Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sexy Love (Kyumi) [RATED]

Title: Sexy Love
Pairing: Kyumi
Rating: NC-17

Kyuhyun giggled into the kiss as they stumbled into the hotel room, Zhou Mi knocking Kyuhyun's knees, causing him to fall on top of the bed. He ringed his arms around Zhou Mi's neck, pulling him down for another kiss.

The elder licked Kyuhyun's lower lips, before lightly nipping at it. "Mhnn...." Kyuhyun mewls in between giggles. He darted his tongue out, begging for entrance which was easily granted. "Mi..." he moan softly, his knees propped on either sides of Zhou Mi's waist, fingers clenched on his shirt.

Their tongues danced, brushing against one another, sending shivers down their spine. Zhou Mi broke of the kiss, bending down to kiss his ear, tugging the shell with his teeth. "Z-Zhou...ahh..."

"I love you so much..." Zhou Mi whispered into his ear, kissing at his neck, gently sucking at a spot. He slid a hand underneath Kyuhyun's shirt, sweeping his tongue over the delectable collarbones, his teeth grazing over Kyuhyun's Adam's apple.

"Hnn...Zhou..." he moans, knees buckling, tugging at Zhou Mi's shirt. The younger fumbled with the edge of his shirt, slowly hiking them. The elder stopped his ministartion, peeling his shirt over his head while Kyuhyun did the same.

Zhou Mi kissed Kyuhyun hungrily, almost immediately shoving his tongue down his lover's throat. "M-Mi..." Kyuhyun gasped, feeling his lover's fingers run up his lean arms, stroking his flat stomach as well.

The magnae nibbles on his lower lip, sucking on it, ringing his arms around his neck, deepening the kiss. "Ahh..." he moaned as Zhou Mi pressed against his nipple, rolling it with his thumb. "Mimi ge..." he moans, breaking the kiss.

The elder kisses his shoulder before kissing his arm, trailing to his chest, stopping at his nipples. His tongue curled around the nub, giving it a light tug, making Kyuhyun's back arch with pleasure. "M- Mimi..." he whimpered into the crook of Zhou Mi's neck.

He ran his arm up his lover's legs, stroking Kyuhyun's thigh. Kyuhyun felt his stiff member twitch with anticipation, flushing red, hoping Zhou Mi didn't felt it. "I felt it Kui Xian." Zhou Mi teased, groping his lover's bulge, causing him to gasp.

"Hha...Zhou Mi..." he whimpered as the fingers trailed up the shape of his bulge, to the button of his slacks, swiftly unbuttoning them before unzipping it. "Ahh!Z-Zhou...ahn..." Kyuhyun moaned when Zhou Mi slipped his hand into Kyuhyun's confines, hips bucking at the contact.

"You like that?" Zhou Mi whispered into his ear, one hand rubbing the heated flash, the other hand tweaking his nipple. Kyuhyun nodded furiously, squirming involuntarily into the touches.

The elder removed his pants in one fluid motion, rewarding a gasp from his lover. "Zhou Mi...ahhh..." Kyuhyun moaned as he grinds against Zhou Mi, making his lover groan.

"So sexy Kui Xian..." Zhou Mi complimented huskily, sending shivers down his spine, making Kyuhyun blush at the statement. He pumped Kyuhyun's erection slowly, nails grazing at his slit, rubbing the sensitive head with his thumb.

"Mimi! Ah!" Kyuhyun moaned, back arching for more. "D-Don't tease..."

"Whatever you say Kui Xian..." Zhou Mi replied, kissing him passionately as his hands sped up, his other hand fondling with his balls. Kyuhyun moaned into the kiss, allowing the tongue to slide in.

"Mfh!Hnn!" he moaned, feeling Zhou Mi's hand run up and down his shaft faster and faster. His cock twitched at the thought of Zhou Mi's hot cavern around his erection.

