Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our Secret Past (Yewook)

Title: Our Secret Past (Side Story To My Secret Place)
Pairing: Yewook, implied Sihanchul
Rating: PG13-NC17
A/N: Be prepared for a long read. Some people say its draggish I dunno so beware! For perfectfiresky and nobody_fool

“Are you okay?”a small boy, probably a couple of years older than him, asked. Ryeowook just continued to sob and cry, occasionally sniffling. The small boy crouch down in front of him, his small,chubby hands clutching on to his teddy bear. “Why are you crying?” he asked the crying boy.

“N-Nobody *sniffs* w-wants t-to *sobs* p-play w-with me...*sniffs* t-they a-all t-think I’m *sniffs* w-weird...”Ryeowook said in between sobs, wiping his tears away with his hands. Tears started forming at his eyes again, slowly streaming down his cheeks, suddenly his felt something warm touch his cheek. The small boy just kissed him on the cheek, causing his cheeks to stain light pink.

“Don’t cry...I’ll play with you.” the little boy smiled, reaching his hands out to Ryeowook. Ryeowook looked up at him, tears no longer glassed over his eyes, hesitantly he extended his hand, allowing the boy to pull him up on his feet. “My name’s Yesung, what’s yours?” the boy ask.

“R-Ryeowook.”he stuttered.

Just then a group of little kids came running towards them. “Yesung ah! Why are you with him?”one of the kids asked. “Don’t you know he’s weird?” he continued.

“And he’s also a cry baby!” another boy teased.

Yesung’s fist clenched as he listened to the nasty comments from the other kids. He looked towards his right, only finding Ryeowook, trembling and whimpering slightly, on the verge of tears. “YAH! IF YOU EVER SAY THAT EVER AGAIN ABOUT RYEOWOOK EVER AGAIN I WILL BEAT YOU UP!” Yesung shouted angrily, scaring the little kids as they ran away from them.

Almost immediately, Yesung turned around then crouching, till his eyes leveled with Ryeowook. “Are you okay?” he asked gently. The younger nodded slightly, tears still visible at the corners of his eyes. “Don’t cry okay? I’ll be your friend.” he smiled warmly as he extended his hand, using his thumb to wipe away the tears.

Ryeowook looked up at him with teary eyes, he sniffed slightly. “H-How c-come you won’t run away with them?”he asked in between sniffs and sobs.

“Because I think you’re special.” Yesung replied, placing a small hand on his chest, right on top of his heart. “Right here.”he continued, causing Ryeowook to blush bashfully. “How about we go play at your house?” the elder suggested as Ryeowook took his hand, receiving a small nod from the other.


Yesung looked back and forth from Ryeowook and his teddy bear. After a long hard time of thinking, he stretched his arms out, shoving the teddy bear right in front of Ryeowook’s face, causing the younger to blink in confusion. “You can have him.”


“He can give you company when I can’t play with you or at night when you’re afraid.”

Ryeowook watched Yesung’s expressions, lips curling upwards forming a small smile. “Thank you.”he thanked as he took the bear from Yesung’s hands. “I’ll name it Yesung.”he giggled, causing the elder’s cheeks to stain pink.

“Yesung ah, time to go home!” Yesung’s mother called him.

“Okay.So...I’ll see you tomorrow right?”he asked, Ryeowook answered with a couple of nods. “Good night.”he wished, kissing Ryeowook on the forehead.


After a few months...24th August

"Happy birthday Sungie hyung!" Ryeowook beamed as he gave Yesung his gift and a peck on the cheek, making the birthday boy blush slightly.

"Thank you."Yesung said. "Can I open it?"he asked as he pointed at the nicely wrapped gift, Ryeowook replied a furious nod.

Carefully,he unwrapped the present, trying not to rip the gold wrapping paper. Beneath the wrapping paper, there was glass jar, inside it was a beautiful butterfly flying around, with aqua blue wings. "You caught it for me?" he asked,his tone had evidence of disbelief and happiness. Tears forming at the corners of his eyes.

"Yup!Yesungie was always looking at it when we're playing."he smiled. "Wae yo?Why are you crying?" he panicked as he quickly wiped Yesung's tears.

"I-It's just that *sniff* it's so nice of you *sobs*"Yesung smiled once he stopped sniffing and sobbing.


When Yesung was 13 and Ryeowook was 12, Yesung’s grandmother past away due to age, during Autumn.

Ryeowook rubbed his hands together, trying to warm them up, blowing warm air to heat them up a little more. “So cold...”he said to himself. “Yesung hyung...are you okay?”he asked, only receiving a couple of sobs and sniffles from the other side of the door. “I’m here for you...just to let you know...”he whispered, sneezing right after that.

