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Happy Birthday Zhou Mi (Kyumimin) [RATED]

Title: Happy Birthday Zhou Mi
OT3: Kyumimin
Rating: R (Maybe M)
Warnings: Might not be suitable for minors
A/N: For vainballerina ^-^ sorry i took so long to write this! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZHOU MI~~!!! XD (in local area) first attempt at writing threesome smut

“Those pair of jeans can do many wonderful things.” Kyuhyun said in Chinese as he watch his hyung washing the dishes.

“Mm...” Zhou Mi hummed, placing his chin on Kyuhyun’s shoulders, looking at Sungmin with a hungry look, eyes lowering to Sungmin’s perky little ass in those skin tight jeans. He swiped a tongue over his lower lip seductively.

Suddenly, the magnae stood up walking towards Sungmin, Zhou Mi following behind him. He wrapped both arms around Sungmin’s slender waist, lowering his head to leave butterfly kisses on the back of the elder’s neck. “Hyung...”he whispers into Sungmin’s ear, causing the elder to shudder slightly. 

“...looks really sexy today...” Zhou Mi continues, blowing air into Sungmin’s ear, causing Sungmin to shiver visibly, as he slung his left hand around the waist, the other hand disappearing underneath the shirt.

“G-Guys...s-stop it...”Sungmin stutters, feeling his knees going weak when Kyuhyun bites him on his sensitive spot behind the ear, and Zhou Mi’s hand roaming at his torso. “Ahh!” his breath hitched when Zhou Mi found his nipple, pinching and twisting it teasingly.

The magnae nudge Sungmin’s legs apart with his knee, fitting his knee nicely in between the legs, moving his knee teasingly to rub against Sungmin’s growing bulge. “Ahn...ngh...n-not t-there...ahh!”he moaned involuntarily, feeling the magnae’s hand grope his private while Zhou Mi bit on the crook of his neck as the fingers tweaked the nipple left and right.

“Should we continue this in our room?” Kyuhyun asks, tracing over the bulge, rubbing it at the sensitive places. Sungmin groans, nodding his head furiously. Both of them abruptly stopped their actions, Zhou Mi picked Sungmin up in a bridal style carrying him into their shared room while Kyuhyun was not far behind.


Sungmin squirmed visibly as he watched his lovers claimed each other’s lips hungrily. The eldest smirked into the kiss, feeling a horny Sungmin squirmed at the sight, as he tilt his head just a little to deepen the kiss, tongue prying Kyuhyun’s mouth apart. Kyuhyun’s hand went to the back of Zhou Mi’s neck, parting his lips to allow the slick muscle in. The free hand, locking the door behind them.

Tongues danced around the warm caverns, exploring each other’s mouth thoroughly. Sungmin’s eyes continued to watch, he swore he was so horny right now he could have come at the sight of his lovers. Unconsciously his idle hand slipped under his shirt, finger pads brushed against a nipple, causing his breath hitched.

They broke the kiss, panting for air, as soon as they heard the silent sound. “My...someone’s impatient today...” Zhou Mi chuckles, swatting Sungmin’s hands away from his body, making Sungmin whimper at the lost of contact. Gently, he placed Sungmin on the bed, before straddling him by the thighs, Kyuhyun beside Sungmin.

Kyuhyun whispered a dirty comment huskily, teeth nibbling on the earlobe, causing an enticing moan to escape from Sungmin’s lips. Sungmin’s breath hitched when Zhou Mi’s long,slender fingers curled at his private, pressing at all the right areas. “Hyung’s so horny today?” The magnae questioned again, breath tickling at his neck, receiving a soft whimper from Sungmin. Teasingly, sweeping a tongue over his Adam’s Apple.

“Like it?” Zhou Mi asked, shifting his palm slightly, massaging Sungmin through the tight,constricting jeans. Sungmin squirmed with irritant, the uncomfortable heat at his lower region clouding his thoughts.

“Y-Yes...mhn...” Sungmin breathed erratically. “Hnn...ngh...m-more” he writhe as he felt Kyuhyun’s hand slide under the top, caressing the smooth skin, stopping to pinch the a nipple, and Zhou Mi’s hand continued to knead his arousal.

