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Beast - Bad Girl (Kyury) [RATED]

The same as BEAST - Bad Girl (Kyumin) just that its Henry instead and no reference to Akilla

Title: BEAST - Bad Girl
Pairing: Kyury
Rating: NC-17 or M
Warnings/Kinks: Use of toys (vibrator, cock ring, OhMiBod), Orgasm denial, Master/Slave
A/N: For jay_kaou hopefully i didn't disappoint

Kyuhyun kissed him hungrily, teeth clashing painfully against each other, tongues dancing for dominance. Henry kissed back with equal passion, grinding against Kyuhyun's hips to get any kind of needed friction happened. The elder broke the kiss, a single thread of saliva in between them, leaving Henry breathless. He groped the bulge, palming it teasingly through the rough material, causing Henry to moan.

"Kyu..." Henry called out, ringing his arms around his neck, pulling him closer. He rocked his hips, rubbing their aching erections together, causing Kyuhyun to release a low groan. "Let's do something naughty today..." Henry whispered into his ear, licking and nibbling at his lobe.

"Like?" Kyuhyun questions, running his fingers up Henry's thigh.

"Chain me up, vibrator? However you like Kyu...I know you like it kinky." Henry punctuates huskily.

Kyuhyun kisses his neck, sucking at his pulse point, leaving a hickey, causing Henry to gasp. "Alright." Kyuhyun replies, grazing his teeth pass his throat. He got off Henry's body, fishing a box out underneath the bed as the magnae removed his. clothes.

The elder opened the box, revealing all the pleasurable and torturous toys. He straddles Henry at either sides of his legs, kissing him passionately as he fastens the handcuffs on Henry's wrist. The magnae grinds against Kyuhyun, rubbing his aching erection.

Kyuhyun chuckled, holding down Henry's hips, making him whine at the lack of contact. He rummaged through the box, pulling out a bottle of lube. "You're gonna love this." he says, pouring a generous amount in his palm, smearing at Henry's nipples then trailing down to his proud erection, pouring all the lube he had in his hands all over it, letting it trickle down his shaft, then rubbing a little at the puckered entrance.

Henry's breath hitched when he felt the tingling and warm sensation given off from the lube. "Ahhn..." he moaned, gripping tightly on to the sheets. "K-Kyu...ahh..." he whimpered.

"Turn around." Kyuhyun commanded, Henry easily obliged, crying out loudly at the stinging pain when Kyuhyun smacked his ass cheek. "Call me master..." he whispered, grabbing one of his ass cheek.

"Yes...master...-Ahh!" Henry moaned, feeling the cold liquid entered him, coating his walls with lube. He panted heavily, tightening his hold on the sheets. "Haa!Hn!Ahh!" Henry moaned as Kyuhyun entered 2 digits into his body, pumping in and out of him roughly.

Kyuhyun turned him over, his body facing the magnae. He leaned forward, flicking his tongue over a pert nipple as he finger fucked him. He nibbled lightly at his nipple, his free hand stroking the leaking erection, as he continued to thrust in and out of him.

"Fuck..." Henry panted, back arching for more. "Ah!Fuck..." he screamed when Kyuhyun replaced his fingers with a thick vibrator. He loved the feeling of the artificial replacement in him, that constant tingling vibrations at his erection and nipples.

"Haa!M-Master!" Henry cried when Kyuhyun placed nipple clamps on his erected nipples, legs trembling slightly at the stinging pain and the light vibrations from the vibrator.

"Do you like it?" Kyuhyun asked, rewarding a couple of nods. He pinned Henry's hands ,which were making their way to his erection, tying the chain in between with a rope to the bed, making him squirm. "Such a bad boy. Bad boys should be punished." Kyuhyun whispered, sending shivers up his spine.

He fished out a familiar toy, sliding it on to his aching erection, causing Henry to whine softly. "I bought this toy especially for you." Kyuhyun said, sliding another vibrator from a pink sleeve. He slipped it in between the cock ring and Henry's cock, before plugging the end of it to his iPod. "I'm gonna leave you like this till you beg for it alright?" Kyuhyun teased, switching on the vibrating nipple clamps, setting the vibrator at medium and started playing Don't Don on his iPod.

"Ahh!!Haa!" Henry writhed uncontrollably, as the vibrator at his cock started to vibrate along to the rhythm of the song. His body felt as if it was on fire, his erection leaking with precum, his prostate abused by the toy.