He rocked his body slightly, quietly humming Yesung’s favorite song, which was Begin (sang by DBSK), listening to his hyung cry himself to sleep.


It was exactly a week after Yesung’s grandmother passed away, and a week since Yesung stayed by the doorway. He finally comes out of his room, putting on a thick jacket before heading to the door. He turned the door knob, wanting to go out see his dongsaeng.

Once the door flung open, Ryeowook fell to the ground, waking up from his sleep. “Yesung hyung!” he said in surprise, immediately hugging him by the waist. “I missed you so much.”

“Were you there for the whole week?” Yesung asked with a shaky voice, a hint of guilt in his voice.

“Yup!”he nodded furiously, smiling brightly at the elder, face still bright red from the cold air. “Hyung! Wae yo?Why are you crying?”he panicked when he saw tears welled up in Yesung’s eyes.

“You shouldn’t have done that!”he sobbed as he embraced Ryeowook tightly. “You could have gotten sick and *sniff* anything bad could have happened to you.” he sniffed as his grip on Ryeowook tighten, tears soaking Ryeowook’s jumper.


The next day...

“Ugh...”Ryeowook groaned at the sudden throb of pain.

“And now you’re sick.” Yesung sighed. “You really out did yourself.”he whispered, smiling warmly as his fingers tangled in Ryeowook’s brown locks.

“Mm...but at least I can be by hyung’s side.”he giggled, making Yesung’s cheeks heat up. The elder cleared his throat, taking the small towel,which was on the magnae’s forehead, dipping it into the basin filled with cold water. He squeezed out the excess water till it was partially dry before replacing it on Ryeowook’s forehead.

“Does your throat hurt?”he asked, voice filled with concern.

Ryeowook shook his head in response, fingers playing at the edge of the blanket, cheeks tainting red. His heart thumped painfully against his chest as he reached out and place a peck on Yesung’s cheek. “Kamsamida hyung.”he thanked as he watched Yesung blush in shyness.

“F-For what?”he stammered.

“Every thing.”Ryeowook smiled as the latter stroked his hair softly, making him a little drowsy, eventually he fell asleep. Fingers entwined with Yesung’s.


When Yesung was 15 and Ryeowook was 14...

“I’m leaving Chungnam.” Yesung says.

“Eh?” Ryeowook’s eyes widen with shock.

“I’m leaving Chungnam. My dad’s company is moving to Seoul, so we have to come along.”he replies, not daring to look at Ryeowook’s face.

“R-Really?” Ryeowook’s voice trembled, tears forming at the corner of his eyes.


“W-When are you leaving?”

“In about a week...”


During that one week, Yesung and Ryeowook spent almost every day together, and on the last night before Yesung left to Seoul, Yesung stayed over at Ryeowook’s place.

Yesung pulled the blanket over their bodies, giving more of it to Ryeowook as the latter snuggled closer towards the elder. The younger place his head on Yesung’s shoulder, he sighed heavily. “I don’t want tomorrow to come.”he said dejectedly.

“But it has to.”

“I know...”

“Don’t worry about it okay? I’ll always remember you as my Wookie dongsaeng.”he smiles as he placed his arm on Ryeowook’s shoulders, making Ryeowook’s heart skip a beat.

“I’ll always remember you as my Sungie hyung who loves bugs.”he giggled.


The next day...

“So this is good bye...” Ryeowook muttered, rewarding a few nods from the elder. “You won’t forget me right?”

“Of course not, you’re my Wookie dongsaeng.”he smiled as he ruffled the latter’s hair.

“Oh yeah, hyung I got something for you.”he handed Yesung a picture frame which had a picture of them during their picnic with their families, making Yesung tear a little.

“I also got something to you. Close you eyes.”Ryeowook shut his eyes. Yesung got behind Ryeowook, bringing the necklace around to the front of his neck before latching it at the back. The younger fluttered his eyes open, finding a necklace around his neck, with a pendant which had Yesung’s name engraved to it.

“Do you like it?” Yesung asked in concern.

Almost immediately, Ryeowook hugs his hyung tightly, tears already trickling down his cheeks as he sobs loudly in Yesung’s arms. Hesitantly, Yesung returned the hug, bringing a hand to pat the magnae’s head, lightly stroking his hair, trying to hush him down. “Shh...don’t cry okay?I’ll come visit you when I have time okay?”he asked,hoping that he’d cheered his dongsaeng up even if it was just a bit, as he pushed Ryeowook back a bit to have an eye contact.

