Saturday, March 20, 2010

Best Things Come In Threes (Kyumimin) [RATED]

Title: Best Things Come In Threes
OT3: Kyumimin
Rating: M or NC17
Kink: Femslash, Toys, Spanking, Rimming/Blowjob?, Multiple Orgasm
A/N: Sorry I haven't been updating lately! I've been busy with school and exams! hope this will redeem myself so far ;-; love you guys!

Zhou Mi crashed his lips against Sungmin’s, sweeping her hot tongue over the younger’s lower lip, nipping it lightly. “Mhn..” Sungmin breathed, feeling Kyuhyun’s large hands strokes the flat stomach.

The eldest ground her hips into Sungmin’s while Kyuhyun ground against the youngest's rear, relieving their much needed friction. Kyuhyun groped her breast through the halter top, giving it a good squeeze, causing her to gasp. Zhou Mi thrust her tongue into Sungmin’s hot cavern, her skillful tongue exploring every inch.

Sungmin broke the kiss, needing air, Zhou Mi kissed her neck, nibbling at a spot. "U-Unnie..." Sungmin breathed, feeling Zhou Mi's hands on Kyuhyun's hands, joining the assault at her breast. She snuck her hands under Zhou Mi's top. Kyuhyun whines at the lack of contact, her fingers poking at Sungmin's nipples.

Zhou Mi smirks, sitting on Sungmin's lap, leaning over her shoulders to kiss Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun sighed into the kiss, tongues dancing, squealing into the kiss when she felt Zhou Mi's hand on her ass.

Sungmin squeezed Zhou Mi's breast, her free hand hiking up Zhou Mi's skirt, drawing lazy circles at her thighs. "Sung..min..." she moaned, breaking the kiss. Kyuhyun rest her head on Sungmin's shoulders, kissing up her throat.

"Kiss Mimi unnie at her ear, she gives the sexiest and most orgasmic moan ever." Kyuhyun whispered in Sungmin's ear, fondling with her breast. Sungmin groans at the ministrations, grinding her hips against Zhou Mi, kissing her at the ear, causing the eldest to moan in pleasure, her body trembling with delight. The youngest's breath hitched as she saw Zhou Mi's blissful expression, nearly coming at the sight.

"Kyuhyun...that was private..." Zhou Mi whines weakly, shivering as Sungmin stroked her inner thigh. Kyuhyun chuckles, groping Sungmin's pert ass with her left hand, her right hand struggling to remove the halter top. Somehow during the process of removing the halter top, Kyuhyun squeezed in between them, gently pushing Sungmin on the wooden floor.

"Yummy...push ups..." Zhou Mi purred when she saw Sungmin's bra, grinding herself against Kyuhyun, hastily unbuttoning Kyuhyun's shirt. Kyuhyun unclasped Sungmin's bra, tossing them at a random corner of the room.

"Ahh fuck...K-Kyu...u-unnie..." Sungmin moaned, back arching off the floor when Kyuhyun attacked her pert nipples, sucking them hungrily. Zhou Mi gulped at the sight, feeling her wetness throb painfully, desperately wanting contact. She unfastened Kyuhyun's bra, her hands instantly pinched Kyuhyun's nipples, causing Kyuhyun to moan.

Kyuhyun moaned, sending vibrations up Sungmin's spine. "Zhou..haa..." Kyuhyun moaned facing Zhou Mi, who was currently rubbing her fingers against Kyuhyun's damp panties. She claimed Zhou Mi's lips hungrily, gently shoving the other down on the floor, grinding against the hand, rubbing her breast against the latter's clothed ones.

Sungmin gaped at the heated sight, feeling the wet heat in between her legs throb. Her eyes hazed as she watched the other two touch each others wetness through their panties, kissing hungrily. She crawled over to the side of the couple, snaking her hand around Kyuhyun's waist to join Zhou Mi's hands. "Fuck...ahh...m-more..." Kyuhyun moans.

As Sungmin worked on Kyuhyun's wetness, she failed to notice Zhou Mi's hands finding her way to skirt. Zhou Mi removed her top and bra quickly before sliding underneath Sungmin's skirt to removed the soaked underwear, causing Sungmin to gasp. The magnae stopped her ministrations, gripping tightly on the discard top as Zhou Mi stroked her slowly. Her legs trembled with delight when the elder's fingers played with her clit as the hot tongue lapped up her juice.