Kyuhyun watched his hyung writhed through lustful eyes, loving the way he twist and turned, his jeans unbelievably tight. "Ahh!!ngh!" Henry cried in pleasure, squirming uncontrollably. "Kyu...anhh..." he moaned, purposely calling out his lover's name instead of master, wanting to be spanked.

"Turn around." the elder commanded his hyung, who easily complied, slinging his arm around Henry's waist. "Bad boys should be punished don't you agree?" he whispered into his ear, biting the lobe. The magnae whimpered as he nodded, pushing his filled ass against Kyuhyun's bulge, wiggling it teasingly.

"Punish me."

Kyuhyun chuckled, smacking his plump butt, causing Henry to moan, gripping hard against the headboard. The elder switched the vibrator up to his speed, making Henry jerk at the sudden speed. "Ahh! Master!" he screamed. He continued his assaults at the curvaceous ass.

"M-Master...I-I wanna c-come..." Henry begged, grinding his dripping cock against the sheets, staining the sheets with precum.

"If you want something, you should beg it." Kyuhyun teased.

"Please M-Master...ahhn...Can I please come? Please...I want to come so bad..." Henry begs, grinding against the sheets to relieve the much needed friction. "Please..."

"Because you asked nicely." Kyuhyun said as he pulled off the cock ring, causing Henry to orgasm instantly.

"Thank you Kyu...haa..." Henry panted.

"Tsk Tsk. Naughty boy, staining the clean sheets with your cum and also you didn't call me master." Kyuhyun said as he spanked Henry again.

"Please give me more. I've been a bad boy." Kyuhyun smirked, as he easily smacks Henry's ass cheeks till they were glowing red.

"M-Master....I want you...this toy isn't as big as you." Henry begs.

"What a little slut you are." Kyuhyun smirks. "Be a little bit more specific.

"I want Master's big cock in my slutty hole, hard, fast and raw." Henry said.

"Good boy." Kyuhyun said as he stroked Henry's cock then removing the thick vibrator. He untied the rope but leaves the handcuffs on. "Ride me."

Henry unbuckled the belt, unbutton and unzipped the pants, freeing Kyuhyun's impressive erection. He wraps his chained hands around Kyuhyun's neck as he sat in Kyuhyun's lap.

"Mhaah..." Henry moans as he slowly lowered himself on Kyuhyun's erection. The elder moaned, gripping tightly on to his hips. "Master's so big." Henry said in between moans, before riding Kyuhyun's cock. "Rubbing my insides ahh..."

"’ good at this...Master's gonna give you a reward." Kyuhyun moans, thrusting upwards hitting his prostate dead on.

Henry thrashed his head in pleasure, riding his cock faster. "Ohh good...ooh t-there..." Henry moans, slamming down against Kyuhyun. "Can Master pull these tighter?" Henry asks in between moans.

Kyuhyun leaned down, tugging the chain in the middle, tightening the nipple clamps. " nipples feel so good."

"Get on fours. I'm gonna fuck you into the mattress." Kyuhyun smirks.

Henry hastily complies, he always did like it doggy style. He wiggled his ass in the air, teasing Kyuhyun. He squealed when his lover spanked him before entering him. "Call my name hyung."

Kyuhyun rammed into Henry, nearly pulling out the whole way before pushing back in. "Oh God Kyu...t-there...oh you sexy little beast." Henry moans. "Oh yeah baby...harder...ooh yeah...ahh..." Henry mewls, thrusting back against his lover's forceful thrusts.

The elder's arms gave up on him, he raised his hips higher, hands gripping on to the pillow. Kyuhyun continued to plunge in and out of him as he pours a generous amount of heating lube and rubbed it on Henry's pulsating cock, causing him to squeal.

"So hot...Kyu...make me cum please...make me scream your name. Fuck me so hard till I can't walk for a month...ooh yeah just like that...Oh good." Henry moans, clenching around Kyuhyun as he felt his climax approaching, and the tingling heat at his penis drove him insane.

"Kyu I'm cumming!Ahhh!" he screams, screaming his lover's name, coming untouched. Kyuhyun orgasmed right after, spilling his seeds into Henry, sliding out before collapsing beside Henry.

"Damn that was hot." Henry panted as he enjoyed the aftermath, Kyuhyun nodded tiredly, as he reached for the keys and unfastens the handcuffs before removing the nipple clamps. "You're so sexy when your kinky."

"Aren't I always?" he chuckles.

"I love you."

"I love you too baby."


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