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Date (1/2) (Kyumi)

Title : Date
Pairing : Kyumi
Rating : PG15?
Chapters : 1/2

A/N: Sequel to Confession To The Birthday Boy And Shy. For my Mimi (mysticxblu) <3 Happy birthday (at your local time) sweetheart! X) I Love U! ^-^

Kyuhyun was siting in the living room, reading some random book he found in his room. Suddenly someone covered his eyes, only allowing him to see black. “Guess who?” he said in accented korean, a small smile graced Kyuhyun’s lips.

“Zhou Mi?” he asked, placing his hand on the intruder’s hands, pulling them down from his face. He turned around slightly, smiling when he saw his lover.

“Yup.” Zhou Mi grinned, lowering his head to peck his lover on the lips. He walked over, sitting next to Kyuhyun, slinging an arm over his shoulders, pulling him closer. “I missed you.” he said as he snuggled against the magnae, who blushed at the statement.

“I missed you too.” Kyuhyun whispered, blushing furiously, lacing his fingers with Zhou Mi’s, his thumb brushing over Zhou Mi’s knuckles.

“Are you blushing?” Zhou Mi teased, pinching Kyuhyun’s cheeks. “Aww! My Kui Xian’s shy!” Zhou Mi teased some more, causing Kyuhyun to flush bright red. Kyuhyun made an incoherent sound, playfully pushing Zhou Mi away from him, fuming. “Aw...don’t be like that...Kui Xian ah...I’m sorry...” Zhou Mi said in a whiny tone.

“It’s okay...just don’t tease me again.” Kyuhyun giggled, pouting slightly, tangling their long legs in a bunch, laying his head on Zhou Mi’s chest.

“Oh, are you free tomorrow?” Zhou Mi questioned, fidgeting in his seat slightly.

“I got schedules till about two in the” the magnae stammered, he could feel his cheeks burning up again.

“ we started going out, we haven’t went out together a date, so I was wondering do you want to? Go on a dat--” Kyuhyun presses his lips against Zhou Mi’s, cutting off his sentence.

“I would love to.” Kyuhyun said, looking away from his lover’s eyes, blushing again.

“Really?!” Zhou Mi’s eyes widened, watching Kyuhyun nod his head a couple of times. He held Kyuhyun’s chin with a gently grip, forcing him to look at Zhou Mi. The Chinese leaned in, kissing him gently and passionately.


Once Zhou Mi left the dorm, Kyuhyun continued to smile as he continued the book he was reading. Sungmin smiled widely at the magnae, making him look towards Sungmin with a confused face. “I heard it!” Sungmin beamed.

“Heard what?”

“About your date with ‘your’ Mimi tomorrow.” Sungmin sing songed, causing Kyuhyun to blush at the memory.

“AWW!!! Our Kyunnie’s growing up!” Ryeowook faked a couple of sniffles.

Leeteuk suddenly gripped both his hands, looking at Kyuhyun with big, innocent eyes. “Please prove us wrong.” Leeteuk begged, receiving a couple of muffled giggles from Ryeowook and Sungmin and a confused look from Kyuhyun. “Prove us that not all Super Junior+M couples end up having sex on their first date!” Leeteuk said, causing Ryeowook and Sungmin to burst into fits of laughter.


“No! You should wear this shirt with that pair of pants!” Sungmin said demandingly.

“B-But hyung...” Kyuhyun tried to protest weakly, evidence of fear in his eyes.

“No buts! Go change!” Ryeowook intrude, pushing Kyuhyun into the bathroom. After several minutes, Kyuhyun finally exited the bathroom. 

“I look so formal!” Kyuhyun whined as he looked at the mirror. Sungmin and Ryeowook had dressed him up in a white button-up collared shirt, which hung at the right places, underneath a black vest, similar to the kinds waiter wears. Long dark grey pants which complimented his long legs with a pair of leather shoes on his feet. “I feel like I’m gonna break into some ballad performance.”

“Stop complaining, you look good!” Sungmin said as he walked around Kyuhyun. “And Zhou Mi hyung will agree with me and Wookie too!” he beamed.

“But it’s just a date! Why do I have to wear so formal?!”

“First date with Zhou Mi! That’s the difference!” Ryeowook emphasized. “Teukie umma said our magnae must look good for his future husband!”

Kyuhyun flamed red at the statement about ‘future husband’.

Suddenly the door barged open, Leeteuk entering the room. “What’s taking you guys so long? Zhou Mi will be here soon!” he said as he closed the door. “Oh my God! Why does he look so formal?!” Leeteuk screamed as he rushed toward Kyuhyun’s closet, pulling out articles of clothing.

“Thank you! The only person who agrees with me!” Kyuhyun groaned as he dropped his hands by his sides. 

“Go change!” Leeteuk shoved Kyuhyun into the toilet.

Minutes later Kyuhyun emerged from the bathroom, wearing a simple cotton,blue T-shirt with a grey zip up jacket over it,which had random drawings on it. He was wearing pair of dark blue jeans, only this time with a pair of his black converse shoes.

