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Getting Caught (Yehyun) [RATED]

Title: Getting Caught
Pairing: Yehyun (Kyusung)
Rating: R (Or M)
Warnings: Semi-public sex. There's no beginning sorry!!!i was real lazy!!!
A/N: For sandx who wrote a yehyun story for me so im giving her back. thx unnie~!
Written: 24th May 2009

"H-Hyung...ahh..." Kyuhyun groaned as Yesung kneaded his arousal, teasingly rubbing his thumb over the slit, fingers lapping the precum. "Ngh...hyung...oh god..." he breathed as he felt a finger brush his inner thigh, the talented hands jerking him off faster and just a little bit harder.

"Do you like it?" Yesung asked, rolling his hips sensually, grinding his hard on into Kyuhyun's well-shaped butt, receiving a low groan and a few nods from Kyuhyun. He chuckled huskily, his hand reaching to the front, sliding his hand under the shirt. His hands roamed around the torso, stopping for at his right nipple, tugging at it teasingly.

Kyuhyun gasped at the touch, legs buckling and his body trembled with pleasure. "Y-Yesung hyung...f-faster please." he mewled.

"Whatever you say babe." Yesung said in a husky tone, flicking his tongue over the shell of Kyuhyun's ear. Kyuhyun moaned under his breath, feeling the small hand stroke him faster and a slight tug on his fully erect nipples.

"Ngh...ahn..." he hissed as Yesung rolled his nipples, squeezing the cock teasingly. The elder slung an arm around Kyuhyun's slender waist, holding him in position. He leaned in slightly, kissing the back of Kyuhyun's neck, gently nipping the flesh, tracing his tongue over the mark.

Kyuhyun released a strangled cry when the hand on his shaft traveled to his balls, cupping and playfully fondling with them. "H-Hyung...n-not there...agh..."he whimpered as the elder continue to massage his balls, rubbing them against each other.

" like it there right?" Yesung said, squeezing his balls before trailing his fingers at the underside. The magnae nodded, moaning wantonly.

The elder smirked, pumping the arousal again, only much faster and harder. "Aah...Yesungie...faster...oh god more..." he moaned, trying to hold the urge of thrusting into his lover's talented hands. He squirmed in discomfort, feeling the familiar heat pooled at his lower region. "I'm c-close..." he said breathily.

Yesung placed his hand over Kyuhyun's mouth, making Kyuhyun's eyes widened. "Shh...somebody's coming." he said, pulling both of them into a cubicle. Kyuhyun sitting on the toilet lid while the elder stood in front of him. As Yesung said, their photographer entered the washroom. Kyuhyun felt like crying, his release was so close...

The magnae let out a quiet groan when Yesung held his cock in a way that he couldn't release his semen. "Sorry...hold on a little..." Yesung whispered, pressing a kiss on his lips. Kyuhyun's body relaxed under the kiss, sighing softly with pleasure.

The elder swept his tongue across his lower lip, gently sucking on the soft lip. Kyuhyun shivered with delight as Yesung pushed his tongue pass his lips. Yesung hummed into the kiss, tasting the sweet cavern, their tongues dancing about, savoring each other's taste. Their tongues entwined, both men shuddering at the feeling.

Kyuhyun broke the kiss to release a loud gasp, when Yesung jerked him hard and fast. "Don't worry he left already." Yesung said. The magnae clutched tight on the front of his lover's shirt, body trembling at the mounts of pleasure.

"" Kyuhyun purred, as Yesung continued to pump his weeping cock, lips latching onto his neck, lightly sucking at his lover's pulse point, leaving a purplish bruise. "Haa!Yesung!" he moaned loudly, trashing his head to the side when Yesung engulfed his member without a warning. The magnae panted heavily, scrunching his

eyes as Yesung gave him a amazing blowjob.

"Strip..." Yesung said as he traced his tongue up and down his shaft, then swirling his slick muscle at the tip. Kyuhyun obediently obligates, hastily removing his shirt. He grunted at the lost of heat as he striped out of his pants and boxers while Yesung watches with lustful eyes.

"Hyung please..." he begged once he got on the seat again, rewarding a wolfish grin from Yesung.