“As you wish baby...” Kyuhyun replied, towering above him, capturing Sungmin’s lips. His tongue easily slipped into Sungmin’s mouth, tasting his lover’s cavern thoroughly. All the small pants and moans swallowed up by the kiss, as Sungmin gently sucking on Kyuhyun’s upper lip. Sungmin stuck out his tongue, sucking on Kyuhyun’s tongue, saliva trickling down his chin.

Both of them muffled out a few small grunts and moans as Zhou Mi massaged Sungmin through the materials with his right hand, left hand had disappeared under Kyuhyun’s shirt, lightly caressing the nubs. “Mi ge...” Kyuhyun groaned at the contact, breaking the kiss, leaving Sungmin desperate for more. Hot breaths tickling Sungmin’s neck again.

Zhou Mi’s breath hitched as well when Kyuhyun’s free hand swiftly slipped into his boxers after he unbuttons his pants, pulling the zipper down. “K-Kui Xian...aah...”he moaned, unconsciously pumping the cock in his grasp faster and harder.

“G-Guys...I-I’m g-gonna come if you keep doing that...” Sungmin panted heavily as Zhou Mi continued to stroke his member faster and harder, moaning when the elder gently squeezes it.

“K-Kui Xian...” Zhou Mi hissed at the lost when Kyuhyun took his hand out, in order to do something else.

The magnae pulled off Sungmin's shirt, tossing it to a corner of the room as he latched his lip on the right nipple while the eldest suck on the left one. "Ahn...Kyu mhn...mimi haa..."Sungmin moaned, his erection twitching lively under the rough strokes. "T-Touch...haa...ahn...m-me..."he moaned desperately, trying to grind his hips into Zhou Mi's.

"Me or Kyu baby?"Zhou Mi asked teasingly, his fingers lacing, tapping on the underside.

"Ahh!Anh...b-both of you..."he moaned when the magnae bit his nipple, and the elder tug on his nipple with his teeth. Zhou Mi unbuckles the belt, undoing the buttons before unzipping the the pants in an agonizingly slow pace. Sungmin squirmed in desperation trying to remove those tight jeans. With much help from his two lovers, the tight jeans were finally removed along with his boxers and abandoned in some corner of the room. "Ngh..." he whimpers slightly, feeling the cold air hit against his heated member. He bucked his hips involuntarily when Zhou Mi's big hand wrapped around his cock again, squeezing it gently. "Ahh...Z-Zhou Mi hyung ahn..." his back arching off the bed.

"Ahh...haa!!Kyu ahn!" he moaned as the magnae encircled his tip, playing with his precum, fingernail grazing over his slit. Kyuhyun stroked the head slowly as his left hand slipped in between Sungmin's body and the bed, moving his hand lower and lower,squeezing one of the cheeks causing the latter to squeal. “Oh fuck...Z-Zhou Mi...anh...” he moaned, as Zhou Mi cupped his balls, fondling with them playfully, fingers brushing at his milky inner thighs.

“Haa,,,ah...Hyun agh...Mi...f-faster...please...h-harder.
..” Sungmin begged, breath hitching when the hands on his cock moved faster, applying a bit more pressure. “Mhnah...oh god...” Sungmin writher under the touches. Using his thumb, Kyuhyun rubbed his hard on by the tip, pressing it roughly, drawing more precum from his cock. Zhou Mi lowered his head again, flicking his tongue over his sensitive nipples, taunting them.

“I-I’m close...” Sungmin whimpered. “Ah! N-No...n-not there...” he begged when Kyuhyun’s nails dipped at his slit again. Zhou Mi pumped his cock faster and harder with every stroke, and so did the magnae, giving him occasional squeezes. “Ha...m-more...” he said, feeling his climax nearing to the edge, nipples hardening again. With a small tug on his cock, Sungmin came long and hard with a cry of pleasure, soaking Kyuhyun’s hand with his orgasm, panting heavily.

Kyuhyun rubbed his fingers together playing with Sungmin’s thick semen, as Sungmin came down from his high. “You want a taste?” Kyuhyun asked innocently, placing his hand in front of Zhou Mi’s lip. The eldest tilt his head slightly, darting his tongue out for a taste. Kyuhyun did the same, lowering his head to his hand, licking of their lover’s juice.

