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Future Is A Mystery, Present Is A Gift (Kyumin) [RATED]

Title : Future Is A Mystery, The Present Is A Gift
Pairing : Kyumin
Rating : R (maybe M?)
Warnings : Adult Content. Might not be suitable for minors. Use of toys, kinda BDSM i dunno
A/N : This is a joint work of me and silver dreams on golden wings
Written:9th November 2008

It was Kyuhyun’s birthday, everybody were over at their place. DBSK, F.T island and few more guy groups came over as well to celebrate the magnae’s birthday. The dancers, Yunho, Junsu, Eunhyuk, Hankyung, Donghae, Taemin, Key even Wonbin were teaching each other new dance moves. The seniors were teaching the magnaes how to do a pelvic thrust properly. (Author: I WISH I COULD SEE THAT!) Hongki, Jaejin, Jonghyun, Heechul and few more members were karaoke-ing their own songs...

The cake was being eaten by Changmin and Shindong, Minhwan is teaching Siwon new songs on the drums. Minho and Kibum was just in silence... Teukie and Jaejoong was telling Onew the horrors of being the eldest in the group. Most of the cuter couples were cuddling, having small make out sessions up against the wall.

Sungmin cuddled closer to his birthday boy, still eating the pink cake. Kyuhyun,slipped his arm around his slender waist, as he watched his hyper hyungs and dongsaengs sang and dance to So Hot. Minnie suddenly gets out o Kyuhyun’s grasp. “I wanna give you your birthday present!”he beams hyperly as he pulls out a box from the back of the couch they were sitting on.

“Aw... you didn’t have to get me anything hyung...” he says with a warm smile as he pinch Sungmin’s cute cheeks. Sungmin places it on his lap as he sits beside him. The magnae’s eyes widen immediately when he saw the content in the box. There was 3 pairs of stainless steel handcuffs, like the kind policemen would use, a pink towel, a vibrator, a bottle of heating lube (the kind which literally heats your body) and a cock cage.

Sungmin smirked devilishly, on fours advancing closer to his lover. Taking one of Kyuhyun’s hands, placing it on his private, purposely closing the fingers, making them grope on it. Kyuhyun gasped at the contact, feeling the erection. “Little minnie here is saying he wants you so badly. And wants you to make me come over and over again till I can’t anymore.” he said with a low and lusty voice.

“H-Here?”he asks, stuttering on his words.

His hyung giggles slightly pulling on the hand while holding on the box, dragging the magnae to their room,then locking it. Kyuhyun watched as Sungmin walked to the toilet, throwing a wink before escaping to the bathroom with the pink towel from Kyuhyun’s present. Not long Sungmin walked out with a towel round his tiny little waist. The towel looks as if it was going to fall off as he was walking slow but sexy strides, working on those hips of his.

Kyuhyun gulped heavily feeling his throat go dry. Immediately standing up when he felt the bed dip at the weight. He watched as Sungmin fasten the handcuffs, one to the bed and the other locking both wrist, rustling it a bit to see if it’s locked properly.

Spreading his legs suggestively wide apart, giving the younger a clear view of the petite entrance. “Kyu ah...come here...” he called out quietly in a needy tone.

“S-Sungmin, w-what are you d-doing?” Kyuhyun stood at the edge of the bed looking at everything except Sungmin.

“Kyu, you don’t want to look at me? This is all for you.” Sungmin spread his legs even wider, the tiny pink towel barely leaving anything to the imagination. “I remember you saying you like girls who have nice legs.” Sungmin tugged on the handcuffs, moving his legs in a very seductive manner.

Kyuhyun gulped, unable to control himself from getting turned on. “Are my legs nice, Kyu?” They’re not a girl’s legs though.” Sungmin smiled coyly at the growing bulge in front of him. Kyuhyun nodded furiously, eyeing Sungmin. “Kyu~~~ your present is right her, I’ve even got things specially for you. Don’t you want to come and play? You can do whatever you want.” Sungmin’s voice was seductive, lustful but it was clear to Kyuhyun that he was shy.

Sungmin tugged and pulled at the cuffs, moaning and whining. “K-Kyu, you got me all hot and bothered. Shouldn’t you help me?” Sungmin’s voice was whining, pleading.

“’s not that I don’t want to....everyone’s outside. Someone could catch us at any moment.” Kyuhyun managed to stutter our.

