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Intoxicating (KyuhyunxMinho) [FEMSLASH,R]

Title: Intoxicating
Pairing: KyuhyunxMinho (KyuyoungxMinjung)
Rating: R or M
Warning: Femslash, 69, Semi-public
A/N: My first attempt writing gender switch or femslash. Really failed piece. Hopefully this will make it up for my hiatus!
Minjung mewled softly into the kiss, shuddering with delight as she felt the skillful tongue thrust into her mouth, feeling Kyuyoung’s fingers trail down the side of her body. She teasingly nibbled on the other’s lower lip, sweeping her tongue over it, rewarding a low groan from Kyuyoung.

“Mhn...Unnie...”Minjung breathed, feeling her legs go weak as Kyuyoung did something with her tongue which sent shivers down her spine. The elder chuckled softly into the kiss, repeating her actions, causing Minjung to moan. Her legs twitched uncontrollably as she felt a familiar heat pooled between her legs.

“So sexy...”Kyuyoung whispered into her ear after breaking the kiss, licking the lobe of her ear, making her shudder again. She traced her tongue over her jaw line then to her lips, reclaiming those pair of kissable lips.

"Mmn Kyu...u-unnie..."Minjung panted, wrapping her arms around Kyuyoung’s neck as the elder pushed her gently on to the leather couch of the semi-private area. Her eyes drunk with lust, the heat between her legs became harder to ignore, the loud music in the background blurring out her moans, the stench of smoke and alcohol hazing her mind.

Kyuyoung shifted her body closer to her, fitting perfectly in between Minjung’s mile long legs. The younger gasped when Kyuyoung grabbed her right breast, massaging it softly as they continued to make out. “Ahh...U-Unnie...ahn...”Minjung moaned, feeling her nipple hardened under Kyuyoung’s touches. She whimpered into her mouth, breaking the kiss for air, panting heavily as Kyuyoung ground against her.

The elder kissed her neck, sucking at her pulse point hard enough to leave a mark, her hands kneading the younger’s breast, rocking her body against Minjung, her knee rubbing against her private. “U-Unnie...” she cried out softly, gripping Kyuyoung’s hoodie.

“Such a cute ass you have.”Kyuyoung commented, groping one of her ass cheeks, making Minjung squeal in surpise. “Swaying left and right, left and right. Giving men boners with this sexy body of yours.”she continued as she unbuttoned Minjung’s white top, making her whimper.

Kyuyoung licked her lower lip when she saw the black frilly push-up bra, leaving less imagination to the elder. Minjung flushed red, sensing Kyuyoung’s heated gaze. “Ahh!U-Unnie...”Minjung’s breath hitched when the elder pinched her erect nipples, her knees buckling.

“I love your underwear. Looks so hot on you.”Kyuyoung punctuated, licking her defined collarbones. She rubbed the lacy material on the magnae’s nipples, rewarding a low moan.

“U-Unnie...d-don’t t-tease...”Minjung choked out, trying to ignore Kyuyoung’s knee that was rubbing against her through her panties. Kyuyoung chuckled huskily in her ear, causing her to quiver at the roughness of her voice.

She brought her hands to the Minjung’s neck, unfastening the clasp of her bra, allowing it to call on to the floor. “So beautiful...”Kyuyoung said, marveling the younger’s body as she placed butterfly kisses on her collarbone to her chest area.

“Ahhn...Kyu...unnie...ahh”Minjung moaned as the other pinched her nipple and massage her breast, breathing sharply when she felt the elder’s skillful tongue on her nipple. She cried with pleasure, feeling the other’s teeth grazed against the nipple, swirling her tongue playfully around it, then sucking it. “Ngh!Unnie!”she panted heavily, fingers tangled in Kyuyoung’s long brown locks of hair, feeling her private throb every time she felt a swipe of a tongue.

Kyuyoung grinned, watching Minjung’s expression, her idle hand trailing up Minjung’s long, thin legs, hiking up the tight,black skirt which complimented her curvaceous ass. Fingertips brushing at her inner thigh, lightly caressing them. Her knuckles brush against Minjung’s sensitive flesh, teasingly rubbing it through her lacy underwear, which was completely soaked. “H-Haa...unnie...fuck...”she swore, her knees buckling and twitching uncontrollably.

“So wet already...”she said teasingly, running her finger up and down the soaked panties. Minjung breathed heavily, enjoying the sensation, lowering her head slightly, claiming Kyuyoung’s lips. Kyuyoung swept her tongue across Minjung lower lip, Minjung’s tongue poked against her lips, begging for entrance, which was granted. The elder parted his lips, making the younger's tongue to slide into his cavern. "Nm..."Kyuyoung mewled, deepening the kiss more, tasting a light hint of alcohol in Kyuyoung’s mouth from before.

