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Modeling For A Photographer (Henmi) [RATED]

Title : Modeling For A Photographer
Pairings : Henmi slight Kyumin 
Rating : R
Chapter : 1/3 of Fruits Are A Turn On
Note : High School AU
Warnings : Might not be suitable for minors, unless you're use to it :)
A/N: Joint work of Silver Dreams On Golden Wings and I ^-^ For my umma (Silver Dreams On Golden Wings) ^-^ merry christmas everybody~


“Gege why must I pose like this?plus holding lychees..” Henry asks, holding his pose. He was seated on top one of the white,long tables which was placed vertically, his legs quite spread apart. His right knee up with his right elbow on top of it, his head tilted upwards slightly towards the right hand in mid air. The hand holding a branch of lychees, one particular lychee touching his part lips. His left hand stabling him with a trail of lychee juice dripping down from his part lips. A bunch of lychees in front of his groin. His eyes half open but looking towards the elders direction.

“Because...the theme of photograph is skin and fruits.” Zhou Mi replied while he continued to take photos. Every time he looks at his lover, his pants got even tighter as his member got harder. Who wouldn’t get a boner?It’s such a suggestive pose. His lips suddenly went dry, unconsciously licking his lips wet again then bit his bottom lip. He restrain himself from pouncing at his little mochi, knowing Henry’s still young for this sort of things.

“Why couldn’t you ask Siwon hyung?He has more experience than me.”

“Busy fucking Hankyung and Heechul in the janitor’s closet.” he replied jokingly.

Henry giggles slightly. “Sungmin hyung?”

“Kyuhyun will chase after me then kill me.And Sungmin’s Kyu’s model.”

“Oh.Jaejoong hyung?”

“Yunho. Remember the last time? Got a black eye because I was helping Jae clean the paint stain of his pants.” he laughed sheepishly.“Also I rather have you as a model.You’re pretty and cute.” he complimented and shown his big smile,making Henry blush a pretty shade of red.

They remained in comfortable silence, the clicking noise of the camera could be heard. “Change the pose please.” Zhou Mi said after a while.

“Oh okay. How do you want me to pose?” the latter asked as he looked towards Zhou Mi.

“Any pose will do.” Henry just nodded then changed his pose. Now his legs were spread apart, both hands placed in between the legs. With all the lychees in between his groin and the pair of hands. Zhou Mi gulped heavily, man...how he wished he was those lychees right now.

He shook his head mentally, trying to focus on taking pictures. Zhou Mi puffs his cheeks, slowly exhaling. After a couple of shots at different angles, the photographer asked Henry to change his pose again. Requesting for a sexier pose. Henry blushes a light shade of pink as he unbuttoned his shirt. He lied on his back, taking the bowl of lychees, he poured it all over his torso.

Zhou Mi watched the latter’s actions while exhaling air to remain controlled, slowly shook his head before walking closer to the table. As Zhou Mi was taking photos, Henry started picking the lychees,which were left on the table, and peeling the skin then eating it. Henry unconsciously releasing a quiet moan as he enjoyed the sweetness of the lychee in his mouth.

The photographer watched Henry eating the lychee in such a sexy manner plus soft moans ringing in his ears. Zhou Mi placed the camera on the table. “Henry ah.” he called out before crashing their lips together. He felt the hamster tense a little before relaxing a little into the kiss. The kiss was rough with need, but full of passion. Henry placed his hands at the back of Zhou Mi’s neck, deepening the kiss by pulling the elder closer to him, bodies pressed on one another.

“Mm...” Henry moaned in pleasure. He felt the slick muscle pry his lips apart, slipping into his mouth. The tongue explore every inch of Henry’s mouth before sucking on the mochi’s tongue. After having a hard time to catch the upper lip of the elder, Henry started to suck and nibble on it. “Mm...Mimi ah...” he mewled quietly, as the younger broke the kiss for air. It was only a couple of seconds before Henry kissed Zhou Mi hard, enough to leave a bruise.