Sungmin used his legs maneuver and pushed the towel off him finally revealing the milky white thighs and his hard member dripping with pre-cum. Kyuhyun stared at the erotic sight with a hungry look. “Hyunnie, you want me now?” Kyuhyun breathed heavily and nodded. “Take me Kyu. Open the box. Use them.”

Kyuhyun slowly went to the box, growing more confident as he walked. Opening the box once again, he grabbed the box and climbed on to the bed, stripping off his shirt in the process. Sungmin moaned, “Kyu take off everything please?”Kyuhyun grinned at him wolfishly “My birthday, I get to play with my present right?”

After straddling at Sungmin’s waist he immediately attack those soft lips, kissing him hungrily and hard. The latter hesitantly kissed him back, trying to deepen the kiss. “Mpf...” he quietly moaned into Kyuhyun’s mouth when his lover bit on his bottom lip to stick his tongue into the warm cavern. The tongue swept against Sungmin’s pearly whites, lightly brushing at the inner cheek.

Sungmin poked his tongue at his lover’s, trying to suck on the slick muscle. Kyuhyun smirked into the kiss as he sucked on the tongue, Sungmin doing the same. Somehow, they just manage to suck on each others lips. Kyuhyun sucking on the upper lip, Sungmin sucking at his lower lip. “Ahn...” he broke the kiss, moaning loudly as his hips bucked slightly when their erections brushed roughly.

“Minnie’s so naughty today~”he whispered huskily in his ear, then bit on the back of his ear, as he place his body in between the legs, purposely brushing his clothed erection with Sungmin’s naked one. His hands slowly moving up his legs, stroking the inner thigh, before touching his hard on with his right hand.

“Hn...Kyu ah...mhn...d-don’t tease...” he moaned loudly as he tugged on the handcuffs when Kyuhyun circled the wet tip. His breath hitched hoarsely at the sudden contact at his sensitive nipples. He pressed a finger at the right nipple before tweaking and twisting it slightly then pinching on it,hard. “Ahh...Kyu...hnn...” he moaned loudly when the magnae did the same on the other nipple while stroking his member in a deadly slow pace.

His attempt of trying to thrust into Kyuhyun’s hand unfortunately failed by the left hand pushing his hips back down on the bed. “Kyu ah...f-faster...please...mnh” he moaned in a needy and desperate voice. Kyuhyun ignores the request instead stroking him even slower than before, “Kyu ahh...please~~ hnn!” he begged desperately as he tugged on chains noisily. His lover finally obligates, starting to stroke him a bit faster than before and pumping the cock a lot harder.

His left hand begins to play with the hard nubs, occasionally tugging on it. He dips his head into the crook of Sungmin’s neck, licking the skin teasingly, making imaginary lines. Sungmin let out a yelp when the magnae bit on that patch of skin, leaving a revealing love mark before traveling downwards, stopping when his lips were right above the pink nipples.“Tell me. Fingers or mouth.” he said, his voice ghosting over the pale skin causing Sungmin to shiver visibly. His hands stroking the crotch even faster and harder than before.

“Ahh!Kyu ah...hnn...” his breath hitched when Kyuhyun’s left hand cupped his balls and his right hand teasing at the slit, which was dripping with his orgasm. Through half-lidded eyes, Kyuhyun watched his expression, obviously waiting for an answer. His face flush red in embarrassment, “Ha...m-mouth...ahh...” he answered with a husky and throaty voice.

Kyuhyun just followed, dipping his head a bit lower till his lips rubbed against his nipple. The tongue professionally swirled around the hard nub, sucking on it harshly. “ please...” a strangled moan mixed with a yelp escaped his lips when his lover bit on his nipple. The right hand continued to pump and stroke him hard and fast, his left hand fondling with his balls, sometimes massaging them. A familiar feeling pooled at his stomach, indicating he was about to come.

“Hyun ah...hnn...ahn...I-I’m g-g-gonna come...mnh...” hearing that, Kyuhyun pinched and massaged the tip of the cock, the other hand squeezing the balls hard and his mouth suck those hard nipples. Not long... “AHH!!KYU NH!!!” he came long and hard, spilling his seeds over Kyuhyun’s hands and come even on his own face, since the magnae aimed his crotch at him. He panted hoarsely, trying to get his breathing right at the same time coming down from his high.

The magnae licked the orgasm off his hands, “You taste sweet today.” he said with a smirk, before claiming Sungmin’s lips. The kiss started of simple and sweet, slowly getting hot and hungry. Tongues explored one another’s mouth, the pink loving boy able to taste his own orgasm. Sungmin broke the kiss due to the lack of oxygen in his lungs, only to reclaim those lips after mere seconds. They moved their heads bit by bit to taste every corner of their cavern.