“See? Don’t you think he looks good? And it’s casual!” Leeteuk asked, rewarding low groans from Ryeowook and Sungmin.

“Okay! Talk later! I need to do his hair!” Heechul said, holding a hairdryer in one hand and a large brush in the other.


“Oh, wow. Heechul you really out did yourself.” Leeteuk praised as he walked around in a full circle, eyeing Kyuhyun. The magnae’s hair was all messed up stylishly, as if he just had sex with someone minutes ago. 

“OH MY GOD!! WHAT DID YOU DO TO KYU?! HE LOOKS SO GOOD!!!!” Sungmin screamed as he re-entered the room.

“LIKE A HUNDRED TIMES BETTER!!” Ryeowook continued.

“I know, I’m amazing.” Heechul praised himself.

Ding Dong...

Leeteuk gasped, running to the door, peeping through the tiny peep hole. “It’s Zhou Mi!” he beamed. He gasped again. “He got flowers!” he squealed as Sungmin, Ryeowook and Heechul ‘aww’-ed while Kyuhyun blushed furiously.

“Hi Mimi!” Leeteuk greeted, with the help of Sungmin and Ryeowook, the protesting and squirming Kyuhyun was pushed through the door, falling into Zhou Mi’s arms. “I’ll take that, you two have fun!” Leeteuk said, immediately shutting the door after he got the bouquet of flowers.


“Are you okay?” Zhou Mi asked in Chinese, Kyuhyun simply nodded, trying his best not to blush at the contact of his lover’s chest, feeling Zhou Mi’s protective arms around him. He got out of Zhou Mi’s grasp, blushing as usual. The magnae’s mouth parted slightly in awe as he looked at Zhou Mi from head to toe.

“You look good.” Kyuhyun complimented awkwardly. Zhou Mi was wearing a plain black tank top,a black button-up collared over shirt, which had most of the buttons undone except the last three, revealing the tank top underneath. A dark leather belt with a shiny buckle around his hips, holding the jeans up properly. He wore a pair of blue fitting jeans, not exactly tight, shaping his mile long legs, and a pair of converse shoes.

Zhou Mi felt a faint blush on his cheeks. “You look really good, Kui Xian.” Zhou Mi smiled, watching his lover blush shyly at the statement. “Like a hundred times better than I do.”

“ look way better than me.” Kyuhyun whispered bashfully, nuzzling his head against Zhou Mi’s torso, as the elder slung an arm around his slender waist. The magnae cleared his throat before speaking. “So where are we going?”

“Wherever you want to go.” Zhou Mi smiles, intertwining their fingers. Kyuhyun returned the smile, tip toeing slightly to kiss his lover’s soft lips. The magnae looked away after breaking the kiss, making Zhou Mi grin like an idiot.


“How about we watch that movie?” Zhou Mi said, pointing at the billboard, which had a large advertisement of a horror movie, causing his lover to gulp at the sight.

“O-Okay.” Kyuhyun stammered, trying to cover up his fear.

“Don’t worry I’ll protect you.” Zhou Mi whispered into his ear, causing him to shudder and turn red, as they walked towards the ticket counter to buy their tickets.


Zhou Mi trailed his hands up Kyuhyun’s side in a soothing manner, tucking his lover’s head beneath his chin. He found it adorable when Kyuhyun watched the movie attentively before whimpering softly into his chest, burying his head to hide.

“You wanna get out of here?” Zhou Mi asked softly, caressing Kyuhyun’s cheeks, rewarding a couple of nods from the younger. He gently squeezed Kyuhyun’s hand comfortingly as they stood up from their positions to leave.

“Mianhae Mi...” Kyuhyun apologizes, hanging his head dejectedly.

“It’s okay, don’t worry ‘bout it.” Zhou Mi says, squeezing Kyuhyun by the side. “We’re still going to have a wonderful time by ourselves, so don’t worry about yourself, alright?” the Chinese smiles, making Kyuhyun feel a bit better. “Come on smile for me Kui Xian.” Zhou Mi pouted, cupping his lover’s face. Kyuhyun giggles happily as he nodded in reply, pinching the elder’s cheeks. Zhou Mi pouts even more, pointing at his lips, indicating his want for a kiss.

The magnae giggles, cupping Zhou Mi’s face, tip toeing as he titled his head to the side, claiming the feather-like lips, Zhou Mi’s arms wrapping around his slender waist, eyes seeping shut. Zhou Mi lowered his head more, allowing Kyuhyun’s heels to rest on the ground. Kyuhyun’s hands slowly moved to the back of his lover’s head, deepening the kiss even more.

“Mhn...” Kyuhyun moaned softly, parting his lips to allow the slick muscle into his mouth, shuddering at the contact. Zhou Mi pulled the younger closer to him, bodies flush against each other. The younger darted his tongue out into his lover’s mouth, tongues dancing about in their mouths.