Ryeowook nods, trembling slightly as he continued to cry, bringing his hands to wipe away the tears. The elder smiles warmly, eyes clearly had evidence of sadness, using the back of his hand to wipe Ryeowook’s stray tears.

“Yesung!We have to go now!”Yesung’s father shouted.

For the last time, he embraced Ryeowook, nuzzling at the junction of his neck. “I’ll miss you so much.”he muttered, the magnae whispering almost an inaudible ‘me too’ as a reply. Once they pulled apart, Yesung leaned it slightly, placing a chaste kiss at the corner of his lips, hands resting on Ryeowook’s. “I’ll think of you everyday...”he mumbled, “I hope you’ll wear that necklace every day.”

“I will.”a weak smile graced upon Ryeowook’s lips. “You better go before your dad gets angry.”he joked after hearing Yesung’s dad honked the horn of the car a couple of times.

“Mm.Goodbye.”Yesung waved a small goodbye as he walked towards the car, Ryeowook doing the,tears spilling again.


Two years later...

He suddenly bang his head in front of an open locker door.His books in his hands fell to the ground and so did he. “Ouch!” he flinched of the sudden pain.There was a student behind the open locker,he looked down at the new student in shock.

“Ryeowook?!Is that you?”he asked as he pulled the new student up.

“Yesung hyung?”he looked up as he replied shakily due to the dizziness.He placed a hand on his forehead then started to rub it a little, trying to reduce the aching in his head.

“Oh my god! I haven’t seen you in ages!”Yesung said,hugging Ryeowook tightly. “I missed you so much!”

Ryeowook blushed slightly,muttering an ‘I miss you too’ to Yesung,arms ringing around the elder’s waist. “I just can’t believe you’re here!You haven’t changed a bit!Well...just that you lost your baby fat and look like twice as good.”Yesung joked,making Ryeowook turn a shade darker.

Once he released his hold on the younger,they got on to the floor, picking up the scattered books and papers. “Anyways...why are you here?”he asked as he looked up,finding the necklace he gave Ryeowook two years ago,still located around his neck, causing a smile to grace his lips.

“Umma and appa sent me here. They’re still at Chungnam.”Ryeowook replied.

“I’m glad you’re still wearing it.”Yesung said unconsciously, which made the latter beat red again. 
They continued picking up his books in awkward silence, fingers accidentally brushing against one another when they reached out for the same book. “Oh...I’m sorry.”he apologized but not looking directly at Ryeowook’s eyes.Ryeowook saw his face.He was blushing.Well,of course Ryeowook blushed but he didn’t expect for Yesung to blush as well.

“I-It’s alright.”Finally they manage to pick up all the pieces of paper and his books. “Thanks for helping me.”They then stood up from their position.

“No problem.”he smiled warmly.

“Where is the office?”Ryeowook asked.

“Why are you so formal?We’ve like what known each other since forever.”he was rewarded with a nervous chuckle and then silence. Ryeowook didn’t want Yesung to know that he didn’t talk to anyone for the past two years or the fact he was bullied in school again ever since Yesung left.

They walked together to the office while chatting and catching up with one other. After a while of comfortable silence,both of them finally arrived at the office. “Here we are.”Yesung broke the silence.

“Ah,okay.Thanks”he paused for a moment,he started to feel a blush painted on his cheeks. “Um...can you wait for me till I come out from the office?”

“Sure!No problem.”he said with a cheerful smile.Ryeowook shyly wave goodbye as he entered the office. As soon as Ryeowook left his side,a friend of his came by.

“Eh?Sungie?”Heechul called out with a surprise and curious tone.

Yesung turned to the voice calling him.“Ah.Heechul hyung.”He look around searching for someone.“Eh?Where’s your boyfriends?”

“Oh.Hankyung and Siwon has student council meeting.”

“Oh.I see.”Yesung frowned slightly.He always loved seeing Hankyung and Siwon being with Heechul.

“Anyways what are you doing here?”

“I was...”he was interrupted by the opening of office door.

“Thanks for waiting for me.”he smiled then he noticed Heechul’s presence. “Yesung hyung.Who is this?Your friend?”

“Uh...yeah.This is Heechul, also known as the bitchy Cinderella.Heechul this is Ryeowook.”he introduced each other, receiving a slap on the head from Heechul.

“Nice to meet you Ryeowook.”Heechul smiled at him.

“N-Nice to meet you too.”he said nervously.

“Yesung ah,Ryeowook since school only starts next next week... let’s go out later to the nearby village.With the rest of the group!”he suggested happily.

“Sure!”Ryeowook smiled cheerfully for the first time of today.Yesung also agreed,he also smiled warmly while glancing at Ryeowook.After chatting with Heechul for a while,they bid their goodbyes and he left to his room.