Zhou Mi broke the kiss before licking the shell of his ear, rewarding a squeal from the latter. "What do you want me to do?" he asked, only recieving a inaudible mumble. "What did you say?"

"S-Suck me..." Kyuhyun mumbled, burying his head into Zhou Mi's shoulder. Zhou Mi smiled, pressing a kiss on his forehead.

He lowered his head, trailing his tongue up Kyuhyun's thick shaft, swirling at the tip. "Ahh!Ngh!" he moaned, screwing his eyes shut as he felt the hot slick muscle on his tip.

The latter licked the underside, kissing at a patch of skin before sweeping his tongue over Kyuhyun's heavy sacs. "Fuck!ahh!Mimi..." the younger moaned, seeing white when Zhou Mi engulfed him.

"Ahh...Mi...s-so hot..." Kyuhyun panted, hips bucking for more, his legs perched on Zhou Mi's shoulders. The elder groaned, sending vibrations up his length. "God...Mi..." he moaned ad his lover started to bob his head rhythmatically.

Kyuhyun tangled his fingers into Zhou Mi's brown hair, as the elder went faster. Before he knew it Zhou Min started to deepthroat him hard and fast. The younger nearly came at the sight of his lover's eyes innocently looking up at him as he continued to pleasure Kyuhyun. Zhou Mi pulled away, causing Kyuhyun to groan. "Fuck my mouth Kui Xian. I know you want to." He whispered lustfully.

He engulfed his whole length, gagging slightly when Kyuhyun thrusted into his mouth. He gagged at the force, groaning around the thick length. "Ahh Zhou Mi!" Kyuhyun moans as he thrusted into his hot mouth while Zhou Mi bobbed his head rhythmatically.

The elder flushed red, his head going hazy due to the lack oxygen, his arousal going harder. "Haa...f-faster Kui Xian." he panted, bobbing his head faster, nose bumping into Kyuhyun's stomach.

"Zhou Mi Zhou Mi Zhou Mi!Ahh!" Kyuhyun chanted, feeling his orgasm nearing as he plunges faster into his mouth. "Oh god...Mi...-Ahhhh!!" he cried out, spilling his seeds into Zhou Mi's awaiting mouth. The elder winced at the load, tasting a musky flavour with a slight tang.

Kyuhyun shut his eyes, panting heavily as he came down from his high while Zhou Mi swallowed his load. "Yummy..." he whispered, kissing Kyuhyun again.

"Zhou Mi...haa..." Kyuhyun panted, grinding against Zhou Mi's large bulge, his member stiffening at the contact.

"Yeah? Ahn..." he replied, grinding back against his lover.

"Take me...please Zhou Mi...I want you so bad..." Kyuhyun replied.

"Do you have lube Kui Xian?" Zhou Mi asked, playing with his nipples again.

"My back pocket." The latter picked up his pants, fishing out the bottle of lube. He squeezed a generous amount of lube, warming them up for his lover. "Ahh!" Kyuhyun's breath hitched when the elder entered a wet digit into him without a warning.

The elder planted a kiss on the top of his forehead to soothe the pain, as he pump in and out of him slowly. Once he heard the husky pants he entered a second digit, scissoring and stretching the puckered hole. Kyuhyun tilted his head to claim his lips once more, panting into the kiss.

He shivered in delight as he felt a tongue brush against his, legs buckling. Zhou Mi sucked on his upper lip, his fingers rubbing against the walls of Kyuhyun's hole, trying to find his sweet spot. Kyuhyun's back arched of the bed, nearly screaming when Zhou Mi rubbed his prostate. "Ahh!Z-Zhou!" Kyuhyun moaned, nails digging into Zhou Mi's back.

"Z-Zhou Mi....p-please...I'm ready..." Kyuhyun pleaded, biting on Zhou Mi's neck to hold back a moan, causing Zhou Mi to groan in pain.

