Monday, November 30, 2009

Of Chair Dances And Sex (Kyumi) [RATED]

Title: Of Chair Dances And Sex
Pairing: Kyumi (KyuyoungxZhoumi)
Rating: NC17 or M
Warnings: Gender switch, use of toy (kinda), semi public, strip tease?

“How do I look?” Kyuyoung asked, she wore a black hoodie, zipped up teasingly to show off her deep clevage. The hood covered her hair, revealing her freshly curled hair, the black tight -in Zhou Mi’s opinion, illegally short- shorts which clung at the right placed, emphasizing her shapely and curvaceous ass. Her eyes lined with eye liner and her long eyelashes coated with mascara.

“Very sexy as usual.” Zhou Mi whispered, into her ear, kissing it then nibbling at it. Kyuyoung giggled, lightly pushing Zhou Mi off.

“Not now, later baby. It’ll be worth the wait.” Kyuyoung teased, swaying her hips more as she walked out of the changing room.


Zhou Mi's jaw flung open as he watch Kyuyoung's hips swayed sharply to the sides, tossing her head, sending a seductive wink towards him as she kicked her legs up on to the wooden chair. The illegally short shorts hiked up further, teasing Zhou Mi. Her back arched as she rest her elbows on her knee, pushing her hair to the side.

Zhou Mi gulped visibly, feeling his pants tigthened when he saw her sit on the chair with her legs spread out, her hands tugging on the hoodie then her fingers trailed up her legs. He shifts uncomfortable in his seat, wanting to taste her in between her legs.

Quickly she held the back rest of the chair, standing up just to toss her hips to the side before sitting back down. The dance continued, most of the moves were shaking their hips, doing sexy body rolls, groping their ass or any kind of moves that gave men boners.

During their solo bits, Kyuyoung held on to the back rest again, sexily going down to touch her toes before coming back up slow and seductive. She got down, hands in between her legs, pumping her chest, making her ass move as well. She did a body roll as she came back up, swaying her hips again as she got back to her position.

As their performance came to an end, they got off the stage, struting as they went to pick a guy. Kyuyoung smirked as she walked towards her lover. Zhou Mi's eyes widened when Kyuyoung sat in his lap. "Just enjoy it baby."she whispered, licking the shell of his ear.

She took her tie off, ringing it around Zhou Mi's neck as she got off his lap, tugging him closer to her. His eyes widened as she swayed her hips, going down to crouch before spreading her legs, quickly coming back up. She straddled at his thighs, winking at him, she chuckled when she felt the poking erection. "I can't wait later. So fucking horny." she punctuated, bringing his hand in between her legs, making him gasp. "All wet for you." she licked up at his neck. Kyuyoung reached for the zipper of her hoodie, slowly dragging it down, teasingly showing off her deep clevage.

She moaned softly, feeling Zhou Mi's cock twitch at the scene. She continued to pull it, pushing the hoodie off her shoulders, revealing her black,laced push-up bra, making the other guys cheer. Zhou Mi groaned at the sight, feeling her soft ass rubbing against him.

Kyuyoung got off his lap, swaying her hips more as she struts away, zipping up her hoodie again as she made her way to the stage.


Zhou Mi pinned Kyuyoung to the wall, immediately latching his lips on to hers. He pried her lips apart with his tongue, exploring the warm cavern. Kyuyoung thread her fingers into Zhou Mi's dark raven hair, her legs spread apart on either side of Zhou Mi's body, kissing him back passionately. She groaned softly, grinding her hips against his.

His lips trailed to her neck, biting it and sucking it to leave a mark, fingers playing with the zipper before pulling it down, revealing the sexy bra. She whimpered softly, feeling the large hands on her small,soft breast, she shifts slightly the heat between her legs becoming more unbearable.

He massaged her breast, the textured laces rubbing teasingly at her nipples. "Ahh...Z-Zhou..."she gasped as he pinched her nipple. "Touch me more..." she pleads, bringing her hand in between her legs, rubbing at the front. "So horny for you..." she whispered, eyes hazed with lust, rubbing herself, working on her wetness.

Zhou Mi smirked, swatting the hand away, causing his lover to whine. "I got something even better." he said, licking at her lobe. He carefully carried her to the table, gently placing her down. With expert fingers he unclasped her bra quickly with one hand, fishing something out of his back pocket with his other hand while Kyuyoung removed her shorts.

Kyuyoung gasped as Zhou Mi massages her breast again, squishing them together, playing with her nipples. He dipped his head, flicking his tongue over her erect nipples. "M-Mi...Hn..." she groans, tossing her head back, fingers tangled in his hair, lightly pushing his head down into her chest. "More...Love your hot tong-- Ahh!" she breathed sharply, suddenly feeling sinful vibrations in between her legs. She looked out, finding a bullet vibrator in between her legs, making her shift uncontrollably.

"Haa...Zhou Mi...ahhn..." she moans, more aroused than ever, enjoying the sensation. Her knees buckled, as the vibrator rubbed at her cunt.

Zhou Mi moaned around her nub, the vibrator rubbing against his erection as well. He watched his lover writhe wantonly against the toy, with his free hand he increased the intensity.

"Oh fuck!Ahh!Nhh! I want more Zhou..." she trembles with pleasure. "Oh god...there..." she moans, when Zhou Mi rubbed at her clit. "So good..."

