Sunday, November 1, 2009

Let's Talk About Love (2Min)

Title: Let's Talk About Love
Pairing: 2Min and dash of Hanchul
Rating: PG
A/N: Failed fluff TT^TT

Taemin's eyes sparkled with delight as he saw the new model entering the photo shoot. The male was absolutely gorgeous, even if he was just in a plain t-shirt and long trousers. His expressive eyes were dark pools of sinful chocolate, high perched nose which refined his features, luscious pouty pink lips which were screaming to be kissed. Delectable,defined collarbones which led to his long,well-built torso, complimenting his mile long legs.

Taemin marveled at the model's beauty. "He's new to the industry so he's rough around the edges but has lots of potential." Heechul said. "Taemin ah! Please get his make up done."

He snapped out of his trance, quickly taking out his equipment. "Annyong, my name's Minho." the model introduced himself, his voice came out husky and deep, startling Taemin slightly.

"A-annyong, my name's T-Taemin...n-nice to m-meet you M-Minho shii..." Taemin stuttered, bowing respectfully.

Minho chuckled softly as he sat down in the chair. "Don't need to be so formal, just call me hyung." he said, making Taemin blush in embarrassment. Shakily, Taemin started applying his makeup.


"Whoa...You did a good job Taemin ah." Minho smiled, thanking the younger before he started changing into his outfit.

"Thank you." Taemin muttered shyly, tinging pink at the compliment. All of a sudden Heechul pushed Minho towards the clothes rack, pulling out several jackets, jeans and shirts.

"Go change!" Heechul commanded, practically shoving him into the fitting room.

After several minutes, Minho came out of the changing room dressed in black fitting jeans which complimented his sexy legs, dark musk colored jacket with a few dangling chains and a white tank top inside, hinting his toned muscles. To top the look of, a pair of dark laced up boots.

Heechul smirked at Taemin's expression. His jaw hung open slightly, staring at the model. "YAH! Taeminnie! Stop staring and get to work." Heechul teased, making the younger blush furiously and leaving Minho clueless. The model walked up to the front of the camera, started to pose at the photographer's mark.

Taemin just awed at the model, who was posing confidently, teasingly pulling his jacket to the side to show a bite of his toned arms. Almost any kind of poses he did, any way he stood just made him look perfect and simply gorgeous. Minho saw Taemin at the corner of his eye, sending his makeup artist a seductive wink, causing Taemin to flush red as he averted his attention to his equipment.

The magnae exhaled, feeling his heart thump rapidly against his chest. "My Taeminnie's in love~" Heechul sing songed.

"No I'm not!" he protested.

"Yes you are~do you imagine his lips on yours? Or how about his body towering over your's like how Hannie does it to me? How about this warm feeling inside like when I see Hannie look my in the eyes with this lustful look? Oh My God! I need Hannie right now! -HANNIE!!!" Heechul called out.

"That was weird." Taemin tilted his head, his finger on his chin.


As the days passed, every symptom Heechul mentioned appeared. His heart raced whenever Minho spoke to him, blood rushing to his face whenever the elder brush his hair whenever he tells Taemin that he shouldn't hide behind his bangs. Or whenever he pinched his cheeks and say he's cute. Recently he had a wet dream about the model towering above him, half naked with his pants unbuttoned but still on him, kissing him passionately, touching him everywhere.


He rested his sleepy head on his arm, shutting his eyes so he could
catch up on sleep while another model was modelling.

"You okay? Loosing sleep?" somebody asked but Taemin didn't bother looking at the person, nodding his head slightly.

"I can't sleep well nowadays cause I keep thinking about Minho hyung and his lips..." Taemin mumbled sleepily.

"So you like him?"

Taemin just nodded in reply, humming a 'mmm' in reply.

"Well...I like you very much Taeminnie ah." Minho whispered into his ear, making the younger shot up from his position.

"M-Minho hyung! I-I uh...uhh...I-I..." Taemin blushed furiously, feeling like he was dying of embarrassment. His eyes widened as he felt a pair of soft,warm lips press against his, kissing his chastely, making his flush red.

"You're so cute ah Taeminnie." Minho smiled, kissing his cheek.

"D-Does that mean we're going out now?" Taemin stuttered hopefully.

"Yes. I love you." Minho smiled, nibbling his ear.

"I-I love you too..." Taemin mumbles, allowing Minho to tip his chin,
kissing him softly.

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