The elder kissed him passionately as he replaced his digits with his thick erection. Kyuhyun released a strangled moan, nails digging into Zhou Mi's skin., allowing Zhou Mi to slide his hot tongue into his mouth. Kyuhyun's chest rose and fell, panting heavily as he got used to the size.

"So tight Kui Xian." Zhou Mi groaned.

Kyuhyun shifted in his position as he got use to the size before rolling his hips. "Move."

Zhou Mi hesitantly pulled out a little before pushing back in, setting a steady pace. "Kui Xian..." he said huskily, nibbling at his ear. The magnae moaned, feeling the throbbing heat rub his canal.

"Z-Zhou Mi...go faster..." Kyuhyun said in between moans, pushing back against Zhou Mi, rolling his hips. The elder groaned as he easily obliges, going deeper and faster as he looked for his prostate. "Zhou Mi...ahnn...nhh..." he moaned, eyes tightly as he gripped on to the sheets.

The magnae's legs buckled as Zhou Mi rammed into him faster and harder. "Ahh...Haa..." Kyuhyun moaned as he nibbled on Zhou Mi's neck. "T-There!Ahh!" He moaned, rocking his hips. "F-Faster please..."

"Ngh!Mimi!" he moaned, gripping on to the sheets as Zhou Mi hit that spot dead on, pumping faster and harder. Zhou Mi wrapped his hand over Kyuhyun's throbbing erection.

"Z-Zhou!I'm g-gonna come...hnn!agh!" he moaned, pushing back against Zhou Mi.

"M-Me too Kui Xian..." he groaned, thrusting harder and fated, ramming into Kyuhyun's over abused canal.

"So close Zhou Mi close..." Kyuhyun mutters. He gasps loudly as Zhou Mi rubbed his sensitive head, flicking his wrist experimentally. "Haa! C-Coming! -Ahhhhh!!" Kyuhyun cried, calling out Zhou Mi's name, as he spilled his seeds.

The elder groaned, feeling Kyuhyun clench around his pulsating cock. "Kui Xian Kui Xian ahhh!" he moans, coming inside him, painting the insides with his cum. He slowly pulled out, collapsing beside Kyuhyun.

"Way too long since we had sex." Kyuhyun said in between pants, as he shifted closer to his lover.

"Mhmm." Zhou Mi hums, carressing Kyuhyun's thighs, lapping up the semen which spilled out.

"Ahh Zhou Mi don't.." Kyuhyun warns, flushing slightly. Zhou Mi simply ignores him as he continues his ministrations, lapping up the sticky substance to Kyuhyun's sensitive hole. He lightly rubs the ring, prodding his finger inside, feeling the warm substance.

"Z-Zhou Mi ahh...haa!" Kyuhyun pants as he felt Zhou Mi move away from him and go behind him.

The latter leans in towards the twitching hole, swiping his tongue over it, wiping it clean from cum. "Sensitive..." Kyuhyun mutters, feeling his member stiffen again. Zhou Mi watches more of the thick fluid flow out, placing his lips over the entrance before lightly sucking it.

"Z-Zhou Mi haa!" Kyuhyun moans, bringing his hand to his aching cock, stroking it hastily. The elder thrust his tongue into his canal, stroking the painted walls as he looks for Kyuhyun's prostate. The magnae nearly screams, body trembling with pleasure. His lover continued to rub that spot again and again.

"Haa! Ge...I think I'm gonna come again!Haa!" Kyuhyun moans, rocking his hips to thrust back against Zhou Mi's hot and talented tongue. Soon, he climaxed, staining the sheets with his seeds before collapsing.

Zhou Mi kisses Kyuhyun on the forehead, wrapping his arms around his waist. "Don't ever do that again..." Kyuhyun murmurs.

"Was it bad?" Zhou Mi asks, voice filled with concern.

"No. I liked it." he replies, burying his head into Zhou Mi's chest. "And, I love you."

Zhou Mi's lips tug into a smile. "I love you too." he said as he place a kiss on Kyuhyun's lips.


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