Once again they were alone. “So wheres your room?”Yesung asked, surprising Ryeowook.

“O-Oh...um...”Ryeowook fished out the key he was given and he looked at the tag. “Uh...room 248.”

“Oh!Cool.You’re sharing rooms with me!”Yesung grinned widely. Yes! I can see him sleeping,eating,bathing...NO bad thoughts Yesung! Maybe even jerking off...Bad thoughts! Bad thoughts!! After thinking about those thoughts of his,he shook his head vigorously. “Come on,our room is just nearby.”Ryeowook then nodded his head dumbly.


Yesung helped his dongsaeng unpack all his stuff, smiling when he found the worn out teddy bear he gave Ryeowook on their first encounter and a whole album filled with their pictures. 

At around the time from six to seven in the evening,Heechul came by to pick them up. He was dressed in a black collar shirt which contrasted with his fair skin and wore a pair of slim fitting jeans which complimented his slim legs.Over his collar shirt he wore a black denim jacket.

“You guys ready?”Heechul called out from outside of their room, knocking on the door impatiently.

“Yeah...”Yesung said as he opened the door.Yesung was dressed in a short sleeved striped shirt which showed the shape of his well sculpted muscles and wore a pair of flared jeans which covered a bit of his sneakers.

Ryeowook stepped out of the room. “Oh.Hi Heechul hyung.”he greeted with a cheerful smile.As for him he wore a comfortable blue long sleeved shirt and a pair of baggy jeans.

“Come on!Let’s go!”Heechul pouted. “Everyone’s waiting downstairs.”They took the elevator down to the lobby of their dorms.There eleven guys were waiting. “They’re here!”Heechul cheered happily as he ran over to his boyfriend and cling on his arms. “Hannie!”he beamed as he saw his lover.

Ryeowook and Yesung then came over to spoil the happy mushy atmosphere. “Hankyung,this is Ryeowook.The new student I was talking about just now.”Heechul introduced to his lover. “And Ryeowook this is my amazing boyfriend,Hankyung.”Ryeowook’s face stoned at the statement. Hankyung smiled warmly at him and Ryeowook returned a nervous smile.

Heechul then pulled Ryeowook away leaving Yesung and Hankyung alone. “This is Eunhyuk,Donghae,Siwon,Shindong,Kibum,Zho
u Mi and Henry.”he introduced slowly and pointed at each of them. “Guys,this is Ryeowook.”The group of young men,excluding Yesung and Hankyung, greeted Ryeowook and welcome him to their school.

“Shall we go now?”Leeteuk asked. Everyone agreed,they walked to the village near their school. Eunhyuk treated the whole group for dinner at a five stars buffet restaurant,Yesung enjoyed his time with Ryeowook. He was practically stalking the dongsaeng the whole night long. 

After their dinner they went to a club for a few drinks except for a few of them because they were underaged. For those who didn’t drink,they enjoyed the performance which was on. The club was filled with teenagers who were from their school or people who lived nearby. 

Ryeowook looked around the area. There were women who were seducing men on the dance floor,women were seducing them especially Kibum and even at some corners of the room there were couples making out. Ryeowook looked away after seeing the scene.

Someone then tapped Ryeowook’s shoulder,he looked up and his eyes met Yesung’s. He looked at him with warm eyes and a charming smile. “May I have this dance?”he asked him as if he was at a prom asking a girl. He placed an arm out,palms facing upwards.Ryeowook’s cheeks was now painted with a light shade of red. He placed his palm on the elder’s and followed him to the dance floor. Now Hankyung and Heechul were alone. “Do you think he’s hitting on Ryeowook?”Henry asked Zhou Mi.

“Yup. You can see love in his eyes.”Zhou Mi replied as he wrapped his arms around Henry’s slender waist.

“Really?”he asked curiously.

“Yup. Just like the love I see in your eyes.”Zhou Mi said sexily as he pecked him on his lips.


They moved in unison to the rhythm of the music, their bodies pressed tightly against each other.They enjoyed the dance until Yesung swayed towards him. He managed to catch him before he fell. The elder man leaned heavily against him as they made their way back to their table.He sat Yesung down and took a good look at the elder man who was turning slightly paler than usual.

“Are you alright?” he asked worriedly.

“I think so. But the room is spinning around. You’re spinning too,” Yesung answered and he giggled. 

“Time for us to go back.”he gritted out as Yesung giggled again. 


“Do you feel like vomiting?”Ryeowook asked worriedly again.

“No...I want to dance again.”He giggled and hiccuped.