"Whatever you say baby." Yesung whispers huskily, crouching in front of his lover, slowly taking the hard on into his mouth. Teasingly, he swiped his tongue over the slit, tasting the precum that was drawing out from it. Tilting his head slightly, trailing his tongue all over

the cock. He lowered his head a little bit more, licking the underside skillfully, sucking on the thick vein. Kyuhyun shot up from his position as he felt a sudden rush of pleasure ran up his spine. Yesung chuckled, brushing his tongue over Kyuhyun's balls, latching his lips on one of them, sucking on it gently.

"Ahh!Yesung!Hn...Sungie..." Kyuhyun moaned loudly. He gasped as Yesung took his whole length into his mouth, bobbing his head rhythmically. "Hyung please...f-faster...deeper..." he pleaded. Yesung easily complies, taking the cock deeper into his mouth, sucking on the cock with a bit more strength. He pulled his head back before pushing his head back in. Kyuhyun moaned like a wanton slut when he felt the tip of his cock touched the back of Yesung's throat.

Yesung deepthroat him faster and harder, just the way Kyuhyun liked it. "H-Hyung! I'm-Ahh..." Even before he finished his sentence, he came long and hard, unloading his seeds into Yesung's mouth. The elder swallowed the large load, licking his lips to make sure he doesn't leave a single drop of his lover's semen.

"Sweet..." he said, causing Kyuhyun to flush redder than before. "Turn around baby." he commanded into his lover's ear, groping the magnae's ass, making him squeal with delight. Kyuhyun complies, turning around to show off his shapely butt. He felt his member stiffened as Yesung massaged his butt, the elder brought his idle hand to his torso, touching all the delectable skin.

"Ahh...haa..." Kyuhyun sighs at the ministrations, his limp cock now fully erect.

Yesung licked his back, pressing kisses on his shoulder blades. He let out a low laugh. "Already hard?" he teases, lightly pinching the pert nipple, making Kyuhyun gasp. Kyuhyun shivered at Yesung's kisses as they traveled lower down his back. He flushed red when he felt his arousal twitch with anticipation when Yesung pressed a kiss at his tailbone.

Kyuhyun's eyes shot up, mouth hanging open, saliva dripping on the tile floor. "Oh fuck!Yesung...ngh!" Kyuhyun moaned when the elder spread his ass cheeks apart, flicking his tongue over the puckered entrance. He bit on his lower lip, muffling all his moans and groans. His body tensed as he felt the slick muscle slide into his hole, brushing the walls of the passage.

The elder tilted his head to the side, angling his tongue at a certain way, lips nipping at the ring muscle. Hearing his lover gasped he chuckled lowly, using his tongue to rub at the same spot which made Kyuhyun saw white and his cock twitch. He rolled his tongue out,

flicking at the end, thrusting his tongue against Kyuhyun's prostate.

"Oh god...hyung...feels so good...Ahh!" Kyuhyun grunted as his puckered entrance twitch, vibrations running up his spine when Yesung let out a low laugh. He opened his mouth willingly, allowing Yesung to push his fingers into his warm cavern. Obediently, he licked the digits, tongue swirling over the finger pads, releasing muffled moans.

Yesung felt himself go harder if it was even possible when Kyuhyun licked his fingers, the talented tongue sliding at his finger pads, occasionally sucking on it. The magnae whimpered softly, feeling the tongue thrust in and out of him, always hitting that right spot, making him see stars. "Ngh...h-hyung..." he groaned as the tongue went deeper into him before pulling it out.

"Hah!" Kyuhyun's breath hitched when Yesung entered two lubricated fingers into him.

" tight and wet...I can't wait to be in you..."Yesung whispered, kissing the back off his neck, pushing the wet digits further till they were buried to the hilt, causing Kyuhyun to squirm in discomfort.

"Hyung move..." Kyuhyun begged. Yesung pulls the digits out to half way before carefully thrusting into the tight hole again, making sure he doesn't hurt his lover. After a few slow thrusts, he speeds it up a bit, and scissoring the entrance. "Ahn hyung..." he trembled with

pleasure, pushing back against the digits.

"Impatient much?" Yesung chuckles, entering a third finger into him, pulling out his fingers fully before plunging back into the hole, causing Kyuhyun's cock to bounce at the impact.

"Mhn h-hyung..." Kyuhyun whimpered when Yesung curled his fingers, finger pads brushing over a knot of nerves, sending mounts of pleasure through his body. "Hah! Hyung...t-there..."

