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Shopping For Henry's Future (Henmi) [RATED]

Title: Shopping For Henry's Future
Pairings: Henmi
A/N: This is a joint work of me and silver dreams on golden wings (we're best buddies in school ^^) Inspired when me and colourful_love went to the shop called Watsons when we were looking for something we found what Zhou Mi found *smirk* please don't expect much from me. I had a writer's block ^^"
Written: 11 October 2008

He gulped heavily as he entered Watsons, even though he was heavily disguised with a hat on his head, plus a scarf round his neck, he still felt awkward. Zhou Mi walked in going to that particular section, which sold lube and condoms.

Zhou Mi gulped even more when he saw the suggestive words on the bottle, saying ‘play’ in the middle of the small bottle. Feeling his pants got tighter, he exhaled as he shakily reached for one. His eyes accidentally laid on the boxes of condoms, which were arranged neatly next to the lubes. It also had suggestive words like ‘just come’.

“Oh God...” he shut his eyes, the sudden thought of Henry coming all over him flashed through his mind. His face immediately flushed red, trying to quickly shake that thought away unfortunately that wet thought kept replaying over and over again, making him aroused even more.

Just at that moment a familiar boy entered the shop. “Zhou Mi gege?” a voice called out, making him turn to the voice.

“Henry! What are you doing here?!” he shouted quietly. He watched as his lover looks at the item in his hand. Zhou Mi flushed bright red when Henry saw the bottle of lube in his hand. “U-Uh...that’s n-not w-what this looks like!!” he tries not to stutter.

Henry blushes as well. “W-What are you doing here?!? B-B-Buying t-th-that...”

Zhou Mi dropped the bottle and looked down.

“I-I was just l-looking, Kibum r-ran out of lube and he asked me to g-get some.” Zhou Mi stuttered out an excuse, suddenly something hit him. “Henry ah. What about you?Why are you here?”he asked with a smirk.

Henry blinks furiously then a sudden blush appeared. “”he inhaled before claiming Zhou Mi’s lips. The kiss ended as soon as it started. “Gege ah. You’ve been so patient with me and...I really want you...i-inside me...” he ranted out quietly in rapid chinese with a brightly flushed face.

“Are you sure??I mean I really don’t mind and you’re still young and all...”he whispered.

“I’m sure.”he says firmly. “And...I see little Mimi all excited already.”he said teasingly as he cupped the bulge. A small gasp escaped Zhou Mi’s lips. The elder pulled the violinist up before heading to the cashier to pay for the bottle of lube.


Once Henry was lying on his back, on the back seat, and the elder straddling him at the waist, Zhou Mi claimed his soft lips. The kiss started of as a soft kiss, slowly heating up but full of passion. He stuck his tongue out, begging for Henry’s entrance. The tongue started to explore the petite mouth, Henry shyly poke the tongue at the elder’s, trying to take it then suck on it.

Zhou Mi grinned at the kiss as he sucked on the pink tongue, making him moan in pleasure. All the blood at Henry’s face, began to move southwards when the elder rubbed their hips against each other. “Unn...gege...”the elder’s hands brushed against the growing bulge “Ahh..gege...d-don---” he gasp then tightly shutting his eyes as he came,long and hard. He blushed bright red in embarrassment, he couldn’t believe he came so quickly.

The elder’s eyes widen,if it’s even possible, when he felt the bulge wet. “Henry came already?Just at the kiss?” he smirked and tease. Using his palm, he brushed against his private, making it stiff again. Henry gasped at the contact, shuddering visibly. “Ah...gege...” Zhou Mi rolled his hips, moaning when his erection brushed against Henry’s.

Mochi pushed Zhou Mi off a bit, to pull of his shirt, the elder just watched. Henry blushed cutely when he found his lover looking at his smooth torso.

Zhou Mi’s large hands roamed around on the chest, causing Henry to squirm at the contact. “Unh...gege...”he moaned loudly when his lover tweaked and pinch those pink nipples, which were begging for attention. “Gege...ah...hnn...” his hips bucked as Zhou Mi licked one of the nubs while his fingers pinched and tugged on the other hard nipple. The other hand cupped the wet bulge, slowly massaging it. “Ahn...gege...d-don’t...ah...nn...t-teas
e...” The ministrations abruptly stopped.

Those fingers started to work on the button. Once the pants were unbuttoned in one swift motion, they were off and abandoned somewhere in the car. The hamster shivered at the cold contact. Zhou Mi licked his lips unconsciously before dipping his hands into the violin print boxers, stroking it in deadly slow pace.

 he begged as he thrashed his head to the side. He ignored the request. Zhou Mi’s mouth went back the torso, leaving butterfly kisses on the skin. He kissed at his jaw line, slowly moving to his neck, sucking then biting on it hard. “” he begged and moan when the elder’s breath tickled his nipple. Those pair of lips started to roam around his body again, his hands finally picking up the pace. “Ahh...gege...hnn....f-faster...haa...harder...please...” He obligated, his hands jacking him off faster and harder, occasionally squeezing and pumping the cock. His breath hitched when the skillful fingers started to tease the tip, the thumb pressing at the tip. “Mi...ahn...haa...”