The elder pressed her finger pads against Minjung’s panties, rubbing it with more pressure, causing the latter to release a muffled moan. Minjung gasped, breaking the kiss, when Kyuyoung slid her hand underneath the panties, feeling the warm heat. Kyuyoung groped the heated flesh, fingers pressing against her clit. “Oh f-fuck...haa...more...”

She gave a cheshire smile, digits rubbing against the clit, the sticky substance coating her fingers. “Unnie...please -ahh!haa!”Minjung cried out into Kyuyoung’s shoulder when she slid in a finger. “Ahh...s-so g-good...”she muttered incoherently, her mind hazed with lust and pleasure.

“So hot...”Kyuyoung said, swirling, flexing her finger, thrusting them in and out, driving Minjung insane. Soon, she added a second finger, scissoring her delicious wet heat, plunging them at a faster pace.

“Kyu unnie...f-faster...ahhh...m-more...”Minjung ranted, back arching with pleasure. Kyuyoung simply obliged, squeezing her breast, inserting a third finger into Minjung. Before they knew it, Minjung switched her position, her ass in the air, one hand on her breast, moving her body to thrust back against the digits, moaning like a wanton slut.

“What a slut you are.” Kyuyoung chuckled lowly, using her free hand to work on Minjung’s clit. Minjung’s moaned Kyuyoung’s name, seeing white when the elder found her G-spot.

“Ahh!T-There...unnie...m-more...” she cried out, feeling her orgasm coming, her body trembling at the stimulation. Without a warning, she came messily in her underwear, moaning Kyuyoung’s name, her orgasm trickling down her thighs. Kyuyoung slid her fingers out, her digits coated with cum.

Minjung collapsed on to the seat, coming down from her high. “So good...” she mumbled. She watched Kyuyoung licked her orgasm off her fingers, making her flush red, and her sensitive flesh throb again.

Kyuyoung smirked devilishly, pushing Minjung’s skirt up so that she could remove her wet underwear. “I’ll pleasure you’ve been thinking about my tongue haven’t you?” she said seductively.

“Y-Yes...”Minjung replied breathlessly, feeling the heat pool again. She gasped sharply, when Kyuyoung licked her wet heat, swiping her tongue at her sensitive clit. Her heated flesh twitched with anticipation. “Ahh K-Kyu...”she moaned, tangling her fingers in Kyuyoung’s hair. She licks her up with long,languid strokes, probing at the entrance.

Minjung trashed her head back, back arching off the couch, hips bucking as Kyuyoung thrust her tongue into the overly abused flesh. She worried her nipple in between of her index finger and thumb as Kyuyoung continued her assault while sliding her free hand into her own panties. “U-Unnie...sensitive...ahh!” she moaned, breathing heavily, enjoying the slick muscle in her.

The elder moaned softly, sending vibrations up her spine, driving her to the edge. Kyuyoung sighed softly, swirling her tongue around the tight heat, trying to find the spot, while plunging a finger deep into herself, abusing her G-spot. She humped the leather couch, trying to find any other kind of friction on her cunt.

The latter watched Kyuyoung humping the couch through half-lidded eyes, making her hornier as fuck. “U-Unnie...let me pleasure you...”Minjung said. Kyuyoung crawled on top of her, positioning them in a 69 position, with a flushed face. Minjung pulled the offensive material off after hiking the short skirt, watching how a thread of her precum stuck onto the underwear. Almost immediately, she latched her lips onto Kyuyoung’s heat, making her moan wantonly.

“Minjung...”she cried softly, absolutely loving the expert tongue on her cunt. Her eyes blurred with lust, cheeks flushing, her body trembling with pleasure. She did that same trick with her tongue, rewarding a loud moan from Minjung.

Minjung used either one of her free hands to plunge a finger inside, along with her tongue. “Ahh...Minjung...haa! S-So...good...” Kyuyoung moaned, causing Minjung to throb again. Kyuyoung pressed her tongue against Minjung’s G-spot repeatedly, making her orgasm for the second time that day. She licked up all of Minjung’s milk while the other continued her assault.

The latter added a second finger in, pumping her at a fast rate, hitting Kyuyoung’s G-spot accurately. Her idle hand squeezing Kyuyoung’s clothed breast, massaging with the right amount of pressure, causing Kyuyoung to become a writhing mess. Her tongue flicked at a certain way, fingers curling, making Kyuyoung come messily, moaning her name loudly.

They panted heavily for air, enjoying the aftermath, Kyuyoung turning around so that she could cuddle against Minjung. “That was amazing.” Kyuyoung said. “Don’t think I’ve came so hard in my life.” she said breathlessly.

“Same...” Minjung replied, kissing Kyuyoung’s temple. “We should clean up.” she said, stroking Kyuyoung’s hair.

“Yeah alright. Then...we can head over to my place and have a more awesome time.” Kyuyoung punctuated, winking seductively at Minjung as she put her underwear back on. Minjung smirked in reply, smacking Kyuyoung’s ass playfully, making her yelp in surprise. “What was that for?”

“You just have a sexy ass.” Minjung said innocently.


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