Zhou Mi smirks, unlatching his lips from her breast, looking at her. His cock gave the slightest twitch as he looked at her panties which practically soaked, her precome trickling down her thighs, on to the table. "Zhou Mi...I wanna hump against your thighs..." she said seductively in between moans, making his breath hitch.

She shakily got off the table, sliding the bullet vibrator away before slipping it into her lacy panties. She sat on Zhou Mi's right thigh, legs on either side. Zhou Mi's breath hitched when he felt how wet she was, moaning softly as she started dry humping his thigh. She ground her hips, as if she was thrusting, rubbing her heat against his thigh. Her back arched slightly, wanting to come so badly, the tingling sensation from the vibrator sending her to the edge.

Zhou Mi eyed her hungrily, watching her hump his thigh, making circles with her body so she could get more contact. "Aren't you horny today?" Zhou Mi teased, groping her ass, increasing the intensity and speed, setting it to the highest.

"Ahh!!Hah! So good!" she moaned, continue her actions. "I-It's s...ahh! S-sliding in me...Ohh!Ahh!Zhou!" she almost screamed, her wetness twitching at the vibrations.

Zhou Mi groaned at the sight, wanting his cock in her so badly. "W- What else?"

"Rubbing everywhere...Ahhn!!N-Now it's rubbing at my sweet spot..." Kyuyoung moaned like a wanton whore, rubbing her wetness on his thigh, the laces creating more friction. She panted heavily, pinching her nipples. "I'm...ahhn...I'm--Ahhhh~" she half sighed and half moaned, she spilled her milk messily into her panties, some splashed on to Zhou Mi's pants.

The elder stroked her hair as she came down from her high. He lifted her back on to the table, slipping the panties off, revealing her heated wetness. "Felt good?" he asked, grinning devilishly, she simply nodded in reply. His cock twitch at the sight of the vibrating toy. Gently he tugged at the wire, slowly pulling the toy out. She grunt lowly as the toy slipped out.

He latched his lips on to her wetness, his nose bumping against her inner thigh, his tongue lapping up her orgasm. She trembled with pleasure, tossing her head back, releasing a shaky moan. "Sensitive...ahh..." He buried his head further, tilting his head sliding his tongue into her, tasting her milk. "Ahh Zhou..." her knees buckled, fingers tugging at his hair.

His fingers caressed her thigh, licking her entrance then her clit, before sliding back in. "Ahh haa...Nhh..." she sighed as she tangled her fingers in his hair. Her knees buckled uncontrolably as Zhou Mi's fingers rub over her overly sensitive clit. "Z-Zhou...s- sensitive...ahh!" she moaned, head trashing back when her lover curled his tongue inside her, nudging at her g-spot, making her see white.

"Zhou Mi ahh...f-fuck me please..." Kyuyoung begged. She released a loud gasp as the slick muscle was replaced with 2 digits. Zhou Mi kissed her neck, lightly nibbling at a patch of skin, pumping in and out of her, stretching her entrance. "Faster...ahh...I wanna feel you in me...nghahh..."

Once Zhou Mi thought she was ready, he unzipped his pants, fishing out the bottle of lube. She coated his erection with lubricant, wrapping her arms around his neck as he lifted her off the table, pushing her up against the wall.

Kyuyoung half sighed, half gasped feeling his thick erection entering her, making her strecth mercilessly. "Oh fuck...move..." Kyuyoung said, hooking her legs at his waist.

"Someone's impatient..." Zhou Mi chuckled airily, loving the delicious heat around him. He thrusts into her roughly, making her moan with delight. Kyuyoung grind against him, wanting more contact.

Zhou Mi pumped in and out of her fast and hard, ramming hard against her g-spot. "Oh fuck!Z-Zhou!" she cried in pleasure, her knees buckling, bringing her hand to the back of his neck, crashing their lips together.

She moaned into the kiss, feeling her lover's aggressive tongue thrust into her mouth. She nibbled on his lower lip lightly, worrying them in between her teeth. "Haa!Z-Zhou Mi!" she cried breathlessly as Zhou Mi continued to pound into her, his hands busied themselves, teasing her erect nipples. Her hands clenched tightly at his shirt, panting heavily at the crook of his neck. "Z-Zhou...fuck me over the table ahh!" she begged.

Zhou Mi easily complied, lifting her towards the small table, removing his erection, allowing her to bend over. She screamed at the strong thrust, gripping on to the table tightly. "S-So...fucking good..." Kyuyoung said incoherently. "Harder...ahh Zhou Mi...please...harder..." Kyuyoung begged, thrusting back against his strong thrust.

He brought his hand in between her legs, finger pads teasing her clit. "So wet..." Zhou Mi whispered huskily, making Kyuyoung twitch. She moaned loudly, loving her lover's rough thrusts and the wonderful friction as her breast rub against the table due to the force. "Ahh! haa! Zhou I'm co--Ngh~! Ohh~" Kyuyoung moaned and whimpered as she came, spilling into Zhou Mi's hand.

Zhou Mi followed soon after, pulling out before he came long and hard, spilling his seeds all over her back. Kyuyoung collapsed on to Zhou Mi, cuddling up against him, enjoying the aftermath.

"I think that was the hottest sex ever." Kyuyoung said in between pants.

Zhou Mi simply nodded in reply. "Don't think I have ever orgasmed that hard." he chuckles, wrapping his arm around her slender waist.

"I love you Mimi." she whispered, giving him a chaste kiss.

"I love you too Baby." he replied.


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