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"Don't You Dare Rape My Son!" (2Min) [RATED]

Title: "Don't You Dare Rape My Child!"
Pairing: 2Min And Slight Onkey
Rating: NC-17
A/N: For
renxren from long long ago I'M SO SORRY FOR THE WAIT! i lost the document for quite some time and just found it today. so sorry TT^TT

Taemin was walking alone with Minho around town. He really didn’t know when or how it happened. All he knows was that it started with 5 went to 3 then ended with them. Taemin’s face was probably cherry red right now because he felt the heat gathering in his face. It’s cold out and more then anything Taemin wants to be close to Minho’s warmth. He had his hands together and blowing on them every now and then to warm them up. This year, Valentine Day is a cold day. Just then he felt a arm warp around his slender waist and was pulled towards the heat. He looked up and met eyes with Minho.

“Are you that cold? Maybe we should go home.” Minho suggested to his cute boyfriend.

Taemin shook his head in a no. “If we go now, then what was the whole point of the date...” Taemin said in a small but cute tone with a pout.

“Your such a cute little boyfriend” Minho whispered to him as he kissed his forehead. His boyfriend was the cutest thing in the world; he wonders even know what he did to deserve such a cute thing.

“Minho ah...Taemin’s Hungry~ Taemin wants to eat” Taemin cutely said as he looked up at him with begging eyes.

“You’re so cute to say no to.” Minho told him as he pulled the younger one closer. “What do you want to eat then?”

Taemin bit his lip in a cute way as he started thinking. “hmmm. How about we eat something nice and warm! WAIT! THE CAFÉ!!! MINHO! PLEASE! CAFEE!!! IT HAS CAKES AND SWEETS AND A BUNCH OF DELICIOUS THINGS THERE!” Taemin began begging his lover. The way he was holding on to Minho’s arm and begging with a big pout and big eyes, how in the world can ANYONE say no to it?

“Anything for my Taemin” Minho said possessively emphasizing ‘my’.

Taemin wore a big smile, the smile that made Minho absolutely crazy about Taemin in the first place.


At the café...

Taemin sat across from Minho slowly devouring his piece of cake. He took each bite slowly and savored each taste. He would let out pleasing moans every now and then because of how great the cake tasted.

Minho couldn’t concentrate on eating his cake as he kept watching his boyfriend seductively eating the cake. Taemin never knew it, but he can be really seductive without trying. Minho wants nothing more than to fuck Taemin at this moment. He actually wanted to do that many times but he never could because he was worried that he might be rushing him. Minho has made a bet with himself. He’ll get Taemin tonight no matter what.

“Minho hyung~ Are you even going to eat? You look dazed!” Taemin said with a cute giggle at the end.

“Oh...Sorry. I just ...uh...” Minho really didn’t know what to say. He was just thinking about how much he wanted to rape him? Taemin would totally dump him for it wouldn’t he?! Minho shook his head to get his thoughts out of it. He really didn’t want to lose the cutest guy in the world so he just couldn’t get him to bed this night. He’ll have to wait.


Walking back home around 9pm

Taemin was on a really long walk home with Minho. In truth, he couldn’t be happier. Walking with his boyfriend, hand in hand, down the street as it was snowing. It just made him so happy and the fact he was so close to Minho made him feel warm, regardless of how cold it is outside. “Hey, Minho hyung. Do you think the others came home yet??” Taemin asked breaking the silence.

“I don’t know. Maybe...” Minho hoped not. Every time he’s with Taemin, on his bed, relaxing, Key would always interrupt them claiming Minho was out to rape him...Which isn’t entirely wrong...But he wants his peace with Taemin for once without Umma going ‘STOP RAPING MY BABY!’ He sighed at the thought of never being able to be in peace with his cute boyfriend.

Taemin looked up at his lovers glommed face. “Minho hyung, something wrong?” He asked worriedly. His boyfriend never seemed so down before, and it made him worry.