Kyuhyun broke the kiss this time, leaving a trail of light kisses at his jaw line, down his neck, to his torso, kissing the nipple lightly. His tongue swirled, licking off all the seeds on his stomach. Advancing slowly to his legs, to lick off the cum which was trickling down his smooth thighs, making Sungmin moan quietly. Teasingly, he poked his tongue out brushing at the head “Kyu...” Sungmin mewl quietly as his lover tongued his tip, paying lots of attention at the slit.

“ t-there...ahh...” Kyuhyun swirled his tongue around the head, softly sucking on it, tasting the pre-cum. “Mh...d-don’t t-tease...haa...p-please...” Sungmin said with a breathy and hoarse voice. The magnae just continued to suck on that spot, his tongue teasingly sweeping across the slit, lapping up all the milky substance. “!” He bobbed his head up and down, sucking on the thick flesh, leaving dark love marks.

His head shifts slightly, sucking at a different spot, his hands roaming all over his torso. The magnae started sucking the erection fast and hard, accidentally grazing his teeth over the skin. “Kn...ahh...han...f-faster anh...harder...”Sungmin squirmed as his head trashed to the side as the cuffs clanked noisily. Kyuhyun’s hands travelled to his nipples, tweaking and pinching it slightly.

The lips moved to the underside “You look so gorgeous like this.” he spoke huskily, making Sungmin shudder visibly, pleading for more. He brought one of his hands to his lover’s mouth, brushing them against the soft lips. Sungmin parted his lips, letting the fingers enter his petite mouth. 

“Hyung, where do you want this?” Kyuhyun began thrusting his fingers into Sungmin’s mouth. Sungmin whimpered and pulled the fingers out.

“Kyu ahh...d-don’t tease...hnn...” Kyuhyun looked up and licked a wide strip down Sungmin’s length.

“But hyung, you didn’t answer. Where do you want these?”

Sungmin turned around and pushed his ass towards Kyuhyun. Blushing, he turned around to look at Kyuhyun, “Here...In here..”

Kyuhyun gave a wolfish grin before he entered a finger into the warm cavern, he moaned out as the ring muscle constricted. Sungmin on the other hand, moaned uncontrollably in pain and pleasure. The younger whispered comforting words as he massaged the whole. After a while he added a second finger. The two fingers scissors the entrance teasingly, Sungmin moans loudly in pleasure. He added a third finger, after Sungmin had relaxed his moved the third finger in and out. 

“Hyung, I’m gonna make you come so hard.” Kyuhyun whispered into Sungmin’s ear before putting Sungmin on his hands and knees. He slowly licked his way down to his erection, fingers still in Sungmin, and continued what he was doing before.

“Hyung, do your hands hurt?” Concern filled Kyu’s eyes.

“It feels good...mnh...Kyu...don’t worry, just don’t stop...anh...” he released a strangled moan when he felt the fingers thrust back into him as the tongue teasingly brushed at his slit. His lip slowly advanced to his balls, lightly licking and sucking on it, his free hand started drawing imaginary circles at his hip bone.

“It’s so wet, Minnie. What else do you want in there? It’s sucking my fingers up nicely.” the latter shivered at the breath ghosting over his erection, releasing throaty pants. His member twitching a little as pre-cum started to drip, his hands gripping hard on the wooden headboard.

n...” Sungmin gasped out in short breaths, beginning to thrust back at the fingers. His hips rocking a little, causing him to thrust into his lover’s mouth. 

“Awww, but that’s for later. After I finish playing.” He smirked as he teased the ring muscle,trying to thrust his fingers at different angles trying to find that one spot within him.
“AHN...K-Kyu...haa...d-do t-that again...mhn...p-please~” Kyuhyun obligated, thrusting his fingers hard and fast at Sungmin’s prostate, while deep throating him. “Hn...ahh...more...nhm!” Sungmin was close, just a little more till his peak.

“Can you do something for me, Minnie?” his voice brushed at the flesh making it twitch more, throbbing in pain.

n’s breath hitched, feeling two fingers scissoring the hole, the other finger thrusting into the entrance. A digit caress the roof of Sungmin’s entrance, causing his hips to buck. The free hand, moving to the back to grope the elder’s ass cheek, making him jerk a bit.