Shivers ran up Kyuhyun’s spine, as he felt Zhou Mi’s talented tongue brushed against his finger pads. The magnae whimpered slightly when their tongues swept over each other, slowly turning into a make out session. “Ngh...Mimi...”

Sungmin watched the scene through glassy eyes, panting heavily as he felt his cock twitch with excitement. Almost immediately, his cock stiffened as he continued to watch, Kyuhyun’s hands slipping into Zhou Mi’s pants and the Chinese’s hands roaming around Kyuhyun’s torso. He flushed redder, catching a glimpse of their entwine tongues. “Don’t forget about me...” Sungmin said in a child like voice, catching their attentions, breaking the kiss. They panted harshly, as he advanced closer to them.

He latched his lips on to Zhou Mi’s neck, lightly sucking it, leaving a small hickey on his neck as his fingers worked on the buttons of Zhou Mi’s top, pushing the top off his shoulders. “Ngh! Minnie ahn...”Zhou Mi grunted when Sungmin placed butterfly kisses as he uncovered every delectable skin. Kyuhyun swooped his head down, tongue curling round the nub, causing Zhou Mi to release a quiet moan.

Zhou Mi squirmed under the ministrations, clutching tightly on to Kyuhyun’s shirt, moaning and panting, breath tickling the magnae’s neck. “K-Kui Xian...haa...” Zhou Mi moaned as Kyuhyun continued to jerk his erection off, nipples being sucked on by Sungmin. He whimpered loudly when Sungmin got on to his lap, and Kyuhyun removed his hands to unbuckle Zhou Mi’s belt before unbutton then unzipping the pants.

Sungmin crashed their lips together, teeth painfully clashing against one another. After a good 3 minutes of making out with the elder, he broke the kiss, panting for air. He advanced towards the magnae on all fours, swaying his hips sexily, revealing his puckered hole towards Zhou Mi. Both the other males gulped at the sight. Kyuhyun’s breath hitched as Sungmin got on to his lap, slipping both his hands under Kyuhyun’s top.

“Kyunnie...you’re wearing too much...” Sungmin whispered lustfully, fingers tracing over the magnae’s waistband. “I don’t think either Mimi ge or I wanna be fucked by a fully clothed magnae...” he continued, moving his hips erotically, making him do a small lap dance. “Wanna feel your hot skin on us...” he said, emphasizing on ‘hot’. 

Kyuhyun groaned under his breath, muttering something incoherently. “What did you say Kyu?” Sungmin asked, rocking those dancer hips of his faster. Kyuhyun just grunted in reply. “You like it baby? Tell me what you like and Minnie would do it for you.”

“Yeah...god...hyung...feels good...” Kyuhyun moaned as Sungmin continued his lap dance, pulling the magnae’s top over his head. Zhou Mi groaned huskily, pumping his member fast after removing his pants.

The magnae asked Zhou Mi to come closer, whispering something to him in Chinese. “Hyung...on all fours...hips up high...show us that sexy ass of yours.” Kyuhyun said in a harsh manner, biting Sungmin’s earlobe, making the elder squeal in delight.

“Like this?” Sungmin asked innocently, after getting on all fours, hips raised, showing off his curvy ass. He whimpered when Kyuhyun asked him to spread his legs wider then with both his hands spread his ass cheeks apart. He flushed redder than before, suddenly feeling very shy as the two other males saw his entrance twitch slightly.

“Tell us, who do you want to suck you dry and who do you want to taste your little hole?” Kyuhyun asked, smacking his ass lightly, releasing a delightful squeal from the elder. 

“Zhou Mi ge to suck me dry and Kyunnie to taste me.” Sungmin said shakily. His breath hitched slightly, as Zhou Mi wiggled himself underneath Sungmin, his jet black hair, brushing against Sungmin’s balls then the underside. While Zhou Mi took his time to get into position, Kyuhyun stripped himself out of his last confines before advancing towards the other two.

“Ah! Oh god...ahh!!” Sungmin gasped as he felt both his lovers’ lips on his cock and hole respectively. Lips pressed against his skin, tongues gently darting at his pleasure spots. “God...fuck...hn...ngh...” he moaned when Zhou Mi’s tongue swiped a thick stripe down his shaft while Kyuhyun pressed his tongue against the ring muscle before pushing it into him.