They arrived at the front of their shared apartment home as Minho turned towards his adorable lover and replied. “Nothing...Why?” He asked the younger as he unlocked the door and the both of them walked in.

“You just seemed...Down” Taemin replied in a small and caring voice.

Minho hugged the younger one, “I’m fine Taemin. Just fine. Don’t worry your cute little head off for me” He let go of the younger and placed a small kiss on his forehead before he headed off to their shared room.

Taemin noticed that no one was home yet. Where did they all go? It made him ponder about the whereabouts of his elders. He shook it off and followed Minho into the room. Minho was lying on the bed, looking as if he was having an internal conflict. He was already dressed for bed. Taemin quickly changed before getting into bed and cuddling with his boyfriend, its nice since Umma was home to yell at Minho for trying to rape him. Minho wouldn’t do that anyways...Would he? Well...If Minho wanted to Taemin wouldn’t mind. He trusts Minho with all of his heart to not hurt him. “Are you sure nothings wrong??” Taemin asked again.

Minho snapped out of his thoughts. He was still debating on weather or not he should take Taemin’s innocence right there because his hyungs aren’t home to scold him. “I’m sure Taemin.” He answered as he wrapped an arm around Taemin’s side protectively as he turned to his side.

Taemin wasn’t that stupid. He knew something was up and he was going to find out. He pushed Minho back on his back and straddled him. “Hyunngg! I’m not that stupid. Please tell me what’s wrong...I hate seeing you so bothered.” Taemin whined.

Minho was slowly losing his resistant to just rape the boy right there. He let out a sigh as he gave a reply to his boyfriends whining. “Taemin, its nothing you should be worrying about.”

Taemin frowned and his eyes started to tear. “A-are you going to break up with me?? Be-because you have b-been acting really strange today...I-I don’t want us to break up...You ...Are you seeing someone else?? Someone cuter then me? I thought I was the cutest person for you! Is it Sungmin hyung?! Or Ryeowook hyung?! If it is I’ll try to act cuter then them for you! I really will!” Taemin was now jumping to conclusions as to why his boyfriend have been acting to strange.

Minho looked at his boyfriend who was starting to cry. He didn’t think he would hurt Taemin over a conflict of weather or not he should have him. Minho sat up and hugged Taemin whispering loving things to him. “I wouldn’t even think about them. You are the cutest person for me and I don’t want to break up with you...Nor would I see someone cuter then you because...that’s just impossible. “ He told the younger man soothingly as he kissed his cheek and wiped away his tears.

“T-Then w-why...Why have you been acting so strange...Why...” Taemin asked heart brokenly.

Minho let out another sigh. He really had no choice. “Shall I show you why I have been deep in thought all day about you?”

Taemin looked up into his lovers eyes. He was confused. Show? Can’t he just say it? Taemin just gave a slight nod.

“Just...Promise me you won’t break up with me if its something you don’t want to do.” Minho requested, a bit selfishly. “I don’t want to lose you...“ He whispered to the smaller boys right ear.

Taemin shuddered a bit at the feeling of his hyungs breathe on his skin before he let out a reply. “I-I promise. I promise because...I don’t want to lose you either hyung.”

Minho pressed his lips against Taemin’s soft lips, making the younger’s eyes widen slightly before seeping shut. The magnae shivered as Minho swept his tongue across his lower lip, gently trying to pry the lips apart. He parted his lips willingly allowing the tongue to slid into his mouth. “Mhnn...” Taemin mewls, wrapping his arms around Minho’s neck, pulling him closer.

Before Taemin knew it, Minho was towering above him, their tongues dancing all over, tracing their perfectly kissable lips. "Mmn M-Min...Ho..." Taemin breathed in between kisses, teasingly swaying his hips from side to side, causing Minho to groan. He continued shifting his body closer to his boyfriend, hips snuggling into Minho's like a perfect fit. The elder's right hand found his way to Taemin’s waist, stroking the hip bone.