Zhou Mi swept his tongue across Henry’s bottom lip, before attacking Henry’s exposed neck and started sucking, licking, biting...well any other actions which might involve teeth and lips. The elder made sure not to leave a mark, since he was still going to take photos. Henry’s arms wrapped around Zhou Mi’s slender waist, his hands fiddling with the hem of the button up shirt, gliding his hands under the shirt to feel the taller’s back.

The photographer abruptly stops when he felt his hands roaming all over his back, shivering slightly, slowly getting off Henry. “Sorry...um...I...got carried away.” he apologized, getting his camera. The model got really upset and disappointed, he wanted to do it with Zhou Mi, but he just got pushed away.

He looked down and sighed heavily. The photography session gone awkward, not a single exchange of words. Henry just posed, once a while changing his pose but all getting sexier and more erotic every time. Zhou Mi licked his lips unconsciously. “Henry ah...can you pose a bit more modest?” Henry ignored him and just continued to pose however he liked.

Swinging open his legs invitingly, Henry leaned back, giving Zhou Mi a full view of his milky torso. The lychees, which were on his chest, aimlessly falling off his body to the table or the floor. A lump suddenly formed at his throat. “Is this good, gege?”Henry’s voice was low and husky, making the photographer gulp heavily.

“N-No, that’s not r-right.” he managed to stutter out. 

Henry plastered on a hurt face and closed his legs, leaning forward “You don’t like it?” Not wanting to stutter again, Zhou Mi furiously shook his head. “No?” Henry got up, his face changing completely, a coy smile substituting the hurt face. Mochi stalked up towards Zhou Mi, taking long,sexy strides. “Tell me what you like,gege.”

Leaning over Zhou Mi, causing him to fall back on the table. Legs tangled between one another. His sticky, glistening torso, teasing the elder. “Henry, get back there. P-Please.” Shutting his eyes tightly, Zhou Mi took a deep breath, hoping the magnae would go back in front of the camera. He let out a low moan as he felt a pair of small hands under his shirt, roaming around his chiseled chest.

“Is this what you like?” Henry smirked, fingers traveling higher to play with Zhou Mi’s nipples. Letting out another moan through the parted lips, much more needy this time, he nodded. Already fully aroused, Zhou Mi caught Henry’s hands. “That was suppose to be my job.” he said with a smirk as he held Henry’s wrist with one hand while the other moved up and down Henry’s thigh.

The ministrations completely stops with one long plus slow stroke up his thigh to the hem of the shirt. His big hands continued roaming on the snowy white torso. Stopping at Henry’s left nipple, lightly pinching and tweaking it. “Mn...M-Mimi...ahn...” his voice hitched a little when Zhou Mi’s tongue swirled around it before sucking on the left nipple. He gasped loudly as he felt the photographer’s leg moved, his thigh rubbing at his private.

“You like that?” Mimi asked before biting on the hard nub, causing his dongsaeng to moan in mixture of pain and pleasure, shivers of delight traveling up his spine. Zhou Mi released the hand on the wrist, automatically Henry’s arms enveloped around the elder’s waist, pulling their flush bodies closer also balancing himself in place.

His head proceed upwards, lightly nipping and biting on Henry’s collarbones. Soft moans and whimpers escaped his petite mouth, turning Zhou Mi on even more. Quickly he pulled Henry for a deep kiss, which lingered for sometime. He could taste the sweetness of the lychees, wanting to taste more than that. Henry’s hand manage to find the elder’s nape, deepening the kiss bit by bit. His tongue poked at his pearly whites, begging for entrance.

Henry parted his lips shyly, letting the tongue explore the warm cavern. “Mn...M-Mimi...Nh...” Zhou Mi’s leg moving more than before, getting more delicious friction happening between Henry’s growing bulge and the elder’s thigh.

Unknowingly they switched positions, Henry’s back was now on top of the table, Zhou MI towering him. The hamster broke the kiss for mere seconds, due to lack of oxygen in his system, then attacking the soft lips hurriedly. Regretfully, pulling apart after mere minutes for air. Mimi ground Henry’s narrow hips, accidentally brushing their clothed erections together, his knee hitting rather roughly at the underside of the bulge. “Haa...ahn! mn...”he moaned immorally as his hips bucked just a little, trying to get as much contact as possible.