Kyuhyun slide his tongue into Sungmin, swiping the corners of the inside, swirling his tongue to stretch it slightly. “K-Kyu...d-don’t...” he whimpered, body shuddering with delight. The magnae retreated his tongue.

“Touch you nipples.” Kyuhyun commanded, then he returned back to his duty to pleasure Sungmin. Zhou Mi’s tongue flicked the tip, tasting the precum which was weeping from Sungmin’s cock.

“Ooh...ahh! Ngh! Haa! oh...” Sungmin moaned, pinching his nipples in a painfully tight way, enjoying the painful sensation at the nubs. He rolled his nipples, gently flicking them up and down then pinching them again, this time only with much more force. “Oh...ahh...Mimi...K-Kyu...” he moaned.

Zhou Mi removed his lips from the heated cock, feeling his cock twitch as he watched Sungmin’s fingers clamped around the pointed nipples. “Do your nipples feel good?” Zhou Mi asked huslily.

Sungmin nodded furiously. “They feel fantastic...” he shuddered. “Little Minnie, feels jealous...that they’re getting the attention and not him...shouldn’t you help...Mimi gege...” he says, trying his best not to moan in between.

The Chinese chuckles. “We can’t let that happen can we?” Without a warning, he placed his mouth over Sungmin’s hard on, rewarding a loud gasp from Sungmin. Sungmin writhe under the ministrations, Kyuhyun leaning in to push his tongue deeper into the tight cavern.

"Oh my god...more...ahn..." Sungmin pleaded as he rocked his hips sensually, thrusting his cock into Zhou Mi's mouth at the same time thrusting back on Kyuhyun's tongue.

The magnae pulled back his tongue, licking his bottom lip sexily before leaning in more thrusting the tongue deeper into the hole, exploring the tiny hole thoroughly. The slick muscle swirled around, pressing every corner to find his lover's prostate.

Sungmin gasped loudly, his back arching in pleasure, making him thrust into the Chinese's hot mouth. "AHH! There! More!" he moaned loudly. "Kyu...Mi...harder...faster."

Zhou Mi grinned, deep throating Sungmin faster and harder, his tongue poking out teasingly, giving long licks at the underside as he bobbed up and down. He whimpered slightly, making vibrations course through the latter, when he felt a cold hand wrapped around his neglected member. He felt his knees buckled when the magnae began to pump his cock fast and hard, giving him occasional hard squeezes as he teased the weeping slit, sending him over the edge. "Ahh Kui Xian..." he muffled a moan, trying to focus on pleasuring Sungmin, his moans sending shivers up the latter's spine.

"I-I'm going to come soon... "he warned. Kyuhyun abruptly stopped his action, retreating his tongue, a silver strand of saliva in between them. He pressed his own cock on top of Zhou Mi's, causing Zhou Mi to gasp loudly, disengaging his mouth from Sungmin's erection.

The Chinese slip out from underneath Sungmin, brushing his erection against Kyuhyun's talented hands. He wrapped his arms around the magnae's neck, bringing their bodies closer. He placed his hand over Kyuhyun's, moving the hands faster and harder by every stroke, sometimes giving little teasing squeezes, causing both of them to moan softly.

"W-What about me...?"Sungmin asked, he was so close but yet so far.

"Finger yourself...ooh Kui Xian...love your hands...haa..." Zhou Mi replied, half way through moaning in pleasure. Kyuhyun whispered something in his before biting his shell. "And y-you can't stroke yourself..."he relayed Kyuhyun's message.

Sungmin look at them with lustful eyes as he raised his hips higher, coating his fingers with his own orgasm, which had stained the sheets, before sliding his middle finger into the twitching hole. He sighed out in pleasure, imagining either one of his lover's long slender fingers inside his hole. "Mhn...Zhou Mi ge...Kyuhyunnie..." he moaned, adding a second finger, scissoring his entrance.

On the other hand, Kyuhyun pushed Zhou Mi up against the wall, spreading his mile long legs apart. He unconsciously brought his hands, trailing over the Chinese's newly waxed legs. "It's so smooth..." he whispered, his hands trailed upwards, stroking the milky inner thighs. "Who waxed them for you?" he continued, brushing his tongue over the elder's neck.

