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The Reason (Kyumin)

Title:The Reason
Rating: G?PG?
Pairings: Kyumin, slight bit of Kangteuk
A/N: first fluff story posted up here. I think it's really bad...been too long since i typed a fluff story so please bear with me and my stupid writer's block.I wrote this really late a few days ago...
Written: 1st November 2008

“Umma~ Is Minnie home yet?” Kyuhyun asked happily, clinging on to the leader. Kangin glared at the magnae trying to pulled Teukie away from him.

Shindong suddenly propped his head from the kitchen counter. “Oh. He’s in your room, he’s not feeling very perky right now. You should go see him.” he replied, eating the chips in the bag.

Kyuhyun thanked his hyung before walking down the hallways, then to their shared room. He knocked on the door a few times. “Hyung...Can I come in?” he asked carefully. No reply. He twisted the door knob, letting himself in. His eyes slowly adjusted at the darkness, seeing his lover curled up under the blanket.

Sungmin felt the bed dip at the weight beside him, feeling a strong arm wrapped around his slender waist. The magnae’s free hand advanced to the top of Sungmin’s head, lightly stroking the black locks. “Hyung you okay?”he asked with a concerned voice No reply again. “Minnie ah tell me what’s wrong.”he whispered softly.

The curled up body, turned around slightly, allowing the magnae to see his face. His arms wrapped around his lover, holding him tightly. Kyuhyun looked at Sungmin’s red, puffy eyes, obviously he cried before he got back from his schedules. “Kyuhyun ah...”


“Do you ever see me as a girl when we go out or just anytime?”Sungmin asked as he buried his face into Kyuhyun’s chest. The magnae’s eyes widen slightly.

“Why do you say that?” Kyuhyun asked, trying to make his voice as calm as possible.

“Because...” he pauses for just a few seconds. “One of the shows Suju T were on last year...I had to dress up like a girl and dance to that song, during EHB they asked me to exchange air with Eunhyuk...and just now I had to perform Girls’ Generation and So Hot on SBS, they dressed me up making me look more girlish than Taemin!” he bursted out, almost starting to tear. “I really hate it...and...Eunhae always make you watch all those videos...i-it’s e-embarrassing”he stuttered at the last two words, blushing hard.

“Is that why you were so depressed about?You’re so silly hyung.”he smiled warmly. He watched Sungmin nod a little before tilting his head to the side, a hand on his cheek, eyes sip shut, giving him a brief kiss on the lips. His forehead touched Sungmin’s, making the latter look at him. “No matter what, you’ll still be my Sungmin okay?I don’t care if you were a girl,an alien, an animal or something like that, remember I still love you no matter what.” Tilting his head, he claimed Sungmin’s lips. The kiss was just a soft and light kiss,no tongues,nothing, just an innocent kiss.

They broke the kiss after a couple of seconds, Sungmin cuddling closer to his lover, finally smiling. The couple stayed in comfortable silence, enjoying the presence of one another, sleep almost taking over. Right before they slept, Kyuhyun dipped his head towards Sungmin’s ear and whispered huskily, “But you know hyung. You looked really sexy in the outfit you wore for the Suju T show thing. Minnie, you should give me a private show some time.” he watch Sungmin beat bright red, burying his head even more, trying to hide his face. “I love you.” he whispered, placing a kiss on top of his forehead.

“Love you too.” Sungmin replied in the same tone, giving a peck on the magnae’s cheek. 


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