Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It Started With A Cake (Kyumin)

Title: It All Started With A Cake
Pairing: Kyumin, Minor Yewook, Friendship Kyuwook
Prompt: Cake
Rating: PG15?
A/N: for my unnie, sallysync. HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNNIE!!! kinda failed random story ^-^;;

Written: 19th May 2009


 "Are you sure this is right hyung?" Kyuhyun asked, poking the deflated cake.

"Well of course it's wrong. You must have put something extra inside or did something wrong." Ryeowook stated the obvious. "Kyu just give up, you're a complete fail at baking."

"I'M NOT! And it's today is Minnie's birthday. I wanna bake a cake for him!" Kyuhyun said.

"Oh fine! Just because Yesung isn't here..." Ryeowook pout.


"OH MY GOD KYU! How many times can you possibly fail at baking?! First you accidentally put salt instead of sugar, then you burned it and then you made it too much flour then too much sugar!" Ryeowook said, obviously paranoid and frustrated at the magnae.

"Mianhae more time please! If I mess it up again then you can just don't bother helping me." Kyuhyun pleaded.

Ryeowook huffed, blowing his fringe away. "Fine..."


"Please turn out okay...please turn out okay..." Kyuhyun chanted, carefully taking the cake from the oven.

He set it on the table before taking the oven mitts off his hands. Ryeowook eyed the magnae intensely, watching the younger flip the cake over, slowly removing the pan.

"Is it okay hyung?" Kyuhyun asked, half afraid of Ryeowook scolding him again. The elder glared at the cake, before looking up at Kyuhyun with a big smile.

"Yup! Good job Kyu! Now for decorations." Ryeowook smiled.

Kyuhyun took out the ingredients Ryeowook told him, placing them on the table. Obediently he listened to the elder, mixing the ingredients together till his hyung asked him to stop.


"OH MY GOD! Hyung! Thank you so much!" Kyuhyun hugged Ryeowook tightly, squeezing his small frame.

"Can't breathe!" Ryeowook said breathless, whacking him repeatedly.

"Get your hands off him dongsaeng..." A familiar voice rung in their ears. Yesung was glaring at the two men, especially at Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun squeaked, releasing Ryeowook from his embrace. "Mianhae hyung!" he apologized hastily, pushing Ryeowook into Yesung's arms.

"I'm home~!" Sungmin sing song, chucking his bag on the kitchen counter.

"We should leave now don't you think Wookie? So they can be alone and so I can punish you for just now...wouldn't you like that?" Yesung whispered huskily into Ryeowook's ear, flicking his tongue over his earlobe, swatting his shapely ass, then groping it.

"Ngh...S-Sung..." Ryeowook whimpered.

"I'll take that as a yes." Yesung says, carrying hid lover bridal style to their room.

"Umm...Okay first thing I come back someone already talked dirty..." Sungmin said. He turn around, face facing the kitchen, eyes wide with shock. "AHDKEICMALGJDT WHAT HAPPEN TO THE KITCHEN?!"

Suddenly his vision was covered by a pair of large hands. "Kyunnie?" Sungmin guessed, pulling the hands down from his eyes before turning around, finding his lover in front of him.

"Welcome home." Kyuhyun said, lowering his head to capture his lover's lips. Sungmin giggled into the kiss, ringing his arms around Kyuhyun's neck, tilting his head to deepen the kiss.

"So mind telling me what happened to the kitchen?" Sungmin asked after breaking the kiss.

"Close your eyes first before I tell you." Kyuhyun said, making Sungmin frowned with confusion before complying. "Now open your eyes."

Obediently, Sungmin obligated, gasping at the sight of the cake in front of him. "Did you make this?" Sungmin asked in awe, admiring the perfect strawberry shortcake, in the middle wrote 'Happy Birthday Sungmin' with icing in illegible handwriting.

"Um...yeah Ryeowook hyung helped me with it, failed many times and I messed the kitchen up." Kyuhyun said, almost inaudibly. "Does hyung want to try a slice?" he asks, rewarding furious nods from Sungmin.

The magnae placed the cake on the table before heading to the drawers to get a sharp knife. Carefully, he sliced the cake through the middle, cutting another side then placing it on a plate. "Say ah." Kyuhyun said, causing Sungmin to giggle, opening his mouth, allowing Kyuhyun to feed the cake into his mouth.

"So yummy!" Sungmin beamed, making Kyuhyun sigh in relief. "It's really good Kyunnie!" he squealed before feeding more cake to himself, unconsciously icing smeared at the corner of his lips.

Sungmin smiled shyly back at the latter, taking the last bite of the cake. He scrunched his face in discomfort, feeling something hard on his tongue. Parting his lips, he brought his hand to his petite mouth, slowly drawing a silver band from his mouth.

The elder started to tear up, looking at the simple ring in his hand. 'Will you marry me?' engraved on the ring. He pulled his lover into a deep embrace. "Of course I will." Sungmin said in between sobs, Kyuhyun smiled, separating their bodies slightly. "I love you Kyunnie."

Kyuhyun got hold of Sungmin's right hand, sliding the ring on the fourth finger, bringing the hand to his lips, pressing them against the hand. "I love you too." Kyuhyun leaned closer to his lover, lowering his head, darting his tongue out to lick the icing away. "You had icing on your face." Kyuhyun smiled, watching his lover turn pink.

The elder kisses the younger passionately, the kiss slowly became a heated one. Tongues danced around in there mouth, lips sucking on each other, hips grinding into one another, leaving them wanting for more. "Ahem." Somebody disrupted the heated scene, both men breaking the kiss. "Sorry to interrupt but Kyu can I use the icing you have left?" Yesung asked.

"Um yeah, go ahead hyung." Kyuhyun replies, causing Yesung to smirk as he went over to get the bowl of icing, then immediately leaving to the bedroom. "So what do you think they're gonna do with it?" Kyuhyun asks.

"I think I know." Sungmin says suggestively, rolling his hips sensually, purposely rubbing the clothed bulge against each other, making the magnae groan.

"Ahh! Y-Yesung ahn!" they heard Ryeowook's high pitched moans.

"You wanna do what they're doing now?" Sungmin asks seductively, bringing his hand to Kyuhyun's guiding one of them to his perfectly shaped ass. "Only much hotter and sexier..." Sungmin whispers huskily, nipping the shell of his ear, turning the latter on even more.

"Definitely..." Kyuhyun replied in the same manner, leading both of them to their shared room.


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