Kyuhyun nibbled on Zhou Mi’s lower lip, smiling into the kiss, while Zhou Mi sucked on his upper lip. The taller disengaged his lips from the younger, thin thread of saliva in between them, leaving them breathless. The younger nuzzled his head into the crook of Zhou Mi’s neck. “Mimi I love you.” Kyuhyun whispered.

“I love you too Kui Xian ah.” Zhou Mi replied in the same manner, stroking Kyuhyun’s hair.


“Say ‘ah’.” Zhou Mi said, putting a spoon filled with fried rice in front of Kyuhyun’s mouth. The magnae shyly opened his mouth, blushing slightly, allowing his lover to feed him. His eyes shot opened as the flavors burst in his mouth.

“That’s good!” Kyuhyun commented.

“This is good too. Open up.” Zhou Mi said, picking up some steam fish from the plate with his chopsticks, carefully bringing it to his lover’s mouth. Easily obligating, Kyuhyun opened his mouth.

“Why didn’t we come here sooner?! This is such good Chinese food!”

“How about we come here on the next date?” Zhou Mi asks, causing Kyuhyun to tinge pink at the thought.

“Okay.” Kyuhyun grins, picking up one of the dishes, his free hand under the food. “Say ‘ah’.” he giggles, placing the chopsticks in front of Zhou Mi, causing the Chinese to chuckle before doing as ordered.

“Yummy.” Zhou Mi said, licking his lips.

Kyuhyun giggles softly, bringing his hand to clean the of the corner of the elder’s lips, causing the elder to blush. “You had something on your face.”

“You have some too.” Zhou Mi said huskily, sending shivers up Kyuhyun’s spine, as he got closer to the shorter. “Right there.” Zhou Mi said, lowering his head to Kyuhyun’s lips, breaking the kiss almost immediately.

“Cheater...that was just an excuse to kiss me wasn’t it?” Kyuhyun pouts cutely.

“You know me too well Kui Xian.” Zhou Mi says, patting his head, pressing a light kiss on Kyuhyun’s ear.


After dinner, Kyuhyun followed Zhou Mi back to his house in his car. As they entered the apartment, a cute dog came running to both of them. The dog barked at them, tail wagging furiously, first two paws on Zhou Mi’s legs.

“Hi Loach.” Zhou Mi greeted, bending down to pet his dog before picking the dog up into his arms, receiving sloppy licks from his pet as they walked to the leather couch. “Kui Xian’s here today, you missed him as much as I did right?” Zhou Mi says, ruffling the dog’s fur as both of them sat on the furniture, rewarding a small bark from Loach.

Loach caught Kyuhyun by surprise, pouncing on to Kyuhyun, making the human yelp. The magnae giggled happily, accepting the rain of wet kisses from the dog. Zhou Mi smirked devilishly, hands reaching to Kyuhyun’s body.

Kyuhyun burst into fits of laughter as he got tortured by his lover and the dog. “That tickles! Zhou Mi! S-Stop!” Kyuhyun shouted in between laughs, limbs flying all over the place.

“No way Kui Xian ah.” Zhou Mi replied, tickling Kyuhyun’s sides mercilessly. Kyuhyun hastily captured his lips, immediately stopping the vicious tickles. He separated their lips, sending Zhou Mi an adorable smile. “No fair...” the Chinese pouted.


Kyuhyun emerged from the bathroom, wearing Zhou Mi’s clothes which wear too big for him, the large clothes shuffled noisily. The elder looked up from his books, muffling a giggle as he watch his lover frown at him. He patted the spot in front of him, inviting Kyuhyun to sit.

The latter smiles as he advanced to his lover, sitting in front of his lover, his back facing Zhou Mi. The Chinese tugged on the towel which was on Kyuhyun’s head before rubbing the towel on the damp hair, drying the locks of hair. He chuckled softly as Kyuhyun purred with contentment at the touch when his fingers brushing at the back of his neck.

“Feels good?” Zhou Mi asked in accented Korean, rewarding a few slow nods from his lover. They remained like that for several minutes, he dried Kyuhyun’s hair while he listened to the low hums from Kyuhyun.

Once Kyuhyun’s hair was almost dry, he slung an arm around Kyuhyun’s slender waist, his free hand flinging the towel on to the couch. The elder tilted his head to the side, leaning in ever so slowly. The younger’s eyes widened slightly at the sudden proximity, before he knew it his lover pressed his lips on to his own. Eyes seeped shut, just to flutter open again when the kiss ended short. “I love you, do you know that?” Zhou Mi said, making Kyuhyun blush at the statement.

“I know...” Kyuhyun whispered. “And I love you too.” he continued shyly, raising his head a little to make their lips collide, moving his hand to the back of Zhou Mi’s neck to deepen the kiss. Zhou Mi let out a low moan, tightening his hold on the younger male as he broke the kiss.

Kyuhyun stood up from his position, extending an arm, offering the elder some help. The Chinese smiled brightly at him as he took his lover’s hand, standing up from his spot. He led them to his bedroom, both of them falling on to the soft bed.

--End Of Part 1--

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