He mewled silently, wishing those talented hands would wrap around his cock. "Heechul hyung...waxed my legs, he tied me up too..." he whimpered as a slick muscle licked his nipples.

"How kinky...but I love it." he said huskily after retreating his tongue from the nubs before bringing his lips to the elder's long legs. He darted his tongue out, licking the waxed legs, slowly moving up his thighs.

"Kui Xian..." he panted. "Just blow me already..."

"So impatient today..."he said before placing his lips to the erection, leaving butterfly kisses on it. "Plunge three fingers into Minnie." he commanded, swiping a tongue over the tip, causing the elder to mewl in pleasure.

Zhou Mi obligated, plunging three fingers into Sungmin, making the latter scream. "Mi...more! I wanna come so badly!" he cried, clawing the bed sheets as he removed his digits. The elder curled his finger, removing his digits completely before thrusting them back into the entrance hard and fast, causing Sungmin's cock to bounce due to the force. "More...oh god..."

"Do you like it?" he asked, trying not to stutter as Kyuhyun's tongue dip into his slit.

"Oh yes! So much. Love it...I can't wait to feel your big cock in me." he said involuntarily, thrusting back on to the fingers.

The magnae smirked devilishly, feeling Zhou Mi's cock twitched in anticipation. His tongue curled around the head, tasting the precum which leaked out from the slit,causing Zhou Mi's breath to hitch. He engulfed the tip as he gave little licks at the underside of the shaft and a cupping Zhou Mi’s balls,another hand bringing it nearer to Zhou Mi's mouth, making his back arch with pleasure.

"Ngh...Kui...agh..." he muffled out as he coated the fingers with his saliva, when Kyuhyun massaged his balls and took his cock deeper into his own mouth. Zhou Mi shivers visibly, due to the fact Kyuhyun's hair keeps tickling his crotch. The magnae pulled his fingers out of Zhou Mi's mouth, placing them near his entrance. 

Gently, he pressed a finger on the puckered hole, receiving a delightful twitch, making Kyuhyun chuckle, sending the vibrations up his spine. He continues to deep throat him fast, sending the Chinese boy off the edge. "Hnn...I'm gonna come soon..." he warned, Kyuhyun released him with a pop, leaving Zhou Mi desperate for release.

Kyuhyun pulled Zhou Mi's fingers out off Sungmin, who was whimpering at the lost of digits. "Minnie hyung ah...you wanna lick Mimi ge?"he asked as he strokes Zhou Mi's entrance, causing the other to shiver with delight. Sungmin nodded furiously. "But only his upper half okay?"Kyuhyun continued, Sungmin just nodded in reply.

Sungmin advanced towards Zhou Mi,licking the shell of his ear,both hands worrying the erect nubs between his fingers. "Ahn...minnie agh..." he panted as Sungmin moved up and down,rubbing his erection against Zhou Mi's chest,smearing his precum all over it. "Haa!ah!X-Xian ah!" he bucked his hips when Kyuhyun entered all three digits in with one go, making him thrust into Sungmin by accident.

"Oh god...Mi...ahh..." Sungmin groan in pleasure and pain. Tears welled up at the side of his eyes from the impact, he whimpered in pain, lips quivering slightly. Kyuhyun immediately stopped his actions after seeing the tears.

"You okay?" Kyuhyun asks, his voice filled with concern and a hint of guilt. Sungmin simply replied with a few nods, nails digging into Zhou Mi's back. Zhou Mi apologizes quietly, kissing the tears away, fingers ghosting at Sungmin's cheeks, trying his hardest not to moan as he felt the muscles clamp around his cock.

Sungmin panted heavily, trying to get use to Zhou Mi's size. He groped his own butt, spreading them apart slightly, moving in a slow pace, only moving a couple inches off Zhou Mi's cock before coming back down. "Ngh...haa..." he moaned at the contact, Zhou Mi's lips plastered on his shoulder, gentle sucking at a random spot.

The magnae's mouth watered at the sight, Sungmin riding Zhou Mi slowly, lips pressed against each other, kissing each other sloppily. Unconsciously, his fingers stopped thrusting into Zhou Mi's puckered hole. "K-Kui Xian...w-why'd you stop..." Zhou Mi asked, eyes screwed shut as Sungmin rolled his hips, making him feel more of the thick cock inside him.

