Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No Pain, No Gain (Kyumin)

Title: No Pain No Gain
Pairings: Kyumin, implied Zhoumin,Henmi,Eunhae,Sihanchul,Kangteuk and Yewook
Rating: PG? PG13?
A/N: For vainballerina. Hope this will make it up to you! Kinda fail

"Ahh!Not so hard!Kyuhyun!"Sungmin cried when Kyuhyun massaged his injured foot. The elder sobbed, tears trickling down his cheeks, burying his head into Zhou Mi's shoulder. Kyuhyun abruptly stops as his heart shattered as he watch Zhou Mi comfort him, Sungmin whimpering in pain.

"Shh...don't cry okay?"Zhou Mi comforted, stroking Sungmin's hair. The tears collected at Kyuhyun's eyes threatened to spill. "Is it okay?" Zhou Mi asked the injured boy, receiving a small nod from Sungmin, gently massaging the sprained ankle.


His heart broke again when he watched Zhou Mi carried Sungmin by the back, upstairs to their shared room. Smiling, Sungmin laid his head on the elder's shoulder.


In the middle of the night, Kyuhyun jerked away when he heard 
something fell on to the wooden floor. He heard silent sobs echoed in the room. "Hyung?" he was only rewarding by sobs. He got out of bed, crouching down till his eyes leveled with his hyung.

"I-It hurts..." he sobbed, arms slinging around the magnae's neck.

"Shh...it's okay..." he hushed, tangling his fingers into Sungmin's hair. "Where were you going anyways?"

"I-I wanted to drink milk...cause I couldn't sleep due to the pain."he said between sobs and hiccups.

"You could have just woke me up and tell me...instead of trying to get it like this."



"Here you go. I put a bit of honey inside for you" Kyuhyun handed the glass to Sungmin.

"Thanks." he smiled, causing the magnae to blush.

"You want to massage it for you?" Sungmin looked at him with fear, remembering the pain he felt this afternoon. "I promise I'll be gentler."he said hurriedly, receiving a insecure nod from Sungmin.

Gently, he stroked the large bump with as little pressure as possible. "Okay so far?" he asked, Sungmin simple replied with a smile.


"Is it me or is Sungmin is happy with Kyuhyun instead of afraid of him like day 1 of injury." Yesung said.

"It's not you." Ryeowook replied, nuzzling his lover's neck. 
"Aww...how cute." he squealed as his eyes bore over Kyuhyun who was offering to carry Sungmin on his back.

"I'm heavy!" Sungmin whines as he grips the railing of the stairs.

"No you're not!"Kyuhyun replies. "If you're not going to get on, I'm gonna carry u bridal upstairs."he kind of threaten?

Sungmin blushed at the thought, before getting on Kyuhyun's back, arms around the younger's neck. "Hyung do you even eat at all?" he teased, Sungmin blush in embarrassment, playfully hitting him on the back.


"Ahh!Fuck Kangin hyung not so hard!" Sungmin shouted, whacking Kangin, who was replacing Kyuhyun since he was at scheduelle, endlessly.

"YAH!" Kangin shouts back.

"Calm down Kangin ah." Leeteuk said, massaging Kangin's shoulders.

"I'm home." Kyuhyun greeted as he dump his bag on to the ground.

"Kyuhyunnie!" Sungmin limped over to the magnae, hugging him tightly. "Appa was being mean to me!" he whines.

"Come on. I'll carry you to our room."

"Okay!" Sungmin beamed as he latch his arms around his neck before Kyuhyun picked him up in a bridal style the grab his bag.

"Here comes the bride~~~" Eunhae chirped, followed by Sihanchul, causing Kyumin to blush furiously.


In the room...

Kyuhyun rolls his sleeve till it reached his elbows as the elder extended his leg. Softly, he knead the ankle, pressing at the injured area.

"Hey Kyuhyunnie, do you like anybody?" he asked, face bright red.

"Uh...why?"he stammered, accidentally adding more pressure then intended, causing the elder to yelp in pain. "Ah mianhae!" he panics as he continue to rub the spot he just hurt gently.

"It's okay...anyways I just wanted to know." he smiles cutely.

"Y-Yea.I do like somebody."

"Really? Who is it? You can tell hyung!"

"Uh...I can't tell you. But I can give you 3 hints."

"Okay...is that person in Suju?" Kyuhyun nodded hesitantly. "What's his favorite colour?"

"Um...p-pink." Sungmin blushed heavily at the thought, only two people in their group likes pink, him and Heechul hyung.

"What kind of person is he?"

"A lovable one." he smirks.

"That's not fair!" Sungmin whines. Kyuhyun place a finger on his lip, indicating him to keep quiet.

"If our lips touch that means you're my girl." Kyuhyun said huskily, leaning in to press his lips on Sungmin's. The elder's eyes widen in shock, seeping his eyes shut as his body relaxed. The kiss ended as soon as it started. "I love you hyung. From the day I joined this group."

Sungmin blushes furiously. "I love you too. Ever since I watched you on Chin Chin" he whispers before pulling the younger closer to him, placing a chaste kiss on his lips.

"Then would you go out with me?"he asked.

"Of course." Sungmin smiles warmly, wrapping his arms around Kyuhyun's neck. They lessen the gap, bit by bit until their lips brushed. “But why am I the girl??”


"Our job is done here." Zhou Mi smiles as he peeps through the small gap of the ajar door.

"Yup." Henry nuzzles the elder's neck. "You made me jealous when gege was so close to Sungmin hyung." he pouted.

"Aww...Henry ah...you're the only one for me." Zhou Mi grins, caressing the hamster's cheeks, closing the gap till their lips touched.


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