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Donghae's Responsibilities

Title: Donghae's Responsibilities
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Chapter: 1/?
A/N: This is not my story, its my friend's. It's her first time writing and she's not sure whether to write a chapter 2 and needs a confidence boost so yeah guys, comments please!

Lee Donghae had always wanted a puppy, ever since he could remember. But at home, his parents wouldn't let him have one because they thought it was too big of a responsibility

for Donghae. Donghae had told them he could look after it, but his parents didn't listen. Now that he lived with the rest of Super Junior, he'd been hoping that he could finally get a
puppy now. That is, if the rest of the members agreed...

Donghae strolled down the hall in the dorm, today at breakfast he would ask Leeteuk if he could get a puppy. Since Leeteuk was the leader, any decision any of the other members
made had to be run by him, surely he would let Donghae get a puppy after he waited for so long! Donghae sat down at the table where the members usually had breakfast together,
it was still fairly early, and no one had any activities today so most of the members took this as an opportunity to get some extra sleep that they'd been longing for. Donghae was too
excited to sleep.

'I wonder what kind of puppy I should get,' He thought excitedly, 'Ooh! I really want a cute one!! It has to be cute!'

"Donghae, you're up early," A voice interrupted Donghae's thoughts, he looked up and saw Leeteuk standing there, "Yeah.. I don't feel much like sleeping.." He said, it was no surprise
that Leeteuk was up early too, he always was. "That's a first," Leeteuk mumbled under his breath, "What?" Donghae said, "Oh, nothing.." Leeteuk scratched the back of his neck,
"Anyway, hyung, I wanted to run something by you," Donghae stated, suddenly Kangin ran into the room.

"Leeteuk hyung! Heechul's hogging the damn bathroom!"

Leeteuk sighed, "Again?" He looked at Donghae, "Sorry, Donghae, I've gotta sort this out, we'll talk over breakfast okay?" Donghae sighed and mumbled an almost inaudible "okay"
while Leeteuk and Kangin left to pull Heechul away from the mirror.


Donghae slowly nibbled on the slice of toast hanging from his mouth, listening to the laughter and conversation of his fellow members. Kyuhyun sat across from him, he'd finished
his breakfast so he was eagerly smashing the buttons on his PSP with the most determined face Donghae had ever seen. Sungmin was sitting next to him, watching the PSP screen
with wide eyes. Shindong and Eunhyuk were writing down some rap ideas, Heechul was admiring his beauty in his pocket mirror, Ryeowook was silent, but only because he had
his earphones plugged in to block out all the uproar at the table. Kangin and Siwon were arm wrestling, Kibum was looking over a drama script, Hangeng was just eating, Yesung was
in his room, taking care of his turtle, and Leeteuk sat at the end of the table, looking around at his dongsaengs.

"So, this might be a good time to discuss what we're going to do today." Leeteuk said, just as Yesung walked back into the room and sat down. "Can't we just not do ANYTHING?"
Kangin groaned, "We're all tired!" Leeteuk sighed, "Well we need to do something! It's our first day off in ages!" "But Leeteuk hyung," Sungmin objected, "That's why we shouldn't do
anything! We need rest." Leeteuk sighed, "Well, alright, but if anybody wants to do anything come and talk to me." Leeteuk was just about to get up and leave the room, but Donghae
raised his hand, "Actually, Leeteuk, there was something I wanted to ask you about." He said.

"What is it, Donghae?" Leeteuk asked, sitting back down. Donghae took a deep breath, "I.. I want to get a puppy." He blurted out. Every other person in the room shouted a "WHAT?!"
at the same time. Donghae sighed, he knew that was an automatic no. "Donghae, you already have 2 goldfish! Why on earth would you want a puppy?" Leeteuk asked. "I.. I've wanted
one for ages, and I've never been able to get one." Donghae stuttered, all 12 pairs of eyes were on him and it was uncomfortable. "A puppy is a big responsibility, Donghae!" Hangeng
objected, "And they're too playful!" Eunhyuk added. "But that's why I want one! Because they're cute, and playful!" Donghae shouted.

Leeteuk let out a deep sigh, "Hangeng is right, they are a big responsibility Donghae, are you sure you're up for it?" Donghae's eyes lit up, "Yes! Yes! I've been training to get a puppy
my whooooole LIFE!" "I say he should prove it first," Heechul exclaimed, not taking his eyes off of his reflection. "That sounds fair," Shindong added, "If he proves he's responsible,
then we'll get one."

"Well..." Ryeowook began, "Yoochun said he'd be going overseas for a tour and he needs someone to take care of Harang for him while he's away for 2 weeks. We could try and give
him a call." "Sounds like a plan," Yesung said, "I'll go call him." Donghae grinned, "Don't be so happy yet Donghae, there's still a few things you need to consider," Leeteuk said.

"The dog has to stay away from my games!" Kyuhyun shouted.
"And he can't go anywhere near me when I'm dancing! I don't want to trip over him!" Eunhyuk exclaimed.
"He'd better not chew through my clothes!" Heechul shouted.

Donghae nodded repeatedly, "I promise! I'll make sure Harang doesn't do any of that!" And with that, he skipped off to his room.


"And this is the list for her schedule, and what times she has to do things, and what times she has to end them." Yoochun said, giving Donghae a piece of paper, "And this is the list
of things she doesn't like." Donghae took the paper, only to see the long list end at his feet. "Um.. okay..." He said nervously. "Pretty sure that's everything," Yoochun smiled. He looked
down at Harang, who was sitting at Donghae's feet. "Be good for Donghae, Harang! I'll see you in two weeks!" He smiled and patted the puppy on the head, turning around to leave.

Donghae shut the door and walked down the hall with Harang following close behind, "Okay, I set up your bed, food and water bowls, and basically everything else. So, what's first?"
Donghae looked at the schedule, as he passed the doorway to the lounge, Kangin and Eunhyuk stood there, "How long do you think he's gonna last?" Kangin asked. "An hour, tops."
Eunhyuk replied, "Are you kidding? He'll be lucky if he passes 15 minutes." Kangin laughed.

"You two should have better respect for Donghae!" Came a voice from behind them.

Kangin and Eunhyuk turned around to see Ryeowook standing there with his arms folded. "C'mon Ryeowook, you know just as well as we do that Donghae has no hope." Kangin
said. "No, I don't. I think he has quite a good chance! And you two should have more faith in your dongsaeng!" Ryeowook lectured, before turning his heel and walking away.
Eunhyuk and Kangin exchanged looks, "I bet you he thinks Donghae won't even last for 5," Eunhyuk laughed.

Back in Donghae's room, Donghae was setting his alarm clock so it rang every time Harang had to start a new activity, "So first things first, apparently your nap starts now."
Donghae laid down Harang's special blanket on his bed, and as she laid down on it, he put her other special blanket on top of her, and her special cushion under her head.
Yoochun spoiled this puppy too much, there was so many things he'd given Donghae that were specially made for her. As Donghae stood back and smiled at his accomplishment,
Harang growled. Donghae looked shocked, "Wh-Why are you growling?" Donghae stepped back, "She's just nervous about being in a completely new place, hyung." Ryeowook said,
leaning on the doorframe, "She doesn't trust any of us yet, not even you, but you'll earn her trust soon, I'm sure, now come on, lunch is ready." Donghae sighed and followed Ryeowook
out to the table.

----End Of Chapter 1----


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