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Confession To The Birthday Boy (Kyumi)

Title: Confession To The Birthday Boy
Pairing: Kyumi
Rating: PG?
A/N: Prequel to the Kyumi fic: Shy, written in the car so its very fail...TT^TT
Summary: It's Kyuhyun's birthday and 3 members are trying to get them together

"NO!" Zhou Mi said sternly, making Ryeowook and Sungmin pout.

"Please~~~~~!!!! Gege!" Ryeowook whines. "It'll make Kyu real happy!" he said as he clung on Zhou Mi's arm.

"Come on Mimi please!! Just put the necklace you gave on Kyu then whisper into his ears 'happy birthday'!" Sungmin pleaded. "That would be the best present he gotten from all of us."

"But..." Zhou Mi protested.

"Please!!!" Sungmin and Ryeowook pleaded, giving Zhou Mi the irresistible puppy dog pout.

"Aish! Fine!" Zhou Mi threw his hands in the air.

"Thank you Mimi ge!" they cheered.


Zhou Mi opened the box which had the necklace inside, hesitantly pulling out the gift. "Um..." he muttered under his breath, gulping heavily, flushing red. He fiddled with the clasp, unhooking it. Hesitantly, with each end in his hands, bringing one end around the
front of Kyuhyun's neck.
Kyuhyun blushed bright red when he felt a finger at his neck and the chain pressed near his neck. The ring dangled in the middle of the necklace. Shivers ran up his spine when he felt Zhou Mi's breath against his nape.

"Happy birthday Kui Xian." Zhou Mi whispered huskily into his ears, trying not to stutter with embarrassment. Kyuhyun swore he could have died when he heard his crush's sexy voice.

The two men blush in embarrassment while the other members started throwing cat calls at them.


Everybody cheered as Kyuhyun cut the cake after he blew out the candles. "Okay! If Kyunnie's knife is dirty he's gotta kiss the closest guy!" Heechul claimed.

"B-But hyung! The cake's a fudge cake! It can't be clean!" Kyuhyun

"That's the point." Heechul winked at the magnae, making the younger groan. Almost immediately, Zhou Mi stood up, making an excuse to leave Kyuhyun's side.

"You're not going any where Mimi." Sungmin said, holding onto his shoulders with the help of Ryeowook.

Kyuhyun scrunched his eyes, praying that the knife would be magically clean. Unfortunately, it came out dirty, coated with the chocolate icing and cream.

"Kyunnie's gotta kiss Mimi~!" Heechul chorused as he pushed Zhou Mi closer to the birthday boy. Kyuhyun gave Heechul a pleading look, begging for mercy, which failed of course.

"Dui Bu Qu (I’m sorry) Kui Xian ah." Zhou Mi apologized. He tilted his head, pressing his lips at the corner of Kyuhyun's lips. Kyuhyun stiffen at the kiss before relaxing, hearing all the cat calls and cheers from the other members. The kiss ended as soon as it started. Both men looked away immediately, none of them dared to look at each other.


"I can never see him the same way again..." Kyuhyun groaned, slouching against the cold metal railing of the balcony. He chewed on his lower lip, thoughts of the party replaying in his head, fingers fiddling with the ring which dangled around his neck.

"Hey..." a voice called out, startling the magnae.

Kyuhyun turned around quickly, finding the person he didn't want to see right now. "Oh Zhou Mi startled me.

" I join you?" Zhou Mi asked in accented Korean. Kyuhyun nodded dumbly, moving a little to make space for the elder. Zhou Mi advanced towards the magnae. His back pressed against the metal railing, elbows propped on the railing.

They stayed like that for several minutes in awkward silence, which felt like years. " m-must be angry about j-just now huh?" Zhou Mi stuttered in broken Korean as he turned around to face the scenery.


"Were you angry about just now?"

"N-No, why do you say that?"

"Um...just wanted to know..." They stayed in awkward silence again. Kyuhyun looked to his side, feeling his heart skip a beat as he watched the elder quietly. The elder sensed someone looking him, turning to the side he caught Kyuhyun staring at him. Kyuhyun blushed
pink, looking away from the elder. "Kui Xian..." Zhou Mi called out softly, catching Kyuhyun's attention. "If I told you a secret would you listen?"

"Yea...I listen to you every time." Kyuhyun smiled warmly, making Zhou Mi's stomach flutter.

"You promise you won't push me away?" Kyuhyun simply nodded, even if he was half confused. "I-I really like you Kui Xian..." He muttered loud enough for Kyuhyun to hear. Kyuhyun's eyes widened at the statement, blood rushing to his face rapidly. "I shouldn't have told you think I'm a fr--"

His statement was cut off by the sudden weight on his body, finding the younger boy hugging him tightly. "Kui Xian?"

"I would never think of you that way..." Kyuhyun separate himself from Zhou Mi, looking at the elder's eyes. "I really like you too..." Kyuhyun said, tinging a faint shade of red.

"R-Really?" Zhou Mi asked in disbelief, eyes widened. Kyuhyun nodded shyly in reply. "Oh my god, you don't know how happy you make me." Zhou Mi said, embracing his new-found lover.

Kyuhyun sighed, inhaling the cologne Zhou Mi wore, returning the hug. Zhou Mi lowered his head, wanting to claim Kyuhyun's lips. Suddenly... "Guys! Teukie is...Oh shit sorry...go ahead and continue." Heechul said, sending them a wink, making the new couple blush.

“Oh, I forgot something, turn around.”
The magnae complied easily, revealing his back to Zhou Mi. The elder unfasten the clasp of the necklace, quickly removing the ring out of the chain before re-fastening it. He took Kyuhyun’s right hand, sliding the ring on to his fourth finger, making the latter turn red.

Zhou Mi lowered his head, pressing his lips at the end of Kyuhyun's lips, causing Kyuhyun to smile sweetly at him. “Happy birthday Kui Xian.”


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