“Later. How many glasses did you have?” Ryeowook questioned as Yesung leaned heavily on him as he helped him into their room. 

Yesung giggled loudly, his face flushed from the effects of the alcohol. He put up five fingers. “Five? No, I think I had ten. No...” 

“Hyung, stop moving around. You’re going to fall,” the younger man warned as the other flailed his hands about. 

“I think I lost count...”Yesung giggled again as Ryeowook finally helped him onto the brown leather couch.

He sighed heavily and tried to sling his arm around his shoulder to help him up to his bed.Instead he was pulled by the neck by Yesung.Ryewook’s body fell on top of his and his lips were captured by Yesung’s plump lips.He could taste the alcohol from Yesung’s mouth.Yesung deepened the kiss, Ryeowook quickly pulled away his lips from the other.

‘He kissed me!?’he panicked mentally.He looked at the elder,his face was still flushed.Yesung then hiccuped again.He tried to slip his arm again, jumping and yelping loudly when he felt Yesung’s hand touch his butt. “H-HYUNG!” he shouted, stepping away from Yesung, hands covering his rear, afraid.

“Hehe...*hiccup* Wookie ah...you have a really nice *hiccup* ass...” Yesung giggles again, his hand slowly reaching up, wanting to touch the younger’s shapely butt or the front.

“HYUNG! STOP IT!” he shouted, slapping the hand away, causing Yesung to pout. Scared, he helped him up to his bed and placed him gently on the bed. Yesung squirms, kicking off the sheets.

Ryeowook sighs, before bending down to pick up the sheets. He yelped again when the drunkard slap his butt. “HYUNG I SAID STOP IT!!” he shouted angrily. “Go to sleep.If you don’t, no touching me for the rest of the year.” he threatens, which surprisingly worked. After tucking him into bed Ryeowook went to the toilet and got dressed in comfortable sleeping clothes.

He looked at his roommate,sleeping soundly. Somehow he advanced towards his roommate’s bed, sitting at the edge of it. Unknowingly, he brought his hands, softly stroking the stray hair away from his eyes, before he got under the warm covers.He looked at Yesung and smiled warmly to himself then touched his kissed lips.


(A/N: I’m sorry, I really didn’t want to write what happen the day after that or like a few weeks after that *bows*)

The first day of school wasn’t good at all for Ryeowook nor the weeks after that. Nobody in his class spoke to him besides his group of friends, every time he entered the class everyone would scowl at him, but mostly the class would pick on him and call him names.

“How was your day?”Yesung asked, like he would always do every day.

Ryeowook dumped his bag on the floor then started taking off his shoes. “It was good.”he replied, showing a fake smile to his roommate. The complete opposite happened. Before PE class, somebody ripped his clothes with a blade then he got sent to detention because he didn’t have his kit, during art class, when he went to get more paint, somebody messed up the painting of Yesung he did and his had to redo it again. The worst was before his lesson of the day started, somebody sprayed ‘fag’ all over his table.

“Glad to hear.” the elder smiled.

“Hyung I...”he croaked, he was at the verge of tears.


“Oh...it’s nothing...”


The next day...

Ryeowook inhaled then exhaled before he entered his class, feeling don’t know how many dozen pairs of eyes on him. The girls at the corner of the room started whispering,sending looks at Ryeowook. He place his bag on the desk, folding his arms as a cushion to rest his head.

His eyes started to water when he saw his table, the table was cover with the word ‘fag’, ‘whore’, ‘homo’ or any words which hurt a lot. He bit his lower lip,holding back the tears.


Once he opened the door, the bucket of water tipped dangerously, spilling all its contents on Ryeowook, drenching him to his boxers. Every student near him burst into fits of laughter and giggles, pointing him with an accusing finger. He whimpered silently before he fled for the scene, every student he passed laughed at him.

Before he knew it, he was in the music room, which he didn’t know was occupied by somebody, the second place he could be happy. “Sorry but may I help you?”the boy in the room asked.

“Oh..I-I’m s-sorry...I didn’t know somebody was in here.”Ryeowook apologized between sobs.

The boy crouched down till his eyes met Ryeowook’s. “Why are you soaked? And why are you crying?”he asked as he used the back of his palm to wipe the tears. Ryeowook didn’t reply instead he continued to sob in the student’s arms.

“Shh...”he patted Ryeowook’s head, bringing his hand to his back to soothe him.


“You didn’t tell him?”the boy asked, receiving a quiet ‘no’ from Ryeowook. “Why?”

“Cause...I’d be just causing him more trouble...I’m already a burden for him...I don’t want him to hate me...”Ryeowook sniffed.