Zhou Mi tilted her head more, licking at the entrance, swirling her tongue round teasingly. "Ahh Zhou unnie..." Sungmin cries out. Kyuhyun rummaged through Zhou Mi's bag, pulling out a vibrator from her bag. She got behind Zhou Mi, snaking her arm around her waist before groping her wet heat, causing the elder to moan, sending vibrations through Sungmin's body.

"Ahhh K-Kyu...hmm..." Zhou Mi muffles, sliding her tongue into Sungmin, making her back arch inhumanely. Kyuhyun peeled Zhou Mi's panties away, groaning at the sight of her lover's wetness. She easily slips a finger into her, pumping in and out of her, the hand around her waist trailing down to rub her clit.

Sungmin panted heavily, feeling a familiar uncomfortable heat pooling at her stomach, her knees buckling. So deep inside me... Sungmin thought incoherently, whimpering as the tongue slid deeper into her tight heat. She brought a hand to her breast, massaging them roughly, pinching her erect nipples. She tilted her head to the side, breath hitching when she looked at the mirror, watching the erotic sight.

"Unnie...unnie...unnie..." Sungmin chanted out, bucking her hips more, feeling the wave of orgasm coming. "U-Unnie!I'm gonna come! --Ahh!" Sungmin screams in ecstasy, spilling her juice into Zhou Mi's mouth. She collapsed on the floor, panting heavily as she came down from her high. She watched the elders through half lidded eyes, feeling the uncomfortable heat pitting at her stomach again.

Kyuhyun continued to scissor Zhou Mi's entrance, as she kissed Zhou Mi's ear, lightly bit elder shiver. "Sungmin ahh...prep yourself...let Zhou Mi unnie watch..." Kyuhyun whispered huskily, causing Sungmin to flame red.

Hesitantly Sungmin spread her legs, to reveal her heated wetness to her unnies. She cupped her breast, kneading them together, her idle hand cupped her heat, making her back arch at the contact. She slips two fingers into herself, wiggling it around before pumping in and out of herself.

"Ain't she good?" Kyuhyun whispered, as she slowly removed her fingers, replacing them with a thick vibrator. Zhou Mi failed to realized the toy inside her as she watched the magnae masturbate in front of her. Kyuhyun slipped her hand into her very wet panties, sighing in relief, stroking her clit. She switched on the vibrator, sending Zhou Mi into a short spasm.

"Fuck! What the --Ahhh...ngh..." Zhou Mi moaned, the tingling vibrations running up her spine.

"Ahh...Kyuhyun..." Sungmin cried out softly. Kyuhyun gestured her to come towards her, Sungmin easily obliged. The magnae's eyes widened as she felt something entered her, way to fake and big.

"It's a vibrator..." Kyuhyun panted, sliding her finger inside of her. Her free hand pressed on the button to switch the vibrator on.

"Oh fuck!" Sungmin swore, she never experienced anything like this before.

"S-Sungmin ahh...we should s-satisfy Kyuhyun dongsaeng right?" Zhou Mi said in between moans, rewarding several nods from Sungmin. The elder grabs Kyuhyun's breast, giving them a good squeeze while the younger slid her hands into her underwear, stroking her clit.

"Unf!Mhnnn..." Kyuhyun moans quietly, crashing her lips with Sungmin, sucking on each other's tongue. Zhou Mi kisses a pert nipple, flicking her tongue over the erect nub, gently sucking on them. "Uhh...Z-Zhou unnie..." she muffles a moan, allowing Sungmin to shove her tongue down Kyuhyun's throat. Kyuhyun released a strangle cry, her hips jerked as Sungmin slipped a finger into her wetness.

The magnae broke the kiss, dipping her head in between Kyuhyun's legs, removing her finger. She darted a tongue out, trailing up the wet panties. "Oh fuck...Sungmin..." She bucked her hips. Zhou Mi rubbed her clit. "Ahh...m-more...ahhh..." she trembled, accidentally hitting a button, setting the vibrators at highs speed, causing Sungmin and Zhou Mi to moan.

"Oh god..." she moaned when Sungmin peeled the panties before licking her heated wetness. Sungmin thrusts her tongue into Kyuhyun, causing her to buck for more. Zhou Mi rubbed her chest against Kyuhyun's back, two of her long slender fingers entering Kyuhyun, instantly scissoring the entrance.

Sungmin licked her lips as she watched the heated sight, she kissed up Kyuhyun's body, stopping at her breast. She gave a teasing squeeze before licking Kyuhyun's nipples, lightly sucking on them. "S-Sungmin!" Kyuhyun gasped, fingers tangling into Sungmin's hair.