His right hand sneakily travelled under Taemin’s shirt, finger pads brushing against the soft,milky skin, rewarding a sharp gasp from Taemin, breaking the kiss in the process. His free hand travelled to Taemin's face, stroking his cheeks, fingers tangling into his brown locks, brushing against his ear. The magnae purred at the gentle ministrations, flushing red as blood rushed to his groin, making him go hard under the touches.

“Is it okay Taemin ah?” Minho asks, eyes filled with concern, rewarding a few nods from Taemin. He smiled warmly, pressing his lips against Taemin’s neck, placing butterfly kisses, stopping at his pulse point, giving it a light nibble.

Minho's hiked the shirt up slightly, revealing Taemin's flat tummy, thumb softly caressing it before tracing his fingers at Taemin's ribs. The latter gasped when Minho's nails accidentally grazed past his nipple, breaking the kiss, body trembling at the contact.

"You liked that?" Minho asked teasingly, his fingers lazily brushing at his nipple, causing Taemin to moan, nodding his head shyly. Minho did it again for a few times as he nudged Taemin's legs apart, allowing him to settle his leg in between Taemin's.

Teasingly, Minho rocked his body, causing his knee to rub against Taemin's bulge. "Ahh H-Hyung...d-don't..." Taemin protested weakly, feeling his erection painfully pressing against his boxers. The elder gave the magnae a cheshire grin when he felt Taemin's cock twitch. He pinched Taemin's nipple, making it erect.

His left hand lightly rubbed his thighs, moving to his hip. "Wait..." Taemin breathed, sitting up from his position, groaning when his bulge rubbed against Minho's knee. The elder slipped his hand out of Taemin's shirt, helping his lover to peel the shirt away, dumping the shirt at a random pile.

Taemin fell back on to the bed, letting Minho nip him by the neck, tongue swirling over the patch of skin. "Mn Hyung..." Taemin mewled, arms ringing Minho’s body, fingers played with the hem of his shirt. He moaned huskily while Minho grind their hips together, lips skillfully sucking on the skin, leaving a small hickey.

His knees buckled as Minho licked his jaw, trailing down to his collar bone, kissing the dents and curves while his hands busied themselves under Minho's shirt. "Hyung! Haa!" Taemin breathed sharply while Minho lowered his head more to kiss the nipple, tongue curling round the nub. His back arched gracefully off the bed as the elder sucked on the pert nipple, using his fingers to play with the other nipple.

Taemin panted heavily at the ministrations while his lover repeated his actions on the other nipple, then moving down to his belly. Minho dropped a kiss at his belly button, tongue pressing at it, fingers lazily drawing circles at his thighs. "Ahh...M-Mi don't...ngh...t-tease..."

"May I?" Minho questions, rewarding furious nods from the younger. Hesitantly he groped the bulge, massaging it gently, fingers pressing at the right spots, making Taemin writhe uncontrollably.

"Ahh!M-Mi...nhn..." Taemin whimpered. Minho fiddled with the drawstring before pulling the sweat pants down, revealing the throbbing bulge. The younger gasped loudly, body trembling with pleasure as his lover stroked the cloth bulge, drawing precum for the tip, which stained his underwear.

"Ahh!M-Mi...hnn..." he moaned when Minho's fingers played with his dripping slit, licking his lips unconsciously. With an agonizingly slow pace, Minho freed the erection from it's confines, making Taemin shiver at the sudden cold air. Taemin's breath hitched when Minho started stroke his stiff member.

"Hah!H-Hyung..." Taemin whimpers, cupping Minho's face to have a long lip lock. "Ahn...Mhn..." he moans into the kiss, heads moving in sync, parting his mouth willingly to allow Minho's tongue to slide in. The elder swallowed all the small grunts and moans that were escaping Taemin's mouth. He sweeps his tongue across Taemin's lower lip, gently nibbling and sucking on it.

"Mhn...Taemin...mnn..." Minho mewls, his tongue stroking his lover's, his slick muscle massaging Taemin's, his hands continued to stroke the younger's erection slowly. Taemin arched his back slightly, catching Minho's upper lip, his teeth worrying the swollen lips.