“Come for me.” he whispered huskily as his fingers harshly twisted at Sungmin’s prostate. The sensation drove Sungmin over the edge, making his come long and hard into Kyuhyun’s mouth ,some on the face, while he screamed the magnae’s name. Sungmin released short,throaty pants, slowly coming down from his high.

Kyuhyun flutters his eyes shut, kissing the latter softly, letting him taste himself. The elder pulled away from the kiss, tilting his head to the side, licking the sticky fluid away. When the magnae’s face was all clean, Sungmin reclaimed his lips, kissing him slow but deep. They started to suck on each other’s tongues then the lips. Kyuhyun’s hand moving to the back of his neck, deepening the kiss.

After a good 5 minutes of making out, Sungmin broke the kiss, completely breathless. Kyuhyun allowed him to rest a bit while he rummage through his birthday gift. He returned to the bed, claiming the pair of kiss swollen lips hungrily. “Playtime isn’t over you know.” he whispered huskily into his ear before he bit on the shell of his ear, making the latter whimper slightly.

Taking the 2 pairs of handcuffs from the box, he pushed Sungmin’s legs far apart till the thighs weren’t allowed to get close to the member, cuffing them to either sides of the bed, making him immobilized. Grabbing the bottle of heating lube from the box, aimlessly,he poured a generous all over Sungmin’s body especially at the latter’s cock. The lube dripped down his body, trickling down to the puckered hole, causing it to suck the fluid into him.

Sungmin’s body immediately started to heat up, making him all hot and bothered, his member stiffening quickly, as if he was on the influence of drugs. He moaned uncontrollably as he tugged and pulled loudly on the restraints, trying to move any part of his body to touch himself. “Haa...Kyu ahh...p-please...m...ah!” he moaned loudly, moving his hips in a seductive and erotic manner.

“Hyung looks really sexy right now.”he said lustfully, one of his hand feeling the objects in the box, trying to find the vibrator. The other hand roaming all over Sungmin’s body but not touching the places which wanted attention so badly. Once he managed to grasp the vibrator, his actions abruptly stops to lubricate the vibrator. “Minnie ah...tell me what you want.” he whispers huskily.

“I w-want it in m-me...”he stuttered embarrassingly, a blush forming on his face.

Kyuhyun carefully pushed the vibrator into his entrance, stretching the hole limitlessly, making tears form at the corner of Sungmin’s eyes. Kyuhyun hushed him down, kissing him softly on his jaw line. “Ahh...K-Kyu nh...I-It h-hurts...” he whines in pain and discomfort, releasing short, raspy pants as the chains clanked noisily. The magnae patiently waited for Sungmin to adjust to the size before the elder wiggled his hips erotically. “P...P-Push...haa...mhn!...b-button...ha
a...”he groaned.

With a flick of the button, the vibrator vibrate noisily on a medium speed. Sungmin screw his eyes tightly and his mouth flung open, a trail of saliva trickle down his chin, some getting mixed in the lube. Sweat and drool glistened his skin. “Ahn...K-Kyu mnh...haa...I-I c-can’t ahh...” he moaned loudly, feeling his climax nearing. His breath hitched as he felt the cock cage covering his aching member, on his slit.

“Ahn...K-Kyu...I-I c-can’!”he moaned out desperately. Heat pooled at his stomach, making feel all uncomfortable and bothered. A little amount of his orgasm squirted out hard, the splash of cum dripped down his shaft, making it jerk just a little.

“I’m not letting you come that easily.” he teased. “It’s punishment for you. For being so naughty. And for teasing me so much just now.”he whispered into his ears in a rough and husky tone, before licking the shell of his ear then biting the back of it, causing Sungmin to whimper.

Kyuhyun’s knee went in between Sungmin’s spread legs, accidentally hitting the high speed button, making it vibrate louder and faster than before.“Ahh...Kyu hnn! A-At l-least t-touch me...HAA! AHNH!” Sungmin gasped loudly when the vibrator brushed against his sweet spot, his hips bucked off the bed again. Saliva trickled down his chin, his body trembling with pleasure.

Kyuhyun pushed the vibrator deeper in to him, angling at his prostate. He eyed the aching little Minnie, smirking at the erotic sight. He lowered his head towards the pink,hard nipples, teasingly gave a long,languid stroke underneath a nipple, licking upwards. “Haa...amnh!” the latter moans loudly. He kissed the nipple before sucking on it, he continue to stare at the weeping,aching member. “Hyung. You look like you can burst any second now.” he whispers seductively.