“But if you don’t tell him, you’d be sad right?”

“As long as he’s happy, I’m happy.”

“Oh anyways what’s your name?”

“Kim Ryeowook.”

“Lee Sungmin.”he smiled as he shook the younger’s hand.


15th March

Ryeowook panicked as he searched for the necklace he left in his bag,unzipping and zipping the pockets. He searched in his drawer, sighing in relief when he found it. His eyes widened in fear, finding the necklace split into two pieces, the diamond on it smashed and lines slashing through Yesung’s name.

His eyes watered. “Did you like what we did to it bitch?” a girl in his class asked.

Tears streamed down his cheeks, his eyes flared with anger as he gripped the girl’s collar. “Why did you do it?!”

“Get your fucking hands off me!”the girl shouted, raising her hand to slap him, only to be caught by Siwon.

“I wouldn’t slap him if I were you.”he said.

“Oh! Siwon oppa!I wasn’t going to slap him.”she said sweetly.

“We just stood there the whole time.”Heechul pointed at a random direction. “And you! Don’t you dare flirt with our Siwon!”he pointed an accusing finger at her.

Hankyung coughed, interrupting the fight Heechul was about to start. “Anyways...If anyone bullies Ryeowook again, they will face the consequences and one of them would be getting expelled from this school.”he gritted out.

“You better go find Yesung and discuss about this.And hopefully you confess your love for him.” Heechul whispered into Ryeowook’s ear, playfully winking at him as the magnae left. “So...what should we do to you for bullying our Ryeowook.”Kibum entered.

“Ooh! Can we shave her head bald??” Heechul asked Kibum curiously, making the younger sweatdropped.

Outside their room...

Ryeowook’s eyes watered,wondering if Yesung was going to hate him for the necklace. “Hyung?”

“Welcome back. How was your day?”

“Terrible.Terrible from day one at this school.”

“What do you mean?”

“Everybody called me a fag and a whore for being close to you and the rest of the group. Every day they’d sabotaged me, like ripping my PE kit and so called ‘accidentally’ dropping the scalpel during Biology.” Ryeowook rammed out, tears already welding up at the corners of his eyes.

Yesung’s blood boil at the thought of it. “What else?”he tried to say it as calmly as possible. He was surprised when Ryeowook hugged him by the waist.

“T-They broke the necklace you gave me two years ago!”Ryeowook cried, tears rushing down his cheeks. Yesung’s eyes widened in shock.


Ryeowook slipped his hand into his back pocket, showing the remains of the necklace. “Mianhae hyung!”he said desperately,still crying.

“Shh,shh,shh...”he hushed the crying boy down. “It’s okay if it breaks, we can always get a new one, as long as you’re safe.I’m glad.” Ryeowook looked up at the elder,eyes still brimming with tears. Yesung lowered his head,pressing his lips against Ryeowook’s, causing Ryeowook’s eyes to widen with surprise before seeping shut, returning the kiss.

“I loved you.Ever since I met you, since seven years ago.”Yesung admitted after he broke the kiss, his face heated up with embarrassment. “Please be my boyfriend.I understand if you don’t wanna go out with me,cause well we’re both guys and you’re like the most amazing guy to me, and you completely deserve a girl/guy so much better than me so...”his sentence was completely cut off,when he felt the familiar pair of lips on his.

“You talk to much hyung.”Ryeowook giggled. “And of course I would.I loved you too, ever since the first time we met.”he smiled,tip toeing to place another kiss on his newfound lover’s lips.

“Don’t keep anything from me okay?”Ryeowook nodded in reply. “And please don’t ever leave my side.” the magnae smiled.

“I would never.”he whispered as he nuzzled Yesung’s neck.


(A/N: I’m sorry again!This is like a really long story, so I’m gonna skip all the lovey dovey moments)

It has been officially six months since Yesung and Ryeowook gotten together, and the younger finally had a good life at school since nobody dared to bully the magnae with Yesung around at every corner.

“I’m just curious.Have you guys done it yet?”Heechul asked Ryeowook as he ate the Beijing Fried Rice Hankyung prepared for him.

The magnae beat red,hesitantly shaking his head. “Not yet.”

“Oh wow.It has been like half a year, and you guys haven’t done it yet.” Eunhyuk said.

“Anyways...why haven’t you guys done it yet?”

“We almost did it once but I gave him an excuse saying I had diarrhea.” his answer making Eunhyuk and Heechul burst into fits of giggles.

“Why?”Heechul and Eunhyuk said in unison.

“I-I’m afraid...”he muttered.

“Of what?Him leaving you right after that.He’s like practically a leach!”Heechul said.

