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Christmas Confession (2Min And Onkey)

Title : Christmas Confession
Pairings : 2Min and minor Onkey
Rating : PG13?PG?
Warnings : Failed fluff story T.T
Written: 25th December 2008

“Hyung...Merry Christmas...” Taemin smiled shyly as he extended his arms to give his hyung the present, face tinging in a light shade of pink. His bangs shaded his eyes, not directly looking at his hyung’s face.

“Ah Merry Christmas Taeminnie.” Minho wished him, smiling warmly at the magnae’s actions. “Is that for me?” he asks, pointing at the box the magnae had in his hands. Taemin nodded his head furiously, his face flushing bright red when Minho’s fingers brushed against his. “Tha--” even before Minho could finish his sentence, Taemin already fled to the living room.

He lifted the lid off the box, finding a long,dark blue handmade scarf with his name at the end in bright blue. Minho smiled at the gift and the Christmas card as he went back into his room.


“Taemin’s hyperventilating!” Jonghyun shouted as he took a magazine, moving it up and down to cool Taemin down.

“OMO!!” Onew shouted in shock, also taking a magazine from the table to fan Taemin, who was currently flushed and panting heavily.

“OMO! TAEMIN ARE YOU OK?!” Key shouted, running towards the baby, sitting beside him.

Taemin nodded, trying to calm down from just now. “What happened?” Key asked.

“M-Minho h-hyung...”he stuttered.

“What? DID HE RAPE YOU?! I’M GONNA KILL HIM IF HE DID!” Key shouted, about to run to kill Minho, but he was held back by Onew.

“No! Umma can I talk to you?” Taemin asked, pointing to Key and Onew’s room. Key was the only one in the group who knew the magnae had a major crush on Minho. The umma just nodded, taking Taemin to the shared room, leaving Onew and Jonghyun alone and confused.


Once their talk was over, they return to the living room, where Onew and Jonghyun were watching a movie. Key ran towards Onew, pouncing on him before snuggling closer to his lover. Onew chuckled as he slung an arm around Key’s slender waist, ruffling his lover’s hair then giving him a passionate kiss on Key’s lips.

Key placed his hands at the back of Onew’s neck, deepening the kiss by pulling the elder closer to him, bodies pressed on one another. “Mm...Onew...” Key purred softly. He felt the slick muscle pry his lips apart, slipping into his mouth. The tongue ravished every inch of Key’s mouth before sucking on Onew’s tongue. After having a hard time to catch the upper lip of the elder, Key started to suck and nibble on it.

Taemin smiled at his parents as he brought his legs to his chest, rocking slightly on the couch. “Guys! Go get a room!” Jonghyun said in an irritated tone, since he was paying attention to the movie and now he couldn’t here the conversations because of the couple. Onkey broke the kiss, glaring at Jonghyun for destroying their mood.

Key nuzzled at the crook of Onew’s neck, using the opportunity to suck on his lover’s neck. “Shall we go to our room?” Key whispers huskily. Almost immediately, Onew lifted his lover in a bridal style to their shared room to continue their activities.

“Finally!” Jonghyun said victoriously, causing the magnae to giggle.

At that moment, Minho entered the living room silently, walking behind the couch to where Taemin was sitting. He brought an arm over Taemin’s head, catching the magnae’s attention. He place the necklace around Taemin’s neck, latching it at the back. “Merry Christmas.” he whispered into his ear, causing the younger to shiver.

Taemin looked the the pendant, turning it around, blushing as he saw the words, engraved at the back. ‘I love you.Will you go out with me?’. “Hyung...”he turned around to look at the taller, blushing when their eyes met. Those deep,dark,beautiful eyes.

“Your answer?” he asks.

The magnae smiled, leaning up to place a kiss on Minho’s cheek. “Yes...I love you too.”he says, hugging the elder by the waist.

“Wow...this is better in real life.” Jonghyun says as he watched the dramatic scene, eating popcorn. “The kiss?on the lip this time.” the eldest ask, pointing at the mistletoe above their heads, causing the new couple to blush.

Minho lowered his head, till their noses touched, leaning in slightly to claim his newfound lover’s lips. When they pulled apart, Taemin smiled wider as their foreheads pressed against each others, finger intertwined with one another’s, Minho gazing at him.

Their moment was destroyed again by no one other than, Jonghyun. “*sobs* That was so beautiful *sobs*” he cries. Suddenly a pillow flew directly at his head. “OW! SHIT! OW! WHAT THE HELL!” he shouted in pain, turning to the direction the pillow flew from. Key had just threw that pillow at him from Onkey’s room.

“STOP RUINING THEIR MOMENT!” Key shouted angrily, throwing another pillow at him. Now both of them were having a pillow fight, Onew sighed.

The new couple chuckled, Minho sat beside Taemin as the magnae sat on his lap, Taemin’s head resting on the crook of his neck. “I think I just received the best Christmas present ever.” the magnae smiled, as he looked at Minho, bringing his hand to stroke his lover’s hair.

“Me too.” he replies, lowering his head to plant a passionate kiss on Taemin’s lips. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Taemin replied, blushing slightly, as he buried his flush face in Minho’s chest, feeling a pair of strong arms wrapping around his slender waist. He snuggled closer, giving a light peck on Minho’s lip, flushing bright red, leaving Minho in shock.

“Come here.” he said wolfishly, giving another deep kiss to Taemin, breaking the kiss when a pillow hit his head. “OW!!”

“DON’T YOU DARE RAPE MY SON!” Key shouted, throwing a plush at Minho, unfortunately it missed him.

Taemin giggled slightly, placing a kiss on Minho’s temple. “Love you hyung.”

Minho smiled charmingly. “Love you too. Merry Christmas.”


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