His hands slowly reached down his body, he grabbed the weeping member, kindly taking the cock cage off little Minnie. Almost immediately, Sungmin burst out, screaming Kyuhyun’s name in ecstasy, his semen coating his lover’s fingers and a bit on his stomach. “Haa...”he exhaled quietly, grinding his hips into Kyuhyun’s. “Kyu...take your pants off...I want you...need you inside me...” in one fluid movement, the magnae removed the pair of pants before tossing it to an unknown corner of the room.

The magnae, mold his body in between the legs, accidentally brushing their members against one another, causing both of them to moan softly. Kyuhyun’s hands slowly reached near Sungmin’s entrance, “Hyung ah...I’m gonna take it out.” Kyuhyun said in a strangled voice, feeling a lump form at his throat as his reddened hole with the vibrator still in it taunted him. Switching the vibrator off, he slowly slid the thing out, causing Sungmin to hiss a little. He got off Sungmin, placing the wet toy back in the box, grabbing the keys to the cuffs. Kyuhyun fiddled with them before unlocking the 3 pairs of cuffs, which were immobilizing his movements. Once he unlocked them, he placed the keys and the cuffs back into the box. 

Kyuhyun lifted both of Sungmin’s legs and placed round his waist before positioning his tip near his hyung’s entrance. He slowly pushed his shaft into him, making Sungmin moaned in pain and pleasure. “So fucking tight!” Kyuhyun hissed out,feeling the ring muscle constricting around his shaft. Sungmin felt his hole stretched more than before, feeling as if it tore his insides. The elder panted out as he tried to relax and get use to the size, nails digging into the magnae’s skin. Tears glazed over Sungmin’s eyes, Kyuhyun kissed him passionately, trying to ease the pain.

“Kyu ah...move...”he whispered, wiggling his hips erotically. The magnae slowly pull out before thrusting back in, making sure Sungmin feels the least amount of pain possible. After a few slow thrust, he thrust in deeper than before, filling the elder, making Sungmin moan wantonly. “Faster...haa...nh...”

He obligated, thrusting faster than before, causing the bed to shift and creak. Putting more power in every thrust. “Ahh...haa! K-Kyu...more...” moans escaped from his parted lips. Kyuhyun rammed faster and harder than before, accidentally brushing against a patch of skin inside the elder, causing the latter to jerk a little. Hips bucked, trying to get more contact and friction happening.

Pulling it out for a moment, he repositioned himself in a certain angle, before pushing back into Sungmin. “AHH! Kyu...ahn!” The air was filled with moans,screams,strings of korean curses and the scent of hot sex. Both of them not giving a damn about the others beyond the room. Kyuhyun’s thrust got faster and harder, maybe a bit rougher, just the way Sungmin liked it, hitting the sweet spot every time. Damaging it like mad.

“Kyu ah...I-I’m close...”he moaned, the grasp round the neck tightening a bit. The magnae removed the legs which were around his waist, repositioning them on his shoulders. Heightening the excitement. “Ahh...hnn...haa...” Sungmin let out a string of moans, feeling his lover thrust deeper and a hand on his hard on, stroking it in the same rhythm.

Not long, Sungmin came screaming his lover’s name, spilling all over Kyuhyun’s stomach. Kyuhyun followed right after, filling Sungmin with his semen, when he felt the ring muscle constricted tightly round him. Kyuhyun collapsed beside Sungmin, after he slowly pulled his shaft out, due to exhaustion. The elder place an arm at his dongsaeng’s waist, enjoying the after glow. Sungmin snuggled closer to Kyuhyun, giving a small kiss on his temple.

“Did you like your birthday gift?” Sungmin asked.

Kyuhyun smiled warmly, stroking Sungmin’s hair, trying his best to tame it down. “I always love what hyung gives me.” he replied, planting a light kiss on his forehead.

Before sleep overtook them... “Happy birthday Kyu.” he whispered. “I love you.” he continues, as his arms wrapped around Kyuhyun’s waist.

“I love you too.”


The next morning, Kyumin found the living room completely disordered and messy, much more disorganized than the night before.

“What happen here?” Kyuhyun asked.

“Have no idea.” Sungmin replied.

“Oh, morning you two.” Leeteuk greeted them as he made breakfast. “When you guys had fun, some of the younger ones got horny. So some of them ended up having sex in the living room. As for the others, they had their share of fun at the other dorm.” The couple blushed embarrassingly.


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