“Just that...what if I’m not good for him?” he replied.

“He’ll definitely be satisfied if it’s you.”Heechul said.


15th September

Yesung slung an arm around Ryeowook’s slender waist,bringing the magnae closer to him, placing the blanket over both of them. The magnae smiled as he placed his head on Yesung’s shoulder, his fingers fiddling with Yesung’s. Throughout the movie, Yesung was whispering sweet nothings into Ryeowook’s ear, causing the younger to flush bright red, or kissing the younger, ending them before it turn into a heated make out session.

“Say ahh~” Yesung said, placing the chocolate coated strawberry in front of Ryeowook’s face. The latter giggled,opening his mouth to allow his lover to feed the fruit. “Like it?” Ryeowook nodded cutely as his lover wiped the juice,which was dripping at the side of his jaw,with his thumb.

He opened his mouth again to eat the rest of it,the juice trickling down his chin. “Such a messy eater you are.”Yesung teased as he pinched the boy’s cheeks before leaning in, catching the juice with his tongue. Trailing his tongue to wipe the rest of it, pressing his lips against Ryeowook’s.

Yesung kissed Ryeowook passionately as his right hand slid under the shirt,fingers carelessly caressing the soft skin,causing the magnae to shiver at the contact, Ryeowook’s lips parted shyly allowing his lover to slip his tongue into his mouth. “Haa...”he breathed when Yesung explored his warm cavern,tongue brushing over Ryeowook’s perfectly straight teeth.

The elder stroke Ryeowook’s flat belly, the hand resting on his waist. Ryeowook hesitantly kissed him back, bringing his hand to the back of his neck slowly deepening the kiss. He bashfully nips Yesung’s lower lip as Yesung suckles his upper lip, pulling their bodies closer with his left hand,which was around the tiny waist.

He broke the kiss,panting for air. “Are you sure you want this?”Yesung asked.

Ryeowook smiled at his lover’s consideration, tilting his head up to peck the elder on his lips. “I’m sure.”he said firmly.

“Then we should get on the bed.”Yesung stood up,dragging Ryeowook to his bed. Gently,he sat Ryeowook down, pushing Ryeowook down to the mattress with a light force, now towering above his boyfriend. They kissed again, lips moving in sync, tongues dancing in their mouths, tasting the hint of chocolate and strawberry from the treat they had. Ryeowook ended the kiss,due to the lack of oxygen in their lungs.

Yesung trails his lips to Ryeowook’s neck, placing butterfly kisses on his jaw line, then the neck. He gently nipped a sensitive patch of skin, a silent mewl escaping his lips. The latter gasped and shivered when Yesung bit the junction of his neck, sucking the spot little, leaving a purplish bruise.

He slip his right hand under Ryeowook’s shirt, moving his thumb in a circular motion stroking Ryeowook’s hip bone. “Ngh...hyung ahh...”he whimpered as his lover licked his Adam’s apple, gasping when he felt Yesung’s teeth grazed over it. Lips pressed against his throat, gently applying pressure on it as his fingers accidentally brush against a nipple, causing Ryeowook’s hips to buck involuntarily, moaning.

He chuckled softly, repeating his actions, using his index finger to rub it softly. “You’re so sensitive.”he whispered huskily into Ryeowook’s ear, teasingly licking the shell of his ear, nibbling on his stud earring. The magnae jerked a little, hands grasping on Yesung’s shirt tightly. Yesung shifted slightly, capturing Ryeowook’s lips. 

“Mnh...”Ryeowook trembled when he felt his lover’s fingers touch his ear, the pair of soft lips parted, allowing Yesung’s tongue to enter into his mouth. He shivered visibly when the the tongue grazed over his own, somehow entwining it. “Ahh...Sung...”his breath hitched as he jolted when the elder cupped his bulge, rubbing through his pants. He flush red when he felt his erection twitch under the contact.

“Yesung...ahn!”he breathed sharply as his grip tightened on Yesung’s shirt, the hand on his groin massaging him thoroughly. The hand which was under his shirt slipped out, slowly fiddling with the button, trying to unbutton the pajama top. The elder swore under his breath, fingers still fiddling with the single button.

Ryeowook sniggered as he released the grip on the latter’s shirt, bringing his hand to his torso. “I’ll do it.” he whispered into his hyung’s ear. Seductively, he unbutton the buttons of his top. Yesung eyes widen and his mouth flung open slightly as his eyes marveled his lover’s body. 

“Wookie...”he said almost inaudibly before capturing Ryeowook’s soft lips.