Zhou Mi’s large hands pushed the open shirt off Henry’s shoulders, causing the shirt to fall carelessly on the ground. As he started leaving butterfly kisses on the right side of the body, paying lots of special attention on the hard nub. “Hnn...G-Gege...ahh...d-don’t t-tease...”he manage to stutter out, as he tries to unbutton the black vest, which Zhou Mi was wearing, with trembling hands.

The elder chuckled softly as he watch Henry’s attempt at unbuttoning his vest. Gently, he placed his large hands on top of the small ones, helping him. While the hamster was preoccupied, Zhou Mi’s hands moved from mochi’s flat stomach to the front of the latter’s pants, trailing his index finger along the shape of the bulge. “G-Ge...hn...d...ahn...d-don’t...ha
a...t-tease...” he moan lustfully, feeling more heat rush to his already-hard cock, his hips involuntarily arching for more.

He leaned in slightly, his lips ghosting over Henry’s ear. “May I?”he whispered huskily, a tongue sticking out to lick the shell as he cupped the bulge, causing the latter to moan wantonly, grabbing the font of the hanging vest, nodding frantically. The photographer popped the buttons and pulled at the zipper.

Almost immediately, he slide his hands into Henry’s boxers, starting to stroke the fully erected cock. “Hn...M-Mimi...ahh...” he moaned out quietly as the grasp on the vest tightened. Teasingly, he placed his thumb at Henry’s weeping slit, rubbing it slightly, playing with the orgasm. Zhou Mi pumped the tip faster than before as his left hand fondled with his balls, every now and then giving a rough tug or squeeze to the cock. “Mhn...f-faster...and...ahh...h-har
der p-please...” he pleaded, legs trembling a little.

Zhou Mi obligated pumping, stroking faster and harder than before, his fingers of his left hand pressing at the base of the cock. “G-Gege...anh...n-not t-there...hn...” he stutters out, trying to shut his legs together.

“Suddenly so shy?”he gave a wolfish grin. “Or you just don’t want me to know that it’s sensitive and it turns you on?”he leaned in, kissing Henry’s jaw line, going up to nip on his ear as his fingers pressed at the same place as before. “Ahn! Ge...hnn...” Henry thrashed his head to the side. Zhou Mi just loves it when Henry’s all shy, it’s such a turn on.

The magnae felt his climax nearing. “F-Faster...H-Harder...ahn...nh...h
n!” he moans out when the hand starts to stroke much faster and harder than before. Zhou Mi dips his head, blowing teasingly at the nipple, kissing it lightly before a tongue poked out and swirled around the nub, sucking on it hard. Doing the same to the other. “Haa...M-Mimi...ahn...I c-can’t...han...” he manages out, his hand pulling at the vest.

When he bit hard into Zhou Mi’s neck as he climaxed, spilling his seeds into his lover’s hands and his own boxers, wetting them. The elder took his hands out of Henry’s boxers, licking the semen off his fingers as he watch his lover come down from his high. “Henry’s such a bad boy today. You bit me just now.” he said with a smug smile, pointing at the mark Henry made, smacking Henry’s ass. “You should be punished.”

Henry blushed madly, watching Zhou Mi licks off his milk seductively, feeling his limp member stiffening rapidly. Bashfully, he quickly closed his legs, hiding the bulge. Zhou Mi raised a brow before realizing. “Horny already?” he asked with a smirk.

Henry pulled Zhou Mi down, he immediately attack those soft lips, kissing him hungrily and hard. Zhou Mi smirked into the kiss, his hands reaching for Henry’s nape, deepening the kiss. “Mpf...” he quietly moaned into Zhou Mi’s mouth when his lover bit on his bottom lip to stick his tongue into the warm cavern. The tongue swept against his pearly whites, lightly brushing at the inner cheek.

Somehow when they were making out, they manage to advance all the way to end of the room, in the cramp storeroom. They broke the kiss, just to shift their heads then claiming each other’s lips once again. “Mm...ahh...”Henry quietly moaned out, opening his mouth to allow the tongue in. Both of them stuck their tongues into each other’s mouth, exploring every corner of each other’s cavern. Regretfully, breaking the kiss for oxygen.