Yesung continued to thrust his fingers into him, occasionally spreading his fingers to stretch the hole. "I-I'm ready..." Kyuhyun breathed.

"You sure?" Yesung asked, voice filled with concern.

"Yeah...please..." Kyuhyun begged, whimpering softly at the loss of the digits in him. Yesung unbutton and unzipped his jeans, peeling them to his thighs before asking Kyuhyun to turn around to face him, cock position in front of the magnae's puckered hole.

"It's gonna hurt a lot so bear with it for a while." Yesung whispered, kissing Kyuhyun's neck. "If it hurts bite on my shoulder." he said, slowly entering into his lover. The latter to bite his shoulder hard at the pleasurable pain, tears welding at the corner of his eyes, making the elder hiss at the sudden pain and the delicious heat around his aching cock.

Kyuhyun released a strangle sniffle, tears rolling down his cheeks. His lover lowered his head, whispering comforting word into his ear, licking the tears away before claiming the pair of soft lips. Yesung swept his tongue across Kyuhyun's lower lip, gently prying the lips

apart allowing his tongue to slide in.

The magnae moaned into the kiss, sliding his slick muscle into Yesung's mouth. Breathing deeply for air, trying to relax his body, reducing the pain. Tongues danced around in their mouths, tasting each other thoroughly. Kyuhyun broke the kiss for air, kissing the bite

mark softly, as he got use to his lover's size.

The elder bite his lower lip, trying to hold the urge to fuck his lover senseless. "Hyung...move..."Kyuhyun said into his ear as he moved his hips erotically, urging his lover to move. Yesung slowly and carefully pulled his cock out a little, making Kyuhyun flinch in pain, pushing back in.

"Okay?" Yesung questions, repeating his actions, moving nice and slow allowing Kyuhyun to get use to the raw penetration.

"Haa...y-yeah...f-feels good...ahn..." Kyuhyun moaned, arms wounding round Yesung's neck. "Hn!Haa..." Kyuhyun breathes heavily, scrunching his eyes as Yesung moved in and out of him, kissing his lover's jaw line.

He pulled out half way through, plunging back into his lover in a leisurely pace. Layer of sweat glisten against their skin, air smelled like sweat and sex, sounds of skin slapping against one another,moans,pants easily heard. "H-Hyung...faster please..." Kyuhyun

said shakily. Yesung easily obligates thrusting into Kyuhyun faster than before. "Yesung...ngh...ahh..." he released a hoarse moan.

The elder continued to pound into his lover, speeding it up ever so slightly driving Kyuhyun over the edge. Soon, Yesung was thrusting into him fast and rough, just the way both of them liked. Yesung pulled his cock out fully"Haa! Sungie...there...ahn..." Kyuhyun moaned, head thrashing to the side with pleasure when Yesung found his sweet spot, making his eyes roll to the back of his head.

Yesung pulled his cock out fully, changing the angle, plunging in, accurately hitting his prostate, causing Kyuhyun's cock to bounce, smearing the precum all over his shirt. "Ah!Hah!Yesung!" Kyuhyun screamed, gripping on the front of his shirt. "Harder...faster please hyung...I'm so close."

Yesung thrust in and out, faster and harder with every thrust. He groaned lowly, the ring muscle clenched around him tightly. He brought a shaky hand closer to Kyuhyun weeping arousal, jerking it off hard and fast, bringing his lover closer to his climax.

Kyuhyun writhe uncontrollably at the strong thrusts and the fast strokes on his cock. Without a warning Kyuhyun came long and hard into Yesung's hand, the ring muscle tightened its hold on the elder's cock. Yesung moaned loudly, unloading his large load into Kyuhyun, causing the elder to mewl with pleasure.

He slowly pulled out of his lover before collapsing beside Kyuhyun. He pecked Kyuhyun on the forehead then his cheek. "Been way too long." Kyuhyun said, hovering closer to his lover.

"Yeah...does it hurt?" Yesung questions, lacing their fingers together.

"A little but it felt good." Kyuhyun smiled. "I love you." he said, tilting his head to press a kiss on Yesung's lips.

"I love you too sweetheart." Yesung whispered, nuzzling his head into the younger's neck.

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