"Ahh...Min..." Taemin groans, cradling Minho's broad shoulders, fingers clutching tight on the fabric. His hips bucked at the contact when Minho teased the head on his cock, thumb pressing against the dripping slit, drawing circles at the tip.

The younger broke the kiss, latching his soft lips against Minho's pale neck, sucking lightly at his pulse point. "Hn...Taemin..."he grunts softly, shifting his head slightly to give his lover more access to his neck.

"H-Hyung...hah...ah...p-please don't t-tease..." Taemin half pleaded,half whimpered, while Minho continued to rub his tip, his free hand fondling with Taemin's balls. "Hah!Ahh!Hn!" Taemin squirms uncontrollably as Minho pumped his arousal faster and harder. The magnae moaned loudly into the crook of Minho's neck, panting heavily for air, mind hazed with lust.

"H-Hyung..." he mewls into Minho's ear, turning his lover on even more. "F-Faster...ngh..." The elder easily obligates, stroking the weeping hard-on faster and a little bit harder than before. "Aaa...hah..." Using his free hand, Minho fondled with his balls, fingers moving up and down the shaft faster, making the slit spill more precum.

Minho continued to pump his lover's cock hard and fast, bringing Taemin closer to his orgasm. "H-Hyung...I-I'm g-gonna c-come...nhn..." Taemin stutters as Minho gives the cock a teasing squeeze, driving Taemin over the edge. Not long, Taemin came long and hard, messily into Minho's large hands, crying out his lover’s name.

The elder felt his cock gave the slightest twitch as he watched Taemin's facial expression as he spilled his semen into the large hand. The younger panted heavily, chest rising and falling, as he came down from his high. He felt a warm feeling making way to his cheeks, making his blush as he watched Minho licked his stained hands.

"You taste sweet." Minho said as he continued to lick his finger pads clean. Taemin blush at the statement, averting his eyes to some corner of the room, his limp member slowly stiffening again.

Minho leaned over to the night stand beside his bed, pulling the drawer out to grab the bottle of lube. "You're sure you want to do it now? I don't mind want you to leave me and-mpf." his sentence was cut off by his lover's quick kiss.

"I want to, hyung." Taemin assured, pecking him on the lips again before spreading his legs apart, revealing the puckered entrance, causing Minho’s mouth to go dry.

The latter poured a generous amount of lube on his fingers before rubbing at the puckered entrance, making Taemin’s breath hitch. Carefully, he slid a lube-coated finger into Taemin virginal hole, ring muscle clenching round the slender finger. “Ngh...hnn...H-Hyung...”The magnae squirms at the intrusion, nails digging painfully into Minho’s shoulders.

“Shh...it’s okay...relax...” Minho comforted, lightly caressing his cheek, kissing his jaw. In a deadly slow manner, he pulled out his finger about half way before pushing back in. Taemin screwed his eyes shut at the intrusion, trying to relax his body, lips latching on to Minho’s neck again, teeth digging into the patch of skin, rewarding a low hiss from Minho.

“H-Hyung...hah...”Taemin panted heavily into the crook of Minho’s neck, feeling the finger moving in and out of him slowly. His breath hitches as a second finger entered into him, lightly scissoring the entrance. “Ahh...M-Mi...”he stutters and moans when his lover thrust his fingers into him.

The elder continued to thrust his lubed digits into Taemin, wiggling his fingers a bit to find a certain spot. He entered a third finger into his lover, plunging his finger deeper to find his sweet spot. “H-Hyung...ah...”he moans with pleasure as Minho thrust his fingers a little faster.

The magnae thrashes his head to the side, back arching of the bed gracefully, moaning loudly when his lover pressed against his prostate. “Ahh! M-Minho...h-hyung...hah!T-There...”he moans, making Minho grin as he repeated his actions, hitting that spot every time, making Taemin see white.