The hamster squeaked loudly when Zhou Mi suddenly carried him a bridal style into the cramped storeroom. Once they were inside the storeroom Zhou Mi placed Henry down on the cold tiled floor and smirked at him. “It’s really small in here.”

The photographer pushed himself until he was pressed, flush against Henry. Skin on skin. “It’s been less than two minutes and you’re already hard as a rock.” Zhou Mi said huskily into Henry’s ear, nipping at the shell of the ear, causing him to whimper slightly. He slipped his hand between them, slowly rubbing at Henry’s slit, making sure his clothed cock brushed against Henry’s. Feeling his lover getting harder under his touch, if possible, clutching on Zhou Mi’s vest tightly, almost ripping it.

“Zhou Mi gege...let me pleasure you.” Henry whispered out, in a tone Zhou Mi never heard before, pushing the elder till his back touched the wall, falling to his knees.

“Henry ah, you look as if you’re my sex slave.”his voice coming out all throaty and rough, when Henry started to unbuckled the belt before undoing the pants, a finger accidentally brushing at the bulge.

“Maybe I am.” Henry said teasingly as he pulled the offending materials down in one fluid movement. He licked his lips seductively before lowering his head till Zhou Mi’s cock was directly in front of his face, leaving a wet trail down Zhou Mi’s fully erected shaft. “Gege tastes good.” he whispers, blowing some air at the tip, continuing his ministrations with his tongue.

“Ahh...H-Henry ahn...d-don’t t-tease...”he moaned out, feeling Henry’s slick muscle flick at his tip, tasting the pre-cum which was leaking out of his slit. Zhou Mi’s finger tangling into Henry’s brown locks, tugging it a little.

Henry shifted his lips towards Zhou Mi’s tip, placing his mouth over the tip, softly sucking it. The elder watch the latter suck his sensitive tip, tongue swirling around the tip, somehow tugging it with his tongue, making Zhou Mi moan louder. The hamster smirked a little, repeating his actions as he brought his brought right hand to the photographer’s mouth, allowing Zhou Mi to suck on it.

He removed his mouth off Zhou Mi’s cock,giving light pecks at the underside of the erection, giving a few licks and sucks at certain areas. Licking down his shaft, he leaned in more, his tongue drawing imaginary circles at his balls. “Hnn...haa...d-don’t...”

The model grin wolfishly, engulfing the member, sucking him off, hard. Zhou Mi spreads his legs further apart, allowing more access. Henry almost chokes when the elder bucked his hips, thrusting the member into Henry’s hot mouth. He uses his free to hold Zhou Mi down, as he starts to deep throat the elder.

Zhou Mi watch Henry through half-lidded eyes, his head bobbing up and down rhythmically, breath hitching when he feels Henry’s teeth graze against his skin. The elder groan in displeasure at the lost of warmth when Henry remove his soft lips. He watch Henry leaned even closer than before, he jumped a little when he felt Henry lick at his inner thigh.

“Gege has a really pretty birthmark here.” he said in a cute and innocent tone. Henry continued to lick his inner thigh, almost touching Zhou Mi’s weeping member, lips accidentally brushing at his base when he sucked on the birthmark.

“Henry haa...s-stop t-teasing...” he groans desperately when Henry gave tiny licks teasingly at his balls.

“Gege was teasing me so much just now. It’s only fair.” Henry says before re-engulfing him, his tongue tenderly licking his underside, then deep throating him hard and fast, causing the photographer to writhe uncontrollably. He pulled out his fingers from his lover’s mouth as he released Zhou Mi’s cock from his mouth, then moved away slightly from the elder but still in front of him.

Spreading his legs apart, showing his lover a good peek of his entrance, Henry mewled out in a mixture of pain and pleasure, as he slides a finger into his own entrance. He thrust his finger into his hole slowly, his eyes occasionally looking up to see Zhou Mi’s face, causing his member to stiffen and twitch more.Zhou Mi gulped heavily, watching Henry pulled out his finger then plunging back into the puckered hole. 