A familiar feeling pooled at his stomach. “H-Haa...Mimi ahn... AHH...” he moaned loudly as he climaxed, staining his boxers, spilling all over Zhou Mi’s hands. He panted heavily as he came down from his high, his eyes slowly flutter open. His cheeks immediately stained red, seeing his lover lick his semen-coated fingers.

Zhou Mi advanced to his ear. “You taste sweet.” he said in a seductive and husky tone. “I love the look on your face when you come...all hot and bothered.” he whispered lustily, licking the shell then tugging the ear with his teeth, making Henry whimper.

In a swift motion, he discarded the boxers to a certain area in the car. Dipping his head, he licked of the cum which were trickling down his milky thigh. “”he moaned out when the tongue touch his thigh. His member slowly stiffening and rising again, causing it to poke at the elder’s face.

He smirked devilishly as he took the half-erected cock, sticking his tongue out to touch the member, making it harden even more. “H-Haa...Agh...Ahnn...”his breath hitched when Zhou Mi kissed the tip before blowing at it. The elder sucked at the tip, the tongue skillfully swirling and sweeping at the tip, able to taste the diluted semen. Henry’s small hands landed on his lover’s shoulders, trying to hold himself in place.

He licked the underside of the shaft, sucking at the sensitive spots, making Henry’s hips bucked more for contact. Zhou Mi’s right hand cupping then rubbing at his balls, his left hands moving to the back, groping Henry’s ass. “Ah...ahhh...haa...”he panted hoarsely. White, milky seeds squirted out all over Zhou Mi’s hands but mostly into Zhou Mi’s hot cavern. “Haa...” his eyes screw shut, tightly as the elder milked out all the seeds. Zhou Mi’s hands continues to pump the cock, hard and fast. The shaft started get hard again, rising up in the air. He squeezed the balls again. “Ahh...”

“Do you like that?”he smirks as Henry nods.

“Faster...make me come over and over again...ahm...till I can’t anymore...ahn!”he released a needy moan. Zhou Mi placed his fingers at Henry’s lips asking him to suck on it. the elder got more aroused as he watch Henry’s tongue poke at the finger pads, sweeping the tongue across the finger pad.

Taking out the fingers, he presses them at the magnae’s entrance, teasing the outside of the ring muscle. And just for the fun of it, pinch those ass cheeks, causing Henry to release a strangle squeak. “Hn...”his breath hitched with pain as he felt the wet, thin finger in his hole. The grip at Zhou Mi’s shoulders tighten. “ hurts...”he choked back a sob as tears started to form. Zhou Mi swear he could break his finger in Henry’s hole, since it was so tight.

Hoping it will lessen the pain, the elder kissed him softly. “The pain will end soon.” he spoke softly. The finger pulled out slowly, thrusting back in the same pace softly, making sure he doesn’t hurt Henry. The magnae moaned when the elder touch his prostate. “Ge...I want more...please...”he whispers in a low and lusty voice.

Adding a second finger, lightly scissoring the hole, teasing it even more. “AHH...”he moaned out when he felt Zhou Mi’s clothed erection rubbing against his wet erection. “Ahhh...gege...Mimi...ahn...d-don’t tease...” finally adding a third finger, thrusting in and out, harder and faster every time, hitting the prostate. “Ahhh...gege...Mimi...ahn...hnn...”

Just then something fell on to the ground, from Henry’s back. Zhou Mi looked at it with wide eyes, is that he thought he saw? Henry blushed bright red. The elder just continued to thrust and continues to rub the erection with his own. Henry, making use of his hips, he rolled his hips in a circular motion.“Henry...”he picked up the vibrator. “Suck on it. Imagine you’re sucking on my cock.” he whispered the dirty instructions in a husky tone, tickling the shell of the ear, tugging with his teeth. Henry shuddered in delight.

Taking the vibrator from Zhou Mi, he sucked on the vibrator. The elder stop thrusting the fingers, taking both their erections, rubbing it together. The car filled with the sounds of sex, pants and nothing more. Without a warning, Henry’s climax peaked causing him to spill. Zhou Mi held on to the shaft in a way, he could only release in two short,hard squirts, nothing more than that. He squirmed in discomfort, he was all hot and heated and in desperate need of a release. “Gege...” he muffled the vibrator still in his mouth. “Please...” his half lidded eyes, filled with lust.

Zhou Mi takes the vibrator from the petite cavern, putting a generous amount of lube since it wasn’t lubricated enough. “Mimi ahn...please I want more...” Henry pants out.

The elder smiles. “Tell me want you want.”

Henry crawls on top of Zhou Mi. “I want the me...”he says in a dirty plus sexy manner before biting on to the back his lover’s ear, causing to moan.

The latter obligates, gently pushing the vibrator into the magnae’s entrance. The magnae shivered visibly in pain and pleasure. “Knn...haa...”he panted out harshly. Tears started to form at the corner of his eyes, hopefully trying to soothe the pain. Once he thought Henry was comfortable, he pushes the button making it vibrate loudly. “Ah...Zhou Mi...ahh...”he moaned out when the elder pushed it further in, causing Henry’s saliva to drip down his chest.

