Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Last Dance (Yunjae)

Title: Last Dance
Pairing: Jaeho/Yunjae
Rating: PG?
A/N: Also written 2 years ago ^-^ Happy Birthday Sarah@Jaegasm!

Tonight was prom night and everyone had a date and were enjoying themselves except one person,Kim Jaejoong.Actually he could get a date,more than 30 girls asked him to be their date but he rejected them all.Since there only one person he wanted to go with,Jung Yunho.

Yunho was his best friend and he really likes him a whole lot.He really wanted to come to prom night with him but he already had a girlfriend and he was going with her.Jaejoong always thought Yunho’s girlfriend was a bitch,asshole and a cheater,Soo Hyun.Whenever she wasn’t with him she would go wander of with another guy.

Jaejoong had raven locks of hair sitting just above his broad shoulders and he also had porcelain-like skin. Full and expressive, he had lips that made all the girls think of long, languid kisses in the warm, summer afternoons. High cheek bones and a sharp jaw line made him look almost ethereal.

Jaejoong was outside.He sat on top of a bench near a fountain.He still could hear the the music coming from inside of the school.He was spacing out and he also look very upset.He looked up and started staring at the moon that was the only light source in the sky and the stars were sparkling and twinkling.
I shouldn’t have come here.He sighed heavily.He planned on going back in.As he stood up he heard two familiar voices coming from the school garden.Then he sat back down.


“Yes...and I’m sorry...it’s just that I don’t have the same feelings towards you like last time.”

Sobs. “But why?”

“I’m sorry...It’s just that I like someone else now.”

“Oh,I see.”

“I’m so sorry Soo Hyun.” Jaejoong then heard hard and fast steps.

Yunho then exited from the garden and saw Jaejoong.

“Jae...I thought you weren’t coming.”

He tried to think of an excuse. “Umm...I just thought I come for fun.”

“Oh.”He took a seat next to the elder. “You look gorgeous.”

Blushes. “T-Thank you.”He looked at Yunho and went a shade redder. “Sorry to ask but...did you just broke up with Soo Hyun?”

“How did you know?!”

“I’m sorry...but I overheard your conversation with Soo Hyun.”

“It’s okay.”The music continued playing from inside. “Jae...do you...”


“Do you...do you wanna dance?”

A crimson blush then crept up.He gave a warm smile. “Sure...but I’m not a good dancer.”

“It’s okay...we’ll just have fun.”


Yunho placed a his right hand of the elder’s waist and intertwined both his and Jaejoong’s hand,raised it the air.Jaejoong then nervously put his hand on Yunho’s waist.Yunho leaded the dance and the other just followed.The taller then bring the elder nearer to the ground. “Don’t worry I won’t drop you.”Both of them stared into each others eyes. “Jae I want to confess to you something...but I think...”

“It’s fine just say it.”

Yunho leaned foward and bring Jaejoong up just a little.He claimed Jaejoong’s lips with his own.The kiss was warm and passionate.The elder then deepened the kiss.Yunho broke the kiss with a trail of kisses.

“Jae...I really like you.”
He likes me?!

“I like you too,Yunho.”Yunho then brought him up till their eyes met then they smiled at each other.

“You still look so beautiful under the moonlight.”

“Yunnie-ah stop it!”The younger then ring the other’s waist.

“You wanna go back to the apartment?”

“And do what the others are still here.”

“How about have a little fun in the room?”Yunho grinned ridiculously.

“Argh!Jung Yunho!”

“I was just joking.”

“Alright then we’ll go back...and since you were just joking about having fun with me...”then he skipped of merrily.

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