXCEPT ME!!!” Yoochun shouted as he ran towards Junsu, automatically wrapping his arm around his waist.

“So what are you guys doing?” Junsu asks.

“Watching porn.”

“ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Shit...shouldn’t have come then.” Yoochun asks.

“No. Just kidding. Well...you can consider it their kind of porn.” Junsu tilted his head slightly, utterly confused. “We’re just watching all our old performances...but Heechul keeps forwarding to the parts where we all do the pelvic thrusts.”

“Oh...I see...” Yoosu said in unison.

“Ooh I know let’s watch Suju M’s U MV!!” Heechul said as he search for the Suju M DVD.

Heechul pops the DVD in. Once the music started, everybody faced the television, having their full attention on the screen. “WHOO!! MY SEXY HANNIE!!!!”

“KYA~~!!KYU!!! YOU JUST HAVE TO LOVE THOSE HIPS!!” Sets of eyes laid on him. Sungmin stuttered incoherently, sitting back down, blushing furiously. “Why is it only me you guys stare at?” he mutters inaudibly.

Henry sat there quietly, eyes sparkling as he watch Zhou Mi does it flawlessly. “Wow! I never realized how sexy Joomyuk’s pelvic thrust looks.” Heechul commented, catching Henry’s attention.

“OMG yeah!! Replay it!” Changmin said. Everybody stared at him in shock. “What?Can’t a guy fanboy?”

Leeteuk grabs the remote, rewinding that bit again. “WHOO!! MY SEXY ZHOU MI!!!” Heechul cheered.

“Yunnie~ will you do it like him in bed?” Jaejoong asks ‘innocently’. Yunho attacks Jaejoong hungrily, the kiss ending up as a make out session.

Leeteuk whistled, replaying it again due to Changmin’s request. “GO JOOMYUK HYUNG!!!!” Changmin shouted in a fangirl-ish manner.

“Wow...Henry must have on heck of an adventure every night.” Heechul whispers to Changmin, causing Changmin to choke on his own saliva.

“ZHOU MI GEGE IS MINE!!!” Henry screamed, catching everybody’s attention. Suddenly, a pair of strong arms enveloped him from the back.

“I know I am. And you are mine.” a familiar voice whispered huskily into his ear in fluent Chinese, causing Henry to shiver visibly.

Henry turned around as he tinged bright pink. “Mimi gege...”he whispers. Henry squeaks loudly when Zhou Mi somehow carried him in a bridal style, into their shared room.

“Oh by the way, you guys fangirling over me has to stop.” Zhou Mi said, pointing at Heechul and Changmin.

Kyuhyun gently blew air into his lover’s ear, causing Sungmin to jump slightly, one hand covering the ear the magnae blew in. “K-Kyu.”

“I heard you fangirl just now.” he whispers into his ear huskily, he tilted his head slightly, kissing the spot behind Sungmin’s ear. Kyuhyun pulled Sungmin into their shared room.

After Kyumin left to their room, DBSK left the house, Leeteuk and Ryeowook went to the music room, leaving Heechul alone. “Am I the only one who’s not getting any?!”

“WE’RE NOT DOING IT!” The band umma and the eternal magnae said in unison.


“Practicing for Super Show!!” Leeteuk replied.

“But Ryeowook does a duet with Kyuhyun.”

“Yeah...I’m playing the piano for Teukie hyung.”

“Oh I see.” Heechul heard the door click shut.

“Ahh~ gege ahh...hnn...more!” he heard Henry moan accompanied by the banging noises coming from Henmi’s room. (A/N: I’ll leave it to you to imagine~ :p)

“MAN! I NEED TO TEACH SIWON AND HANNIE HOW TO DO IT LIKE JOOMYUK!”with that he left the house in search of the Sihan couple.


Comments are appreciated ^-^ (not gonna say loved since this story is not my best ^-^)

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