“Come here.” Zhou Mi said huskily, snaking his hand around Henry’s waist, pulling him in between his legs. Licking and nipping the skin at his shoulder, his hands roaming at Henry’s torso. Noticing Henry had stopped his actions, he placed his hand over Henry’s, putting a bit of effort to push the finger back into the hole.

“Haa...ge...ge...” he panted out, continuing to thrust his fingers into him, face flushing bright red noticing a mirror in front of him. Henry blushes furiously as he continues his actions, eyes immediately shutting when he caught a glimpse of his entrance, twitching.

“Don’t be embarrassed.” Zhou Mi said, tongue brushing at Henry’s shell, causing him to shiver visibly. He position his fingers in front of Henry’s mouth. “Suck on it.”he commanded, his lips ghosting over Henry’s side, nipping on the smooth skin.

He growled, strings of grunts escaping his parted lips, feeling Henry’s tongue brush at his finger pads, sweeping across his knuckles. Lips sucking at his thumb, tongue licking down his index finger, brushing at his palm. Henry release the fingers with a pop, kissing the knuckles. Removing his own fingers away from his entrance.

The photographer brought his fingers close to the entrance, his wet digits touching the ring muscle, massaging it teasingly. A wet digit plunged into him carefully and slowly, the muscle hugging on the finger tightly, causing Henry to groan in discomfort. “Ngh...ge...ge...h-hurts...”he whimpered, body trembling a little. Tears glazed over Henry’s eyes.

Zhou Mi whispered comforting words into Henry’s ear, giving a chaste kiss on his lips, enjoying the feeling of the magnae’s hole sucking his finger tightly. All hot and wet inside. He pulled out his digit slowly, making sure he doesn’t hurt his lover. “You okay?”

The magnae nodded, panting heavily. Zhou Mi kissed his chubby cheeks, thrusting his finger back into Henry. “So tight...”he moaned out, as he move his finger in a circular motion, stretching the entrance a little. He pressed his digit at the roof of Henry’s entrance, causing him to drop his head on Zhou Mi’s shoulder. “Lie down on me.”

“Eh?” Henry yelped when Zhou Mi pushed him down, erections brushing against each other. “Ahh...gege...hn...” he gripped Zhou Mi’s shoulders, his hips rocking erotically, causing Zhou Mi to moan. He continued to thrust the finger into the abused hole, harder and faster in every thrust.

“I’m going to put the second one it.” he warned, inserting another finger into the entrance, repeating the same actions as before. Henry winced in the intrusion, hips rolling over Zhou Mi’s causing their erections to brush.

“Hnn...ge...” Henry moaned. Zhou Mi held Henry in place, his fingers scissoring, stretchig the ring muscle. “Nn...haa...mn...ge...”he mewled, feeling each digit darting inside him. “Haa...ahh!”his hips bucked for more when a third finger entered without a warning, brushing against his sweet spot.

“Mimi ahn...”he began, licking at Zhou Mi’s adam apple seductively, then suckling at it. “Nm...d-do that again...”

He smirked devilishly, angling his finger directly at his prostate, fingering him roughly. Henry’s back arched slightly as he saw stars when his lover thrust at that spot accurately. “Ahh! Ngh!!” Henry trashed his head into the crook of Zhou Mi’s neck.

Zhou Mi abruptly stopped, taking his fingers out of Henry’s hot and wet hole. The magnae groan, due to the lack of digits in his hole. He looked at his lover through half lidded eyes, leaning in to place a kiss on Zhou Mi’s lips.

Carefully he lifted his body off Zhou Mi’s thighs, before lowering his body steadily on to Zhou Mi’s saliva lubricated erection. He pulled away from the kiss to release a strangled moan, feeling his lover inside him. “Haa...g-gege...is...ahh...mn...s-s
o big...”he panted out, feeling the ring muscle stretch mercilessly. Pain coursed through his body, causing his knees to weaken, now trembling slightly.