"Can I..." Kyuhyun's voice drifted off, curling his fingers which were in Zhou Mi, who released a silent cry.

"Just do it...ahh...oh god..." Zhou Mi replied shakily, trying to resist himself from bucking his hips into Sungmin. Sungmin sensed it easily, helping his lover out, riding him faster than before. He lifted himself of the elder before slamming back down on his cock. "Oh fuck...Min...haa...ahn..." he moaned, thursting his hips involuntarily, burying his cock to the hilt.

Kyuhyun stroked his member, groaning under his breath as he coated his cock with a generous amount of lube. "You ready?" Kyuhyun asked, all bothered at the erotic sight of his lovers.

Zhou Mi nodded furiously, moaning as Sungmin slammed back down again. Kyuhyun got hold off his long legs resting them on his shoulders. Slowly, he pushed in as carefully as possible, making sure he doesn't hurt him too much. "Fuck...s-so tight..." Kyuhyun swore under his breath, feeling the delicious heat around his hard on.

The Chinese panted, getting use to the intrusion, rolling his hips slightly, making all three men moan. Sungmin shivered at the slightest roll of hips from Zhou Mi, feeling the cock stretch his hole a bit more, while Kyuhyun groaned at the the heated contact. "Move..." 

Zhou Mi said shakily. Almost at que, Kyuhyun pulled out thrusting back into him slowly as Sungmin bounced on his cock fast and hard. "Ahh...hnn...ugh..." Zhou Mi writhed and moan.

After a few slow and gentle thrust, Kyuhyun started to plunge into him a little harder and faster than before while Sungmin continued to ride Zhou Mi, back arching gracefully when the tip of Zhou Mi's cock brushed against his prostate. His body shook with delight and pleasure, lifting his body of Zhou Mi, letting the elder push him back down, his arousal aiming perfectly at his pleasure spot. "Oh fuck...Z-Zhou Mi...give me more...oh...Kyuhyun..." Sungmin moaned like a wanton slut,as he slammed back on to Zhou Mi's cock. He almost screamed as Zhou Mi's cock, thrust into him even more due to the impact of Kyuhyun fast, hard and deep thrust.

"I'm close..." Zhou Mi groaned, nails digging into the skin of Sungmin's waist, Sungmin riding him fast and hard and Kyuhyun's powerful thrusts were driving him insane.

"Me too..." both Kyuhyun and Sungmin said, moving faster and harder.

With a shaky hand, Zhou Mi brought it to Sungmin's neglected cock, pumping at the same speed the latter was riding him. "Ahh...Kui Xian...ngh...harder..." he moaned.

Not long, Sungmin came long and hard into Zhou Mi's hand and chest, screaming his lovers names. Following after was Zhou Mi, moaning their names in ecstasy, spilling all of his seeds into Sungmin, making the elder gasp at the load. With a couple more thrust, Kyuhyun released his load into Zhou Mi, grunting in pleasure.

Sungmin got off of Zhou Mi, semen dripping down his thigh, as Kyuhyun pulled out off Zhou Mi. Sungmin and Kyuhyun collapsed on either side of the Chinese, all of them panting for air. Both the younger slung their arms around their lover's waist, shifting closer. "That felt amazing..." Sungmin said, breaking the silence, receiving nods from the other two. Kyuhyun pulled the sheets over their naked,sweaty bodies while Sungmin helped Zhou Mi to clean the cum which was left on the elder's chest.

Kyuhyun and Sungmin snuggled closer to Zhou Mi, all of them smiling and enjoying the after glow. "Happy birthday Mimi." Sungmin wished, kissing the elder on the cheek.

"Thank you." Zhou Mi replied, stroking Sungmin's hair, rewarding a purr from the latter.

"Happy birthday sweetheart." Kyuhyun said, kissing him on his cheek as well.

Zhou Mi giggled as Kyuhyun nuzzled his head at the crook of the elder's neck. "Thank you." he replied, ruffling his hair. "I love you guys." he said, kissing both of them on their lips.

"We love you too." Kyuhyun and Sungmin said in unison.

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