Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Amazing (Kyumin)

Title: Amazing
Pairing: Kyumin
Rating: PG
Warnings: Failed attempt in angst and written in 15 mins (there is fluff inside if you're wondering!)
A/N: hi! ^-^ I just thought about it watching this video of like Suju on Starking and Sungmin did this magic trick with this girl and like some dancing. you might want to watch this video before reading. honestly if u dun at least like spazz over the incredibly sexy Sungmin there is something wrong with you. 
Sexy Sungmin on Star King

Kyuhyun couldn’t help but feel jealous over the fact that Sungmin was holding the girl’s hand, or the way his body roll brushed against her chest or how her hips would snuggle into his, just like the way their hips snuggled. A fake smile plastered on his face, his hands moving on their own, clapping with encouragement , supporting his band mate’s performance.

His heart shattered slightly, watching Sungmin hand trace over the curves on her body, sliding a hand up her thighs. His stomach churned in discomfort as his eyes continued to stare at the proximity between her and Sungmin. His plastic smile drooped a bit, as he saw his lover send a sexy look to the audience, the kind that he wished was sent to him.

Honestly, he found the magic trick quite interesting and enjoyable. Suddenly, he felt his blood went cold when he saw Sungmin’s hands on her waist, carrying her down from the box. His eyes widen slightly, when he saw the ending pose, their faces only a few centimeters apart, an arm around her waist, his hand on her leg.


“Hyunnie ah, what did you think of the performance today?” Sungmin asked happily, throwing his body on to Kyuhyun’s back.

The magnae didn’t reply, he was in deep thought. He suddenly felt inferior compared to Sungmin. To him the elder was perfect, he could dance, he could sing, he could cook, and do other stuff that Kyuhyun couldn’t do.

“Kyu ah?” Sungmin waved his hand in front of the younger, his brow furrowed with worry. “Kyu ah, you okay? You look very out of it.”

“Oh, mianhae hyung, I’m fine. Just a little tired.”

“Then we should head to bed now.” the elder smiled, leaning his head on Kyuhyun’s shoulder.


In the middle of the night, Kyuhyun tossed and turned in his sleep, still thinking of the performance today. He abruptly stopped, sighing heavily as he looked up at the ceiling, thinking if he should do what he wants to do right now. “Hyung...hyung ah...” he whispered, reaching his hand across his bed, shaking the elder’s body.

“Ngh...Kyu?What are you doing up so late?” Sungmin asked, rubbing his eyes sleepily.

“I couldn’t sleep. I had something on my mind.” almost immediately Sungmin sat up from his position facing the magnae. “Do you ever feel inferior compare to someone?”

The elder nodded in reply. “Sometimes, why?”

“Cause right now, I’m thinking how I can never have a chance with him.”

“A guy you like?” he asked, receiving a few small nods from Kyuhyun. “Ooh! Who is it? Is it someone from Suju?”

“Mm...I think he’s simply the most amazing guy in the world.”

“Really?” Sungmin questioned, a little hurt.

“You want to know who it is?” Sungmin looked up with a curious look, finding the magnae right in front of him. “You. I like you. Please go out with me.” Kyuhyun continued, lifting his head up a little to let his lips touch Sungmin’s.

Immediately, Kyuhyun pulled back, blushing with embarrassment, same went to Sungmin. “Really?” The magnae nodded shyly. Shocked, when he felt a pair of warm lips on his own. The elder giggles, eyes looking up and down, from his toes to Kyuhyun then back to his toes. “I like you too, and of course I will.”

“Please say I’m not dreaming, cause if I am, I’m going to cry the next day.” Kyuhyun said, sliding his hand down Sungmin’s arm. The elder giggled at his newfound lover’s statement, leaning down to place a chaste kiss on Kyuhyun’s lips.


Kyuhyun had both his arms around Sungmin’s slender wait, Sungmin’s head buried into his chest, limbs all tangled in a bunch. “Why did you feel inferior to me?” Sungmin asked, fingers playing with Kyuhyun’s long hair.

“I just think you’re amazing. You can do every thing and you’re simply perfect. You can dance, sing, cook, even look cute when you’re crying, you care for everyone and you’re the prettiest and cutest guy I’ve ever seen.” Kyuhyun mutters, his nose tangling into Sungmin’s hair.

“No I’m not. You are, you’re so adorably cute when you’re with your games, you’re incredibly sexy when you’re singing, you have like one of the most amazing voices I’ve ever heard and you have the most amazing sets of eyes I’ve ever seen.” Sungmin replies, smiling shyly. “Were you jealous?” Kyuhyun’s cheeks stained pink, nodding bashfully, his toes nudging Sungmin’s. “Why?”

“Maybe cause she was touching you every where I couldn’t.” Kyuhyun whispers, making Sungmin shiver at the comment.

“Well, you can touch me every where you want now, I’m yours.” Sungmin replies in the same tone, only adding the seductiveness in his voice. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” The magnae replied, planting a passionate kiss on his lips.


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