"Sungmin lie on top of Kyuhyun." Zhou Mi panted, as Sungmin easily obliged. The eldest pulled out the vibrator, moaning as the toy rubbed against her entrance. She rummaged her bag for a toy, fishing out a double-headed dildo. Sungmin ground against Kyuhyun as she continued her ministrations on her breast. Kyuhyun gasped, whimpering into Sungmin's shoulders, enjoying the tingling sensation at her nipples and the vibrator in Sungmin rubbing against her, sending vibrations down her spine.

Zhou Mi groan as her entered one end of the dildo, the other end standing tall and proud. She shifted closer to Kyuhyun, pressing the other head into Kyuhyun. "Hah! Unnie!" she cried, arms around Sungmin's neck, panting heavily as she got use to the size.

Once Kyuhyun got use to the size, she ground her hips against Sungmin, signaling she was ready. Zhou Mi pulled back slightly before thrusting back in, setting a slow and steady pace. Sungmin kissed Kyuhyun hungrily, swallowing Kyuhyun's sultry moans, she shoved her tongue into Kyuhyun's mouth. "Ahh...mhpf...M-Min..." she moaned, gasping when Zhou Mi decided thrust at a faster pace. In between thrusts, Zhou Mi fumbled with the remote, switching pleasurable toy off, rewarding a low whine from Sungmin, who just ground against Kyuhyun for more much needed friction. "Ahh! Unnie!" Sungmin moans when Zhou Mi slid the toy out before pushing it back it. "U-Unnie...ahh..." she whimpers, legs going weak with the simulation.

The eldest panted heavily, as the toy rubbed her insides, the blunt tip pressing at the right spots, making it harder to concentrate on pleasuring the two others. “Ahh Z-Zhou! T-There...” Sungmin panted, rocking her hips back, to push back against the toy. “Hah! Ahh! More!” she cried, as Zhou Mi continued the thrusts, hitting that spot dead on.

"S-So...fucking good..." Kyuhyun said incoherently. "Harder...ahh Z-Zhou...please...harder..." Kyuhyun begged, tilting her head to light suck on Sungmin’s erect nipples.

Sungmin brought her hands in between their pressed bodies, finger pads teasing her clit and Kyuhyun’s. "Ahh...Zhou Mi please...harder...” she pleaded. Zhou Mi pushed the vibrator in deep, leaving it in place, causing Sungmin to whimper at the loss, hips swaying in the air, trying to force the toy to move. She squealed when Zhou Mi smacked her ass, leaving a red mark on her firm bottom.

“What a naughty slut you are.” Zhou Mi whispered huskily, hitting a button on the remote, setting it at the highest setting.

“Ahh! Zhou Mi! Zhou Mi! Hah!! S-So good~” Sungmin nearly screams, her fingers worked hastily on their clits as she felt the wet substance trickling out of her entrance, down to her inner thighs.

“Sungmin...ahh! Z-Zhou Mi fuck me harder...” Kyuhyun moans. Zhou Mi easily obliges, thrusting harder and faster, hitting her pleasure spot dead on. “T-There...”

“Sungmin ah, why don’t you tell Kyuhyun unnie how you’re feeling?” Zhou Mi says, pushing the toy a little deeper, making Sungmin gasp.

“F-Feels s-so good...rubbing me there...ahh...Kyuhyun feels so numb, tingling every w-where...” Sungmin said in between moans. “I-I w-wanna...ah! hah! c-cu--” Sungmin screams their names, her back arches as she orgasms. Panting heavily as she came down from her high, her hand in between her legs, slowly sliding the toy out, moaning softly, before rolling off Kyuhyun’s body.

Kyuhyun felt the familiar heat pool at the pit of her stomach. She brought a hand to her breast, tweaking her nipples as her other hand went between her legs to stimulate her clit. “Ohh...Zhou Mi...I’m so close...”

“Me too..ah” Zhou Mi pants, thrusting harder and faster, allowing the toy in her to move with her thrusts. Kyuhyun cried out Zhou Mi’s name as she came in ecstasy, sending off a chain reaction, making Zhou Mi orgasm as well.

The eldest collapsed on to Kyuhyun as she came down from her high, enjoying the aftermath. Sungmin shifted closer to them, wrapping her arms around Kyuhyun’s waist. “I think I’ve never orgasmed that hard before.” Kyuhyun claims.

“Same...” Sungmin and Zhou Mi said unison. “Why haven’t you seduced us earlier?? We could have done this ages ago.” Zhou Mi said.

“Don’t know. Better now that later right?” Sungmin replied, rewarding sleepy nods from the other two

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