“Oh...h-hyung...aah!” Ryeowook whimper and tremble under the light caresses that Yesung gave him. He gasped, back arched gracefully off the bed when Yesung worry the nubs between his fingers. “Ngh...hyung...I...haa!” his breath hitched, feeling the slick muscle lick his nipples, lips gently sucking it. Yesung curled his tongue around the nub, somehow tugging it.


“Hyung, my parents wants to meet you next week.” Ryeowook smiled as he snuggled closer to Yesung tucking his head under the elder’s chin.

“What?” he said in disbelief and shock.

“Well...” Ryeowook bit his lower lip, eyes not daring to meet his lover’s. “I told my parents that we were dating. They were quite surprised about me being gay...well...my mum was really happy about it...anyways they wanted to meet you.”

“Oh okay...but aren’t your parents at Chungnam?” Yesung asked as he place an arm on Ryeowook’s shoulders, fingers tracing over his jaw line,

“Yeah...I was thinking we go to Chungnam by car...” Ryeowook spoke softly, fiddling with his fingers. “And then we could go and stay over night at their place.” he continued. “Is it okay? Or did you have plans next week?”

“I was thinking about spending the whole week with you, but I guess I could meet your parents and be with you at the same time.” Yesung teased, watching Ryeowook’s expression change as he stroke the thick locks. He slung the idle arm around his lover’s slender waist, pulling him even closer to his body. Ryeowook looked at Yesung with large,innocent eyes, blushing furiously when Yesung place a chaste kiss on his lips.


“Oh wow. You look very formal today.” Ryeowook chuckles as he looked at his lover from head to toe. Yesung was wearing a long sleeved white collar button-up shirt, with a black jacket over it. Black skinny jeans complimenting his somewhat long legs. To top it off, a pair of black converse.

“Thanks, you look good.” Yesung mentally face palms himself for saying such an idiotic answer. The younger was wearing a simple light purple button-up top, with a pair of black long pants, on his feet a pair of black converse shoes as well. “Gorgeous.” he whispered a bit too loudly for Ryeowook to hear, making both of the blush bright red.

“Thank you.” Ryeowook mutters, eyes averting to some corner of the room.

“Shall we go?” Yesung asked as he tries to sneak his hand into Ryeowook’s, but the magnae beat him to it. Ryeowook smiled shyly, cheeks stained pretty pink.


During the two hours journey to Chungnam, every time the car stopped. Yesung leaned over, placing butterfly kisses at his jaw line, making Ryeowook giggle. Yesung grumbled under his breath when the truck behind them honked at their car. The magnae giggles behind his hand, hiding his fits of giggles.


“Umma!” Ryeowook beamed as he embraced his mother. “I missed you so much!”

“Aigo! You’ve grown so much from the last time I saw you!” Mrs. Kim said. “Is this the boy you’re dating?” she asked, nudging her son’s elbows. Ryeowook blushed as he nodded his head shyly.

“Annahaseyo ahjumma. My name is Yesung.” Yesung greeted and bowed politely.

“Aigo! You don’t have to call me ahjumma, just call me ‘umma’ okay?” she said as she pat Yesung’s shoulders. She scrunched up her eyes slightly. “Are you that same Yesung, who use to play with my baby?”

“Umma...” Ryeowook whines, covering his face in his hands to hide himself from any sort of embarrassment. Yesung chuckles, nodding his head in reply.

“Omo! You’re so grown up now. So tall and exceptionally handsome!” Mrs. Kim said as she hugged Yesung, who was blushing from the compliments. Releasing her hold, she asked both of them to sit down on the couch as she went back into the kitchen to continue preparing dinner.


(A/N: Sorry, skipping all the talking and eating bits)

Right before they went to bed....

“Mianhae, my parents can be a bit weird.” Ryeowook apologized. 

Yesung tossed himself onto the bed, sighing in relief, lips curving into a smile. “It’s okay. They were really nice.” he replied, slinging his arm around the tiny waist. “I love them, for giving me someone so amazing, named Kim Ryeowook.” he whispered as he nuzzled into Ryeowook’s shoulder, making the magnae all tongue tied.

“I love you Sungie.” Ryeowook smiles contentedly, snuggling closer to his lover, planting a kiss on Yesung’s cheek.

“I love you too, my Wookie baby.” Yesung replies, pecking the younger on the forehead.


“Aww so sweet!” Mrs. Kim squealed at the sight of her son and her future son-in-law, through the ajar door. Yesung’s protective arm around Ryeowook’s waist, the younger’s back pressed against Yesung’s chest. Yesung’s chin buried into Ryeowook’s shoulder. Mr. Kim massaged his temple, sighing, wishing that his wife was never a crazy fangirl of yaoi.


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