“Hnn...ah...Gege...AHH!” he moaned louder when it hit his sweet spot, making him see stars. Zhou Mi used his free hand to stroke the weeping erection, the other hand still holding it. His breath hitched again when the vibrator hit his prostate, straight on. “Oh god...Mimi gege...ah...p-please...”he released a strangle moan, more desperate than before.

“Please what?” Zhou Mi circled the tip, paying lots of special attention, playing with the orgasm. “HNN!!” Henry hitched out when the elder adjusted the vibrator, making it hit the sweet spot every time. “Hnn!Mimi!Ahn...P-Please let me come...please!”he begged desperately, feeling his lower region all heated and uncomfortable. “Gege...please...le--- AHH!!MIMI AH!!” he cried out when the hand finally release it’s grip on the member, causing him to release every drop of his seeds all over Zhou Mi’s hand, some even on his face. He panted harshly as he tried to get enough oxygen into his lungs while coming down from his high.

Henry watched Zhou Mi strip sexily but deadly slow, making his cock twitch and harden. Once he was out of his confines, “ you feel good?” Henry looked up lustfully at Zhou Mi. Henry climbed on top of him letting their hot cocks brush together. “Let me try. C-Can you help me too?” Henry made his eyes large and innocent as he got them in a 69 position. Hesitantly, he reached out to ghost lightly next to Zhou Mi’s member. Reaching out, the tip of his tongue flicked the tip experimentally. Zhou Mi groaned whispering words to urge him on. Henry smiled, beginning to tongue the slit at the top. Zhou Mi gulped, trying to control himself but the sight of Henry’s tongue on him, and his reddened hole with the vibrator still in it taunted him.

“Henry...I’m taking it out.” Zhou Mi’s strangled voice.

Turning the vibrator off, he slowly slid the thing out. Causing Henry to moan around his shaft. Unable to resist, Zhou Mi swept his tongue across Henry’s entrance. The magnae gave a louder moan, pushing back against Zhou Mi. “Z-Zhou Mi ah!” he muffled out when the elder brushed against his prostate. He angled his head a little, making sure the slick muscle thrust into that sweet spot every time. “Hnn...” his breath lingered around Zhou Mi’s erected shaft. “Gege ah...haa...ahn...I want you...inside me...hnn...”he moaned out.

The elder retracted his tongue, making Henry groan at the lost of contact. “You sure? Once we start there’s no going back.” he warned. Henry nodded determinedly. The elder towered over him, placing his cock in front of the magnae’s entrance. “Hold my hand.” Henry obediently did as he was told. Zhou Mi slowly push it into the hole, being as careful as he possibly could. “So fucking tight!” he groaned out, while Henry held his hand tightly almost breaking it. The pain was indescribable it felt as if it tore his insides., Zhou Mi’s was much bigger than the vibrator. Tears glazed over Henry’s eyes, Zhou Mi kissed him passionately, trying to lessen the pain. Henry panted out heavily while trying to relax. The elder waited until his lover signaled him to move. He slowly pulls out and pushes back in making sure he doesn’t hurt Henry.

As Zhou Mi continued to thrust in,the pain started fading and pleasure coursed through his body. “Ah...Zhou Mi ahn...faster...harder please...” Zhou Mi obligated ramming him faster and harder with every thrust. After a dozen of thrust,he brushed again his prostate. “Zhou Mi ha...more please...” He thrust in harder and faster at that same spot,making sure Henry feels all of him.

Both of them felt their climax reaching. “I’m coming soon...”Zhou Mi said as he continue to thrust into him. “Me too...ah...” Henry breathed out. Zhou Mi thrusts became harder and faster, he took Henry’s throbbing member and stroke it at the same rhythm. “Ah...hnn...Mimi ahn...” The air was filled with moans,screams,strings of english and chinese swear words and the scent of hot sex. “AHHH ZHOU MI!!!!” he came, his orgasm spilled over Zhou Mi’s stomach. Zhou Mi came right after him when the ring muscles tighten around his groin, screaming Henry’s name.

Zhou Mi collapsed beside Henry after slowly pulling his shaft out, due to exhaustion. The elder place an arm at his dongsaeng’s waist, enjoying the after glow. “That was amazing.” Henry broke the nice silence.

“Yeah...”he smiles warmly at his lover, kissing his chubby cheeks. “I love you.” he says charmingly.

“I love you too.” he said as he snuggled and cuddled closer.



Henry hid behind Zhou Mi, obviously afraid of Leeteuk. “Sorry. We were out on errands.” he said simply.

“Mianhae. Mummy.”the baby spoke in korean and english, with those innocent,big eyes.

Leeteuk’s eyes sparkled at the comment, immediately heading to Henry and give him a big hug. “Kangin!he called me mummy!” he squealed happily, he ran away from them happily off to tell the rest and brag to Heechul their love child called him mummy.


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