Tuesday, June 16, 2009

10 Out Of 10

Title: 10 Out Of 10 (Silver Dreams On Golden Wings idea)
Chapter: 1/?
Pairing: Cho Kyuhyun x Jiwoo (OC), Yewook, Eunhaemin, Kangteuk, Sihanchul, Henmi, KibumxChangmin, future Han-neul x Key
A/N: First straight story. SO NERVOUS! *bits on lower lip* sorry if there's like tons and tons of spelling/grammar error. wrote this when i was in year 8 so yes. Plot is colourful_love's.

She was now in London for a singing performance which was hosted by Hyujoo.Jiwoo is currently in the hotel waiting for Jiwoo to pick her up to go to the rehearsing studio.She flipped open her laptop,after logging in to skype she received a call.She accepted the call,looking on her screen was her friend,Han-neul,back in Malaysia.


“Hi umma.I miss everyone back at home too.I’m coming home soon.Don’t worry.”
They chatted for a bit before she heard the door ring. “Sorry umma.I got to go now.Bye!!”She shut her laptop and walked over to the door.

She peeped through the tiny peep hole.She looked in disbelief,she opened the door to find Kyuhyun standing in front of her. “Annyong.”He smiled warmly,which made her to almost shriek/scream/spazz plus fangirl.His face secretly tinged light pink.

She was wearing a purple top,light brown and checkered mini skirt.She wore black boot-cut sneaker giving her the semi-sporty look.Her hair was styled side ways in a way,her short brown hair rested on her shoulder.Kyuhyun always had a fetish for girls wearing short skirts,not in that way.He just liked girls with nice legs plus short hair.

“Annyong...”she said softly.

He was dressed in...a black sleeveless collar shirt which was unbuttoned at the top revealing his collarbones,black skinny jeans which complimented his long legs,a black jacket over his top and to top it off a black beanie and sneakers.

“Kyuhyun oppa,What are you doing here?”

“Oh?Hyujoo didn’t tell you?”

“Tell me what?”she said scratching her head,slightly confused.

“I’m helping you with your performance.”he smiled brightly.

“Are you serious?”she didn’t believe it at all.When she see Hyujoo she would definitely thank her for this opportunity.

“Yup.”he paused and looked at his watch. “Shall we go now?Before Hyujoo kills me for making you arrive late.”

She giggled behind her hand and nodded.She took her black long coat and left together.


They walked there since it wasn’t that far.As they were walking,Kyuhyun slipped his hand into hers then locked their hands together.She looked at him and blushed after looking at their intertwined hands.She could see a slight blush on the boy’s face as well.


Few weeks had past and Kyuhyun and Jiwoo had gotten closer together during the short period.Kyuhyun would always hold her hands under the table no matter where they were.He was always by he side.

Today was the day of the singing performance,she was getting nervous and anxiety filled her body.She would be singing after the next 2 singers.Suddenly she felt a hand slipped into hers,she looked at the owner of the hand and smile plus blush shyly.

“You’re nervous right?”Kyuhyun asked.

She nodded quietly. “A little.”

After watching the next 2 performances,it was finally her turn.Kyuhyun squeezed her hand slightly and turned Jiwoo till she was facing him,he planted a soft kiss on her forehead.He blushed slightly. “Good luck.I know you’ll do great.”


Once her performance was over,Kyuhyun saw Jiwoo walking towards his direction.He smiled widely and hugged her. “Told you that you would do great.”He pulled back slightly,he placed a small kiss on her cheek.Both of them blushed shyly,looking at the floor,that they didn’t notice that Jiwoo was still in his arms.

The singing performances had finally ended,all singer were on the stage included Kyuhyun.Hyujoo graced upon the stage with a microphone to her lips. “As an encore performance...Cho Kyuhyun of Super Junior will be singing for us.”Everyone started to cheer and clap loudly,fangirls started screaming and started freaking out.

He was completely shocked,he didn’t even know he was suppose to sing today.Jiwoo giggled softly,she lightly pushed Kyuhyun on to the side of the stage,which couldn’t be seen by the audience.He stumbled on to the stage but he managed to gain his balance.Hyujoo walked past him laughing quietly.

“I’m so going to kill you later.”he glared and hissed at her.

“This is the thanks I get for helping you spend quality time with Jiwoo.”the statement made him blush a little. “Hmph!I’m no longer helping you!.”she hissed at him,Kyuhyun not knowing it was with a teasing tone.

“...Fine I’ll sing since you helped me...”he muttered.

“Thanks Kyu!”she beamed as she patted his back. “If I were you I would sing DBSK’s You’re My Melody.That’s her favorite song.”she said cheerfully before skipping off to Jiwoo and left Kyuhyun blushing like crazy.

Finally revealing himself on stage,he told the DJ the song he was going to sing.Taking in deep breaths to calm his nerves.He started immediately as if he was given a signal to start.The fangirls started screaming and shrieking like crazy.

On the other hand,Jiwoo was watching his quietly at the side of the stage smiling.Softly,she started humming along to the song.

A/N: So how was it? Pls do comment! Readers who are confused about the umma bit where she goes "hi umma"...well my group of frens are like my pet family. and yeah...so my umma is Silver Dreams On Golden Wings :D ^-^ All comments are loved! ^-^

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