“Relax...” Zhou Mi said in a throaty voice, feeling the wet and delicious heat tightly around his shaft, kissing his temple. “Move...ahn...when your ready...” he groan in slight displeasure. Henry panted heavily, his chest raising then lowering a couple of times as he got use to Zhou Mi’s size.

After a while, Henry started moving slowly, one hand at his ass, the other around Zhou Mi’s neck to hold him in position. “Ngh...” he released a low grunt as he lowered his body, making the elder’s crotch to fill him fully. Erotically he rolled his hips, accidentally brushing his member against Zhou Mi’s chiseled chest, causing the latter to moan.

“Ahnn...Mi...mi...mn...”he moaned when Zhou Mi placed both his hands on Henry’s waist, slowly and carefully moving him up and down, riding him in a very slow pace. Soon, the pain was replaced with pleasure as he started to ride Zhou Mi faster than before.

Zhou Mi bit his lower lip, restraining himself from bucking his hips, thrusting back into Henry. Henry continued riding him harder and faster every time, slamming down on to his cock. “Hnn...Mi...gege...ah...ahn!” his back arched involuntarily when the elder’s cock brushed against his prostate.

“Henry ahh...get down on fours.”he instructed Henry, who obediently obligated and got into a doggy style position, his ass high in the air. One hand around Henry’s slender waist, the other hand on the wall holding them in place. “Do you want it slow and gentle or fast and rough?” Zhou Mi whispered into his ear, causing the latter to shudder.

“Haa...fast and rough...”he panted. “AHH!!HAA!!” he moaned loudly as he saw stars and his body jerked violently when Zhou Mi plunged into him with full force, hitting his sweet spot accurately. Saliva dripping off the corner of his mouth, ending up on the floor, mixing with the precum which leaked out of his member. “Ah...hnn...mi...ge...han...do that again...”he begged, writhing uncontrollably as his lover hits his prostate with each strong thrust, abusing his sweet spot.

After a few dozens of thrusts, Henry felt a familiar sensation pooled at his stomach, indicating he was about to come soon. “Mimi ahh...I’m close...”he said in between moans. Hearing that, Zhou Mi brought his hand, which was around Henry’s waist, to the latter’s weeping member, stroking it in the same rhythm as his thrusts. Air filled with short,rough pants, loud moans, strings of swear words in both english and chinese. 

Feeling Henry’s ring muscle tighten around his cock, Zhou Mi continued thrusting into Henry much faster and harder at that patch of skin inside him as his hand continues to pump the latter’s member. Shortly, Henry came without a warning, screaming his lover’s name in ecstasy, seeds spilling all over on the floor. The elder followed right after filling Henry with his orgasm.

The photographer collapsed beside Henry after carefully pulling his shaft out, due to exhaustion. Catching his breath, Zhou Mi sat back up, his back pressing against the wall, bringing Henry to sit on his lap. He wrapped an arm around the magnae’s small waist as he nuzzled at the crook of his neck. “That was the best orgasm I’d ever have.” Henry claimed, making the elder to chuckle softly.

Before Mochi could say anything, his lover shut him up with a kiss. “Wo ai ni.”he said, dropping a kiss on the hamster’s forehead.

“Wo ye ai ni.” Henry replied while he cuddled closer to Zhou Mi.


After cleaning up their mess in the closet, both of them froze at the sight as they came out from the small room. “Ahh~Kyu ahh...hn...more...” they heard Sungmin moan loudly when Kyuhyun did something with his tongue. Kyumin looked towards their way when they heard something fall. Oh, Henry fainted. Both Kyuhyun and Sungmin blushed in embarrassment as they were about to stand up and leave in shame.

“Don’t! Uh...we’ll just go. So both of you enjoy. Ehehe.” Zhou Mi said, giving a nervous laugh, as he carried his lover on his back. Once Zhou Mi got his bag and camera, he left hurriedly, leaving both of them in the room.

“So are we going to continue?” Kyuhyun asked as he pounced on Sungmin, giving his hyung a lick at his jaw line.


Comments are loved ^-^ hope you think the story is ok...coz i got stuck at the weirdest places when i wrote this story >.<>

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