“H-Hyung...I-I want y-you n-now...hah...” Taemin whimpers softly into Minho’s ear, gently nibbling his earlobe, tongue curling round the stud earring, rewarding a low moan from Minho.

“Are you sure?I don’t want you to regret it later.” Minho whispers, stroking his face, rubbing his flush and damp cheeks.

“I won’t regret it Minho ah...I wouldn’t regret anything you do to me, I love you.” Taemin replies in the same tone, tilting his head up, grunting as Minho pulled out his digits out. He kissed Minho again, reassuring him for the second time.

The elder shifted in his position, fiddling on the drawstring, pulling down his sweatpants and boxers in one fluid motion, then pulled his tank top over his head. Taemin awed at his lover’s body, hands almost immediately touching the lean muscles.

Hastily, Minho coated his thick erection with a generous amount of lube, Taemin’s legs wound tightly round his waist. The younger intertwined their fingers together, squeezing the hand almost painfully as Minho slowly entered him, the ring muscle stretching mercilessly.

Taemin nearly screamed at the intrusion, tears welding up at the corner of his eyes, trying to withstand the pain. “H-Hyung...i-it hurts...” he choked out as a sob, tears running down his cheeks.

“It’ll be better soon, I promise...just relax...” Minho panted out, stroking Taemin’s wavy locks of hair, dropping a kiss at his temple then licking the salty tears away. “I love you Taemin.” he smiled warmly, kissing his lover passionately. He nips Taemin’s lower lip lightly, receiving a low purr from the younger. The kiss ended short but was filled with mounts of passion and pleasure.

The younger’s chest rise and fall with every breath he took, relaxing his body to adapt to the size in him. Once he was used to Minho’s size,he rolls his hips sensually, getting more contact, urging his lover to move. Minho slowly pulled out by half an inch before thrusting back in carefully,repeating his actions again, causing Taemin to hiss at the slight pain. “You okay?” the elder asked when he saw Taemin’s flinch at the actions, rewarding small nods from Taemin.

Taemin presses his lips against the elder’s shoulders, nibbling at a spot, moving to his neck to kiss the bruise he left on Minho. The elder grind his hips slightly, causing Taemin’s fully erect cock to rub against his flat stomach, moving a bit deeper into Taemin to find his prostate again. “Ngh...Hyung...”

He altered his position before he slip back in, causing Taemin to moan loudly,bucking his hips, when he brush at the sweet spot. He pulled out about halfway before pushing in, a bit harder than before, hitting that right spot each time.

The actions were repeated as Taemin thrashes his head to the side, panting and moaning for more. Minho’s free hand started to stroke the weeping erection fast and rough, making Taemin gasp at the sudden contact, body trembling with pleasure. “H-Hyung...I-I’m c-close...”he warns in between pants and moans.

“I know...me too...”Minho pants heavily, pushing in and out of his lover, loving the addictive heat. He moans softly when he felt the walls tightened slightly. After several more thrusts, Taemin came with a loud moan, his orgasm spilling in between their bodies. Minho followed several seconds later when the walls clenched around his cock, moaning his lover’s name as he spilled his milk into Taemin.

The taller collapsed on top of Taemin, the cum sticking their bodies like glue, panting for air. “That felt amazing.” Minho panted out once he rolled off Taemin’s body, grabbing tissue paper to wipe themselves clean.

“Yeah...”Taemin replies, resting his head on Minho’s shoulder, arms wrapping around Minho’s slender waist. He tilts his head upwards to give a peck on his lips. “Thanks for going gentle on me.” he whispers, pressing a kiss on his cheek.

“Anything for you Taemin.”Minho smiles, nuzzling at Taemin’s hair. “Taemin ah.”


“I love you.”

“I love you too Minho hyung.” Taemin giggles.


"YAH YOU PUNK!" Key shouted, throwing pillows at Minho as he kicked him as well.

Minho stirred awake, mumbling groggily under his breath. "YOU RAPED MY CHILD YESTERDAY! HOW COULD YOU!!!" Key said.

The younger of the two sighed ,'here we go again'


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